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Israeli nationalism follows the nazi path
– subject to continuing refinement –
  Protocol I, Article 85, Section 3 of the international Geneva Convention:
"An indiscriminate attack
affecting the civilian population
or civilian objects and resulting in excessive loss of life, injury to civilians or damage to civilian objects
is a grave breach of the Geneva Conventions."
The television station Al-Aqsa is periodically interrupted (viewers report) by Israeli media, showing cartoons such as a sniper shooting at pictures of HAMAS leaders, while an Arabic voiceover warns: "This time you will pay."
Just one Gaza victim
of Israeli aggression
Thursday 1: In Gaza, Palestine – The death toll from Israeli attacks launched into civilian areas against HAMAS reaches 400 dead with civilian deaths running at about 25%, and about 1,700 wounded.
HAMAS rockets fired into Israel kill three civilians and one soldier.
Israel intensifies its air assaults on Gaza in preparation for a ground invasion.
Jewish Historian
Ilan Pappé אילן פפה‎
accuses Israel of
incremental genocide against
the Palestinians
Israeli nationalism follows the nazi path
An Israeli rocket strike on a Palestinian Police Station and damages the Gaza Baptist Church building across the road blowing out all the windows.
Israel regards civilian police stations as legitimate military targets because they are subject to the HAMAS government of Gaza.
The Israeli process of killing Palestinian Gaza policemen continues.
Palestinian Aid Sources
Saturday 3: In Gaza – Under cover of darkness (11 PM), supported by helicopter gunships, missile strikes, and naval bombardment, the Israeli army moves into Gaza with infantry and tanks after informing the Unites States Joint Chiefs of Staff of its intention.
Gaza deaths from Israel's attacks now exceed 460 and the injured exceed 2,700.
Christians in Gaza
 estimated at 3,000 
In New York, USA – The United Nations Security Council meets in emergency session concerning Gaza, but any resolution acceptable to the majority is vetoed by the United States in protection of Israeli interests, continuing to not fully recognise the democratic election of its HAMAS government (January 2006) by distinguishing between the people of Gaza and their government in US foreign policy.
Sunday 4: In Jerusalem, Israel – ISAAC HERZOG, a member of the Israeli Security Cabinet, states to the international media that HAMAS is carrying out instructions from Iran.
He is 'seemingly' ignorant of the sectarian divide between Shi'a Iran and Sunni HAMAS, and that perhaps it is simply their extremism which makes them opportunistic partners.
In Gaza – HAMAS launches 30 rockets into Israel as the Palestinian death toll rises beyond 500.
See: Synopsis of
Israel-Palestinian Conflict

If Americans Knew
Monday 5: In Gaza – Israel launches more than 50 airstrikes into Gaza, which with its ground invasion brings the Palestinian death toll to about 530. Gaza City is surrounded by Israel's army. HAMAS fires about 40 rockets into Israel with little effect.
Three Israeli soldiers are killed and 20 wounded by the accidental firing of an Israeli tank shell into a building.
in terms of Humanitarian Law and the Fourth Geneva Convention, Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Times of War; and perpetrating war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Through this Urgent Appeal, ICHR beseeches and calls upon the conscience of all free people in the world to act immediately and efficiently to terminate this ruthless Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip by pressuring officials and decision makers in their countries, so that they compel the Israeli occupying power to cease committing massacres against civilians under unjustified pretexts that do not comply with any law or humanitarian justification."
boycott Israel until it values human life equally!

made-in-Israel bar code sample
If the bar code of a product begins with 729 as above, it was made in Israel.

Gaza Natural Gas Discovery,
November 1999.

Nine Human Rights groups
create a blog report for the public
on the true Gaza situation

Israel Defence Force:
"We're not using illegal weapons".

Israeli soldier with illegal white phosphorus shells on the Gaza border
Israeli soldier on the Gaza border with
US supplied white phosphorus shells
illegal in civilian areas
such as Gaza City, made
by America's General Dynamics Corporation.
In Gaza – According to Palestinian survivors, about 100 members of the Samouni clan who had been gathered by Israeli soldiers into a building in the Zeitun district which is struck by Israeli shells or missiles, killing about 30. Worse, Israeli forces are accused of preventing Palestinian paramedics from helping the survivors for two days.
This is a shocking incident. The Israeli military must have been aware of the situation but did not assist the wounded,” said the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).
NAVI PILLAY, the United Nations’ High Commissioner for Human Rights, says that the killings show “elements of what would constitute war crimes”.
Israel claims to have no record of the Zeitun tragedy.
B'Tselem בצלם‎,
Israel Information Centre
for Human Rights in
Occupied Territories
Tuesday 6: In Gaza – Two United Nations schools are shelled by Israel killing more than forty people of the 350 taking refuge inside, and injuring 50. Israel claims that mortars were fired from behind a school, which the United Nations representative vehemently denies.
Next to UNRWA's al-Fakhura school, nine members of the DIB family are killed by an Israeli shell while trying to bake bread in their yard as bakeries had run out. (Source: B'Tselem)
Israel's official justification for their school-shelling (rockets/mortars 'were fired from the vicinity') implies that killing hostages is justified if it kills the associated criminal.
Since Israel's offensive began, a total of five Palestinian ambulances have been hit by Israeli fire and six paramedics killed.

Israel's Self Justification
Victim Mentality Cycle

800,000 People Without Water:
Israel Still Preventing Fuel
and Electricity for Gaza's
Water System.
Wednesday 7: In Gaza – Israel agrees to cease military operations for three hours per day in order to open a humanitarian corridor for the supply of food to reach the residents. Palestinian deaths reach 700, an increasing percentage of which are civilian deaths.
Nine human rights organizations petition Israel's Supreme Court demanding that Israel stop the collapse of Gaza's sewage and water system, caused by Israel's military operation and by its 14-month policy of systematically blocking fuel supplies necessary to generate electricity.
The groups demand that Israel's Defence Minister ensure full supply and delivery of all forms of fuel, especially for the water system and power plant, and ensure repair of the electricity system, including by allowing spare parts into Gaza. The petitioners warned: "Additional delay… risks unnecessary and preventable destruction and even death for innocent civilians".
The court petition claims that Israel's direct control over territory in Gaza, in addition to its constant control over the crossings, amplifies its duty to ensure the needs and welfare of the civilian population: "The military's physical control over Gaza and its access to the civilian population under its control create a heightened positive duty to take all measures to ensure the needs of the civilian population of the Strip." The petition was written by attorneys TAMAR FELDMAN and SARI BASHI of Gisha-Legal Center for Freedom of Movement.
Thursday 8: In Gaza – The United Nations suspends all humanitarian aid convoys into Gaza after one of its convoys, pre-arranged with Israel and travelling under UN flags, is shelled by an Israeli tank killing one truck driver and wounding two. The International Red Cross reports that its workers have been fired upon by Israeli troops, and that they have also been prevented by Israeli troops from reaching injured children lying beside the bodies of their parents in houses shelled four days ago by Israel.
Four rockets are fired into northern Israel from southern Lebanon, injuring two, by Palestinians in sympathy with the inhabitants of Gaza.
Palestinian casualties are now nearly 800 dead and nearly 3,000 wounded.
According to the United Nations, 56% of the 1.5 million population of Gaza are children, most of which are currently without water or electricity.
The U.N. Security Council passes resolution 1860 calling for an immediate, durable and fully respected cease-fire in the Gaza Strip which would lead to the full withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Palestinian territory, unimpeded distribution of humanitarian assistance in Gaza, and the prevention of arms trafficking, to ensure the sustained reopening of crossing points. The resolution welcomes Egypt's proposal to mediate between Israel and the Palestinian factions, but the United States abstains from the resolution to the disappointment of the Palestinian Authority.
The London Times publishes photographic evidence to expose Israel's use of white phosphorus artillery shells supplied by America. Israel issues a denial, but Jane's Missiles and Rockets confirmed that the M825A1 shells, illegal under international law, are white phosphorus used to create smoke-screens for troops but causing hideous third-degree burns on civilians in the area. Phosphorus shells are permitted to provide smoke cover on battlefields, but their use where civilians may be harmed is strictly prohibited.
More American complicity and violation of international law!
Friday 9: In Gaza – Israeli Airforce carries out more than 70 strikes on Gaza, in disregard of the UN Security Council resolution, and HAMAS accordingly fires about 30 rockets into Israel. HAMAS reports that a Palestinian family of seven were killed in one of the air strikes.
The International Red Cross announces that it has limited it activities to Gaza City because of Israel's indiscriminate aggression, still firing upon their staff even after having given them clearance.
The United Nations informs that, of the 792 known Palestinian dead, the percentage of women and children has increased to one third (200 being children).
Gaza child victim of Israeli shells

Israel fires American-supplied white-phosphorous
incendiary shells onto Palestinian residential areas!

