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In Palestine – The Israel-Palestine conflict continues ... Palestinian suicide-bombers are prepared.
Saturday 27: In Scotland, UK – FAY WELDON, in the newspaper Scotsman describes HITLER as not demonic in his Jewish genocide, and as –
"just another politician looking for scapegoats to win an election"
– thereby debasing the memory of the Holocaust on Britain's Holocaust Memorial Day.
Saturday 20: In the USA – US President CLINTON grants Jewish financier MARC RICH (one of the FBI's ten-most-wanted fugitives) a presidential pardon after pleas for clemency from Israel's Prime Minister EHUD BARAK.
   RICH, who has US and Spanish citizenship, lives at La villa rose, on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. (He was in partnership with Jewish money-launderer, weapons smuggler, and KGB agent SHABTAI KALMANOVICH, who is later assassinated at 5PM November 2, 2009 in Moscow and buried in Petah Tikva, Israel).

In Palestine – The Israel-Palestine conflict continues...
Tuesday 6: In Jerusalem, Israel – ARIEL SHARON is elected leader of the Likud Party and refuses to continue negotiations with Palestinian leader ARAFAT.

In Palestine – The Israel-Palestine conflict continues...
Wednesday 7: In Jerusalem, Israel – Israel's parliament passes its fourteenth Basic Law: Government (12th Adar, 5761).
Thursday 8: Israel's new government under prime minister ARIEL SHARON (the so-called 'Butcher of Beirut') appears to be the most educated in the history of the State of Israel, with 20 ministers holding academic degrees. In Israel's two previous governments 17 ministers held such degrees.
The new officials also feature, for the first time, an equal breakdown between ministers of Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jewish racial-religious descent. Also, this new government features the largest number of women ministers in the history of Israel's government, namely –
Minister of Education
Minister of Industry and Trade
Minister without portfolio
 TZIPI LIVNI (previously associated with Mossad in Paris)
Tragically, ARIEL SHARON fails to realize that suicide-bombers cannot be intimidated by threats of death: grievances must be resolved.
Tuesday 27: In New York, US – The United States vetoes (9 to 1, 4 abstentions) a resolution of the United Nations Security Council on establishing a UN observer force to protect Palestinian civilians.

The Israel-Palestine conflict continues...

In Palestine – The Israel-Palestine conflict continues...
The Mitchell Report commissioned by President Clinton is published, which says, among other, that –
"security cooperation [between Israel and the Palestinians] cannot long be sustained
if meaningful negotiations are unreasonably deferred."
It becomes clear that SHARON has no intention of further negotiation toward a secure and autonomous state for Palestinians as this would mean Jewish settlers on Palestinian land would have become Palestinian citizens (as Arabs had become Israeli citizens) or move back to Israel.

Friday 1: In Israel – A HAMAS suicide-bomber attacks a nighclub killing 21 Israelis, mainly teenagers, and injuring more than 100.
Palestine – The Israel-Palestine conflict continues ...
al-Qa'eda merges with the Egyptian 'Islamic Jihad' (al-Jihad). (See February 1998).

In Palestine – The Israel-Palestine conflict continues...
Thursday 26: The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit upheld the Court’s decision adopting the Distribution Plan in its entirety. In re Holocaust Victim Assets Lit., 2001 WL 868507 (2d Cir. July 26, 2001), reissued as a published opinion on July 1, 2005, 413 F.3d 183 (2d Cir. 2005).

In Palestine – The Israel-Palestine conflict continues...  ...
Israel's Mossad informs America's FBI and CIA that as many as 200 terrorists are slipping into the United States and planning "a major assault on the United States." The Israeli intelligence agency cautions that it had picked up indications of a "large-scale target" in the United States and that Americans would be "very vulnerable." (See September 11).
Mossad warning
Durban, South Africa – The U.S. and Israel walk out midway through the UN World Conference Against Racism over a draft resolution that singled out Israel for criticism and likened Zionism to racism. (The United States and Israel also boycott a follow-up meeting in Geneva in April 2009, known as Durban II, over fears it may repeat anti-Israel outbursts and they are joined by Germany, Italy, Poland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the Netherlands).

