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1943    to    1944
"Deliver those who are being taken away to death, and those who are staggering to slaughter, O hold them back!
If you say, 'See, we did not know this'
Does He not consider it who weighs the hearts? And does He not know it who keeps your soul?
And will He not render to man according to his work?"
Proverbs 20:11-12.
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Monday 11: A telegram intercepted by British Intelligence sent by SS Sturmbannführer HERMANN HöFLE to SS Obersturmbannführer ADOLF EICHMANN in Berlin, and to SS Oberststurmbannführer HEIM, in Cracow, giving arrivals in the prior fortnight, and arrivals for the year, for the camps of Einsatz Reinhardt (later more commonly called Aktion Reinhard) to December 31, 1942.
The total for these four camps alone is 1,274,166 persons exterminated.
1,274,166 persons
exterminated in four camps
Serious differences between
Germans and Italians
on the Jewish Question.
Wednesday 13: German Minister of Foreign Affairs, JOACHIM VON RIBBENTROP, telegrams the German Embassy in Rome –
"There are considerable differences between the official Italian and German positions on how to handle the Jewish question. Whereas we have recognised Jewry as a disease that threatens to corrupt the body politic and hinder the reconstruction of Europe, the Italian government tends to think of Jews as individuals and reserves preferential treatment for individual Jews or certain groups of Jews. The Italian government also protects Jews abroad if they hold Italian citizenship, especially if they are influential in the economy."
Warsaw – German Police Battalion 53 slaughters tens of thousands of Jews.
In the Anfa Hotel, Casablanca, Morocco – The Casablanca Conference (codenamed SYMBOL) is held to plan the European strategy of the Allies during their war with Germany. US President FD ROOSEVELT refers at the Conference to –
"the understandable complaints which the Germans bore towards the Jews in Germany, namely that while they represented a small part of a population, over 50 per cent of the lawyers (16.3%), doctors (10.9%), schoolteachers (2.6%), college professors (0.5%) in Germany were Jews" (Actual figures in brackets).
The conference's Casablanca Declaration calls for the Allies to seek the unconditional surrender of the Axis Powers; Allied aid to the Soviet Union; the invasion of Sicily and Italy; and the recognition of joint leadership of the Free French by de Gaulle and Giraud.
Captain WOLFGANG HOFFMANN, commander of one of the three companies of Police Battalion 101 (mainly Evangelical Protestant) and directly responsible for the massacre of many thousands of Jewish families, writes in indignant defiance to his superiors (and contradiction of his battalion commander) a refusal to sign a general pledge not to steal from Poles, as being an unwarranted request for a German and and officer. (Utterly blind to the extreme moral hypocrisy of their situation!).
Note Evangelical Protestant hypocrisy demonstrated January 30, 1943.
8-9: In Slutsk – German Police Battalion 22 slaughters 3,000 Jews in two days.
15: the first of the convoys of Jews rounded up and sent off to the Nazi camps from Thessaloniki's railway station.
  23: In the House of Lords, London, UK – The Archbishop of Canterbury WILLIAM TEMPLE pleads with the British government to help the Jews of Europe
"We at this moment have upon us a tremendous responsibility... We stand at the bar of history, of humanity, and of God"
In Washington, USA – In answer to a request from Rabbi STEPHEN WISE of New York to British Foreign Secretary ANTHONY EDEN to support an Anglo-American plea to Germany to let the Jews leave occupied Europe, EDEN responds –
 "fantastically impossible" 
At the time a senior official minutes – 'A disproportionate amount of time of this office is wasted in dealing with these wailing Jews'.
the USA – All patriotic groups, from the American Legion to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, call for a total ban on (Jewish) immigration. (Johnson 1996:37).
Chelmno extermination camp staff celebrate a 'job well done' (145,000 Jews dead) with a party (Abschlussfeier) at the camp's closure. (Chelmno is re-opened in 1944 for further killing).
12-29: In Hamilton, Bermuda – a conference is held between the United Kingdom and the United States. Discussions include the question of Jewish refugees who had been liberated by Allied forces and those who still remained in Nazi-occupied Europe, but the only agreement is that the war must be won against the Nazis.