white phophorous fired on UN compound. Picture B'Tselem בצלם‎
UN Compound under Israeli attack, January 15,
See January 2010.
Sunday 11: In Gaza – Israeli airforce continues its strikes, bringing the Palestinian death toll to 898, for the loss of 13 Israelis, ten of whom were soldiers, a number of whom were killed by 'friendly fire' incidents of the Israeli army.
Monday 12: In West Jerusalem – The Parliament of Israel (Knesset) through its Central Election Committee bans Arab political parties from running in next month's parliamentary elections, drawing accusations of racism by an Arab Israeli lawmaker who said he would challenge the decision in the country's Supreme Court.
Israel's oppression of the Palestinians continues, in the name of self-defense, but provoking further terrorism.
In Cape Town, South Africa – Nearly 100 Jews sign a letter to the Cape Times newspaper, attacking a recent statement by the South African Jewish Board of Deputies, the South African Zionist Federation and the office of the chief rabbi, on behalf of the community supporting Israel's decision to launch a military operation against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The letter states that as Jews:
We are "distressed that they [the above] purport to speak for us and the many Jews who are uncomfortable with the destruction in Gaza, claiming one collective view for the entire community."
The letter calls the approach of the communal bodies "irresponsible" in view of the divergence of opinion within the Jewish community.
Wednesday 14: In Gaza – Israel shells the clearly marked United Nations compound, in which hundreds of Palestinian civilians were taking refuge, destroying its food and supplies, and killing two children. Israel forces claim that they came under fire from the UN compound, later saying that militants took refuge in the UN compound, which the United Nations vehemently denies.
Israel also destroys the media communications centre.
Palestinian deaths now exceed 1,000 about a third of which are women and children.
cluster bomb - Click Me!
US supplied Cluster Bomb
Neither Israel nor its backer, the United States, have signed the 2008 international Convention on Cluster Munitions, adopted by 107 others countries, banning the above. So much for respect for human life!
Thursday 15: In London, UK – Jewish Member of Parliament, Sir GERALD KAUFMAN (raised as an Orthodox Jew and Zionist), compares Israel's present actions in Gaza to the Nazis who forced his own family to flee Poland –
"The current Israeli government ruthlessly and cynically exploits the continuing guilt among Gentiles over the slaughter of Jews in the Holocaust as justification for their murder of Palestinians. ...The spokeswoman for the Israeli army, Major LEIBOVICH, was asked about the Israeli killing of, at that time, 800 Palestinians. The total is now 1,000. She replied instantly that '500 of them were militants'. That was the reply of a Nazi. I suppose the Jews fighting for their lives in the Warsaw ghetto could have been dismissed as militants."
In an interview with Yediot Aharonot's online edition in Hebrew, Israeli Colonel MIKEY SHARBIT speaks, from his hospital bed after being injured in northern Gaza, of the "ferocious" resistance which the Israeli occupation army encountered in Gaza.
Friday 16: In Doha – Qatar and Mauritania decide to suspend relations with Israel over its assault on Gaza.
Israeli white phosphorus shell explodes over Gaza City
Israeli white phosphorus shell
explodes over Gaza City.
The airburst contains
116 WP-soaked wafers
which ignite when exposed,
and are banned internationally
in civilian areas, as above.
TV video of the tragic atrocity
during the Dr El-Eish interview
Unbelievably, the IDF later describes the shelling of the doctor's home as "reasonable" in the circumstance.
In Gaza – The home of gynaecologist Dr. ABU EL-EISH (of Israel's largest hospital, Tel Hashomer near Tel Aviv) in Beit Lahiya (NE Gaza) is shelled by an Israeli tank, killing three of his eight children and three others of his family, while Israel TV is interviewing him by phone as he had been trapped in Gaza by the war.
Israel evacuates some of his family members to Israeli hospitals, thus refuting its own claim that evacuation is impossible due to HAMAS' refusal. (Source: PHR Israel).
Palestinian casualties are now 1200 dead (including 400 children) and about 6,000 wounded. Israel's 13 dead includes 4 four soldiers killed accidentally by their own troops. (Source: Mustafa Barghouti, member of Palestinian Parliament).
In Qatar – Prime Minister Sheikh HAMAD bin JASSIM al-THANI said Qatar, the only Gulf Arab state with ties to Israel, will ask Israel to close its trade office in Doha and remove its staff until the situation regarding Gaza improves.
In Mauritania – The government freezes relations with Israel, suspending political and economic ties, and recalls it ambassador for consultation.
See full List of Names
with their rank and responsibility
of the Israeli Military Officers
Suspected of War Crimes in Gaza
Saturday 17: In West Jerusalem – Israel declares a unilateral cease-fire in its Gaza-conflict, without speaking to HAMAS, leaves its assault troops in occupation, and tries to take the moral high-ground by stating that if the Israeli fighting continues in Gaza it is because of HAMAS. A good public-relations ploy.
Sunday 18: In Gaza – HAMAS likewise announces a unilateral cease-fire on Syrian TV on condition of Israel's withdrawal within a week.
Medical sources inside Gaza report severely deformed corpses and the "charred bones of the bodies" as pointing to the use of white phosphorus by Israeli forces and thus confirming war crimes against its civilian population (using weapons banned by international treaties).
assault on Gaza has destroyed about 22,000 homes and buildings.
The Israel Defence Force have taken 30 Gazans prisoner during the offensive who were not released and who were transferred to prisons in Israel for further investigation by the Shin Bet security service.
About 10.00 AM Palestinian farmers of the village of Huza'ah working their land about 400 metres from the Israeli border are reportedly fired upon by Israeli troops without warning for about three minutes, in spite of the cease-fire, killing MAHER ABD AL-ATHIM YUSUF ABU-RAJILEH. (Source: B'Tselem).
Free Gaza Movement
Free Gaza Movement
Monday 19: In Gaza – CHRISTOPHER COBB-SMITH, a weapons expert with Amnesty International, reports –
"we saw streets and alleyways littered with evidence of the use of white phosphorus, including still-burning wedges and the remnants of the shells and canisters fired by the Israeli army" into civilian areas.
In Israel – A final count of casualties: 3 civilians and 10 soldiers killed, more than 84 civilians injured (4 severely), not including those treated for shock. 113 soldiers injured, of them one in critical condition and 20 suffering moderate or severe injuries.
Suspected War Criminals
Tuesday 20: In Gaza – Two Palestinian children are killed by unexploded Israeli ordnance (UXO) in the Shaaf area, near Jabalia, east of Gaza city, highlighting a new threat to people’s lives in Gaza.
In Israel – AVIGDOR LIEBERMAN of the Yisrael Beiteinu (Israel Beytenu) Party implies Israel should consider using nuclear weapons in Gaza, and that Israel “must continue to fight Hamas just like the United States did with the Japanese in World War II. Then, too, the occupation of the country was unnecessary.” (See March 15 and 16, 2009).
Tuesday 20: In Washington, USA – American born Jew, LAWRENCE HENRY SUMMERS is appointed as director of the United States National Economic Council and he becomes a key economic decision-maker in the Obama administration.
Gaza Statistics Summary
 • Total Population – 1,500,202
 • Population Density – 4117 per sq km
 • Total Refugees – 1,059,584
 • Refugees in Population – 70%
 • Unemployment – 45.5%

 • Average Age – 17.2 years
   (some estimates have put the median age at 15.3).
 • Those dependent on foreign aid – 86%

The Carol Chomsky
Memorial Fund
Wednesday 21: In West Jerusalem – Israel announces that all its troops have withdrawn from Gaza, and that it is instituting an enquiry into the use of white phosphorus in its Gaza military assault.
The Supreme Court of Israel overturns the Central Elections Committee's decision (see Monday 12 January) to ban the Balad and the United Arab List-Ta'al parties from the elections by a majority of eight to one. In response, Balad's leader and member of the Israeli Knesset, JAMAL ZAHALKA, says: "Balad stands by its platform. The court's decision is a victory to the Arab public and to anyone who seeks democracy… we call on everyone to back the notion of 'a people state' and a life of equality bar discrimination". There are 10 Arab Israeli lawmakers in the 120-seat Knesset.
Thursday 22: In Gaza – A final count of Palestinian casualties from the Israeli offensive amounts to – dead 1,330 (half of whom were civilians, including 437 children), and wounded 5,450 (including 1,890 children), about 1,600 of whom are permanently disabled.
Off Shore – Israeli Naval forces open fire on Palestinian fishermen just off shore of Gaza City injuring seven.
Saturday 24: In Rome – The Vatican lifts its excommunication ban against Bishop RICHARD WILLIAMSON who is a Holocaust denier, banned in 1988 for taking on the office of bishop against the wishes of then-Pope JOHN PAUL II. This Bishop has repeatedly said that the gas chambers did not exist, no more than 300,000 Jews were killed during World War II, mostly of starvation, that the Jews are plotting to take over the world, and that the U.S. and Israel were behind 9/11 al-Qa'eda attack on New York's Twin Towers.
Sunday 25: In West Jerusalem – Israel's Supreme Court orders its government to allow free access to Gaza for foreign correspondents. A ruling made originally on December 31, 2008, which the Israeli government ignored.
In Gaza – The underground smuggling tunnels on the Egyptian border to break Israel's blockade begin to be rebuilt.
Monday 26: In Washington, USA – Conservative Jew ELENA KAGAN is appointed by President OBAMA as Solicitor General.
Erez border crossing from Gaza
Diplomatic convoy dishonoured
at Erez crossing from Gaza

