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1953    to    1962
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In spite of Arab opposition, the German government ratifies a claim of $845 million (US) to be paid over 14 years, and passes a federal Indemnification Law which had paid $25 billion to individual Holocaust victims by 1987 (an average of 5% of the federal budget over 25 years).
In contrast, the East German government does not reply to claims for compensation of Jewish victims.
Russia: An alleged plot of Jewish doctors against the life of Stalin unleashes renewed persecution of Jews.
NKVD chief, who had both motive and opportunity, had previously placed some rat poison in Stalin’s wine bottles, warfarin, a tasteless and colorless blood thinner also used as a rat killer.
In Russia, at Kuntsevo Dacha in Moscow – STALIN dies. NKVD (KGB/FSB) chief Lavrenti P. Beria later brags of having killed Stalin, to save the lives of Stalin’s henchmen and inner circle, including himself.
Because Stalin had given strict instructions that no one was to enter his bedroom, no one found him until much later the next day. His housekeeper knocks on the bedroom door well after Stalin usually arose, there was no answer, and then they found him on the floor of his bedroom, in a pool of his own urine. They waited 24 hours to call the doctors. Stalin awoke once or twice from his coma or sleep, but could not speak and could only raise an arm in the four days he remained barely alive. The doctors noted stomach bleeding, one sign of poisoning, which references were struck from the official reports.
19: In the USA – Jewish Americans, Ethel Greenglass ROSENBERG (September 25, 1915) and Julius ROSENBERG (May 12, 1918) are executed in Sing Sing Prison for espionage in helping the Soviet Union's nuclear weapons development.
Their execution time was altered at the request of their legal representative to avoid desecrating the Jewish Sabbath.
15-19: In Iran – The democratically elected government of Iran is violently overthrown by the intelligence agencies of Britain (Operation 'Boot') and the United States (CIA Operation 'TPAJAX Project') killing more than 300 people, in order to secure their oil interests by installing the Shah as an absolute monarchy.
CIA acknowledgement of
involvement August 2013.
25: The government of Israel formerly confiscates the land without compensation to the former inhabitants of the village of Iqrit who had been forcibly removed by Israel's military in 1948. (See October 31, 1948).
28: Armed Israelis attack the UNRWA Palestinian refugee camp at Bureij in the Gaza Strip. The "Israelis" throw grenades through the windows of the huts and gun down the fleeing refugees, killing 30 and wounding 62 others.
Zionist terrorism
31: In Israel – The newly-created "Unit 31" [Zionist death squad] led by ARIEL SHARON launches a night attack on the Al-Bureij refugee camp, randomly shooting at homes, killing about fifty civilians.
Zionist terrorism
14: The Arab village of Qibiya is attacked by Israeli troops, killing 42 villagers.
Zionist terrorism
Nor can undefined boundaries
be legitimately defended.
Jewish Israeli General MOSHE DAYAN ominously writes –
"Take the American declaration of Independence. It contains no mention of territorial limits.
We are not obliged to fix the limits of the State."
(In anticipation of the further annexation of Palestinian territory.)
'New York Times',
6 December 1953,
emphasis mine.
Soviet KGB agent
 Soviet Espionage inside
Israel's 'secret service'
Jewish ZE'EV AVNI is offered a full time post in the Israeli Secret Service Mossad (HaMossad leModi'in uleTafkidim Meyuchadim), and is posted as Israel's commercial attaché based in Belgrade.
The first secretary at the Soviet embassy in Belgrade becomes his new KGB controller. (See 1950 and April 1956).
Oppenheimer opposes the
Hydrogen bomb development
the USA – Jewish American scientist, Julius Robert OPPENHEIMER (his home and office bugged by the FBI since 1942), who headed up America's atomic bomb development Manhattan Project has his personal security clearance unjustly cancelled by the US Atomic Energy Commission on the false accusation of being a Communist. (Click for full transcripts of the April-May 1954 hearing)
US Cold War


