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Israeli nationalism follows the nazi path
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In Palestine – The Israel-Palestine conflict continues...
Sunday 9: In Palestine – MAHMOUD ABBAS is elected president of the Palestinian Authority, to replace YASSER ARAFAT after the latter's death.
Monday 10: In Israel – ARIEL SHARON forms a coalition government with Labour and the United Torah Judaism parties.
Palestinian flag
Thursday 13: In Fadus area, Gaza City – Israeli soldiers (IDF), occupying a building, open fire on the car of ILAA HASUNA as he is taking his neighbours, HASSAN LUTFI ALBISHAWI, his pregnant wife HANAN and her sister DALAL, to hospital as HANAN is in labour. HASUNA is hit in the head and dies at the scene, while ALBISHAWI is hit in his thigh and hand. They are taken by the IDF into the building but are refused medical help.
90 minutes later, the soldiers leave the building and only then are they were able to seek help and are finally taken to the hospital.
Gaza atrocity
Albishawi later sues the Defense Ministry in the Haifa Magistrate's Court, demanding compensation, but even though there were dozens of witnesses to the shooting and its aftermath, neither he nor his witnesses are allowed out of Gaza by Israel to testify in its Haifa court.

2nd cent. Leviticus fragment
In Palestine – The Israel-Palestine war continues...
In Israel – Dr HANAN ESHEL (Bar Ilan University archaeologist) purchases for $3000 a 1900-year-old scroll fragment of Leviticus (from the Bar Kochba period) to save it after Bedouin contaminated it with glue. ESHEL hands it to the Israel Antiquities Authority, who later also seriously damage the fragment in an attempt to prove it a forgery.
See: 10 May 2007.
Tuesday 8: The Israeli and Palestinian governments, meeting in Sharm el-Sheikh, announce a mutual ceasefire. (See July 23).
Monday 14: In Beirut, Lebanon – An truck bomb kills the President HARIRI and twenty-two others. It is widely believed that Syria is involved in the assassination.

In Palestine – A Israel-Palestine cease-fire is implemented.

In Palestine – Dissident Palestinian groups attempt to continue the conflict.

In Palestine – Dissident Palestinian groups attempt to continue the conflict.
London, UK – Jewish Ed Miliband is elected to Parliament in its Labour Party.

In Palestine – Dissident Palestinian groups attempt to continue the conflict.
Thursday 9: The Israeli Supreme Court rules that the planned Israeli pull-out from the Gaza Strip is constitutional and does not violate the rights of Israeli citizens living on settlements there.

Israel refuses an extradition request from Poland for the arrest of SOLOMON MOREL on charges of genocide (in hiding in Tel Aviv). (See 1945; 1998). (See also John Sack: 'An Eye for an Eye').
Polish prosecutor EWA KOJ accuses Israel of double standards
"There should be one measure for judging war criminals, irrespective of whether they are German, Israeli, or any other nationality."
Thursday 7: In London – An al-Qa'eda affiliated group based in Britain bombs the London transport system during the morning rush hour (3 bombs on the underground and one on a bus; 56 dead, over 700 injured).
Friday 8: In Canada – DAVID AHENAKEW, National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, is convicted of wilfully promoting hatred against Jews, and fined $1,000. Although he is striped of the Order of Canada he had received, but his conviction is overturned on appeal in 2006. (See November 27, 2008).
Tuesday 12: In Netanya, Israel – An Islamic Jihad terrorist detonates himself outside Hasharon Mall in Netanya, north of Tel Aviv. Netanya is currently hosting the Maccabiah Games, known as the Jewish Olympics, in which 7,700 athletes from 64 countries are competing.
Thursday 21: In London – An al-Qa'eda affiliated group based in Britain attempts to repeat the 7/7 bombing, but their TATP (Acetone Peroxide) batch of explosive material had deteriorated and only the detonators explode.
Saturday 23: In EgyptAn al-Qa'eda affiliated group explode 7 car bombs at various locations at Sharm el-Sheikh hotels and market (c.88 dead, c.150 injured). (See February 8).
In Gaza, Palestine Palestinian terrorists assassinate a Jewish couple traveling in Gaza.
A majority of Palestinian civil society calls on international civil society organizations and persons of conscience to impose broad boycotts and implement divestment initiatives against Israel (similar to those applied to South Africa in the apartheid era), until Israel meets its agreed obligation to recognize the Palestinian people's inalienable right to self-determination and fully complies with international law.
See: BDS Movement