Tuesday 27: In Gaza – An explosive device is detonated against an Israeli army patrol along the Israeli border north of the Kissufim crossing at about 8 AM, in which an Israeli soldier is killed, three wounded, and a Palestinian is killed by Israeli helicopter fire east of Khan Yunis, near the border fence with Israel, about 90 minutes later.
A convoy of French and other European diplomats leaving Gaza after an evaluation mission is delayed by Israel for six hours at the Erez border crossing without explanation. The French Foreign Ministry reports that Israeli soldiers fired two warning shots at the diplomatic convoy.
London – British police arrest a senior British Foreign Office official, ROWAN LAXTON (expert in Middle East affairs) at a fitness centre at the London Business School, for hate speech, after complaints from fellow gym users at his angry tirade at Israeli military violence in Gaza. He is released on police bail (meaning he had not yet been charged) and continues in his position as head of the Foreign Office's South Asia desk.
Wednesday 28: In Paris, France – French Foreign Minister BERNARD KOUCHNER summons Israeli Ambassador DANIEL SHEK concerning the Gaza action "to protest this unacceptable incident and demand an explanation", according to the ministry spokesperson ERIC CHEVALLIER.
West Jerusalem – Prime Minister OLMERT tells US Middle East Envoy GEORGE MITCHELL that "a permanent opening of the [Gaza] crossings will be linked to solving the issue of GILAD SHALIT."
Thursday 29: In Madrid, Spain – A Spanish Judge FERNANDO ANDREU agrees to hear a case on behalf of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights for unlawful killing against seven senior Israeli officials for the July 22, 2002, bombing of a home in Gaza in which 14 died and more than 100 were injured in the Israeli assassination of a leader of the armed wing of HAMAS. Israeli Foreign Minister LIVNI pressures the Spanish government to close the case. (Spain is one of the member countries of the International Court in The Hague and its constitution allows filing cases against persons accused of involvement in war crimes. According to convention of the Geneva Court any member country of the International Court is entitled to prosecute persons accused of committing war crimes anywhere in the world.)
Khan Younis city, South Gaza – Six Palestinians are injured when an unmanned Israeli drone fires a missile into a group of civilians.
Near Hebron, Israel – Israeli military forces storm homes in the Beit Omer and Sourif Arab villages, wounding two elderly persons and abducting four civilians.
North Gaza – Al-Aqsa Brigades (Fatah movement's armed wing) fire a rocket at the town of Ashkelon in southern Israel, claiming in a leaflet "the rocket attack is a response to Israeli daily violation of the cease fire."
Davos, Switzerland – Prime Minister of Turkey RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN walks off the stage following an angry exchange over the Gaza war with the Israeli president, SHIMON PERES, at the World Economic Forum. ERDOGAN became incensed after the moderator of the one-hour discussion tried to curtail his response to remarks by PERES on the Israeli military campaign in Gaza.
Sudan – Israel's airforce attacks a convoy of weapons near Port Sudan, allegedly en route to Gaza, using the United States base in Djibouti, killing 119 persons.
Israel signed an agreement with the United States this January for intelligence coordination to prevent arms from Iran from entering Gaza, maritime efforts to identify ships carrying weaponry, and the sharing of US and European technologies to discover and prevent the use of weapons-smuggling tunnels.
30: In Israel – A 'secret' document from Israel's Defense Ministry database reveals full list of illegal Jewish settlement construction in the Occupied Palestinian West Bank.
A summary of its content by by Uri Blau for Ha'aretz reads –
• One of the main reasons for this effort was the need to have credible and accessible information at the ready to contend with legal actions brought by Palestinian residents, human rights organizations and leftist movements challenging the legality of construction in the settlements and the use of private lands to establish or expand them. The painstakingly amassed data was labeled political dynamite.
• The defense establishment, led by Defense Minister Ehud Barak, steadfastly refused to publicize the figures, arguing, for one thing, that publication could endanger state security or harm Israel's foreign relations. Someone who is liable to be particularly interested in the data collected by Spiegel is George Mitchell, President Barack Obama's special envoy to the Middle East, who came to Israel this week for his first visit since his appointment. It was Mitchell who authored the 2001 report that led to the formulation of the road map, which established a parallel between halting terror and halting construction in the settlements.
• The official database, the most comprehensive one of its kind ever compiled in Israel about the territories, was recently obtained by Haaretz. Here, for the first time, information the state has been hiding for years is revealed. An analysis of the data reveals that, in the vast majority of the settlements, about 75%, construction, sometimes on a large scale, has been carried out without the appropriate permits or contrary to the permits that were issued. The database also shows that, in more than 30 settlements, extensive construction of buildings and infrastructure (roads, schools, synagogues, yeshivas and even police stations) has been carried out on private lands belonging to Palestinian West Bank residents.

Click to view the
original document.

Sunday 1: In Gaza – HAMAS militants fire four rockets into Israel.
Israeli warplanes launch a series of airstrikes on several targets in the Gaza Strip, including an empty Hamas police station and the borderline between Gaza and Egypt.
Tuesday Evening 3: In Gaza – HAMAS police raid a United Nations warehouse in Gaza City and steal 3,500 blankets and more than 400 food parcels intended for the needy.
Thursday 5: Off Gaza coast – The Israeli navy commandeers a ship from Tripoli, Lebanon, called the “Brotherhood” (Tali), flying the flag of Togo in West Africa, bringing 60 tons of aid (food, medicine, toys, books and stationery, and basic humanitarian supplies such as mattresses and blankets) to Gaza's destitute inhabitants. Al Jazeera TV (which had a reporter on board) reports that five Israeli navy men boarded the ship, after opening fire, destroyed communications equipment, and beat, kick and threaten passengers. An Israeli military spokesperson says no live weapons were used on board in the takeover, but acknowledged that force was used. The ship docks under naval escort in the port of Ashdod.
A Syrian Foreign Ministry statement sharply condemned what it calls Israel's act of "maritime piracy" and Lebanon's prime minister condemns it as a "blatant attack".
In Morocco – The Secretary General of the non-zionist Foundation for Moroccan Jewish Heritage, SIMON LÉVY, denounces Israeli aggression on Gaza, and calls on the international community to intervene to solve the conflict. "We are horrified by the carnage that can't be justified and which killed around 1,000 people in Gaza," said Levy in a statement to Moroccan radio station Rabat Chaîne Inter. "It is horrible and this is not the way I see Judaism," Levy said, voicing hope to establish peace and see a halt of the massacre against the Palestinian people in Gaza. He calls on the international community to put a "just end" to the conflict that has lasted so long, and describes the situation in Gaza as "more than deplorable."
Saturday 7: In Gaza – Israeli war planes continue to bomb possible smuggling tunnels on the Egyptian border attempting to evade the Israeli-Egyptian blockade.
Monday 9: In West Bank, Palestine – Palestinian health minister FATHI ABU MOGHLI terminates Palestinian payments of $7 million per month to Israeli hospitals for the treatment of Palestinian casualties from the Israeli assault on Gaza. Israel had been pointing to its medical care of Palestinians as an example of its advanced skills and humanitarianism.
In Israel – Jewish Nazi AVIGDOR LIEBERMAN (member of Kach party in his youth) of the Yisrael Beiteinu party gains a political edge in Israel's election campaign with his anti-Arab racist rhetoric calling for a fascist "test of loyalty" as a condition for continuing citizenship of Israel's Arab citizens.
Blockade of Gaza continues

Refuser Solidarity Network
non-zionist political parties
are shown in white background
Israeli Knesset Israel's 2009 Election Result
1.  Kadima 28 seats 23%  centrist zionist
2.  Likud – ahi 27 seats  21%  right-wing zionist
3.  Israel Beytenu 15 seats 12%  right-wing zionist
4.  Labor *13 seats 10%  left-wing zionist religious
5.  Shas 11 seats 9%  centrist zionist religious
6.  United Torah Judaism 5 seats 4%  
7.  United Arab List (Ta'al) 4 seats 4%  
8.  Democratic Front for Peace and Equality (Hadash) 4 seats 3%  
9.  National Union 4 seats 3%  
10.  National Democratic Assembly (Balad) 3 seats 3%  
11.  Meretz 3 seats 3%  left-wing zionist green
12.  The Jewish Home 3 seats 3%  right-wing zionist religious
  13.  Gil 0 seats 1%  
  14.  Meimad 0 seats 1%  
*Note the Labor Party humiliation in winning only 13 seats after holding power for 50 years in Israel's 60 years of political existence. Israel now moves toward a more reactionary right wing fascist position, making real peace in Palestine less likely than before.
Israeli zionism follows the nazi path
See: Victim Mentality Cycle

American Jews for a Just Peace
Thursday 12: In the Vatican, Rome – Pope Benedict XVI addresses 60 members of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, an umbrella group, in an effort to mend fences after lifting the excommunication of a schismatic bishop who has denied the scale of the Holocaust, saying that the Roman Catholic Church is "profoundly and irrevocably committed" to rejecting anti-Semitism, and condemned Holocaust denial as "intolerable and altogether unacceptable," especially to clergy, and that it should "be clear to everyone" that the Holocaust was "a crime against God and humanity."
Friday 13: In London – The Jewish 'Community Security Trust', which monitors anti-Semitism and works to safeguard the Jewish community in Britain, says 250 anti-Semitic incidents were recorded in the four weeks after Dec. 27, when Israel launched attacks on Gaza to stop Hamas rocket attacks, which compares to only 40 incidents in the same period the year before.
See: JfJfP
[British] Jews for Justice for Palestinians
Israel – Israeli military academy, Oranim college: the testimony of a soldier who fought in Gaza claims that Jewish Rabbis affiliated with the Israeli army urged troops heading into Gaza to reclaim what they said was God-given land and to "get rid of the gentiles" — effectively turning the 22-day Israeli intervention into a religious war. Literature given to soldiers by the army's rabbinate "had a clear message — we are the people of Israel, we came by a miracle to the land of Israel, God returned us to the land, now we need to struggle to get rid of the gentiles that are interfering with our conquest of the land," the soldier tells a forum of Gaza veterans at the College.
Rabbinical Fascism
American Association for
Palestinian Equal Rights