Bilderberg Group Formed
May 29-31: At the Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Netherlands – The Bilderberg Group is formed to facilitate discussion among transatlantic leaders. About one-third are from government and politics, and two-thirds from finance, industry, labour, education and communications, comprising approximately 120 to 140 invited guests from North America and Europe, most of whom are people of personal influence.
(Later, the Seventh-day Adventist movement, with others, foolishly present the above organisation as a conspiracy of Satan to control the world).
In Geneva,
Switzerland – The representatives of the United States, France, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and China meet concerning Vietnam. Despite the fact that the communist Viet Minh control most of the country the two sides in the Vietnam conflict agree to temporarily divide the country along the 17th latitude line, to allow France to save face.
The final declaration reads:
"the military demarcation line is provisional and should not in any way be interpreted
as constituting a political or territorial boundary"
The agreement also stipulated that neither side would allow foreign bases on its soil or join a military alliance
Lippmann, Los Angeles Times, April 4, 1965.
Vietnam Conflict
Settlement [?]
although the United States refused to sign, it gave the assurance that it would not in any way interfere with the implementation of the accord. But the US was betraying this promise at that moment by subverting the rule in the South of Bao Dai to get their Ngo Dinh Diem into power, promising an election for July 1956 which never happened (because the communists were more popular), who then began crushing his rivals and executing thousands of former Viet Minh members.
Egypt – Jewish Israeli intelligence officer Colonel AVRAM DAR (under the identity of 'John Darling' a British citizen of Gibraltar) recruits Egyptian Jews, previously active in illegal emigration, to train them in covert operations for Israel.
Operation Suzannah
international terrorism
2: In Egypt – Israeli agents fire-bomb a post office in Alexandria, to lay the blame on the 'Muslim Brotherhood'.
14: In Egypt – Israeli agents bomb the U.S. Information Agency libraries in Alexandria and Cairo and a British-owned theatre to lay the blame on the 'Muslim Brotherhood'.
The operation is overseen by Israeli agent AVRI ELAD (Avraham Seidenberg) under the German identity of 'Paul Frank'.
Egypt – President JAMAL ABD AL-NASSER imprisons thousands of members of the Muslim Brotherhood, often without trial, some for petty political offenses. (See 1966 SAYYID QUTH).
Palestine – The State of Israel acquires the Great Isaiah Scroll to study it and preserve it as a national treasure (See 1948, Syrian Orthodox Church).
Great Isaiah Dead
Sea Scroll acquired

state-sponsored terrorism
December 12: Over Syria – Israeli fighter planes force a Syrian airways civilian airliner with passengers to land in Israel in order –
"to obtain hostages in order to obtain the release of our prisoners [Israeli spies] in Damascus,"
who had been captured spying within Syria. This the first airline hijacking in the Middle East.
Prime Minister
of Israel MOSHE SHARETT (משה שרת) accepts the –
"factual affirmation of the U.S. State Department that our action was without precedent in the history of international practice."
Israel's state-sponsored terrorism is seed sown that will sadly reap much!
What a sickeningly
watered-down definition of
terrorism on the hostages!
is founded, principally by professionals of the Palestinian diaspora working in the Gulf States who had been Palestinian refugees in Gaza from Israeli aggression and had gone on to study in Cairo or Beirut, including YASSER ARAFAT. (See January 1965).

