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1933    to    1936
"Deliver those who are being taken away to death, and those who are staggering to slaughter, O hold them back!
If you say, 'See, we did not know this'
Does He not consider it who weighs the hearts? And does He not know it who keeps your soul?
And will He not render to man according to his work?"

Hear –
Proverbs 24:11-12
  blue pin– subject to continuing refinement –  
 ALBERT EINSTEIN makes the declaration, stating –  
   "A striving for knowledge for its own sake, a love of justice bordering on fanaticism and a striving for personal independence – these are the elements of the tradition of the Jewish people which have always made me consider my membership of it as a gift of fate.
Those who today fulminate against the ideals of reason and individual freedom and try to impose by methods of brutal violence a mindless state slavery, are right to see in us their irreconcilable foes. The struggle history has given us to fight is a hard one; but so long as we remain the devoted servants of truth, justice and freedom, we will not only continue to survive as the oldest of earth's living peoples, but also carry on by our productive work the creation of values that contribute to the nobility of the human race." (emphasis mine).
Palestine – The Jewish population now reaches 238,000.
30: In Germany – President HINDENBURG appoints ADOLF HITLER as Chancellor.
1: In Germany – ADOLF HITLER addresses the nation on radio calling for national revival and peaceful reconstruction.
The weekly publication Der Stürmer, devoted primarily to anti­Semitic propaganda and promoting hatred against the Jews, published since 1923 as the organ of the Nazi party, becomes the official organ of the party in power. The motto of the paper is "The Jews are our misfortune."
  3: In Germany – Hitler presents his Lebensraum program.
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on Hitler and his Nazis.
ambassador in Berlin, Sir HORACE RUMBOLD, warns his government that HITLER probably intends to expel the entire Jewish population from Germany.
But the

How wrong can you be!
United States Consul General George S. MESSERSMITH (1930-1934) writes in a despatch to the State Department (four days after Reich Chancellor Kurt von Schleicher had been dismissed just weeks after his election and replaced by Adolf Hitler) –
"The political situation now is so complicated and is subject to so many psychological factors that it is impossible to make any definite forecast. It may, I believe, be accepted that whether the Hitler regime lasts for a few months or for a longer period, it is only a phase [?] in the development towards more stable political conditions and that this government will be followed by one which will show greater elements of stability than any which Germany has had for some years. The people are politically tired."
Britain – Editor of 'The Times', GEOFFREY DAWSON, assures his readers that HITLER would behave normally if his country was treated properly.
Historian, Sir JOHN WHEELER-BENNETT, writes that HITLER is unquestionably –
"the most moderate member of his party".
28: In Germany – 'Reichstag Fire Decree' suspends civil rights in the German constitution of Nazi opponents. These rights include: freedom of speech, assembly, press, and form the basis for not letting Nazi opponents have judicial proceedings.
In Germany – Jews are dismissed from broadcasting, and Cologne sports facility is closed to Jews.
5: In Germany – The Nazi Party gains 43.9% of the vote, more than twice as many votes as the next closest political party, the Social Democrats, with 18%. In a coalition with another right­wing party,
HITLER takes full control of Germany.
Hitler's Jewish Ancestry
15: In Germany – Action against Jews, for being Jews, begins (e.g. Kosher food is banned).
22: Dachau concentration camp is opened for the confinement of "undesirables" – Germans who resist and then all others (mainly Jews).
23: In Germany – The combined votes of the Nazi, Nationalist, and Centre party deputies in parliament give full powers to ADOLF HITLER.
This UK Daily Express newspaper of 1933 has been misquoted as saying '6-million Jews in Germany' and then used to discredit the Holocaust as a myth
(click to see).
Friday: In the UK – The Daily Express newspaper (No. 10,258) on its front page announces that the 600,000 Jews in Germany (with the 14-million Jews worldwide) are standing together against Hitler's campaign of violence and suppression against them, under a front page headline –
"Judea declares war on Germany", and the subtitle "Jews Of All The World Unite In Action".
(The 6-million figure of Jewish Holocaust victims often quoted is actually of the 5,849,000 Jews eventually massacred by the Nazis in 19 countries, rounded off, because not all were counted).
31: In Germany – Jewish doctors in Bavaria forced to register as Jews.