Sunday 15: In West Jerusalem – Israel's state prosecutor rejects a request by American businessman MORRIS TALANSKY to testify in a closed courtroom concerning his cash bribes paid to Israeli prime minister OLMERT, as part of Israel's fraud investigation against the prime minister.
Jewis Voice for Peace
Jewish Voice For Peace
Monday 16: In Paris, France – The top judicial body the Council of State rules that "the acts and actions by the state led to the deportation of people considered Jews by the Vichy regime, [they] constituted errors and became its responsibility." The Council called for a "solemn recognition of the state's responsibility" in the deportations and of the "collective prejudice suffered" by deportees. Strangely, the Council decision also found that the deportation of Jews had been "compensated for" since 1945, apparently ruling out any further reparations for deportees or their families.
The French state commission established in 2000 (after President Jacques Chirac acknowledged French Holocaust responsibility in 1995) to compensate war time deportees has now paid out about euro500 million.
France has western Europe's largest Jewish community of approximately 500,000.
In West Jerusalem – Yad Vashem says it will posthumously name ex-Wehrmacht officer WILM HOSENFELD as Righteous Among the Nations (a title reserved for non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust). IRENA STEINFELDT, director of Yad Vashem's Department of the Righteous Among the Nations, says Hosenfeld's nomination came from the two people he helped save and that it passed all the requirement of the Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority. Steinfeldt also said the file on Hosenfeld was opened in 1999, before and with no connection to Polanski's 2002 film 'The Pianist' which was based upon the incident.
Thursday 19: In West Jerusalem – Israeli President SHIMON PERES is advised by AVIGDOR LIEBERMAN of the far-right Yisrael Beiteinu (Israel Beytenu) party to approach Likud party leader BENJAMIN NETANYAHU (Mileikowsky) to form a new government on condition the right-wing Likud chief pursues a broad coalition. A coalition of at least 61 seats in the legislature of 120 seats is necessary to form a government.
Monday 23: In Jerusalem – Amnesty International calls on the United Nations to impose an arms embargo on Israel, Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups and begin an investigation into allegations of war crimes committed by all sides. “Israeli forces used white phosphorus and other weapons supplied by the U.S. to carry out serious violations of international humanitarian law, including war crimes,” Amnesty International researcher DONATELLA ROVERA says in the e-mailed report, and “at the same time, Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups fired hundreds of rockets that had been smuggled in or made of components from abroad. Such rocket firing also constitutes a war crime”.
See: B'Tselem Guidelines for
Israel's Investigation into
Operation Cast Lead
27 Dec.2008 – 18 Jan.2009
with its atrocities
Thursday 26: In West Jerusalem – Senior Likud legislator and former foreign minister SILVAN SHALOM tells Israel's Army Radio, concerning attempts to form a coalition government – "There is across-the-board agreement [between Kadima and Likud] on Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas, but there is a big gap between Kadima and Likud on the two states for two people[s]. It's insolvable", confirming suspicions that Israel's Likud and its allies have no intention of ever allowing full independence for a Palestinian State, yet pursue a Jewish racial identity for Israeli citizenship to avoid Jews becoming a minority in the long term.
The right-wing Likud party (Netanyahu) appears to have the support of 65 legislators in the 120 seat Knesset, giving it a narrow majority.
Friday 27: In the Hague, Netherlands – 210 groups, including the Palestinian Administration, have urged the International Criminal Court (ICC) to deal with accusations against Israel for alleged war crimes in Gaza during its recent offensive, and the ICC's prosecutor has said a "preliminary analysis" is underway.
In Germany – Germany's justice minister, BRIGITTE ZYPRIES, says that Germany could issue a European-wide arrest warrant on hate crimes charges for ultraconservative Catholic bishop RICHARD WILLIAMSON for Holocaust (Shoa) denial, because the Swedish TV January 2009 interview in which he made his statements of denial was conducted in Germany. WILLIAMSON had arrived back in Britain on February 25, after the Argentinean government (where he had served as director of the seminary of Society of St. Pius X in La Reja) expelled him for his statements.

Jewish racism still leads

Sunday 1: In Gaza – Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip launch seven Qassam rockets into southern Israel (bring the number of rockets fire into Israel since the truce to 107), six of them just hours after Prime Minister EHUD OLMERT, at the start of his weekly Cabinet Meeting, threatens a painful response to Palestinian rocket fire menacing southern Israel: Gaza rockets "will be answered with a painful, harsh, strong and uncompromising response from the security forces". (It would appear then that the high cost to Gaza in lives and property of Israel's 'Cast Lead' military offensive completely failed to achieve its primary goal).
Monday 2: In West Jerusalem – Israel's attorney general notifies Prime Minister EHUD OLMERT that he plans to indict him on suspicion of illicitly taking cash-stuffed envelopes from a Jewish-American businessman, Morris Talansky. Five corruption investigations are pending against OLMERT in all, and he has denied wrongdoing in each. Justice Ministry spokesman Moshe Cohen says officials would consider bundling multiple indictments in a single trial if Olmert is charged in more than one investigation.
Jerusalem – Israeli Jewish Christian conscientious objector MORDECAU VANUNU writes to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee in Oslo –
"I am asking the committee to remove my name from the list for this year’s list of nominations. I cannot be part of a list of laureates that includes Shimon Peres, the President of Israel. He is the man who was behind all the Israeli atomic policy. Peres established and developed the atomic weapon program in Dimona in Israel..Peres was the man who ordered the kidnapping of me in Italy Rome, Sept. 30, 1986, and for the secret trial and sentencing of me as a spy and traitor for 18 years in isolation in prison in Israel. Until now he continues to oppose my freedom and release, in spite of my serving full sentence 18 years. From all these reasons I don’t want be nominated and will not accept this nomination. I say No to any nomination as long as I am not free, that is, as long as I am still forced to be in Israel. What I want is freedom and only freedom."
Prisoner of conscience
rejects Nobel Peace Prize nomination
East Jerusalem – Two bulldozers flatten a home owned by MAHMOUD AL-ABBASI in the Palestinian neighbourhood of Silwan on land Israel captured in the 1967 Middle East war. Israeli authorities say the house was built without a municipal permit. Palestinians say building permission is virtually impossible to obtain from Israel's Jerusalem city hall and say this is part of a policy to drive out Palestinian residents.
Israel's Jerusalem municipality said last week that it plans to demolish 88 Palestinian family homes that were built without permits in another section of Silwan, near the walls of Jerusalem's Old City, in order to create a public garden.
Tuesday 3: The United States (Israel's chief ally, and provider of aid which will amount to $2.55 billion in 2009) Secretary of State HILARY CLINTON, says – "It is our assessment ... that eventually, the inevitability of working toward a two-state solution is inescapable".
However, it is a view not held by Israel's prime minister-designate BENJAMIN NETANYAHU. Netanyahu supports expansion of existing Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, a policy opposed by Washington and which Palestinians say would deny them a viable state.
In Gaza – Israel Air Force jets bomb six tunnels in the Gaza Strip near the border with Egypt in retaliation for Qassam rocket and mortar shell fire from the territory into Israel. Gaza medical officials reported that seven people were hurt in the attack.
'End The Occupation' web site appeal
US Campaign to End the Occupation
of Palestinian land
Friday 6: In Mauritania – Mauritania, one of only three Arab states to have diplomatic relations with Israel, severs those relations and orders Israelis diplomats to leave its capital within 48 hours, as part of the country's response to Israeli aggression in Gaza. Mauritania had recalled its envoy to Israeli in January for consultation. Egypt and Jordan are the only other Arab countries to have formal diplomatic relations with Israel.
Sunday 8: In West Jerusalem – Israel's Attorney General announces that MOSHE KATSAV, a former President of Israel, will be charged with rape and other sexual misconduct offences. KATSAV, the eighth President of Israel, resigned in July 2007 (replaced by Shimon Peres) as part of a plea agreement which granted him immunity from the rape charge and a possible 20 year jail sentence, but required him to plead guilty to sexual harassment. However, Katsav later reneged on the agreement.
Israel's Justice minister has announced – "Following the completion of the investigation ... the attorney general and the state prosecutor decided to indict Mr Moshe Katsav over sexual offences against several of his employees when he acted as Tourism Minister and President, including charges of rape and sexual assault".
Can a nation be more noble than its leaders?

See:Yesh Din volunteers for human rights
Volunteers for Human Rights
Tuesday 10: In Nazareth, Israel – The SAMOUNI family of the southern Gaza City suburb of Zaytoun, files a suit at the District Court against outgoing prime minister Ehud Olmert, Defence Minister Ehud Barak and the Israel Defence Forces Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi for $200 million in compensation for criminal negligence in the killing of January 4 of seven of the family when an IDF tank shell hit the family's three-story building, burning down their apartment, the survivors who then took refuge in a shelter, but this following day and 22 more family members were killed. Both shellings injured 45 other family members, most of whom are children aged eight to 14, according to a statement by the prosecution.
Friday 13: In Ni'lin Village, West Bank, Palestine – Israel soldiers attack unarmed protestors, opposing confiscation of Palestinian land by Israel's security wall, with tear gas and live ammunition. American citizen TRISTAN ANDERSON, 37 from California, is critically injured when Israeli forces shoot him in the head with a high velocity tear-gas canister from a Rutger rifle (in use since December 2008). He undergoes brain surgery in which part of his right frontal lobe and shattered bone fragments are removed, and he may lose his right eye.
1 shot 2 kills T-shirt of Israeli soldier showing the targetting of a pregnant Palestinian woman
Anti-Palestinian genocidal-attitude
on the T-shirt of an Israeli soldier
showing the deliberate targeting of
a pregnant woman: '1 shot 2 kills',
Sniper's Division" (Hebrew).

add Refusnik Watch to your site
Sunday 15: In West Jerusalem – Likud-Yisrael Beiteinu coalition deal is signed and has an entire section dedicated to diplomatic initiatives – none of them, however, mention negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.
Monday 16: In West Jerusalem – A panel of Supreme Court judges give police fraud investigators a 60-day deadline to finalize their conclusions on Israel Beiteinu chairman AVIGDOR LIEBERMAN. Chief Insp. Asaf Valpish of the National Fraud Unit testified that the investigation concerned crimes committed "until this very day" and that police were thus constantly gathering new information. Raz Nizri, senior assistant to Attorney-General Menahem Mazuz, says that Lieberman would be questioned in the near future and added that he believed "the conclusion of the investigation will not be far after Lieberman's questioning." (See: April 2).
Tuesday 17: In Los Angeles – BEN EHRENREICH, Jewish author, writes in the LA Times –
"Establishing a secular, pluralist, democratic government in Israel and Palestine would of course mean the abandonment of the Zionist dream. It might also mean the only salvation for the Jewish ideals of justice that date back to Jeremiah."
Wyncote, Pennsylvania, USA – The liberal Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association adopts new guidelines for Jewish conversion:
"From a Reconstructionist perspective, choosing Jewish identity is not so much an acceptance of faith as it is an act akin to taking on citizenship. This 'citizenship' is cultural-religious rather than national-political, and therefore conversion entails becoming familiar with the story of the Jewish people — its history, holidays and heroes; its values, beliefs and practices; and its religious vocabulary".
Avigdor Lieberman
Yisrael Beiteinu's Avigdor Lieberman accuses police of dragging investigation, police say he continues to commit crimes. He lives in the illegal Israeli settlement of Noqedim, south of Bethlehem in the West Bank.