In Jerusalem, Israel – In a stormy Knesset session, in the wake of a rabbinic ban on marriage between a Karaite Jewish man and an Orthodox Jewish woman, Prime Minister BEN -GURION warns that without a solution to the centuries-old rabbinic conflict "it is inevitable that there will be a majority [vote] to change marriage and divorce laws to grant sole authority to the rabbinical courts in these matters."
April: In Israel – Mossad-KGB double agent ZE'EV AVNI (Wolf Goldstein) is arrested by Shin Bet and sentenced to 14 years for espionage.
July: In Egyptian Gaza – An Israeli-Egyptian double agent gives a rigged book parcel to Col. Mustafa HAFEZ, the director of Egyptian military intelligence in Gaza unaware of the explosive device. When HAFEZ opens the package, it explodes in his face, mortally wounding him and blinding the double agent.
August 1: In London, UK – A tripartite meeting is held at 10 Downing Street between British Foreign Secretary (Selwyn Lloyd), US Ambassador (Robert D. Murphy) and French Foreign Affairs Minister (Christian Pineau) on the Suez Canal situation.
October: Israeli air force shoots down an unarmed Egyptian civilian plane, killing 16 people including four journalists, in a failed attempt to assassinate Field Marshall AABDUL HAKIM AMAR, second to President Nasser, at a time when the two countries are not even in a state of war.
Israeli terrorism
22-24: Prime Minister of Israel DAVID BEN-GURION, Director General of the Ministry of Defence SHIMON PERES and Chief of Staff of the Israel Defence Forces MOSHE DAYAN travel secretly to an isolated house in Sèvres, south of Paris, to meet the French Minister of Defence MAURICE BOURGÈS-MAUNOURY, Minister of Foreign Affairs CHRISTIAN PINEAU and Chief of Staff of the French Armed Forces General MAURICE CHALLE, and British Foreign Secretary SELWYN LLOYD and his assistant Sir PATRICK DEAN, and plan a two-step invasion of Egypt; first Israel had to attack, and then the British-French forces would join in.
(Also present are Louis Mangin, adviser to the French minister of defence, and Abel Thomas, the director-general of the ministry of defence).
Sèvres Protocol agreed between these governments [hypocrisy] the United Kingdom, Israel, and France is the following:
The Israeli forces will launch a large scale attack in the evening of 29 October 1956 on the Egyptian forces with the aim of reaching the Canal Zone the following day.
On being apprised of these events, the British and French Governments during the day of 30 October 1956 respectively and simultaneously will make two appeals to the Egyptian Government and the Israeli Government on the following lines:
  A. To the Egyptian Government:
  a) halt all acts of war;
    b) withdraw all its troops ten miles from the Canal;
c) accept temporary occupation of key positions on the Canal by the Anglo-French forces to guarantee freedom of passage through the Canal by vessels of all nations until a final settlement.
To the Israeli Government:
    a) halt all acts of war;
b) withdraw all its troops ten miles to the east of the Canal. In addition, the Israeli Government will be notified that the French and British Governments have demanded of the Egyptian Government to accept temporary occupation of key positions along the Canal by Anglo-French forces. It is agreed that if one of the Governments refuses, or does not give its consent, within twelve hours the Anglo-French forces will intervene with the means necessary to ensure that their demands are accepted.
The representatives of the three Governments agree that the Israeli Government will not be required to meet the conditions in the appeal addressed to it, in the event that the Egyptian Government does not accept those in the appeal addressed to it for their part.
In the event that the Egyptian Government should fail to agree within the stipulated time to the conditions of the appeal addressed to it, the Anglo-French forces will launch military operations against the Egyptian forces in the early hours of the morning of 31 October.
The Israeli Government will send forces to occupy the western shore of the Gulf of Aqaba and the group of islands Tirane and Sanafir to ensure freedom of navigation in the Gulf of Aqaba.
Israel undertakes not to attack Jordan during the period of operations against Egypt. But in the event that during the same period Jordan should attack Israel, the British Government undertakes not to come to the aid of Jordan.
The arrangements of the present protocol must remain strictly secret.
They will enter into force after the agreement of the three Governments.
The secret
Sèvres Protocol
between Israel
France & Britain
Israeli terrorism
29: In the village of Kufr Kassem Forty-seven Palestinians, including seven children and nine women are massacred by Israeli Border Police. The Police arrive in the village and announce without warning that there will be a curfew from 5 PM this very evening until 6 AM the following day. Most of the men are working in the fields and do not know of the curfew. When they return in the evening, they are summarily shot. Later that evening, border police officers opened fire at dozens of Kfar Kassem residents who were returning to their village, unaware of the curfew, after a day of work. Forty-three people were killed in the shooting, and 13 injured. Six other Arab Israelis were killed in clashes that lasted throughout that evening. Among those killed were six women and 23 children between the ages of 8 and 17.
In December 2007, President of Israel, Shimon Peres, formally apologises for this
Israeli massacre
of Arab civilians

