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Israeli nationalism follows the nazi path
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January Israel's
Supreme Court rules that alleged child molester Rabbi AVROHOM MONDROWITZ (member of the Gur Hasidic Jewish sect) could not be extradited to the U.S. to stand trial. (He had fled from the US in 1984 to avoid arrest, after being charged with sodomising four boys in Brooklyn, according to the Brooklyn District Attorney's office. Since then the number of complaintants against him has risen to 100. In 2007 he was arrested in Jerusalem for possession of child-pornography, but had the charges dismissed).
Paedophile Rabbi protected
5: In Haifa, Israel – HEDVA EYAL, of feminist organization Woman to Woman, reports that there appears to be a race based policy of preventing pregnancies among Ethiopian Jewish women by using the controversial contraceptive Depo Provera on them (apart from side effects of nausea and fatigue, Depo Provera is also known to decrease bone density, especially among dark-skinned women, which can lead to osteoporosis in later life). EYAL states – “The unspoken policy is that only children who are white and Ashkenazi are wanted in Israel.”
HASHASH, a researcher at Haifa University, said attempts to restrict Ethiopian women’s fertility echoed practices used against Jewish women who immigrated to Israel from such Arab countries as Iraq, Yemen and Morocco in the state’s early years, in the 1950s and 1960s.
SINAI, an Israeli social affairs reporter for Haaretz newspaper, writes that recently the discrimination faced by the country’s 120,000 Ethiopians reflected in particular “doubts on the part of the country’s religious establishment about their Jewishness”. Ethiopian Jews are reported to face widespread discrimination in jobs, housing and education in Israel.
8: In the United States – The American Jewish World Service announces that it has established a fund ('Urgent LGBT Uganda Fund') to support Ugandan homosexuals in response to Uganda's proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill.
Gaza: The Facts
• Total Population - 1,500,202
• Population Density - 4117 per sq km
• Fertility Rate - 5.19 children per woman
• Total Refugees - 1,059,584
• Refugees as % of Population - 70%
• Unemployment - 45.5%
• Average Age - 17.2 years –
some estimates have put the median age at 15.3.
• Life Expectancy - 73.16 years
• % dependent on foreign aid - 86%
Gaza – Israeli jets kill three civilians as they rocket smuggling tunnels used to avoid the continuing Israeli economic blockade.
Saturday 9: The United Nations will accept $10M(US) compensation payment by the Israeli government for the bombing of UN facilities during Israel’s invasion of Gaza one year ago.
Monday 11: In West Jerusalem – Turkish Ambassador to Israel AHMET OGUZ CELIKOL is humiliated by the seating arrangement when summoned to the Israeli Foreign Ministry regarding a Turkish prime-time TV show in which Israel's Mossad agents were depicted as child-killers and kidnappers. (Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister DANNY AYALON subsequently apologises following Turkish President ABDULLAH GUL's threat to recall the ambassador unless tensions between the two countries were resolved, but the damage was done).
Tuesday 12, 7.58am: In Iran – Israel's Mossad assassinates physicist MASOUD ALIMOHAMMADI (Persian: مسعود علی‌محمدی) using a motorcycle bomb. He was a Council Member of International Centre for Synchrotron-Light for Experimental Science Applications in the Middle East, and professor at Tehran University's Physics faculty. (See January 2012 confession concerning Mossad in Iran.)
Mossad Assassination
Friday 15: In Afghanistan – United States hashish-smoking Staff Sergeant Calvin GIBBS begins his planned killing of unarmed civilians, assisted by Spc. Jeremy MORLOCK and Pfc. Andrew HOLMES, for trophies.
(Weeks later, the US Army arrests 12 men, some of whom speak openly to investigators about their so-called 'kill team,' an inner circle of soldiers belonging to the 5th Stryker Brigade out of Joint Base Lewis-McChord in the state of Washington. Their leader, Staff Sergeant Calvin Gibbs, apparently instigated the murder of innocent civilians and collected fingers he cut off of the hands of dead Afghans as trophies.)
See: Marijuana Made Me
Suspected Mossad Agents of Israel involved
in the Dubai assassination

suspected Mossad agents
   Credit cards issued by MetaBank, in Iowa, USA:
MC 5115-2600-1600-6190
MC 5115-2600-1600-5317
MC 5301-3800-3201-7106
Tuesday 19: In the Al Bustan Rotana hotel, Dubai, UAE – Eleven foreign nationals, traveling on fake European Union passports, murder MAHMOUD AL-MABHOUH of HAMAS in his hotel room. These were traveling under false identities as Melvyn Mildiner, Stephen Hodes, Paul Keeley, Jonathon Graha, James Clarke and Michael Barney on British passports, along with three on fake Irish passports, including a woman, an Michael Bodenheimer German passport, and a fake French passport as Peter Elvinger. The group are suspected of being an Israeli assassination squad working for its Mossad foreign secret service.