In Germany – Bishop OTTO DIBELIUS, General Superintendent of the Kurmark Diocese of the Evangelical (Lutheran) Church in Prussia, declares in a letter that –
"One cannot fail to appreciate that in all of the corrosive manifestations of modern civilizations Jewry plays a leading role."
See 1928.
1: In Germany – HITLER organizes a nation-wide boycott of Jewish businesses.
4: In Germany – German Boxing Association bans all Jews.
6: In Germany – Baden State Education Authority suspends all Jewish teachers.
7: In Germany – Civil Service Law ('Gesetz zur Wiederherstellung des Berufsbeamtentums') is passed.
11: In Germany – First Ordinance on the Implementation of the Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service, as a consequence all Jews are to be dismissed from the civil service. Those Jewish civil servants who had a son or father who had been killed in the First World War were spared from being sacked. This loophole also applied to "Frontkämpfer" (Front-line soldiers). All persons in the civil service would have to be able to produce the Ariernachweis (proof of Aryan ancestry) in order to prove that they had no ancestors of the Jewish faith.
The Arrogant Führer
Hitler on his 44th birthday
(This loophole is later closed by the Nuremberg Laws. Jewish civil servants still holding their posts are given notice by 31 December 1935 at the latest. "Non-Aryan" is now used as a common circumlocution and euphemism for "Jew")
In Germany – HITLER receives 4,000 honorary city citizenships as birthday presents:
24: In Germany – Jewish names may no longer be used in telegrams.
25: In Frankfurt, Germany – Jews barred from senior positions in trade organisations. Jews banned from all sporting and athletic associations.
5: In Berlin, Germany – City Council will no longer allow the lease or rental of any facilities, land or buildings to Jews.
7: In Germany – Armed Forces dismiss all Jews. (See 21 May, 1935).
12: In Munich, Germany – All Jewish organisations dissolved and their assets seized by the Gestapo.
17: In Frankfurt, Germany – Jews are forbidden to teach German language and history.
In Germany –
Under Pope PIUS XI, Vatican Secretary of State PACELLI (future Pope and anti-Semite, see 1919) negotiates a concordat with the new Nazi Government, to give the Catholic Church legal grounds to defend its education and religious rights in Germany.
24: In Germany – Jews are excluded from the German Gymnastic Association.
In France – JACQUES HELBRONNER, prominent leader of the Jewish community, says "French Jews are French before being Jewish", he opposes help for German Jewish refugees entering France, but he is nevertheless years later arrested and deported as a Jew to die in Auschwitz.
'Christian' Nationalism
14: In Germany – Jews who settled in the country after August 1914 are stripped of their German citizenship.
In Berlin – HITLER's government approves a new charter for the Protestant church. With massive intervention by the NSDAP, the church elections later result in a resounding victory for the "German Christians." HITLER himself appeals to all Protestant Christians in a radio speech on the eve of the church election to vote for the "German Christians", with its slogan "church must remain church".
Hitler's Deutsche Christen 14 July 1933
RC priest salute Hitler
Roman Catholic priests give the Hitler salute at a youth rally in the Berlin-Neukolln stadium August 1933.
25: In Germany – An agreement is signed between Nazi Germany and Zionist German Jews, after three months of talks by the Zionist Federation of Germany, the Anglo-Palestine Bank (under the directive of the Jewish Agency) and the economic authorities of Nazi Germany to help facilitate the emigration of German Jews to Palestine. Hanotea (Hebrew: הנוטע), a Zionist citrus planting company, had applied in May 1933 for the ability to transfer capital from Germany to Palestine. Hanotea served to assist German Jews' emigration to Palestine as part of the Zionist endeavor. In a deal worked out with the German government, Hanotea would receive money from prospective immigrants and use this money to buy German goods. These goods, along with the immigrants, would then be shipped to Palestine.
In Germany – Circular 54/1933 of the Reich Ministry of Finance announces that an agreement has been reached with 'the appropriate Jewish [Zionist] authorities' for emigration to Palestine and the export of German manufactured goods to that territory to allow Jewish capital transfer.
"The Palästina-Treuhandstelle zur Beratung deutscher Juden GmbH [Paltreu, Palestine Trust Office for Advice to German Jews] has been founded in Berlin, Friedrichstraß 218, to advise German Jews in matters concerning this form of capital transfer to Palestine."
