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Duration of the World Flood/Global Tsunami
graph of flood duration
The Flood Diary
Day Event Description
1 – The door of the three-story Ark is closed by the LORD
7 – The Flood Rain begins
 47 – The Rain stops, all visible land is covered
157 – The Ark strands upon mountains
231 – Mountains become visible
241 – Raven first sent out
275 – Dove returns with a green olive leaf
377 – Noah's family exit the Ark with animals, birds, etc.

   Noah's Diary of the Special Events  
Year  I    Month   2    Day 10   
Embarkation "birds and all that move along the ground"
  Gen. 7:4-10.
Year  I    Month   2    Day 17  
World Flood – 1. "all the springs of the great deep [ocean] burst forth,
and 2. the floodgates of the heavens were opened"
  Gen. 7:11
40-day period
Year  I    Month   3    Day 27   The surging waters and incessant rain now stops   Gen. 7:24
110-day period
Year  I   Month   7   Day 17   The ark strands on Ararat, after drifting for 150 days   Gen. 8:4
74-day period
Year  I   Month 10   Day   1   Mountain tops become visible   Gen. 8:5
Year  I   Month 11   Day 11 or 12   Raven is released and does not return   Gen. 8:7
Year  I   Month 11   Day 18 or 19   Dove is released and returns   Gen. 8:8
Year  I   Month 11   Day 25 or 26   Dove is released and returns with a fresh olive leaf   Gen. 8:10
Year  I   Month 12   Day   2 or  3   Dove is released and does not return   Gen. 8:12
Year II   Month   1   Day   1   Noah removes shutters and sees the ground is drying   Gen. 8:13
Year II   Month   2   Day 27   God's command to leave the ark   Gen. 8:14-15


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