 SZMUL ZYGIELBOJM, a member of the Jewish advisory body to the Polish government-in-exile, commits suicide in protest.  
In the
Warsaw ghetto, Poland – German Police Battalion 41 slaughters tens of thousands of Jews.
The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
(Yiddish: אױפֿשטאַנד אין װאַרשעװער געטאָ; Polish: Powstanie w getcie warszawskim; German: Aufstand im Warschauer Ghetto)
        It was the 1943 act of Jewish resistance that arose within the Warsaw Ghetto in German occupied Poland during World War II, and which opposed Nazi Germany's final effort to transport the remaining Ghetto population to Treblinka extermination camp.
    The most significant portion of the rebellion took place from 19 April, and ended when the poorly armed and supplied resistance was crushed by the Germans, who officially finished their operation to liquidate the Ghetto on 16 May.
This is the largest single revolt by the Jews during the Holocaust and is the first mass uprising in Nazi occupied Europe.
Gypsy children in Auschwitz Nazi medical experiments
Gypsy children in Auschwitz
13: HITLER declares, with reference to Romania's Jews
"Therefore, in contrast to Marshal Antonescu, the Fuhrer took the view that one must proceed against the Jews, the more radically the better. He... would rather burn all his bridges behind him because the Jewish hatred is so enormously great anyway. In Germany, as a consequence of the clearing up of the Jewish question, one had a united people without opposition at one's disposal... however, once the way had been embarked on, there was no turning back".
(According to the meeting's Minutes, emphasis mine).
16-17: HITLER meets HORTHY of Hungary to insist that Hungarian Jews should be deported for extermination in the same way as the Hungarian  government had done with German Jews living in Hungary. HORTHY refuses and Hungary is invaded by Germany.
Minutes of the meeting of 17 April record VON RIBBENTROP as saying –
"On Horthy's retort, what should he do with the Jews then, after he had taken pretty well all means of living from them – he surely couldn't beat them to death – the Reich Foreign Minister replied that the Jews must either be annihilated or taken to concentration camps. There was no other way".
HITLER later says –
"If the Jews [in Poland] didn't want to work, they were shot. If they couldn't work, they had to perish. They had to be treated like tuberculosis bacilli, from which a healthy body can be infected. That was not cruel; if one remembered that even innocent natural creatures like hares and deer had to be killed so that no harm was caused. Why should one spare the beasts who wanted to bring us bolshevism? Nations who did not rid themselves of Jews perished".
(According to the same meeting's Minutes).
Final Warsaw Ghetto Extermination
19: In Warsaw – Germans decide to kill the remaining 60,000 ghetto Jews on site.
3: In London, UK – Britain's MI5 discovers a Nazi plan to assassinate the Prime Minister with high explosives disguised as bars of luxury chocolate ("pound slabs of chocolate which are made of steel with a very thin covering of real chocolate").
In Copenhagen – German Police Battalion 65 arrives to carry out roundups of Jews for the death camps.
In Warsaw – German Police Reserve Company Cologne slaughters thousands of Jews.
1, AM: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight 777 on its way from Lisbon, Portugal to Bristol, UK, is attacked by a German fighter plane. The civilian aircraft crashes into the sea, along with its 13 passengers and four crew members, all of whom perish. Among the casualties is WILFRID ISRAEL of whom Albert Einstein, whom he knew in Berlin, said of him:
"Never in my life have I come in contact with a being so noble, so strong and as selfless as he was –
in very truth a living work of art."
In France – anti-Semitic BRASILLACH begins printing the names and addresses of Jews and others opposed to Germany in his paper Je Suis Partout.
16-20: In Bialystok – German Police Battalions 251, 255, and 256 slaughter 25,000 to 30,000 Jews each.
Jewish Zionist justification
of terror against civilians
Palestine – Jewish leader YITZHAK SHAMIR writes an article entitled "Terror" for the journal He Khazit (The Front, a LeHI underground newspaper) of the Jewish terror organization (LHI, acronym for Lohamei Herut Israel, "Fighters for the Freedom of Israel", לח"י – לוחמי חרות ישראל 'LeHI', known by the British as 'Stern Gang'), in which he proposes to –
"dismiss all the 'phobia' and babble against terror with simple, obvious arguments." "Neither Jewish morality nor Jewish tradition can be used to disallow terror as a means of war," he writes, and "We are very far from any moral hesitations when concerned with the national struggle."