(Source: Werner Feilchenfeld, Dolf Michaelis, Ludwig Pinner, Haavara-Transfer nach Palästina und die Einwanderung deutscher Juden 1933-1939, Tübingen 1972, p.26 f.).
31: In Czechoslovakia – THEODOR LESSING (Jewish writer, philosopher) is murdered by Nazis in Marienbad.
22: In Germany – Jews are excluded from the Reich Chamber of Culture.
29: In Germany – Jews are banned from ownership of any agricultural land.
Einstein contacts leaders of other nations, including Turkey's Prime Minister, İsmet İnönü, who he wrote in September 1933 requesting placement of unemployed German-Jewish scientists. As a result of Einstein's letter, Jewish invitees to Turkey eventually totaled over "1,000 saved individuals."
4: In Germany – Jewish journalists are banned from working for newspapers.
20: In Prussia, Germany – Jewish students are banned from taking medical and dental examinations.
19: In Spain – A coalition of right-wing political parties, including the Catholic CEDA party, wins election over the divided left and starts to reverse the previous govermnent's reforms.
1: In Germany – Jewish stores may not display Christian symbols during the Christmas shopping period.
Britain – ADOLF HITLER tries to engineer a marriage between Germany and the House of Windsor (the Duke and Duchess of Brunswick, to marry their daughter to the future king, Edward VIII) which fails.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson,
later pictured (1937) at Berchtesgaden after visiting German leader Adolf Hitler
Germany – The Nazi Party begins de-Christianizing Christmas, by emphasizing the pre-Christian origin of its symbols. Propagandists tirelessly promote numerous Nazified Christmas songs, which replace Christian themes with the regime's racial ideologies. German clergymen openly resist Nazi attempts to take Christ out of Christmas:
  • In Düsseldorf, clergymen use Christmas to encourage women to join their respective women's clubs.
  • Catholic clergy threaten to excommunicate women who joined the National Socialist Women's League (NSF).
  • Elsewhere, women of faith boycott NSF Christmas parties and charity drives.

Hitler's Jewish Ancestry
January: In Germany – Leaders of the Evangelical Church issue a communiqué pledging "the leaders of the German Evangelical Church unanimously affirm their unconditional loyalty to the Third Reich and its leader".
In France – Action Française, formed in 1898 as an anti-Jewish response to the DREYFUS affair (see 1894), attempts to attack the Chamber of Deputies. Its pro-Nazi daily newspaper of the same name claims 60,000 adherents in France .
6-12: In France – ALEXANDRE STAVISKY, a Russian Jew, precipitates seven days of bloody fighting in Bayonne by swindling the Municipal Bank. This incident further strengthens French-born Jews' deep suspicion toward Jewish refugees entering France from Germany and eastern Europe (see June 1933).
5: In Germany – Jewish actors are banned from performing on stage or screen.
Jewish Authomous Territory (Oblast)
May 7: In Russia – JOSEPH STALIN through the Presidium of the General Executive Committee approves the creation of the Jewish National District (in terms of his nationality policy), in which the Jewish population of Russia receives territory to pursue their Yiddish cultural heritage within a socialist framework, located in the Far Eastern federal district, bordering Khabarovsk Krai and Amur Oblast of Russia and the Heilongjiang province of China. This is to create a new "Soviet Zion", where a proletarian Jewish culture can be developed, with Yiddish, rather than Hebrew, as the national language, and a new socialist literature and arts to replace religion as the primary expression of culture.
June: In France – EDMUND BLOCH heads up the Jewish French patriotic group – Union Patriotique des Français Israélites.
7: In Germany – Jewish owned companies may no longer be mentioned on the radio.
30 to July 2: In Germany – HITLER launches his 'Night of the Long Knives' (Nacht der langen Messer) assault on his own party's brownshirt SA militia, and his conservative opponents, including anti-Nazis (such as former Chancellor Kurt von Schleicher and Gustav Ritter von Kahr, who had suppressed Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch in 1923).
Over three days, hundreds are shot by the SS, and HITLER's personal dictatorship is consolidated
22: In Germany – Jewish students are banned from taking law exams.