Thursday 4: In Israel – A Jewish fascist of the Kach movement shoots dead four Arab civilians and injures 13 others on board a bus near the northern Israeli Arab town of Shafa Amr. The gunman (EDEN NATAN-ZADA) – who wore a skullcap, identifying him as an Orthodox Jew, and who used an M16 Israeli army weapon – was later bludgeoned to death by an angry crowd.
anti-Arab Jewish graffitti in Israel
Thursday 11: In Israel – Prof. Dr. HANAN ESHEL announces the discovery of four previously-unknown man-made caves near Qumran.
Israeli espionage on the US In
America – US Federal Grand Jury reveals that Defence Department analyst, LAWRENCE FRANKLIN, is charged with providing secret information to Israeli diplomat NAOR GILON (Washington embassy) and to two previous members of the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, STEVEN ROSEN and KEITH WEISSMAN.
Palestine – Israel disengages from Gaza and four Palestinian West Bank Jewish settlements.

In Namibia – HANS FEDDERSEN, editor of the bilingual German-English weekly Namibia Plus, publishes a quarter-page advertisement reading:
"With joy and satisfaction, we take notice of the death of the big monster. On September 20th, the earth and its inhabitants were delivered from Simon [Wiesenthal, 1908-2005]"
said the ad in the weekly published in Windhoek.
"...His biggest crime was to live 96 years,"
signed by a neo-nazi group called International Action against Forgetting (advertisements of which are banned in Germany).

Rabbinic Year 5766
Israel Mid-Year 3453
Israel's population reaches approximately 7 million:
76% defined as Jewish (religious and non-religious),
20% defined as Arab (of various religions, excluding Judaism).

13: In Moscow, Russian Federation – Jewish BILL BROWDER. largest international investor in post-Soviet Russia, and founder and CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, is deported from Russia, in response to an initiative of Deapartment K of the FSB, as –
"a threat to national security" (in terms of Section One, Article 27, of Russian Federal Law)
for uncovering the rampant corruption in PUTIN's government and the upper levels of Russian society.
East Jerusalem – MORDECAI VANUNU is arrested again by Israeli forces.

US Haditha Massacre
in Iraq

Responsible officer:
Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich
So the American penalty
for the massacre of
24 unarmed civilians
is only loss of rank?
God values them a
little more especially
the children murdered!
19: In rural Haditha, north west of Baghdad, Iraq – United States Marines massacre 30 unarmed civilians including many women and children (and including a 76-year-old civilian in a wheelchair) in response to a roadside bomb explosion, near their (thin-skinned) 'Humvee supply convoy' through a known insurgent-rife area, which killed one Marine.
Haditha eye-witness version    
 1.  US Marine Lance Corp Miguel Terrazas dies in road-side bomb attack on a convoy of four American Humvees, and two others are injured.
  US troops then "go on rampage".
 2.  At Marine roadblock, four students and their taxi driver are shot dead without reason.
 3.  At least eight people killed in one of the three houses.
 4.  Seven killed in a second house.
 5.  In a third house four brothers are put in a wardrobe and then all shot dead.
    See side-bar
However, corruptly the US Marine Corps releases a report which lies to the world that –
'15 Iraqis had been killed in the [Haditha] bombing', and others have been killed in an 'ensuing fire-fight'.
The long delayed US Military Court prosecution, arising from killing 24 unarmed civilians, including children, drops charges against all except the unit commander whom they charged only with 'dereliction of duty' (in January 2012) to which he confesses, with a maximum sentence of three months imprisonment, which deeply disgusts the victims' community and provokes further anti-American sentiment in the Middle East. But his final sentence is merely a 'Reduction of Rank'.
See: Trading in Justice

21: In Israel – ARIEL SHARON leaves Likud to form the Kadima ('Forward') political party.

In Palestine – The Israel-Palestine conflict continues...
18: In Jerusalem, Israel – ARIEL SHARON is sent to Hadassah Medical Center after suffering a mild stroke.
Tuesday 20: SHARON's long-time rival BENJAMIN NETANYAHU (Mileikowsky) is elected his successor as leader of Likud.
ElAd organization, which works for the Judaizing of Palestinian East Jerusalem, received in donations during this past year:
   • $2 million from Farleigh International IT;
   • $2 million from Ovington World Wide Limited;
   • $1.5 million from Leiston Holdings;
   • $1.4 million from Dwide Limited;
   • $250,000 from Jacobson;
leaving over $7.1 million (75%) of Elad’s revenues coming from unknown sources (dollars US).
In Europe
The United States has now deployed approximately 180 atomic bombs (B61 nuclear) with United States Air Force Europe units.

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