"First and foremost, terror [against civilians] is for us a part of the political war appropriate for the circumstances of today, and its task is a major one: it demonstrates in the clearest language, heard throughout the world including by our unfortunate brethren outside the gates of this country, our war against the occupier [Britain]."
sowing seeds for the future
(See 1980)
On the
Greek island of Zakynthos – The Nazi instruction to hand in a list of all Jews brings Bishop CHRYSOSTOMOS and their Mayor with a list containing only two names – their own. The Jews of Zakynthos are therefore saved.
9: In France – The desperate Alpine crossing of about 1,000 Jewish refugees from France to Italy as a result of the Italian armistice with the Allies signed on September 8, 1943. The Vésubie valley through which they came is linked to the Cuneo region in Italy by two mountain passes, both about 7,875 feet high, that the refugees had to cross. Many of the Jews thought they would escape into the welcoming arms of American troops, whom they mistakenly believed had taken over northern Italy.
Instead, they discovered when they arrived in Italy that the Nazis had gotten there first. The Germans were waiting in the towns of Cuneo and Borgo San Dalmazzo to arrest and deport them. Some Jews were hidden back up in the mountains by kindly Italian peasants.
But others, at least 330, were rounded up by the Germans and sent to their deaths in concentration camps.
At Campo Imperatore Hotel, Italy – Italian dictator MUSSOLINI, being held by order of Italy's King Victor Emmanuel III, is rescued by SS-Obersturmbannführer (Lieutenant Colonel) in the German Waffen-SS OTTO SKORZENY.
(In 1962, Skorzeny is recruited by Israel's secret-service Mossad to help locate the German scientists developing missiles for Egypt).
HIMMLER sends instructions to HERBERT KAPPLER (SS) in Rome that all Jews, irrespective of age or sex, are to be rounded up and sent to Germany. However, the German ambassador in Rome, whose Italian mistress is hiding a family of Jews in her home with his approval, does not cooperate, and military commander Field Marshall KESSELRING claims that he needs the Jews as labour to build fortifications.
In Italy – Nazi troops discovered the painting Portrait of a Man by Sandro Botticelli in a villa in Naples, where it was being hidden and, as they did with so many exceptional works of art, wasted no time stealing it. The portrait vanished en route to Germany and its whereabouts remain unknown.
In Rome – At HITLER's direct intervention, 12,000 Italian Jews are sent to Auschwitz for extermination.
  Ravensbruck concentration camp monument in Paris erected by survivors
Memorial in Paris cemetery today
In Trieste, Italy – The city is placed under Nazi administration and mass arrests of Jews begin for deportation to Auschwitz, Dachau and Mauthausen, in spite of protests from its Bishop.
Pope PIUS XII gives refuge to Jews at his summer residence, Castelgandolfo.
4: Int Posnan, Poland – HIMMLER speaks to SS officers
"I also want to talk to you quite frankly about a very grave matter. We can talk about it quite openly among ourselves, but nevertheless we can never speak of it publicly. Just as we did not hesitate on 30 June 1934 to do our duty as we were bidden, and to stand comrades who had lapsed up against the wall and shoot them, so we have never spoken about it and will never speak of it. It was a natural assumption of tact – an assumption which, thank God, is inherent in us – that we never discussed it among ourselves, never spoke of it ... Most of you will know what it means to have a hundred or five hundred corpses lying together before you. To have been through this and – disregarding exceptional cases of human weakness – to have remained decent, that is what has made us tough. This is a glorious page in our history, one that has never been written and can never be written".
6: In Poznan, Poland – HIMMLER speaks to a gathering of Reichsleiter and Gauleiter –
"I do ask you to keep secret, to listen to what I am saying and never to speak about it, what I am saying in these circles. We came up against the question, what about the women and children, and I took the decision here too for a clear solution. I did not consider myself justified in liquidating just the men to leave alive the children to act as the avengers against our sons and grandchildren. There had to be taken the grave decision to have this people disappear from the face of the earth".