In the
Soviet Union – German double-agent, Nikolai Skoblin, produces a forged German intelligence dossier of 32 letters supposedly exchanged between top Russian officer Tukhachevsky and the German High Command detailing how Stalin’s government could be brought down. Tukhachevsky’s signature and writing are well forged.
As a result Tukhachevsky and his staff are executed along with all 8 of the Soviet navy’s admirals
and 35 thousand other officers including the elite of the Red Army are executed or imprisoned.
2: In Germany – On the death of HINDENBERG, HITLER's cabinet passes a law proclaiming the presidency vacant and transfering the role and powers of the head of state to HITLER as Führer und Reichskanzler (leader and chancellor).
19: In Germany – A plebiscite approves the merger of the presidency with the chancellorship in HITLER,
winning support from 84.6% of the German electorate.
Cambridge, UK – MAURICE DOBB (leading member of the British Communist Party) functions secretly as a "spotter" for the Soviet Comintern in the recruitment of its spies.
New York, USA – Deaf and dumb ABRAHAM GREENSPAN, a refugee from Germany, denounces the persecution of Jews by the Nazi regime in sign language at the annual convention of the National Association of the Deaf and Dumb, to wide applause in sign language.
Nazi coat of arms
1: In Germany – Jewish newspapers may not be sold or publicly displayed.
6: In Spain – Spain's President proclaims martial law throughout Spain and the president of the Generalidad declares Cataluña a fully independent republic. Government troops immediately move in to squash the separatist movement – Catalan autonomy is voided and Madrid regains control.
Church betrayal of Christ!
30: In Germany – The Nazi state carries out a mass-purge, executing many leaders and cremating their bodies.
No objections are raised by any religious groups in Germany, and HITLER is thanked for the "rescue operation" by the Evangelical bishop of Nassau-Hessen, Dr DIETRICH, and in a circular letter claims that the blood-bath "demonstrated to the world" the "unique greatness of the Führer".
In Pingfang,
China – The Imperial Japanese Army performs covert human experimentation. The official name for the research and development unit was the “Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification Department of the Kwantung Army”. Originally, this unit was set up under the Kempeitai military police, but Surgeon General Shirō Ishii (石井 四郎) took control.
The actual facility where the tests occurred was built 1934–39 and it took the name “Unit 731” in 1941.
At least 250,000 people died cruelly in Unit 731. This number does not include those sent to other units, such as Unit 100 (almost exclusively a biological weapons testing facility).
Almost 70% of the victims of Unit 731 were Chinese military and civilians.
Roughly 30% of the victims were Russian, with a small fraction of Allied POWs and Pacific Islanders.
The Japanese government generously supports Unit 731 throughout the wars.
In the autumn of 1945, General MacArthur grants immunity to members of this Unit
in exchange for research data on biological warfare.
biological weapons
testing on humans!

Dr. Shiro Ishii
After the
American conquest of Japan, Dr Shirō Ishii is shipped to the United States and set up with a laboratory to develop biological weapons for America. As one of his experiments, whooping cough (pertussis) germs/bacteria are pumped from a boat into the air above a coastal town in Florida causing the death of a number of civilians.
African Zionist Jews found the Africa Israel Investments Ltd. (AFI GROUP) to assist Jewish residents (ישוב/Yishuv settlement) in Palestine by buying land and constructing Jewish settlements.
The reprint of Paul
Lagarde's German Essays (a series of late 19th-century essays advocating the systematic removal of Europe's Jewish population, becomes an influence in the life of Adolf Hitler.
See: Adolf Hitler


Theologian Karl Barth writes at this time:
‘For the millions that suffer unjustly, the [German] Confessing Church
does not yet have a heart‘ (Goldhagen, 1996 p.438)
March 16: Germany introduces compulsory military service and embarks on major rearmament
'Adolf Hitler–Koog', a community of selected workers and artisans to live on land reclaimed from the sea by dykes after being deemed racially pure by the Nazi's deceptive ideological standards.
May 21: In Germany – Jews may no longer work for the armed forces.
August: In Germany – HITLER's 'Boycott Committee' forces Jews to sell their property and businesses to 'Aryan' Germans at reduced prices.