Wednesday 18: In West Jerusalem – Israel's Supreme Court rejects a petition by TAISER DUWIYAT not to have his home demolished as collective punishment because his son Hussam Duwiyat stole a bulldozer and plowed into nearby vehicles during rush-hour in the centre of Jerusalem, killing three Israeli Jews and injuring dozens. His son was shot dead by Israeli police. Justice Edmond Levy ruled that the plaintiffs [who committed no crime] "failed to prove that demolishing their house would not serve to deter others" (which sounds very much like guilty until proved innocent!). (See April 7, 2009).
Thursday 19: In Geneva – RICHARD FALK, Jewish U.N. special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories, says concerning Israel's Gaza offensive that the Geneva Conventions required warring forces to distinguish between military targets and surrounding civilians. "If it is not possible to do so, then launching the attacks is inherently unlawful and would seem to constitute a war crime of the greatest magnitude under international law. On the basis of the preliminary evidence available, there is reason to reach this conclusion," he writes in an annual 26-page report submitted to the U.N. Human Rights Council for presentation Monday 23 March.
Saturday 21: In Jerusalem – Israeli authorities break up a series of Palestinian cultural events in Jerusalem, disrupting a children's march and bursting balloons at a schoolyard celebration. Palestinian activists called the events to celebrate the Arab League's designation of Jerusalem as the capital of Arab culture for 2009. The 23-country group chooses a different city for the honour each year. Teenage girls at an east Jerusalem Catholic school released a few dozen balloons in the red, white, green and black colours of the Palestinian flag over the walled Old City. Israeli military police and soldiers quickly moved into the schoolyard and popped the remaining balloons.

Israel's Legal Injustice!
23: In Jerusalem – Sheikh RAED SALAH and his bodyguard are arrested after refusing police orders to leave an 'unauthorized event' marking Jerusalem as this year's capital of Arab culture. Israel has mobilized its police with military support to suppress any celebration of Arab culture within the State of Israel. Jerusalem is the holy city of three world religions.
Spokesman Zahi Nujidat said "Salah's arrest is another step toward 'Judaizing' Jerusalem. Nobody broke the law, there was merely an intention to establish a popular committee to deal with declaring Jerusalem the capital of Palestinian culture".
In Geneva
United Nations investigators report that Israel violated a range of human rights during its invasion of Gaza, including targeting civilians and using a child as a human shield, and call for an urgent end to Israeli restrictions on humanitarian supplies to Gaza and a full international investigation into the conflict.
In Israel – 'Physicians for Human Rights – Israel' releases a report that "The [Israeli] Military has repeatedly violated Medical Ethic Codes during its Gaza Offensive".
Binjamin Netanyahu (born Mileikowsky):
U.S. social security file number 020-36-4537
(classified confidential, as applies to members
of US state security agencies)
    under the names of –
Benjamin Netanyahu;
Benjamin Nitai;
John Jay Sullivan;
John Jay Sullivan Jr.
Netanyahu holds US and Israeli citizenship. Dual citizenship is prohibited to members of Israel's parliament/knesset under Israeli law. (source: Washington Report).
Tuesday 24: In West Jerusalem – Israel's Labour Party votes in favour of joining the right-wing Likud-Yisrael Beiteinu coalition.
In Gaza – The unemployment rate now reaches 70% as a consequence of the general collapse of industry resulting from the continuing Israeli blockade, further radicalising the population.
Wednesday 25: In Jerusalem – BENJAMIN NETANYAHU says that his right-wing coalition government will be a partner for peace, security and economic development for the Palestinians.
Qadum, West Bank, Palestine – Israel's military committee of appeals overturns the decision of the Civil Administration for evacuation and return of Palestinian land confiscated occupied by Kedumim Jewish settlement resident MICHAEL LESENS and the Kedumim Council (See: June 23).
Benjamin Netanyahu
B. Netanyahu
Tuesday 31: In West Jerusalem – BINYAMIN NETANYAHU presents his cabinet for a Knesset "Vote of Confidence" which is approved as the 32nd Government of Israel by a majority of 69 lawmakers to 45 (with five abstaining) and the members are sworn in.

Thursday 2: In West Jerusalem – Israel's new anti-Palestinian foreign minister, AVIGDOR LIEBERMAN of the right-wing Yisrael Beiteinu ('Israel Our Home'), is questioned under caution by the national fraud squad for 7½-hours as part of a long-standing investigation into suspicions of bribery, money laundering and breach of trust.
Weapons sales – With Russian-born Foreign Minister AVIGDOR LIEBERMAN's strong encouragement and with US permission, Israel sells of unmanned military reconnaissance drones (spy planes) valued at $50 million to Russia.
Israel also continues its armaments sales to China, and its lucrative collaboration with Russia in the manufacture of weapons for India.
Alternative Information Center
Friday 3: In New York – The United Nations establishes a fact-finding mission on Israel's Gaza war neaded by Justice RICHARD GOLDSTONE, an international jurist from South Africa.
Tuesday 7: In Jerusalem – Israeli police shoot dead a Palestinian driver who rams his car in anger into three border policemen overseeing a collective-punishment home-demolition. EHUD BARAK (Israeli Defence Minister) comments "The move [destroying the family home] is an important punitive measure and we must see such steps taken in the future in a much shorter time than in this case." (See March 18, 2009).
Wednesday 8: In Washington, USA – Extradition of IVAN (John) DEMJANJUK to Germany is implemented to face charges of 29,000 counts of acting as an accessory to murder at Sobibor death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland in 1943 during World War II. In 2008, Demjanjuk ranked second on the Simon Wiesenthal centre's "most wanted" Nazi criminal list, behind Aribert Heim, who is now known to have died in 1992. Demjanjuk was stripped of U.S. citizenship in 2002.
Maryland, USA – Jewish SHAMAI K. LEIBOVITZ (38), a Hebrew linguistics analyst for the American FBI, believing that the FBI is committing illegal acts and concerned about an Israeli premptive nuclear strike on Iran, decides to share the information with a concerned Jewish blogger.
(He is later arrested by the US Department of Justice and in spite of his full cooperation is sentenced in May 2010 to 20-months in prison). He later wrote –
"Even though I leaked the material because I thought the FBI was doing something illegal, and the American people had a right to know, I faced the threat of dozens of years in prison. I did what was best for my family, and signed a plea agreeing to a 20-month sentence."
SHAMAI writes in 2013, after the Snowden information leak, that –
"As Martin Luther King pointed out, we should never forget that everything Adolf Hitler did in Germany was "legal" and everything the Hungarian freedom fighters did in Hungary was "illegal". Of course, the abuses revealed by Snowden are a far cry from the atrocities of the Nazis, but the principle, nevertheless, is the same: obedience to the law should not be absolute. Technically, we whistleblowers broke the law, but we felt, as many have felt before, that the obligation to our consciences and basic human rights is stronger than our obligation to obey the law."
AMEN! (emphasis mine)
Hypocrisy Unlimited
America's CIA

Sunday 24: Israeli Foreign Minister AVIGDOR LIEBERMAN's neo-nazi Yisrael Beitenu party proposes a parliamentary bill, in disregard of the democratic principle of freedom of speech, that would make it illegal for Arabs to mourn the "catastrophe" – a term often used by Israeli Arabs to describe their defeat and the exile of many in the wars that surrounded the founding of the state of Israel.
Monday 25: AVIGDOR MIEBERMAN's party proposes a bill linking Israeli citizenship retroactively to an oath of loyalty to the Jewish character of the state of Israel, of which more than 20% of its citizens are non-Jewish.
In Tel Aviv – The US Embassy sends an unclassified diplomatic cable to Washington entitled "Israel, a promise land for organized crime?", and notes that while organized crime has "long-standing roots" in Israel, certain factors indicate that a "widening crime war" has begun to spiral. It continues that "in seeking a competitive advantage in such lucrative trades as narcotics and prostitution, Israeli crime groups have demonstrated their ability and willingness to engage in violent attacks on each other with little regard for innocent bystanders". The cable details concern that Israeli crime syndicates are playing a "significant role in the global drug trade, providing both a local consumer market and an important transit point to Europe and the United States."
Wednesday 28: In Northern Israel – A Russian orthodox church is showered with stones thrown by Jewish Yeshiva students, injuring many of the congregation.

Wednesday 12,
January 2011.

Monday 1: Jewish settlers block a public road near their Qedumim settlement and throw stones at vehicles, including a minibus carrying Palestinian construction workers, wounding three of them. Israeli soldiers at the site during the attack refuse to protect the victims.
Thursday 4: In Gaza – Middle East envoy TONY BLAIR's $75 million sewage treatment project in north Gaza Strip faces collapse, according to an internal memo of the World Bank, because Israel has prevented delivery of critical equipment to the project since March, such as pipes, cement and spare parts, further endangering the supply of clean drinking water to families of the region.
In Cairo, Egypt – US President BARACK OBAMA calls for a "new beginning between the United States and Muslims".
In Israel – Israel's state-owned railway company sacks 150 Arab workers because they have not served in the army. This principally affects existing Arab Israelis and is seen by them as a racist move in favour of Jews.
    Monday 8: In West Jerusalem – The charges against Jewish settler ZE'EV BRAUDE, who was filmed shooting and wounding three Palestinians in Hebron, are withdrawn in the Israeli Supreme Court on the grounds that it would require the State of Israel to reveal privileged evidence.  
Bar-Ilan University, Jerusalem – Israel's Prime Minister NETANYAHU grudgingly endorses the idea of a "demilitarised Palestinian State" [a state which could not defend itself].
Tuesday 16: Israeli Prime Minister NETANYAHU announces his intention to negotiate a deal with the US to accommodate growing Jewish settler families living on confiscated Palestinian land, called 'natural growth', under which Israeli building in existing Jewish settlements on Palestinian land can go forward. Under pressure from the US, NETANYAHU this week for the first time accepted the internationally backed goal of Palestinian statehood, but then set a series of pre-conditions (rejected by the Palestinians) which effectively makes full independent Palestinian statehood an impossibility.
West Jerusalem – The Supreme Court action of Israeli human rights organisation HaMoked (המוקד) exposes a new Israeli procedure to restrict movement of civilians between Gaza and the West Bank in contravention of the Oslo Accords signed by Israel: see the official classified document, which refers to the Palestinian West Bank as 'Judea'. This procedure has already prevented a single-parent mother in Gaza from being reunited with her three-year-old child in West Bank.
Oslo Accord Violation!
Click for Joint Gaza Appeal of eight
Israeli Human Rights Organisations
1.  Gisha – Legal Center for Freedom of Movement;
2.  Adalah;
3.  The Association for Civil Rights in Israel;
4.  B'Tselem;
5.  HaMoked;
6.  Physicians for Human Rights – Israel;
7.  The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel;
8.  Yesh Din.