Deportation routes
to extermination
mass deportations to Auschwitz  
In Germany
Dr KURT BLOME, high-ranking Nazi scientist, works on bacteriological warfare, under the cover of cancer-research. He had been ordered to experiment with plague vaccines on concentration camp prisoners.

development by
the United States
(In the USA
– After the war, American intervention saves Blome from the gallows. In return Blome agrees to provide information to the Americans about his experiments in Dachau and advice on the development of a germ warfare program. Two months after his Nuremberg court acquittal, Blome is transferred to the USA (see Operation Paperclip) and interviewed at Camp David, Maryland, about biological warfare.
In 1951, he is hired by the U.S. Army Chemical Corps to work on chemical warfare development. (His file neglects to mention Nuremberg
In the
USA – The Office of Strategic Services (a precursor of the CIA) commissions American psychologist and Harvard professor Henry Murray to study Adolf Hitler's personality to try to predict his behavior. His report states that Hitler suffered from intolerable feelings of inferiority, largely stemming from his small, frail, and sickly physical appearance during his childhood. He refused to go to school because he was ashamed that he was a poor student compared with his classmates. His mother appeased him by allowing him to drop out. "He never did any manual work, never engaged in athletics, and was turned down as forever unfit for conscription in the Austrian Army," Murray writes. His sources for the most part are New York, Reynal & Hitchcock, 1959
1,   Data supplied by the Office of Strategic services
2.   Hitler's MEIN KAMPP,
3.   Hitler's MY NEW ORDER, New York, Reynal & Hitchcock, 1941
4,   Heiden, K., HITLER, A BIOGRAPHY, London, 1936
5,   Rauschnlng, H., VOICE OP DESTRUCTION, New York
6.   'Baynes, H, G., GERMANY POSSESSED, London, 1941
In Germany – In his New Year address, ADOLF HITLER speaks of God to the German nation, that –
"He is aware of the goal of our struggle" ..."[His] justice will continue to test us until He can pass judgment. Our duty is to ensure that we do not appear to be too weak in His eyes, but that we are given a merciful judgment that spells 'victory' and thus signifies life!"

Hitler's New-Year-speech
of blasphemy.
German soldiers at Auschwitz select prisoners for the extermination camp.
– At this stage, Italy is no longer Germany's ally, the Soviet army is approaching the borders of Poland, Hungary and Romania, and the Allied landing in France is imminent –
11: In Bordeaux, France – French police and gendarmerie round up Jews listed in the office of MAURICE PAPON for internment and deportation to Germany.
Smith Friedman working for the US Coast Guard under the Treasury Department, was a veteran codebreaker (whose Jewish-American husband, William Friedman, was himself a legendary name in intelligence history). She had honed her skills battling Prohibition-era smugglers — who, it turned out, had used codes similar to those employed by the Nazi spies. Friedman not only cracked the Nazi codes, she helped bring down their spy ring. In January 1944, Nazi isolation from South America was complete when Argentina broke off relations with the Axis.
In France – PICASSO's friend MAX JACOB (Jewish Catholic) is arrested and sent to the Drancy camp where he later dies. Other artists appeal for his release but PICASSO is silent.
Italy – In their advance on Rome, Allied troops launch an attack on the German positions focussed around the Monte Cassino Abbey. They carpet bomb the Abbey for six-hours, totally destroying it, but the Allies also suffer a total of c.55,000 casualties during the siege (German casualties c.22,000), one-third of these being from so-called "friendly fire" incidents.
In Dresden, Germany – 2,000 Britsih and American bombers, under Air Chief Marshall Arthur Harris destroy the city in three waves over 14-hours, killing more than 130,000 civilians and turning its famous historic buildings into rubble.
Allied Terrorism!
24, from 3.30PM: In the Ardeatine Caves, near Rome, Italy – German SS troops under SS officer HERBERT KAPPLER systematically massacre 335 Italian civilians (one 15-years-old), chosen at random,
to avenge an attack by communist partisans the previous day on a German police unit in Rome's Via Rasella.
Fosse Ardeatine massacre

Exposure of Auschwitz!