France – The virulently anti-Jewish daily newspaper, L'Action Française, has a circulation varying between 45,000 and 72,000 during the mid '30s.
In Spain – POUM, the Workers Party of Marxist Unification is formed by Andres Nin and Joaquin Maurin.
15: In Germany – The Nuremberg Laws are passed that exclude all Jews from citizenship –
'Reich Citizenship Law: A Reich citizen is a subject of the state who is German or related blood, who proves by his conduct that he is willing and fit to serve the German people and Reich. A Reich citizen is the sole bearer of all political rights.'
HITLER announces the reclassification of Jews as 'untermensch' (sub-human), thus losing their citizenship, employment in the civil service, media, entertainment, education and pension rights. At a huge Nazi rally in Nuremberg the German Führer, ADOLF HITLER, announces new decrees which relegate Jews to untermensch status.
24: In Germany – New World War memorials may not carry names of Jews.
ER'EV (Vladimir) JABOTINSKY establishes The New Zionist Organization to rival the world Zionist Organisation after it refuses to accept his nationalist political ideology (Revisionist Zionism, הציונים הרוויזיוניסטים‎) demanding that mainstream Zionist movement recognize as its stated objective the establishment of a Jewish state on both banks of the Jordan River.
Germany – At a medical conference involving Dr WAGNER, Chief Medical Officer of the Nazi party, Dr KURT BLOME, Secretary of the German Medical Association, and Dr GROSS, head of the Race Political Office, decide that quarter-Jews are Germans but half-Jews are Jews. KURT BLOME states –
"among half-Jews the Jewish genes are notoriously dominant"
(After the war, the USA subsequently uses Dr Blome to assist in their chemical weapons-development programme).

In France – FRANÇOIS COTY's anti-Jewish daily newspaper L'Ami du Peuple claims a readership of 460,000.
1, Wednesday: In Germany – A law banning Jews from employing women under the age of 35 comes into force. 10,000 women lose their jobs.
11: In Spain – The Socialist and Communist political parties sign an electoral pact.
15: In Spain – The Spanish Popular Front is orchestrated by and organised under former Republican prime minister, Manuel Azaña.
6, Thursday: At the opening of the 4th Winter Olympics at Garmisch Partenkirchen, every team dips its national flag before ADOLF HITLER.
8: In Germany – An English woman (a director of Universal Aunts) is arrested in Munich for refusing to give the Nazi salute. The German Foreign Minister apologizes.
16: In Spain – The Popular Front wins the general election.
France – Attempted assassination of LÉON BLUM, the first Jewish prime minister, which was inspired by viciously anti-Semitic French poet and editor CHARLES MAURRAS with his remarks that BLUM
"will be the first to be killed ...he must not be missed, there is a man to be shot in the back", and "the sickening spectacle of the tribe of Blums settled at the summit of the French state".
19: In Switzerland – German Nazi organizations are banned.
In France – Vice-president of the French Jewish Central Consistory, Jewish JACQUES HELBRONNER, describes Jewish refugees in his speech as –
'riffraff', 'the rejects of society, the elements who could not possibly have been of any use to their own country' should not be allowed to stay in France.
He also lobbies the French government to close its borders to refugees from HITLER's Germany.
Britain – OSWALD MOSLEY, leader of the fascist 'New Party' warns the country against "mysterious international gangs of Jews".
Regius Professor of Greek at Oxford University, GILBERT MURRAY, states of the Jews
'experience has taught me that they are in some peculiar and exceptional way a pernicious element in any country in the West. ...I understand perfectly the German attitude towards these people and approve of it fully.'
To historian, ARNOLD TOYNBEE, HITLER is indistinguishable from MAHATMA GANDHI, both being teetotal, vegetarian men of peace.
26: In GermanyJews are forbidden to lease or run pharmacies. (See April 18, 1937).
WINSTON CHURCHILL warns, in the House of Commons, of the –
"horrible, cold, scientific persecution" of the Jews in Germany, people "reduced from affluence to ruin and then, even in that position, denied the opportunity of earning their daily bread, and cut out from relief by grants to tide the destitute through the winter, their little children pilloried in schools... their blood and race declared defiling and accursed, every form of concentrated human wickedness cast upon these people by overwhelming power, by vile tyranny".