(In 2004 the authorities in New Zealand disclosed that Mossad was securing their country’s passports through the Israeli Embassy in Australia. During a trial in Auckland, allegations also surfaced that Mossad was using Canadian passports.) (See: February 18).
is Israel's foreign secret service which operates an assassination unit called Kidon, the Hebrew for 'bayonet', originally organised after the 1972 Munich massacre.

See: Lillehammer
Tuesday 26: In Eastern France – A Jewish cemetery is desecrated on the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz Nazi death camp.
Wednesday 27: In New York – The Jewish Anti-Defamation League in the US states that the arrest of five students from a West Bank Jewish yeshiva on charges of torching and vandalizing a mosque in a neighboring Palestinian village, “highlights the danger of the teachings of Yeshiva head Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira” (Torat Hamelech) and calls on responsible Orthodox Jewish leaders to “speak out against his book as a perversion of Judaism.Note: ADL condemnation of Shapira.
See: Jerusalem Sanhedrin support for Torat Hamelech, Tuesday 11 May.
28: In Jerusalem – The Palestinian al-Dahoudy family, who have lived in their home in East Jerusalem for 80 years (that is, prior to the creation of the Israeli state) are fined 20,000 NIS (US$5,000) for objecting to a court ruling allowing Jewish settlers to live in their home, after the fraudulent signing of a contract with Wazna al-Tatanji (alias Nadia al-Tatanji) for 'home-remodeling' which turned out to be an agreement to share their home with Jewish settlers. An additional fine of 7,000 NIS is imposed on the Palestinian family by the Israeli District Court to cover costs incurred by the prosecution; and they are also required to pay 1,000 NIS a month in order to retain ownership of the other half of their home.
Pentagon, Washington, USA – A team of experts assembled by General David Petraeus tells Admiral MIKE MULLEN, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that
     • Arab leaders were losing faith in America’s commitment to an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal;
     • the lives of US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan were ultimately at stake; and
     • George Mitchell, the White House special envoy to the Middle East, is “too old, too slow... and too late”.
Im Tirtzu Fascism
In Israel – The Jewish fascist organisation Im Tirtzu, chaired by RONEN SHOVAL, and supported by Marcus Brothers Textiles in the US (NY 10018), begins a vicious smear campaign in universities, colleges and schools against the New Israel Fund which supports humanitarian organisations such as those which dare to challenge unethical actions against civilians by Israel's security forces. The targeted New Israel Fund supports organisations such as Adalah, Breaking the Silence, B'Tselem, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, Yesh Din, and the Israeli branch of Physicians for Human Rights. (See: April 18).
Im Tirtzu has received funding from such US Christian Zionists as John Hagee.

Monday 1: In Jerusalem, Israel – Israel's Defence Force denies that white phosphorous had been used during the war on Gaza, or that Gaza Division Commander Brig. Gen. Eyal Eisenberg and Givati Brigade Commander Col. Ilan Malka been subjected to disciplinary action by GOC Southern Command Maj. Gen. Yoav Gallant in that regard.
But the Israeli government has issued an official report to the United Nations (in response to its Goldstone Report) informing that a brigadier general and another officer with the rank of colonel endangered human life during its Gaza campaign by reckless use of artillery shelling in residential areas, including in the direction of a compound run by UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency in Gaza destroyed by white phosphorous shells. The said officers have only had a reprimand entered in their military record according to Israeli military spokesman MARK REGEV.
The BBC reports that a doctor at Gaza city's main hospital has told Britain's BBC that he treated hundreds of Palestinian civilians for phosphorus burns during Israel's military offensive.
Click here for the full
Goldstone Report of
15 September 2009
Thursday 4: In New York – The UN Secretary General BAN KI-MOON announces that he is uncertain whether Israel and Hamas have complied with demands for investigations to be carried out into the Gaza war in terms of the credibility of what either side has submitted: "No determination can be made on the implementation of the (UN) resolution by the parties concerned".
Wednesday 10: In America – The Centre for Constitutional Rights files petitions to several international bodies regarding the action of the Israeli government and the Simon Weisenthal Centre on behalf of descendants of those buried in a cemetery on top of which a "Museum of Tolerance" is currently being built on top of the ancient Muslim burial ground in Jerusalem. The museum's construction has resulted in the disinterment of hundreds of graves.