In Poland – RUDOLF VRBA (born WALTER ROSEBERG in Topoľčany, Slovakia), with a friend ALFRÉD WETZLER (prisoner #29162), escape from the German Auschwitz concentration camp.
Thursday, 27: Their detailed information in 32 pages (the Vrba-Wetzler report) to Jewish officials in Slovakia, about the mass murders taking place at Auschwitz, is completed and eventually passed to the Allies.
This is the first detailed information about the death camp to reach the Allies which is accepted as credible.
However, although the Vrba-Wetzler report is made available to officials in Hungary and elsewhere before those deportations to Auschwitz begin, it is kept confidential by Zionist Jewish leader RUDOLF KASTNER and others for the sake of negotiations with the Nazis. VRBA later writes in 2002 –
"It is my contention that a small group of informed people, by their silence, deprived others of the possibility or privilege of making their own decisions in the face of mortal danger" (I Escaped from Auschwitz, Barricade Books, p.419–20).
See Rudolf Kastner
Assassinated March 1957, in Israel by Zeev Eckstein on behalf of the ultranationalist right.
The first political assassination in Israel.
Friday 28: Four German E-Boats open fire on a convoy of eight US ships making their way to Lyme Bay on England's south coast in a practice exercise ahead of the D-Day landings. The disaster – in which about 800 servicemen lose their lives – is deemed by US top brass to be so grave they order a complete information blackout. Later, US sailor Steve Sadlon – Survivor of LST 507 describes –
"Burn to death on the ship or freeze to death in the sea" –
that was the conundrum Steve Sadlon, a radio operator on board US Landing Ship Tank LST 507 was faced with when a torpedo struck in the middle of the night. Steve Sadlon later says that, in comparison to this April-practice attack, that Utah Beach on D-Day was 'a walk in the park': "All hell was breaking loose. Fire was everywhere, ammunition as well as gas cans were exploding. We had nothing, we were a floating, burning hull of a ship."
After weighing up his options, he decides to take his chances in the sea, and so lives to tell.
Steve Sadlon
US Navy
5: HIMMLER speaks to the generals of the Wehrmacht. According to the transcript of his speech, he said –
"The Jewish question has been solved within Germany itself and in general within the countries occupied by Germany. It was solved in an uncompromising fashion in accordance with the life and death struggle of our nation in which the existence of our blood is at stake. You can understand how difficult it was for me to carry out this soldierly order (soldatische Befehl) and which I carried out from obedience and from a sense of complete conviction".
13: In Bordeaux, France – another convoy of deportees leaves for France's Drancy, concentration camp. About 80% are elderly Jews over seventy, who have been taken from hospitals and sanatoriums and retirement homes.
25: In Bordeaux, France – collaborator and antisemite, MAURICE PAPON, begins to associate himself with the French Resistance against German occupation in the light of military gains by the Allies.
26: In Germany – HITLER addresses senior officers of the Wehrmacht in the following terms –
"By removing the Jew, I abolished in Germany the possibility to build up a revolutionary core or nucleus. One could naturally say to me: Yes, couldn't you have solved this more simply – or not simply since all other means would have been more complicated – but more humanely? My dear officers, we are engaged in a life or death struggle. If our opponents win in this struggle, then the German people would be extirpated".
May 31: near Annemasse, France – French Resistance MARIANNE COHN (see below) is arrested by the German Gestapo with a group of twenty-eight Jewish children whom she was trying to rescue, and incarcerated at the Hotel Pax.
Despite intense torture, she does not speak.
    Her Resistance Unit forms a plan to free her, but she refuses, fearing reprisals against the Jewish children. (See July 7).
Below (under July) is a poem written by her expressing her resolve and refusal to betray under torture by continually postponing the act, and planning suicide rather than betrayal.
Hungary – The commander of the Royal Hungarian Police, LÁSZLÓ CSIZSIK–CSATÁRY, in charge of the Jewish ghetto in the city of Kassa (now Košice in Slovakia) is responsible for the deportation of approximately 15,700 Jews to the Auschwitz death camp.