Shlomo Benizri
Shlomo Benizri 
Wednesday 17: In Washington – Israeli Foreign Minister AVIGDOR LIEBERMAN claims publicly that America's 'Bush administration' had an informal acceptance of Jewish settlement expansion on occupied Palestinian land, now euphemistically called 'natural growth', which is rebutted by the US Secretary of State, yet who speaks of the State of Israel in racist terms as being Jewish.
In Israel – Eight Israeli human rights organisations release a film, after two years of the Israeli economic blockade of Gaza by land and sea, appealing for an end to Israel's collective-punishment cruelty against its inhabitants. (See list in left margin).
In the USA – YouTube censors a Jewish made video exposing right-wing racism among Jewish youth in Jerusalem. See the banned video here.
Tuesday 23: Qadum, West Bank, Palestine – Lawyers MICHAEL SFARD and SHLOMY ZACHARY with assistance from Yesh Din petition Israel's High Court to cancel a decision by the military committee of appeals (see March 2009) and return to them the land into which Jewish settler MICHAEL LESENS trespassed with the encouragement and backing of the Kedumim Jewish settlement's local council. The petition calls into question the entire land-grabbing strategy employed by Jewish settlers throughout the West Bank and may eventually set a major legal precedent.
Wednesday 24: Israel's Supreme Court sentences former Shas Member of Parliament SHLOMO BENIZRI to four years in prison and an NIS 250,000 fine for his 2008 conviction on bribery and other corruption charges.
But this same BENIZRI declared in a plenum Parliamentary debate on local authorities 20 February 2008 that "A cost-effective way of averting earthquake damage," concerning costs involved, "would be to stop passing legislation on how to encourage homosexual activity in the State of Israel, which anyways causes earthquakes." This ultra-Orthodox Jewish party Member of Parliament (Knesset) invoked passages from the Talmud and the Gemarrah to support his claims. (On morality, never mind his own corruption)
In Tel Aviv – Former Israeli government Finance Minister ABRAHAM HIRCHSON is sentenced to five years and five months in prison, and a fine of NIS 450,000, for embezzling NIS 1.8 million from the national labour federation while he served as its chairman.

Now After
Two Years of Blockade!

Israel's unofficial Jewish program of ethnic cleansing quietly continues unabated wherever Israel exercises control.
See: Electronic Intifada
There are now more than 280,000 Jewish Israeli settlers living in over 100 illegal settlements across the Palestinian West Bank, which Israel has controlled since the 1967 Six Day war.
Friday 26: In Iran – Information suggests that a nuclear accident has occurred in the state's nuclear development program. The head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, GHOLAM REZA AGHAZADEH has resigns. (See: July 16, Wikileaks).
Saturday 27: South of Bethlehem – THe Israeli army forcibly prevents Palestinian farmers from reaching their lands by declaring the area a closed military zone.
Tuesday 30. PM: Israeli navy boards humanitarian ship bound for Gaza carrying medical aid and building supplies, 'Arion' (renamed 'Spirit of Humanity') at gunpoint in international waters.
Among the 21 imprisoned by Israeli authorities are Nobel peace laureate and Irish national MAIREAD MAGUIRE and former American congresswoman CYNTHIA McKINNEY. "This is an outrageous violation of international law against us. Our boat was not in Israeli waters, and we were on a human rights mission to the Gaza Strip," said Ms McKinney in a statement. "President [Barack] Obama just told Israel to let in humanitarian and reconstruction supplies, and that's exactly what we tried to do. We're asking the international community to demand our release so we can resume our journey." The victims are imprisoned in Tel Aviv's Ramla Givon high security prison; six are believed to be British citizens.
Portsmouth-born Captain DENIS HEALEY (54) reports to Sky News that the Israeli navy threatened to open fire before boarding, and "They were coming in close on the starboard side trying to push us into Israeli waters. But I managed to duck past them each time and stay in international waters."
International law
violated again!

Friday 3: In Israel – Israel says that it will pay compensation to the United Nations for shelling its property, including schools and warehouses, in the Gaza Strip during the war on Gaza six months ago. United Nations Secretary General BAN KI-MOON, stated that he is seeking a compensation that exceeds US$11 million. The fires which destroyed so much property were exacerbated by Israel's use of American supplied white phosphorus shells which are internationally banned in civilian areas.
Saturday 4: In West Bank, Palestine – The Palestinian Authority arrests a Ramallah resident with 3 million euros ($4.2 million) from HAMAS, provided by it to set up its own security force in West Bank and arrange to assassinate senior Palestinian Authority officials.
Five years after the International Court of Justice ruled that Israel security-wall was illegal, Israel continues to build its 700km divide on occupied Palestinian land, effectively confiscating land in the 'seam' zone (See: July 2004). See also: Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall (AATW).
Monday 6: In Israel – Israel's Minister of Housing, ARIEL ATIAS says that he considers it a "national mission" to bring ultra-Orthodox Jews – or Haredim, distinctive for their formal black and white clothing – into Arab areas, and announces that he would also create the north's first exclusively Haredi town. According to ATIAS, the new settlement drive is intended to revive previous failed efforts by the state to "Judaize" the heavily Arab north (create a Jewish majority).
Israeli Anti-Wall
Fast For Gaza
In the USA – Rabbis BRANT ROSEN (Evanston, IL) and BRIAN WALT (West Tisbury, MA), backed by a quorum (minyan) of ten rabbis, launch Ta'anit Tzedek, the Jewish Fast For Gaza, with the following goals –
To call for a lifting of the blockade that prevents the entry of civilian goods and services into Gaza;
To provide humanitarian and developmental aid to the people of Gaza;
To call upon Israel, the US, and the international community to engage in negotiations without pre-conditions with all relevant Palestinian parties – including Hamas – in order to end the blockade;
To encourage the American government to vigorously engage both Israelis and Palestinians toward a just and peaceful settlement of the conflict.

Brit Tzedek v'Shalom
America’s largest grassroots Jewish organization
dedicated to promoting a negotiated two-state resolution
of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Thursday 9: In USA – Rabbi JOHN FRIEDMAN of Judea Reform Congregation in Durham, N.C., chair of Brit Tzedek v’Shalom’s Rabbinic Cabinet, writes in JTA (Jewish News service) that –
"if we stand with Israel, if we want what’s best for the Jewish state, we must be honest – we must tell the leadership of our spiritual home the truth. And the truth is, President Obama is right when he says that settlement building must stop", and also that "Israeli settlements – and the attendant bypass roads, roadblocks and security fence – have served to carve the West Bank into ever shrinking pieces".
Praise God for some form of honesty and courage!
Monday 13: In Munich, Germany – State prosecutors charge the 89-year-old Ukrainian-born JOHN DEMJANJUK (after he was deported from the United State in May) as an accessory to the murder of 27,900 Jews.
He was stripped of his U.S. citizenship after he was accused in the 1970s of being a notoriously sadistic guard at the Treblinka death camp. He was extradited to Israel in 1986 and sentenced to death in 1988, but Israel’s Supreme Court overturned his conviction when new evidence showed another man was probably guilty and he was returned to the US. The U.S. Justice Department refiled its case against him in 1999, arguing he had worked for the Nazis as a guard at three other death camps. His US citizenship was stripped from him again in 2002. Medical experts have deemed him fit to stand trial, despite protestations from his family that he is too frail.
Tuesday 14: The Lebanese Army asks the U.N. Interim Force in Lebanon to remove a military observation outpost set up by Israel the previous day on the Kfar Shuba Hills, just outside the disputed Sheba Farms area, seized from Syria during the 1967 war, but belonging to Lebanon according to Syria.
Wednesday 15: In Israel – In personal testimonies collected by the organization Breaking the Silence (formed by Israeli army reservists) 26 Israeli soldiers who participated in the recent Gaza fighting describe demolishing Palestinian homes for no reason and using firepower beyond what was necessary given the relatively light resistance which they encountered. None of the soldiers are identified to protect them from discrimination. As expected, the Israeli army rejects their report because it protects the identity of the soldiers.
In West Jerusalem – Professor GERALD STEINBERG (Bar Ilan University), curiously the founder of the 'Program on Conflict Management and Negotiation', publicly falls back on discrediting the motives of all Israel's critics, in his attempt to rebut the military eye-witness evidence in the report by Breaking the Silence which exposed war crimes of the Israel Defence Force in Gaza.
Thursday 16: In Iran – the whistle blower web site Wikileaks is blocked by the Iranian government from receiving information from Iran. (See: June 26).

Operation 'Cast Lead'
Saturday 25: In Washington, USA – 'Christians United For Israel' (CUFI) founder and chairman Pastor JOHN HAGEE introduces Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who appeared via satellite to speak to the crowd, that “50 million Christians” support “Israel’s sovereign right to grow and develop the settlements of Israel as you see fit and not yield to the pressure of the United States government.” (Founded in 2006, CUFI now claims over 220,000 followers throughout the US).
The organisation held a 'Night to Honor Israel' dinner, and aims to influence American foreign policy toward Israel. (See: The Hagee Heresy).


International Criminal Court
Monday 3: In Israel – Human rights group Yesh Din critisizes the government for its "faulty" methods of dealing with Jewish settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank. Only 8% of Palestinian complaints of Jewish settler violence against them results in an indictment, according to the Yesh Din report.
Wednesday 5: In South Africa – The National Prosecuting Authority receives a report from the Media Review Network and the Palestinian Solidarity Alliance containing evidence against more than seventy South African citizens and residents regarding crimes committed against humanity and war crimes in Israel's Cast Lead campaign in Gaza, in terms of South Africa's legal recognition of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. Among those named is Lt-Col. DAVID BENJAMIN of Israel's Military Advocates Corps who reportedly said that all targets and methods of Israel's Defence Force in that campaign went through his Corps.
Monday 10: In Gaza – Israeli Air Force bombs another smuggling tunnel between on the Egyptian border near Rafah before dawn. The raid is claimed to be in retaliation for a mortar fired near the Erez crossing and a rocket fired into open ground on the Israeli side of the border of Gaza. Some small militant groups in Gaza say that HAMAS has attempted to stop them firing rockets into Israel.