(About two years
after this event, eleven border policemen were charged with crimes and eight are convicted of murder on the grounds that it is immoral to fire on unarmed civilians and no possible military order could justify that act. Among the convicted were the unit’s commander who had instructed his soldiers to "kill anyone who violated the curfew." Major Meilinki and Lt. Daham were sentenced: the former to 17 years and the latter to 15 years. Those who were imprisoned had their terms reduced;
no one served more than three and a half years in prison for these indiscriminate killings).
5 PM
Operation Kadesh
Israel's 890 Paratroop Brigade is air-dropped into Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, landing close to a camp being used by Egyptian road-workers of whom they take 20-50 prisoners. Before moving off towards the Mitla Pass to join their battalion,
second-in-command ARYEH BIRO and several other officers machine-gun the civilian prisoners to death.
After their battle with Egyptian forces at Mitla Pass the 890 Brigade now proceeds to the Red Sea at Ras Sudar where they kill all the occupants of a civilian lorry which accidentally drives into their position.
Fifty-six Fedayin are killed, most of them trapped inside the truck.
Israel's war crimes
Paratroopers then advance towards Sharm El-Sheikh.
Commander RAPHAEL (Raful) EITAN instructs his men to take no prisoners.
(An estimated 270 unarmed Egyptian civilians are 'killed without battle' by Israeli troops).
France and the UK now launch an air attack against targets in Egypt, which is followed by a landing of their troops at the northern end of Egypt's Suez canal.
Soviet Espionage
Russian KGB begins to use YISRAEL BEER, the Professor of Military History at Tel Aviv University, lieutenant colonel in the Israeli Defence Force reserves, and close friend of SHIMON PERES (Deputy Minister of Defence).
YISRAEL BEER informs the KGB of PERES' secret attempt to obtain reconditioned German submarines.
In Portsmouth
harbour, UK – During the visit to the UK by Nikita Khrushchev and Marshal Nikolai Bulganin from the Soviet Union, British Commander Lionel “Buster” Crabb is asked by MI6 to inspect the propeller and hull of a new Soviet cruiser, the Ordzhonikidze. Crabb vanishes, but a coroner later rules that a headless body found washed up in Chichester harbour in June 1957 is his. The operation had gone ahead "against my orders" according to an angry Anthony Eden, the prime minister. British intelligence MI6 however claims that the Foreign Office was informed beforehand, but it denies this.
The head of MI6, Sir John Sinclair, resigns and is replaced by Sir Dick White, the head of MI5.
Cold War
Thursday 15 November 2007 – Russian television carries the claim of retired sailor Eduard Koltsov, who says he had killed Crabb and felt the need to clear his conscience before he died. Koltsov, 23 at the time, told Ren-TV's Secret History programme he had been ordered to investigate suspicious activity around the ship, the Ordzhonikidze, when he spotted Crabb fixing a mine to the hull. "I saw the silhouette of the diver. He was fiddling around with something near the right side of the ship and the storage bay where we kept our ammunition. I swam closer. I saw he was attaching a mine." Showing the knife he claimed to have used, Koltsov said he lunged at Crabb and killed him – an act that earned him a Red Star medal.
But British experts on the case dismiss Koltsov's claims as outlandish. It is generally accepted that Crabb was examining the Soviet frigate's hull and its propellers, not trying to blow up the ship. Don Hale. in his book, The Final Dive, however claims that Crabb was a decoy for naval intelligence frogmen who were placing listening devices on the Russian ship. He believes Crabb – and one member of the naval intelligence team – were killed.

January 25: The United Nations orders Israel to withdraw from Aqaba and Gaza.
February 21: Israel defies a UN deadline and holds on to the Gaza Strip.
  Israel refuses to host any UN Peacekeeping force on Israeli controlled territory, and only leaves the Sinai in March, 1957.  
Buenos Aires – Blind German-Jewish holocaust survivor becomes suspicious of his daughter's friend called 'Nicolas Eichmann', for his defence of Hitler, and writes first to the public prosecutor in Essen, and then to the Israeli mission in Cologne, Germany.
An Israeli Mossad agent sent to Argentina to investigate regards the informant as unreliable and no action is taken.
But both the informant in Argentina and the public prosecutor in Essen continue to press for further investigation (See May, 1960).
Adolf Eichmann
See: May 11, 1960.
Italy – Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands sign the Treaty of Rome which creates the European Economic Community.

In Jerusalem – The 'Dome of the Rock' is restored with generous aid from Muslim countries.
February 12: In West Jerusalem – Israel's parliament passes its first Basic Law: The Knesset.
France – MAURICE PAPON is appointed prefect of the Paris police (See January 11 1944).
America – the CIA's U-2 reconnaissance program detects unusual excavation and construction work in the Negev desert near Beersheva. To the CIA photo interpreters it looks unmistakably like a nuclear plant in the earliest phase of construction. (See December 1960).