(In 1948 he is convicted in absentia for war crimes in Czechoslovakia and sentenced to death. He flees to Canada in 1949 claiming to be a Yugoslav national and settles in Montreal where he becomes an art dealer, becoming a Canadian citizen in 1955, but in 1997 his citizenship is revoked by the federal Cabinet for lying on his citizenship application, he leaves Canada two months later, is arrested in Hungary July 18, 2012, and dies on August 10, 2013, from pneumonia at a hospital in Budapest aged 98).
D-Day, June 1944:    
Normandy, France

"Today, blood must flow". Words reportedly uttered by Heinz Barth, junior officer in the SS division 'Reich'.
In 2013 Andreas Brendel, head of the central Nazi war crimes investigation unit in Dortmund, Germany, states –
"Barth's statement means that members of the unit knew what was going to happen on that day. That was one of the main things that encouraged me to reopen the investigation."
10: In Oradour-sur-Glane, north-east of Bordeaux, France – At 2PM SS troops (3rd Company of the 1st Battalion of the "Der Führer" Regiment of the SS "Das Reich" Division) arrive and herd the population on to the town's main square. Those who are too old or infirm are shot dead in their homes.
The men are then separated from the women and children, with the latter being crammed into the village church, into which German troops then lob hand grenades and fire machine guns. Those that aren't killed instantly die in the ensuing fire. A single woman survives.
The men, meanwhile, are crammed into nearby barns, shot at and then set on fire. (There were but five survivors out of the whole village).
In all, 642 people are massacred, including 240 women and 213 children.
SS Panzer Division called "Das Reich" was responsible for the massacre.
An initial trial undertaken by the French in Bordeaux in 1953 involved charges against dozens of soldiers belonging to the German unit responsible. But ultimately, despite several guilty verdicts, most of the suspects are set free on the strength of a political amnesty.
1: In Paris, France – ALOIS BRUNNER launches raids against the dozen Jewish (UGIF) children's centers in the Paris area.
7: In London, UK – Prime Minister WINSTON CHURCHILL notes in his minutes on hearing of the killing of Hungarian Jews that it –
 "is probably the greatest and most horrible crime ever committed in the whole history of the world" 
   and he accordingly instructs his Foreign Secretary ANTHONY EDEN to –
 "Get anything out of the Air Force you can and invoke me if necessary." 
8 night: In Annemasse, France – The German Gestapo of Lyon sends a team to remove six prisoners, including MARIANNE COHN, and kill them by kicking them and hitting them with shovels. (The mayor of Annemasse saves the children).
MARIANNE COHN (see May 31)
Marianne Cohn
Her poem was found later in her prison cell
I will betray, but tomorrow, not today.
Pull out my fingernails today. I won't betray.
You don't know the limits of my courage. I do.
You are five rough hands with rings.
On your feet are shoes with spikes.
I will betray tomorrow, not today. Tomorrow.
I need the night to make up my mind.
I need at least one night to renounce my friends.
  To give up bread and wine. To betray life. To die.
I'll betray tomorrow, not today.
The file is under the stone floor.
The file is not for the cell door.
The file is not for my executioner.
The file is to slit my wrist.
Today I have nothing more to say.
Tomorrow I'll betray.
In Saipan, Mariana Islands – American forces take the island from the Japanese with huges losses: 30,000 Japanese troops dead and about 22,000 civilians are reportedly killed or committed suicide.
As a consequence, on July 18, Japanese Prime Minister HIDEKI TOJO and his cabinet resign.
In Hungary
Assigned as first secretary to the Swedish legation in Hungary, RAOUL WALLENBERG arrives in Budapest and despite a complete lack of experience in diplomacy and clandestine operations, he leads one of the most extensive and successful rescue efforts of Jews during the Holocaust. His work with the US War Refugee Board (WRB) and the World Jewish Congress prevent the deportation of tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews to the Auschwitz-Birkenau killing center. With authorization from the Swedish government, Wallenberg begins distributing certificates of protection issued by the Swedish legation to Jews in Budapest shortly after his arrival in the Hungarian capital. He uses WRB and Swedish funds to establish hospitals, nurseries and a soup kitchen, and to designate more than 30 “safe” houses that together form the core of the "international ghetto" in Budapest.
The international ghetto was reserved for Jews and their families holding certificates of protection from a neutral country.
(in January 1945 Soviet troops arrest him – he is never seen again).