Territory claimed for Jewish Israel
Tuesday 4: In Jerusalem, Israel – A public demonstration is held by Jewish Zionists to support the establishment of a Jewish State of Israel stretching from Egypt's Suez across the Middle East to Iraq's Euphrates (seriously twisting the intent of Holy Scripture). Some even extend this claim to the Nile River itself, think that the ancient Biblical term 'river of Egypt' means the Nile rather than the Wadi El-Arish in central Sinai which was known as such.
It is organised by the Zionist movement Be'ad Artzein ('For the Homeland'), headed by Rabbi AVROM SHMULEVICH of Hebron, who states that –
"We shall have no peace as long as the whole territory of the Land of Israel will not return under Jewish control.... A stable peace will come only then, when Israel will return to itself all its historical lands, and will thus control both the Suez [of Egypt] and the Ormudz channel [of Iran].... We must remember that Iraqi oil fields too are located on the Jewish land."

Zionist Fascism
Tuesday 11: In America – al-Qa'eda terrorists destroy four airliners (using them as bombs), the World Trade Centre, and damage the Pentagon as part of their war on the Western world and Israel. The international al-Qa'eda terrorist network, led by OSAMA BIN LADEN, based in Afghanistan is blamed. (See June).
An international coalition of forces led by the United States begins to attack the responsible Islamic terror organization, and its supporters, in Afghanistan.
The Israel-Palestine conflict continues...  ...  ...
9/11 al-Qaeda attack on the World Trade Center in New York
This is the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah), adopted from the Babylonians in contravention of God's command (Exodus 12:1-2).
the USA – President BUSH begins to pressure Israel's Prime Minister ARIEL SHARON to show restraint in the Palestinian Occupied territories.

The new American President states publicly for the first time that he supports a Palestinian state.
In reaction, Israel's Ariel Sharon likens BUSH to the sell-out of Czechoslovakia at Munich in appeasement to Hitler by Britain's Neville Chamberlain, and several hours later Israeli troops invade several Palestinian areas in Hebron.
In the
USA – The pro-Israel Lobby begins a campaign to assure the American public that America and Israel face a common enemy and that Palestinian leader YASER ARAFAT is the same as OSAMA bin LADEN.
The Hagee Heresy
Rabbinic Year 5762
in Palestine – The Israel-Palestine conflict continues...  ...  ...  ...
Wednesday 3: In Israel – According to Israel radio (in Hebrew) Kol Yisrael, [Shimon] PERES warns [Ariel] SHARON that refusing to heed incessant American requests for a cease-fire with the Palestinians would endanger Israeli interests and "turn the US against us."
At this point, a furious Sharon reportedly turns toward Peres, saying –
"every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don't worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it."
The radio says, PERES and other cabinet ministers warned ShARON against saying what he said in public because "it would cause us a public relations disaster."
Jewish Defence League

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In Palestine – The Israel-Palestine conflict continues...  ...  ...  ...

In Palestine – ARIEL SHARON sends Isreal's troop to Ramallah, shelling the area and surrounding the Palestinian Authority's West Bank headquarters, so that ARAFAT is unable to leave.
Tuesday 11: In Los Angeles, USA – IRVING DAVID RUBIN and EARL LESLIE KRUGEL, active members of the Jewish Defense League, are arrested as they were in the final stages of planning attacks against the King Fahd Mosque in Culver City, California, and the local office of U.S. Congressman Darrell Issa.
The Israel-Palestine conflict continues...  ...  ...  ...  ...  ...
Friday 14: In New York – The United States vetoes (12 to 1, 2 abstentions) a resolution of the United Nations Security Council on the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Palestinian-controlled territory and condemning acts of terror against civilians.

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