In Ramallah, Palestine, 3AM – The Israel Defence Force raids the International Solidarity Movement's office for the second time this week, confiscating computers, T-shirts and bracelets engraved with the word "Palestine."
Tuesday 16: The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) operational update reports among other that they, with the help of Palestine Red Crescent volunteers, continued to distribute monthly food parcels to over 6,700 people living in the most severely restricted parts of Hebron. A number of Palestinians lost their homes when these were demolished by Israeli security forces. The ICRC provided emergency aid to some 380 people in the form of basic household, shelter and hygiene items, with the aim of tiding them over the first couple of weeks after the destruction of their houses.
The report adds that about 1,200 members of the Palestinian security services in the West Bank learned about human rights norms applicable to law enforcement, and especially pertaining to detention, during 55 ICRC-organized presentations on Humanitarian Law.
Thursday 18: In Lyon, France – INTERPOL issues a Red Notice for 11 suspects including photographs to assist in investigation into the Dubai assassination of a Hamas leader in UAE, January 16 (a Red Notice is international circulation of a national warrant of arrest with a view to extradition). The chief of police in Dubai had announced that he is 99% sure that the crime was carried out by Israel's Mossad. This identity theft (of which Israel's Mossad has been accused of previously), involving seven Israelis with dual nationality, is a serious crime which may lead to legal action.
Friday 19: In Washington, USA – US Congressman BRIAN BAIRD proposes:
"I call for the United States to break the Gaza blockade, provide immediate humanitarian aid, and urge Special Envoy Mitchell to visit Gaza. In the past year I have been to Gaza three times and was the first US Government official to visit Gaza after the Israeli Cast Lead operation. I recently visited Gaza for two days to assess aid shipments and humanitarian conditions.
These are the facts:
There is an Israeli blockade around Gaza, on land and along the coast. This blockade was established so that contraband weapons and equipment used for rockets to shell Israel will not enter Gaza. While there are food stuffs entering Gaza, the shipments are tightly controlled and items such as tomato paste and pasta are sometimes restricted by the Israelis. Palestinians cannot rebuild their homes, their schools, or their hospitals because they cannot import the cement needed to complete the projects. They cannot build sewage systems and prevent 55 million metric meters of sewage flow into the Mediterranean because the Israelis limit the amount of construction materials into Gaza.
A tunnel system has developed in South Gaza which circumvents the Israeli blockade. This system is creating a new power base in the society which is based on criminal activity and not the rule of law. Hamas is reaping the benefits and is becoming more powerful. President Obama’s June 2009 Cairo address, Secretary of State Clinton’s numerous statements, and the international community’s promises have all pledged to help the Palestinians. What I have concluded on my recent visit is that those pledges have not materialized and the Palestinian people have little hope for the future. One year after the bombing stopped, and five years after the wall was erected around Gaza, the people have little hope in the future. This lack of hope will eventually foment into radicalization. Radicalization will breed terrorists which will threaten the security of not only Israel but also the United States. We need to reverse this spiral of despair.
Here is what I propose:
Special envoy Mitchell should visit Gaza to determine first hand humanitarian needs. The blockade should be circumvented by the United States; much like we did when we circumvented the Berlin Blockade. We would accomplish this using roll-on/off ships supplying the needed material for Palestinians to rebuild their society. We must find a just and lasting peace not only with words, but actions. This will provide the people of Gaza hope and fulfill the commitment made by President Obama."
Sunday 21: Near Nablus, West Bank, Palestine – Several dozen right-wing Israeli settlers throw stones at Palestinian cars on the Nablus-Jenin road, shattering several windshields and wounding a Palestinian doctor. (The rock throwing took place in the same area where settlers shot and injured a teenage boy working on his family's land earlier this month).
Tuesday 23: In Jerusalem, Israel – TZIPI LIVNI (born: Tzipora Malka Livni, married to Naftali Shpitzer, two sons), of Israel's Kadima Party and the parliamentary opposition leader, praises the assassination of a Hamas commander in Dubai last month. LIVNI was a member of Mossad and stationed in Paris during Mossad assassinations in that city in the 1980s.
In Dubai, UAE – The UAE’s Foreign Ministry summons the ambassadors of all four EU nations whose documents were used in the assassination of a Hamas commander in January. ANWAR GARGASH, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, says his nation is –
“deeply concerned by the fact that passports of close allies, whose nationals enjoy preferential visa waivers, were illegally used to commit this crime”.