29: Germans around the world vote in favour of ADOLF HITLER (98.8%), specifically:
for –
    against –

'James Bond'
becomes active.
See his birth January 23, 1897
Manitoba, Canada – WILLIAM STEPHENSON (born William SC Stanger; raised as William Stephensen) after his trips to Germany now begins voluntarily providing confidential information to British opposition MP Winston Churchill about how Adolf Hitler's Nazi government is building up its armed forces and hiding military expenditures of eight hundred million pounds sterling in violation of the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, and he draws attention to the growing Nazi threat to European and international security. (Churchill uses Stephenson's information in Parliament to warn against the appeasement policies of the government of Neville Chamberlain).
A little man called 'Intrepid'
See: June 21, 1940.
See Video

Sir Stephenson
(William Samuel
Clouston Stanger/
Stephenson/Stanger (later Sir) patented a system for transmitting photographic images via wireless that produced 100,000 pounds sterling per annum in royalties for the 18-year run of the patent (circa $12 million per annum adjusted for inflation in 2010). In addition to his patent royalties, Stephenson swiftly diversified into several lucrative industries: radio manufacturing; aircraft manufacturing; Pressed Steel Company that manufactured car bodies for the British motor industry; construction and cement as well as Shepperton Studios and Earls Court. Stephenson had a broad base of industrial contacts in Europe, Britain and North America as well as a large group of contacts in the international film industry. Shepperton Studios were the largest film studios in the world outside of Hollywood.
For this reason he never drew a salary for his intelligence work for Britain.
In Palestine
An Arab High Committee is formed to unite Arab opposition to Jews, leading to renewed Arab attacks on Jews which results in a civil war that lasts three years.
  3: In Germany – Jews are forbidden to practice as veterinary surgeons.
7: In Germany – Bishop MUELLER of the German Evangelical Church publishes a Nazi version of CHRIST's Sermon on the Mount, replacing alleged offensive phrases, such as –
"Blessed are the Meek for they shall inherit the earth", with –
'Blessed is he that at all times is a good comrade; he will succeed in the world.'
19: In Tel Aviv, Palestine – 11 die and 50 are injured in renewed rioting between Jewish and Arab Palestinians.
10: In Palestine – British battalion of Royal Scots Fusiliers and light tanks arrive from Egypt to monitor increasing tensions between Jews and Arabs.
Spain – Manuel Azaña becomes President of the Spanish Republic.
23: In Britain – CHAIM WEIZMAN writes in the Manchester Guardian,
"The world seems divided into two parts –
those places where the Jews could not live, and those where they could not enter."
25: In Palestine – Palestinian Arabs cut power and telegraph lines at Gaza.
6: In France – XAVIER VALLAT launches a verbal attack on prime minister LÉON BLUM in the Chamber of Deputies, without contradiction from the political right and most of the centre, saying –
'for the first time, this ancient Gallo-Roman country will be governed by a Jew ... I say ... that to govern a peasant nation such as France, it is better to have someone whose origins, however modest, are deep in our soil, than to have a subtle Talmudist.'
French Anti-Semitism
18: In Spain – A military uprising on the Spanish mainland is the start of the Spanish civil war. General FRANCO stages successful military uprisings in Morocco and issues a manifesto.
24: In Spain – General FRANCO's rebel forces capture Granada.
26: In Germany – HITLER pledges military aid to support FRANCO's Fascist rebellion.
4: In Spain – General FRANCO leads the Nationalist Army to capture Badajoz on its way to Madrid.
6: In France – LÉON BLUM, the first Jewish Prime Minister, says –
"I am a Frenchman who is proud of his country, proud of his history, nourished as much as anyone else on its tradition despite my race."
22: In Palestine – British troops pour in as the bombings continue.
4: In Germany – A Jew who converts to Christianity remains legally a Jew.
15: In Germany – Jews may not give private lessons to 'Aryan' students.
In Palestine – British Lord PEEL arrives to study the situation, but Palestinian Arab leaders boycott the meetings until just before his departure. (See July 1937).
4: In Germany – Jews may not use the 'Heil Hitler' greeting.
In Palestine – Palestinian Arabs revolt against British support for Jewish immigration and conduct a civil war.
The Jewish community of Hebron leave the city. (see 1968).
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