In France

the blood of millions of slaughtered Jews,
of men, women, and children, cries to heaven."
(Pastor Höchstädter).
Hospital Chaplain, Pastor WALTER HÖCHSTÄDTER, secretly prints 1000 copies of his protest against anti-Semitism and courageously sends it through the military mail to German soldiers at the front –
"We live in an age which is raging throughout with mad ideas and demons, no less than the Middle Ages. Our allegedly 'enlightened' age, instead of indulging in an orgy of crazed witch-hunting, feasts itself in an orgy of maniacal Jew-hatred. Today the Jew-hating madness, which had already raged frightfully in the Middle Ages, has entered upon its acute stage. This, the Church, the community of Jesus Christ, must acknowledge. If she does not do it, then she will have failed, just as she had failed then, during the time of the witch-hunts. Today, the blood of millions of slaughtered Jews, of men, women, and children, cries to heaven. The Church is not permitted to be silent. She is not permitted to say that the settlement of the Jewish Problem is a matter for the state, the right to perform this function having been granted to it by Romans 13. The Church is also not permitted to say that in our time just punishment is being carried out upon the Jews for their sins. ...There is no such thing as a moderate Christian antisemitism. Even when it is set forth seemingly convincingly by means of reasonable arguments (say, national ones) or even with scientific [read pseudo-scientific] arguments. The witch craze also was once scientifically justified by leading authorities of the theological, legal, and medical faculties. The battle against Jewry proceeds from the same muddy source from which the witch craze once proceeded. Contemporary mankind has not overcome its proclivity to look for a 'scapegoat.' Therefore it searches for all kinds of guilty parties – the Jews, the Freemasons and the supra-state powers. This is the background of the hymns of hate of our time." [Emphasis mine]

This is where
real Christianity counts!
In New York,
USA – WILLIAM (Stanger) STEPHENSON (the later model for Ian Fleming's 'James Bond' stories) employs ROALD DAHL (British assistant air attaché, and later children's novelist) to befriend and to spy on the American Vice President HENRY WALLACE known for his socialist views.
Dahl shares a house at 1610 34th Street, NW, in Georgetown, with another attaché.
Auschwitz – the Germans begin burning documents.
In Lithuania – Between 4,000 and 5,000 residents of the Kovno Ghetto are transferred to concentration camps in Germany.
Attempted Hitler assassination
which badly backfires.
Field Headquarters, East Prussia – CLAUS SCHENK GRAF von STAUFFENBERG, together with EWALD-HEINRICH von KLEIST, attempts to kill HITLER with a bomb, leading to the revenge killing of some 5,000 anti-Nazis.
The shock effect of the attack is enormous, as evidenced in many private records, and arch-loyalists replace people considered unreliable. The plot leads to a temporary strengthening of the Nazi regime, increasing Hitler's popularity with the German public. All resistance is ruled out as a result.
  Hungarian Jews
in Auschwitz
In Budapest,
Hungary – RAOUL WALLENBERG, together with fellow Swedish diplomat PER ANGER, issues 'protective passports' (German: Schutz-Pass) to Jews, which identify the bearers as Swedish subjects awaiting repatriation and so prevents their deportation to death camps. Although not legal, the documents look official and are accepted by German and Hungarian authorities, who are sometimes also bribed. The Swedish legation in Budapest also succeeds in negotiating with the German authorities so that the bearers of the protective passes would be treated as Swedish citizens and be exempt from having to wear the yellow badge required for Jews. With the money raised by the US War Refugee Board, WALLENBERG rents 32 buildings in Budapest and declares them to be extraterritorial, protected by diplomatic immunity. He put up signs such as 'The Swedish Library' and 'The Swedish Research Institute' on their doors and hangs oversize Swedish flags on the front of the buildings to bolster the deception. The buildings eventually house almost 10,000 Jewish people.
Raoul Wallenberg is later arrested by the Russians, imprisoned, and apparently executed in 1947(?). Later Raoul's mother and stepfather commit suicide in 1979. Their daughter Nina Lagergren, Raoul's half-sister, attributes their suicide to despair about never finding their son.
The Helmbrechts Camp, a satellite camp of Flossenbürg concentration camp, is established in Upper Franconia.