October 6: The Egypt-Israel Mixed Armistice Commission condemns Israel for expelling several hundred Bedouins of the Azazmah tribe from the Negev.
In northern Greenland
In 2016 Camp Century is sill
covered by 115 feet (35 meters)
of snow and ice
The United States army in its preparation for war with the Soviet Union builds the secret Camp Century within the Greenland ice sheet (inland from Thule) consisting of a couple of dozen of underground tunnels, made of ice and hardened snow and steel, capable of accommodating 200 people, and a portable nuclear reactor to supply power. When the camp is decommissioned in 1967, its infrastructure and waste are abandoned under the assumption they would be entombed forever in Greenland’s ice, without taking into account earth's cycles of global warming.
Camp Century
layout plan

In ChinaMAO TSE TUNG exports so much grain to the Soviets to pay for his military programme over the next two years that about 38,000,000 Chinese peasants starve to death.
March 21: In Sharpeville, South Africa – The ruthless suppression of a black political protest against Pass Laws by South African police motivates NADINE GORDIMER (raised in a secular Jewish household) among other, to become involved in the anti-apartheid movement for political change (racial and economic). Her father's experience as a refugee in czarist Russia helped form Nadine's political identity. She became close friends with Nelson Mandela's defence attorneys (Bram Fischer and George Bizos) during his 1962 treason trial. During the 1960s and 1970s, she continued to live in Johannesburg, South Africa, although she occasionally left for short periods of time to teach at several universities in the United States. She had begun to achieve international literary recognition as a writer, receiving her first major award in 1961 (WH Smith Commonwealth Literary Award). Throughout this time, Gordimer continued to demand through both her writing and her activism that South Africa re-examine and replace its long held race-based policy of apartheid/separateness.
Nadine Gordimer
died July 2014
prosecutions of war criminals now accepts the evidence of experts that the killing of Jews by gas in the internment camps were as follows –
 Treblinka   between  750,000 and 950,000
Belzec    550,000
Sobibor    200,000
Chelmno   between  150,000 and 200,000
However, the numbers of Jews gassed to death at Auschwitz outnumbers all other camps put together.
Eichmann passport in the name of Klement used to enter Argentina, now in the Holocaust Museum in Buenos Aires.
Adolf Eichmann alias Ricardo Klement
May 11: In Argentina – Israeli Mossad agent PETER MALKIN (born Zvi Milchman) captures KARL ADOLF EICHMANN as he walks to his home in Garibaldi Street, where he has been living under the 'Riccardo Klement' alias, and after 10 days the Mossad team smuggle him on an El Al plane via Senegal to Israel.
After the capture is announced, Argentina submits a formal diplomatic complaint, threatens sanctions against Israel, expels Israel's ambassador, and lodges a resolution before the Unit Nations Security Council condemning Israel.
The resolution is passed 8-0 with the United States voting in favour. ('Eichmann In My Hands' by Peter Malkin and Harry Stein, 1990 New York: Warner Books)
(Much later in January 2011 the Bild newspaper in Germany puiblishes a report that a 1952 West German intelligence agency record reads –
"Eichmann living in Argentina under the assumed name Clemens."
The German agency did not inform US intelligence until 1958 that it had tracked down Eichmann, who went under the name Ricardo Klement, similar to that in the file.
The German government has refused to release his records. No assistence was provided to Israel to track him down.)
Karl Adolf Eichmann
war-time photo
See: 1957
In Buenos Aires
In Austria
The Superintendent of the Protestant Church for Upper Austria, WILHELM MENSING-BRAUN, based in the Austrian city of Linz were Eichmann was born, writes a letter to the foreign affairs department of the Evangelical Church in Germany in Frankfurt claiming that the mass murderer "had a fundamentally decent disposition," was "kind-hearted," and was characterized by "great helpfulness." (Eichmann's family enlisted Mensing-Braun's help because they want Eichmann to be tried by an international court rather than an Israeli one.)
The letter is forwarded by Bishop Hermann Kunst,
the representative of the Evangelical Church at the West German government,
to the German foreign ministry. (source: Der Spiegel).
Church compromise!