Jewish Fascism


UN Human Rights Commission
Friday 4: In Bil'in village, Palestine West Bank – The Israeli army continues its firing of teargas at peaceful protesters carrying Palestinian flags in their weekly non-violent protest march against Israel's confiscation/theft of their land to build its 'security wall' and nearby Jewish settlement. The TV media personnel covering the non-violent march on the Palestinian side are also targeted with teargas by the Israeli army while giving a live broadcast.
Tuesday 15: United Nations – The international investigation by the UN Human Rights Commission into the conduct of both sides in the Gaza War earlier this year, under leadership of highly respected South African Jewish Judge (former judge of the Constitutional Court of South Africa; former Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda) is released. (See: November 3),
(Other members of the investigating committee included:
Professor Christine Chinkin, professor of International Law at the London School of Economics and Political Science; member of the high-level fact-finding mission to Beit Hanoun (2008);
Ms. Hina Jilani, Advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan; former Special Representative of the Secretary-General on the situation of human rights defenders; member of the International Commission of Inquiry on Darfur (2004);
Colonel Desmond Travers, former Officer in Ireland's Defence Forces; member of the Board of Directors of the Institute for International Criminal Investigations.)
See: Goldstone Report
In Israel – Lawyer MIBI MOSER, for URI BLAU (אורי בלאו) investigative reporter for the Ha'aretz newspaper and specializing in military affairs, signs an agreement with Shin Bet (Israel's domestic secret service agency headed by YUVAL DISKIN) that:
BLAU surrender to Shin Bet classified documents in his possession;
the said documents will not be used as evidence in any criminal investigation against him;
he will not be questioned as a suspect;
he will not be required to reveal the source of the information; and that
the documents will not be used as evidence against the source of the leak in the event that the source is revealed.
Accordingly, URI BLAU hands over 50 document copies in his possession to Shin Bet and his laptop is destroyed, but Shin Bet later claims he has 2,000 documents and dishonours the agreement.
(See: 'KAMM' December 2009).
journalist Uri Blau
journalist Uri Blau
20: In Moscow – President DMIITRY MEDVEDEV states that "my Israeli colleagues [Shimon Peres at Russia's Sochi resort in August] told me that they were not planning to act in this way and I trust them" regarding an Israel attack on Iran concerning Russian supply of S-300 anti-aircraft weapons to Iran.
21: In West Jerusalem – Israel's Lieutenant-General GABI ASHKENAZI, tells their Army Radio on whether Israel could attack Iran, "Israel has the right to defend itself and all options are on the table." (i.e. nuclear, emphasis mine).
• Since 1967, more than 200,000 Palestinian civilians have been prosecuted and judged by the Israeli military authorities. About half the civilian prisoners currently being held in Israel have been sentenced to prison terms by Israeli military courts (source: Yesh Din).
the USA – Zbigniew Brzezinski, has called on the US president to shoot down Israeli planes if they attack Iran. “They have to fly over our airspace in Iraq. Are we just going to sit there and watch?” said the former national security advisor to former U.S. President Jimmy Carter in an interview with the Daily Beast.
Brzezinski, who served in the Carter administration from 1977 to 1981, is currently a professor of American foreign policy at Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies in Maryland.
the USA – As at September 30, 2009, the U.S. stockpile of nuclear weapons consists of 5,113 warheads.

Palestinian President MAHMOUD ABBAS withdraws Palestinian support for sending the Goldstone report to the UN General Assembly for possible action after a meeting of his representative EREKAT with US Mideast envoys GEORGE MITCHELL and DAVIE HALE as a means to restart Mideast peace talks with Israel. EREKAT is quoted as saying &nd
"first public response to the Goldstone thing came from Lieberman, who said Abu Mazen [President Mahmoud Abbas] agreed to postpone the vote because the Israelis threatened to release the 'tapes' showing him coordinating the attack on Gaza with Israel."
U.S. officials reportedly tell Palestinian leaders that a war crimes debate will 'complicate' efforts to restart Israeli–Palestinian peace talks.
Friday 16: United Nation High Commission – The Goldstone Report is approved by a majority, with the United States opposing it in its customary support of Israel.
Israel tries to discredit the motives of the investigative team members of the Goldstone Report rather than answer the specifics of the Report's findings. (The ad-hominem tactic)

Another fascist Rabbi

Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira
Yitzhak Shapira of Ytzhar
Seminary Dean Rabbi YITZHAK SHAPIRA, and Rabbi YOSSI ELITZUR of the Od Yosef Hai yeshiva in the Yitzhar Jewish settlement near Nablus, West Bank, Palestine, co-author a 230 page book Torat ha-Melech (The King’s Teaching) on the killing of non-Jews. The book is supported in foreword by rabbis Yitzhak Ginsburg (note below), Dov Lior and Yaakov Yosef.
  Sample Quotes:
"only a Jew who kills a Jew violates the commandment “Thou Shalt Not Murder.” (See: Sanhedrin explanation, May 11, 2010).
“In religious law, we have found that non-Jews are generally suspected of shedding Jewish blood, and in war, this suspicion becomes a great deal stronger. One must consider killing even babies, who have not violated the seven Noahide laws, because of the future danger that will be caused if they are allowed to grow up to be as wicked as their parents.
"There is justification for killing babies if it is clear that they will grow up to harm us, and in such a situation they may be harmed deliberately, and not only during combat with adults.” (Note: the similarity to HIMMLER's attitude in his 1943 speech).
“If we kill a Gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments – because we care about the commandments – there is nothing wrong with the murder.”
This book has become a best seller in Israel and was sold out within hours of going on sale.
(This evil Jewish fascist yeshiva of Yitzhar is supported, among other, by US tax-deductible dollars).
Israeli nationalism follows the nazi path
theological fascism
justifying murder
of innocents.
In May 2012, the Attorney General announces that his investigation into Torat Hamelech failed to produce necessary evidence on which to base an indictment for incitement to racism and violence.
Fraud by Wire; RICO Conspiracy;
Mail Fraud; Money Laundering;
Aiding and Abetting; Securities Fraud;
Filing False Registration With the SEC;
False Filings With the SEC. etc.
22: In the USA – Ukrainian-born Israeli Jew SEMION YUDKOVICH MOGILEVICH is placed on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list. His aliases include: Seva Moguilevich; Semon Yudkovich Palagnyuk; Semen Yukovich Telesh; Simeon Mogilevitch; Semjon Mogilevcs; Shimon Makelwitsh; Shimon Makhelwitsch; Sergei Yurevich Schnaider; "Seva".
He holds Russian, Ukrainian, Israeli and Hungarian citizenship.
The FBI is offering a reward of up to $100,000
for information leading directly to the arrest of Semion Mogilevich.
mafia world-wide
YITZHAK SHAPIRA is a disciple of Rabbi YITZCHAK GINSBURGH (Ginzburg/Ginsburg) who gained notoriety for his praise of Baruch Goldstein who was responsible for the Hebron Mosque Massacre, and –
"who gives prominence to Halachic and kabbalistic approaches that emphasize the distinction between Jew and non-Jew (Gentile), imposing a clear separation and hierarchy in this respect. He claims that while the Jews are the Chosen People and were created in God's image, the Gentiles do not have this status, and are effectively considered subhuman. Accordingly, for example, the commandment "Thou shall not murder does not apply to the killing of a Gentile, since "You shall not murder" relates to the murder of a human, while for him the Gentiles do not constitute humans. Similarly, Ginzburg stated that, on the theoretical level, if a Jew requires a liver transplant to survive, it would be permissible to seize a Gentile and take their liver forcefully. From this point only a small further step is required to actively encourage and support the killing of non-Jews, as Ginzburg did in the case of [Baruch] Goldstein."
Quoted from Motti Inbari, 'Jewish Fundamentalism and the Temple Mount: Who Will Build the Third Temple?' (State University of New York Press, 2009)
In Sheik Jarrah
district, Jerusalem – Palestinians facing eviction from their homes hold a demonstration outside the US Consulate with a banner reading: "Dear Obama, we deserve your attention and protection". A peace activist on site from South Africa writes a report home –
"Under Israeli laws, foreign-born Jews may claim such rights [right of return], but the Sabbagh family has no such rights to their property in Jaffa, now an extension of Tel Aviv. ...Similarly reminiscent of the apartheid era was the police announcement that the press conference was an illegal gathering, and people present had five minutes to disperse."
(EAPPI Newsletter, November 2009).

Their plight
is ignored
South Africa – South Africa’s intelligence service, the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), reports on operations in Africa, that Israel is "working assiduously to encircle and isolate Sudan from the outside, and to fuel insurrection inside Sudan". Israel "has long been keen to capitalise on Africa’s mineral wealth... and "plans to appropriate African diamonds and process them in Israel, which is already the world’s second largest processor of diamonds". Also members of a delegation led by foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman have been "facilitating contracts for Israelis to train various militias" in Africa.

Monday 2: In Israel – Israel Radio reports that a senior Shin Bet official (of Israel's domestic secret service) says Jewish terrorists that have not been caught are still at large and may be planning future attacks. The announcement comes after the arrest on Sunday of Jewish right-wing terrorist YAAKOV TEITEL for killing two Palestinians and carrying out a string of bomb attacks. Police have found additional weapons and explosives at his home and another concealed location.
Tuesday 3:
In Washington – The US House of Representatives overwhelmingly passes a resolution denouncing the UN Goldstone Report as –
"irredeemably biased and unworthy of further consideration or legitimacy".
Thursday 5: In New York – The United Nations General Assembly adopts the Goldestone Report by 114 votes in favour, to 18 against, and the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is requested to send this (non-binding) resolution to the Security Council for action (to make it binding), a demand previously rejected by this 15-nation Council dominated by veto powers such as the United States, an Israeli ideological ally of its Jewish racial identity. Countries that opposed adoption of the approved Report include –
USA, Israel, Canada, Germany, Australia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Panama, Palau, the Netherlands and Ukraine.