24: An American bombing raid on an armament factory near the Buchenwald Concentration Camp also bombs the Camp using incendiaries and causing heavy casualties amongst prisoners.
29: Last transport leaves from the Lodz ghetto to Auschwitz.
Animated Maps of the
USA Holocaust Museum.
MAURICE PAPON is photographed with General DE GAULLE in Bordeaux (see January 11).
5: In Auschwitz – Uprising-planning begins of the Sonderkommando Jews.
18: In the USA Its president FDR meets Churchill in Hyde Park, New York to make the Hyde Park Agreement for collaboration, control and use of atomic bombs. In FDR’s second house, they secretly agreed that the ABombs "should be used against Japan," and not against Germany.
Sleeve patch of the Jewish BrigadeAfter fighting in Italy, the British authorities disband the Brigade in the summer of 1946.
the UK – The British government approves the formation of the Jewish Brigade (infantry, artillery, and service units), under both the Union jack and the Zionist flag, of approximately 5,000 soldiers under command of Brigadier Ernest Benjamin.
7: In Auschwitz – Jewish girls (including ROZA ROBOTA) working in the Krupp plant smuggle explosives into camp. Skilled Soviet POWs turn the explosives into grenades and bombs.
c.3PM: Polish Sonderkommando (Special Squad') Jews revolt and blow up Crematorium I, Hungarians at Crematorium III and IV join in, and the Sonderkommando at Crematorium II breaks through the boundary wire.
The Sonderkommando in Crematorium IV drag their demolition charges into the oven rooms and detonate them in a defiant suicide.
the revolt is quickly suppressed and the escaped men recaptured with the help of local citizens.
Approximately 200 sonderkommando are forced to lie face down outside the crematoria where they are executed with single shots to the back of the head. Some of the men are initially spared for interrogation.
Four Jewish girls who had helped smuggle the explosives in are tortured for weeks but did not give information. ROZA ROBOTA died under torture; two survived to be hanged before all the women of Auschwitz; one of whom cried 'Revenge!' as she died.
15: In Budapest, Hungary – The fascist Arrow Cross party takes power, and exports more than 400,000 Jews to Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in the remaining months of 1944.
In addition many thousands are murdered in Budapest, with many shot dead on the banks of the Danube.
20: In Auschwitz – Extermination by gassing ends.
Germany soldiers
relaxing in a
Nazi bunker
on Netherland's
Walcheren Island
found later at this date
in an abandoned camera
after their retreat.
1: On Walcheren Island, Netherlands – During the Allied operation to liberate the Dutch, Royal Marine Arthur Thompson (from Herne Bay in Kent) comes across a camera left behind by some hastily departing Germans soldiers in the island's large concrete bunker, which includes this picture of his colleagues, among other.
This Walcheren bunker was part of Hitler's 'Atlantic Wall' – Hitler's defensive system against an expected Allied attack, which stretched all the way from the Spanish border to Scandinavia.
6: In Egypt British Lord MOYNE, an opponent of Jewish settlement in Palestine, is shot dead in Cairo by two members of the Jewish Stern Gang (LHI) ELIYAHU BEIT-ZOURI and ELIAHU HAKIM, who are later captured, tried and executed in Cairo, March 1945.
In 1975 these terrorists/assassins' bodies are returned to Israel and they are given a state funeral by the Israeli government and interred on Mount Herzl with full military honours as if they were heroes.
7: In Auschwitz – The gas chambers are destroyed to hide the crimes
8: The "death march", ordered by ADOLF EICHMANN, of 20,000 Jews from Budapest to the Austrian border begins.
28: The remaining Jews of Budapest are sent to death camps.
Germany – Highly classified SS papers, only issued to a secretive unit called Kommandostelle S, reveal the full horror of the Nazi bombings of German cities (in 1944 and 1945) – who then blame the carnage on Allied Forces, to test their V2 rockets. SS commanders order all documents relating to the V2 – the V standing for Vergeltungswaffe, or Vengeance Weapon – to be destroyed.
But the charred remains of some of the reports are later rescued and document how desperate Nazis had levelled their own towns and cities while developing the deadly weapons.
(See also: Modern Nazi Menace)

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