See: April 1961
    July 19: In West Jerusalem – Israel's parliament passes is second Basic Law: Israel Lands.  
December 2: In Wasington, USA – The American State Department establishes, concerning nuclear weapons development, that "a significant atomic installation is in fact being built near Beersheba."
(Referred in memorandum from Secretary of State Dean Rusk to President John F. Kennedy, Jan. 30, 1961.
Declassified March 13, 1991).
8: In Wasington, USA – CIA Director ALLEN DULLES Dulles reports in a meeting of the US National Security Council "that Israel is constructing, with French assistance a nuclear complex in the Negev," and adds that
"CIA and Atomic Energy Commission experts believe... that the
Israeli nuclear complex cannot be solely for peaceful purposes."
20: In Israel – The Jerusalem Post newspaper reports Prime Minister BEN GURION's statement to Israel's Knesset as –
"The development of the Negev – which we regard as our principal task for the next decade – requires broad and manifold scientific research. For this purpose we have established at Beersheba a scientific institute for research in problems of arid zones and desert flora and fauna.
We are also engaged at this time in the construction of a research reactor with a capacity of 24,000 thermal kilowatts, which will serve the needs of industry, agriculture, health and science. This reactor will also be used to train Israeli scientists and technologists for the future construction of an atomic power station within a presumed period of 10 to 15 years."
The reactor, the statement continus, is "designed exclusively for peaceful purposes." It will be constructed under the direction of Israeli experts and will not be completed for three or four years. When finished, it will be "open" to trainees from other countries.
Nuclear facility at DimonaIsrael's Nuclear Weapons Development at Dimona, in the Negev, from Corona KH-4 satellite photo 11 November 1968. Click above for a more recent satellite photo.
So Israel's
Prime Minister lies to the world, dismissing the report that Israel is building a nuclear bomb as a "deliberate or unwitting untruth" but that rather Israel had proposed "general and total disarmament in Israel and the neighboring Arab states" with mutual rights of inspection[?]. United Nations inspection has never been allowed.
(See: Israel's October 8, 1973 military preparation for nuclear retaliation against Egypt and Syria).
Australia – Member of Federal Parliament ALBERT JAMES begins operating as a secret informant for Russia's KGB intelligence service. (In 1984, James declares that "the greatest threat to world peace is USA imperialism" and claims that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had tried to remove Prime Minister John Gorton from office).


Adolf Eichmann trial in Jerusalem
Adolf Eichmann on trial in Jerusalem July 7, 1961Eichmann pleads
Click image for YouTube video
of trial Session No. 6, 7.
April 11: In West Jerusalem – The trial of ADOLF EICHMANN begins. (See:1957, in Buenos Aires).
June: In Caesarea, Israel – Italian archaeologists led by Dr. FROVA find a limestone block inscribed with a dedication to Roman Emperor TIBERIUS by PONTIUS PILATE Governor (Prefect) of Judea, of New Testament notoriety (Matt.27:18-19).
(It is today in the Israel Museum, West Jerusalem and described as "Limestone, inscribed 82.0 cm H, 65.0 cm W, Building Dedication, 4 Lines of Writing (Latin); Date of Discovery: 1961; Inventory AE 1963 no. 104")
Pontius Pilate
July 25: In the USA – President KENNEDY addresses America
"The immediate threat to free men is in West Berlin. But that isolated outpost is not an isolated problem. The threat is world-wide . . . We do not want to fight – but we have fought before. And others in earlier times have made the same dangerous mistake of assuming that the West was too selfish and too soft and too divided. . . . The source of world trouble and tension is Moscow, not Berlin. And if war begins, it will have begun in Moscow and not Berlin"
Berlin Crisis
December 15: Nazi war criminal KARL ADOLF EICHMANN is sentenced to death by an Israeli court. His defence was –
"I was just following orders". (See May, June 1962).
In Syria – EICHMANN's assistant, SS Hauptsturmfuhrer ALOIS BRUNNER under the pseudonym Dr. Georg Fischer, is blinded in one eye in the explosion of a parcel bomb (again in 1980) sent by Israel's Mossad secret service.
In Johannesburg,
South Africa – Jewish (ex-Palmach) ARTHUR GOLDREICH and HAROLD WOLPE purchase a farm (Lilliesleaf) with Russian KGB supplied funds, for underground communist activities in support of the African National Congress' (ANC) terrorism-campaign organisers against the South African government.
In 1945, the U.S., the Soviet Union, Britain, and France divided Germany into four zones of occupation and its capital, Berlin, into four sectors. Given Germany's war-prone past, the Allies were determined not to let it reunify and return as a power on the world stage. "West" Germany of the U.S., Britain and France experienced vibrant growth, while "East" Germany of the Soviet Union fell far behind – leading to a mass exodus of the brightest East Germans to West Germany, primarily across the porous borders of Berlin, so ...
  Sunday 13 August, Khrushchev squeezed. The day became known as 'Stacheldrahtsonntag' (Barbed-Wire Sunday).
Within a few weeks this improvised wire obstacle started to morph into a formidable cement one,
a heavily fortified, guarded, and booby-trapped barrier dividing the city and enclosing West Berlin.
East Germany's communist regime builds the Berlin Wall to prevent its own citizens from leaving.
The Wall shocks and amazes the world, a massive engineering and security project that before it was built many outsiders had dismissed as impossible. It extended for almost a hundred miles, with thirty or so of it dividing East from West Berlin, the rest sealing off the surround­ing East German countryside. It was overseen by 300 watchtowers, manned by guards with orders to shoot to kill. The 'no man's land' between East and West was littered with lethal obstacles, alarms, and self-activating searchlights, with an eleven-foot-high clamber-proofed slab fence representing the final, on its own near-insuperable obstacle. The structure would soon become notorious as the 'Berlin Wall'.