US Bias
Israeli nationalism follows the nazi path
Monday 16:
In Moscow, Russia – Tax-Lawyer/Accountant (for Bill Browder, who was deported from Russia November 2005) SERGEI MAGNITSKY (Серге́й Леонидович Магнитский) 37, is now, after months of torture, handcuffed to a bed-rail in a prison isolation cell and then beaten to death by eight police officers because he had testified against the Russian Interior Ministry officials who had stolen $230 million of Russia's tax revenue.
The corruption of
Putin's Russia
For a year prior to his murder he had been subjected to unimaginable torture because, as a dedicated Christian, he refused to lie.
Some of

the man
who would
rather die
than lie!
EU Rresolution
and full list of
32 Russian
those implicated in the torture and murder of Magnitsky and in its criminal cover-up include –
1.   Major Pavel Karpov (lead investigator of the Russian Interior Ministry);
2.   Irina Dudukina (Interior Ministry spokeswoman);
3.   Major Oleg Silchenko (Interior Ministry investigator implicated in his torture).
4.   District Court Judge Aleksey Krivoruchko
5.   Viktor Markelov
6.   Judge Yelena Stashina
7.   Victor Veronin (FSB head of Department K.)
8.   Lieutenant Colonel Artem Kuznetsov
9.   Vitaly Malkin
10.   etc. ...
In December 2012, in spite of Senator John Kerry's initial opposition,
the US eventually imposes visa bans and asset freezes on those
thought responsible for Magnitsky's illegal detention, torture and murder.
See: November 2012 Russian FSB assassination of Alexander Perepilichny
— But in 2013 Russian officials conduct a show-trial of Magnitsky on trumped-up charges to justify themselves —

Judicial Practice
in the
Russian Federation Exemplified.

video exposé
The extreme level of this abuse of authority and vicious criminal cruelty under the leadership of this president of the Russian Federation
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin — Влади́мир Влади́мирович Пу́тин
18: In Tel Aviv, Israel – The US embassy sends telegrams to Washington summarizing discussions of the US-Israel Joint Political Military Group including the argument between the Israeli and American officials (State Department official Robert Maggi) about the American arms supplies to the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), also known as the Lebanese Army. The Israelis complain about it, saying they could fall into Hezbollah’s hands. The Americans say the aid to the LAF is intended to prevent it from growing closer to Hezbollah and stressed that the –
"U.S. support of the LAF as a counterweight to Hezbollah."
AMOS GILAD, director of policy and political-military affairs at Israel's Defense Ministry, disagrees with this approach and says –
"the Lebanese Army will come to the defense of Hezbollah if attacked by Israel. Thus, a strengthened LAF hurts Israel."
US-Israel joint planning
Wednesday 25: In Israel – Prime Minister NETANYAHU announces a 10-month so-called freeze on the construction of illegal Jewish settlements in the Palestinian West Bank, but the freeze does not include East Jerusalem.
Chief Palestinian negotiator SAEB EREKAT comments that there is nothing new in the announcement, pointing to the 3,000 new Jewish housing units already under construction in the Palestinian West Bank, saying "This is not a moratorium. Unfortunately, we hoped he would commit to a real settlement freeze so we can resume negotiations and he had a choice between settlements and peace and he chose settlements."

Thursday night 10: Yasuf, West Bank, Palestine – Fascist Jews vandalise its mosque and torch its library, spraying Hebrew slogans on its walls.
Israeli nationalism follows the nazi path
Friday 11: In Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestine – The Kairos Palestine Document is launched at the International Centre of Bethlehem (Där Al Nadwa), by Palestinian Christians of Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Lutheran, Anglican and Baptist traditions, attended by 50 international representatives of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Reformed Church in the Netherlands, United Church of Canada, Bethlehem University, Church of South India, All Africa Conference of Churches, Jewish Fast for Gaza, and the World Council Churches.
In Jerusalem – The Holy Trinity Cathedral of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem is vandalized. ‘Death’ and ‘Death to Christians’ were written in Hebrew in large red letters near the cathedral altar and ante-church, the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission reports.
  "In this historic document,
we Palestinian Christians declare that the military occupation of our land is a sin against God and humanity"
12: London, Uk – A warrant for the arrest of TZIPI LIVNI, former Israeli foreign minister, for war-crimes associated with Israel's Gaza War is issued by the British High Court in view of her impending visit to the UK (Livni was Acting Prime Minister of Israel from 4/5/2006 to 31/3/2009). The Goldstone Report had concluded that Israel had used disproportionate force and had deliberately targeted Gaza civilians, using them as human shields, while destroying civilian infrastructure.
Monday 14: London UK – The warrant for the arrest of TZIPI LIVNI is withdrawn when her visit is cancelled. The incident causes friction with the Israeli government and embarrassment to the British Foreign Office. (Livni was also an Israeli Mossad agent in Paris during the 1980s in which several assassinations were carried out in that city).
Warrant issued at request of Palestine Solidarity Campaign in terms of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949. This was granted due to Livni's lack of diplomatic immunity in her impending visit.
Tel Aviv – The United States Embassy's Acting Deputy Chief of Mission MARC SIEVERS cables Washington on the meeting of MICHAEL KUIKEN (US Senate Armed Services Committee) and PERRY CAMMACK (US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations) in Jerusalem with Israeli PM Netanyahu's senior policy aide RON DERMER that Dermer had said
Netanyahu had taken "a number of steps in the effort to jump-start the peace process with the Palestinians, but to no avail, as a result, Netanyahu's patience has 'run out'." (Source: Wikileaks).
16: London, UK – The Supreme Court rejects the appeal by the Jewish Free School against a ruling that it violated the Race Relations Act in rejecting an application on behalf of a 12-year-old boy who, although his father was born Jewish, on the grounds that his mother was only a convert to Judaism. This ruling sets a precedent in English law.
In Jerusalem
Obscene Jewish graffiti in English and Hebrew are written on doors leading to the Franciscan church, adjoining the Cenacle on Mount Zion (next to the Room of the Last Supper), reading
“We killed Jesus", "Christians out" and "F... off", adorned with a "Star of David".
The assailants had urinated on the door and left a long trail of urine leading to it.
According to churchmen at the site, the urination on the door of the Christian shrine has become an almost daily event.
Israeli nationalism follows the nazi path
Israel contines its blockade by land, sea and air of materials for rebuilding the civilian infrastructure of Gaza on the grounds that it is illegal to supply goods to a terrorist controlled area; and the international community continues to take no action to prevent the continued humanitarian suffering of Gaza's 1.5 million civilian population, including its lack of sufficent drinking water.
Israel claims
that 100 trucks per day are allowed into Gaza carrying food and medicine. However, pasta is reported to be disallowed, as well as glass for the repair of windows, and other building materials. (All windows of Gaza Baptist church were blown out when Israel rocketted the Gaza Police Station across the street).
Diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks
confirm that the US carried out the attack.
Thursday 17: In Yemen – A United States cruise missile strike on al-Majalah, a hamlet in southern Abyan province, kills 14 alleged armed militants but also kills 41 Bedouin civilians sleeping in tents nearby.
Monday 21: In Israel – Former prime minister EHUD OLMERT and his close aide SHULA ZAKEN are charged with fraud, tax evasion and falsifying corporate records, described by law enforcement officials as the most severe episode of corruption that has surfaced in Israel's history. A partial media ban remains in place on details of the investigation.
Anat Kamm
Journalist Anat Kamm
faces 25-years in prison
SeeL October 30, 2011.
Israel – Israeli journalist for Israeli news website Walla, ANAT KAMM (23), is placed under secret house arrest for exposing Israeli army assassination procedures based allegedly on classified military documents (including a March 2007 order from Maj. Gen. Yair Naveh, top Israeli commander in the West Bank, permitting firing upon three top Palestinian militants even if they did not pose clear and present danger). She obtained these during her mandatory army service and so Israel intends prosecuting her for espionage.
Her information apparently led to a November 2008 investigative report by Ha'aretz journalist URI BLAU (approved by the military censor) detailing assassination procedures in the Palestinian West Bank by Israel's military, although Ha'aretz denies this. BLAU's report alleged that the Israeli military has repeatedly violated a 2006 ruling by the High Court of Justice against certain types of "targeted assassinations" (extra-judicial killings) predominantly those in which a non-combatant is killed, planned more than a month in advance and later excused as an arrest raid gone wrong. Journalist BLAU is being sought by Israel's security services. (See: September 15, 2009, and April 9, 2010).
The terms of her house arrest include: “A ban on leaving the country and surrendering her passport to state custody; a bank bail to the sum of NIS 100,000, a self bail to the sum of NIS 150,000, and a third party bail, paid by her mother, to the sum of NIS 150,000; and prohibition to contact journalists Uri Blau and Yossi Yehoshua, whose names appear in the indictment” (source:
BLAU believes that the Shin Bet used his returned documents to track down Ms Kamm (his source), after assurances that they would not do so (See September 15, 2009). It is reported by his employer Ha'aretz that BLAU fears that Shin Bet will try to identify his other informants if he hands over his archive.
28: In East Jerusalem – MORDECHAI VANUNU (Jewish-Christian anti-nuclear campaigner who served nearly 18-years in prison in Israel after his abduction from Rome by Israeli agents) is arrested and held for 24 hours by Israeli police before being charged for contact with his Norwegian girlfriend as a violation of the conditions of his indefinite parole.
In the USA
Pastor JOHN HAGEE's misleading organisation ''Christians[?] United for Israel' is the largest contributor in this year ($100,000) to the right-wing Jewish fascist organisation in Israel Im Tirtzu (founded 2006). (In August 2010, even the Houston Jewish Federation publicly renounces Im Tirtzu's campaign in Israel and says that it will no longer fund the group because it had "morphed into a quasi-political organization".)
See: The Hagee Heresy

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