May 29: In Jerusalem, Israel – The Supreme Court of Israel confirms the conviction of Adolf Eichmann by the District Court in Jerusalem in December 1961 for crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes against the Jewish people (genocide) during the Second World War. This landmark judgment is the first universal jurisdiction case in over a decade since the USA and the United Kingdom, together with other Commonwealth countries, secretly called a halt to all prosecutions of Axis nationals for crimes against humanity and war crimes. He had been seized by Israeli secret agents in Argentina on 11 May 1961, where he had been hiding under a false name after entering the country on forged papers.
Eichmann conviction confirmed.

Amnesty International
2012 assessment.
June 2: In Ramleh Prison, Israel – KARL ADOLF EICHMANN is executed by hanging in the first few minutes after midnight. His body is cremated and his ashes scattered at sea.
Israel – The Israeli Socialist Organisation is formed, commonly known as Matzpen (after its monthly publication "The Compass") by previous members of Israeli Communist Party (Maki) who opposed that party's unquestioned support for the international policies of the Soviet Union.
July: In Israel – To gain the support of the Israeli population, ISSER HAREL the head of Mossad plants false stories about sinister weapons (chemical, biological and gas-filled warheads) being developed by the German scientists in Egypt.
Israel's Mossad prepares to attack and intimidate German scientists working for Egypt's rocket program.
Israel's Mossad
September: In West Germany – HEINZ KRUG (49), the chief of a Munich company supplying military hardware to Egypt disappears and is believed to have been murdered.
(Krug was director of an Egyptian dummy company operating out of Munich that was involved in a building missiles in Egypt. Mossad agents, Joseph Ben-Gal and Otto Joklik, are believed to be involved in his abduction.)
Israel's Mossad

Israel's Mossad and
Nelson Mandela
of South Africa
11: At the Israeli Embassy, Ethiopia – Israeli Mossad operative, Y. BEN ARI sends a letter to the Israeli Foreign Office Africa desk containing the following –
As you may recall, three months ago we discussed the case of a trainee who arrived at the [Israeli] embassy in Ethiopia by the name of 'David Mobsari' ['Black Pimpernel'] who came from Rhodesia. The aforementioned received training from the Ethiopian [Israeli embassy staff, almost certainly Mossad agents] in judo, sabotage and weaponry. He greeted our men with "Shalom", was familiar with the problems of Jewry and of Israel and gave the impression of being an intellectual. The staff tried to make him into a Zionist.
In response, 13 days later, the Israeli Foreign Ministry confirms that the 'Black Pimpernel' is in fact Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela ('Madiba' is his Xhosa clan name), who the year before had arranged a nationwide strike and thereafter went into hiding. 'Black Pimpernel' is the code name for Nelson Mandela used by the South African authorities who are hunting him. Curiously they also mention that he is considered by ANC supporters and many others as the most important person in his movement, despite the fact that Albert Luthuli is still the elected president-general of the ANC.

Mandela with Castro in 1991
see: How America's CIA
setup Mandela's arrest.
US Airforce Captain William Bassett of the 498th Tactical Missile Group stationed at the U.S. base in Okinawa, Japan, refuses to fire four nuclear missiles even after receiving [erroneous] instructions to fire, thereby saving the world from a nuclear holocaust!
Operation Damocles
27: In Egypt – A parcel-bomb sent to rocket scientist WOLFGANG PILZ explodes in his office when opened, injuring his secretary.
In Egypt – A parcel-bomb sent to the Heliopolis rocket factory kills five Egyptian workers.
Israeli Terrorism
In West Germany – A pistol is fired at a West German professor in the town of Lörrach who is researching electronics for Egypt. The bullet misses, and the gunman escapes by car.

Israel's Right to Canaan/Palestine The Victim Mentality Cycle

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