Wednesday 24: In Dubai, UAE – Police announce 15 further suspects in the January murder of a Hamas commander, including four on Australian passports, bring the number to 26. The credit cards used by 14 of the suspects to pay for hotel rooms and pay for air travel were issued by Meta Bank in the USA.
Good intentions
lacking American will!
the USA – The family of young US activist RACHEL CORRIE, run over twice by an Israeli military bulldozer (according to eye-witnesses) during a protest in Gaza in 2003 (as she attempted to prevent home demolition of a Palestinian pharmacist, while wearing her florescent jacket), will sue Israel over her violent death in Rafah (See: March 16, 2003).
CORRIE's family will travel to Israel for the trial which is due to start on March 10. The Palestinian doctor who pronounced CORRIE dead has been summoned by the court but has not yet been given a permit by Israel to leave blockaded Gaza. (On Tuesday 28 August, 2012, Israel's Haifa District Court rejects any IDF culpability).
Rachel Corrie
Memorial Web Site
California, USA – MOSAB HASSAN YOUSEF (son of Hamas' co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef) reveals that he had been the main informant from 1996 within Hamas for Israel's Shin Bet (internal secret service organization) against Hamas for its cruelty. (Information he supplied had led to the arrests of some of the most wanted men by Israeli forces, including Marwan Barghouti, a Fatah leader often tipped as a potential president who was convicted of masterminding terrorist attacks, and one of Hamas’ top bomb-makers Abdullah Barghouti, who is no relation of the jailed Fatah chief).
YOUSEF was baptized as a Christian in about 2003 after reading the Bible. YOUSEF’s former Israeli handler, known as Captain LOAI, praises the resolve of his agent, whose codename ('Green Prince') derived from the colour of Islam – and Hamas’ banner and from his exalted position within an organization that regularly kills those suspected of collaborating with Israel. Shin Bet's Captain LOAI states:
"So many people owe him their life and don't even know it. The amazing thing is that none of his actions were done for money. He did things he believed in. He wanted to save lives. His grasp of intelligence matters was just as good as ours — the ideas, the insights. One insight of his was worth 1,000 hours of thought by top experts."
Thursday 25: In Hebron, West Bank, Palestine – Palestinians commemorate the massacre of 29 Palestinian worshippers by American-born Jew BARUCH KAPPEL GOLDSTEIN on February 25, 1994, and wounding of 150 (at that time Israel imposed a two-week curfew on the 120,000 Palestinian residents of Hebron, while the 400 Jewish settlers remained free to move around).
Goldstein is buried across from the Meir Kahane Memorial Park in Kiryat Arba, a Jewish settlement adjacent to Hebron. The park is named in memory of Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the Israeli fascist political party Kach, a group classified by the United States and Israeli governments as a terrorist organization. Goldstein was a long-time devotee of Kahane and member of the Jewish Defense League (JDL).
The suspicion, that the State of Israel's decision to renovate the religious sites (the Cave of the Patriarchs and its associated Mosque in occupied Hebron) is a ruse to terminate Palestinian access, has inflamed the commemoration into a violent protest against Israeli occupation.
Jewish Defence League


Ernst Zundel has been a leading Holocaust denier
and white supremacist for more than two decades.
He is currently based in Bad Wildbad, Germany,
after serving five years in German prison.
Monday 1: The 6th International Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) protests begins in over 40 cities around the world. (Launched originally in 2004/5 by a group of Canadian students).
In Germany – Neo-Nazi ERNST CHRISTOF FRIEDRICH ZÜNDEL is released from prison after a five year sentence in 2007 for Holocaust denial.
In the USA – America's CNN broadcasts an interview with Israel's defence Minister EHUD BARAK in which he asserts that the Two State Solution is the only solution for Israel-Palestine, for the apartheid State of Israel is not a democratic state without it, and a democratic state without it is not a Jewish state, and that the loss of both of these is completely unacceptable.
Tuesday 2: In London, UK – Muslim scholar, Dr TAHIR UL-QADRI from Pakistan of Minhaj ul-Quran International (Islamic organisation from the Sufi tradition), issues a 600 page Fatwa (religious judgment) describing describes al-Qa'eda as an "old evil with a new name". He declares that –
"They [terrorists] can't claim that their suicide bombings are martyrdom operations and that they become the heroes of the Muslim Umma [global brotherhood]. No, they become heroes of hellfire, and they are leading towards hellfire" and that "There is no place for any martyrdom and their act is never, ever to be considered jihad."
In Washington, USA – In a media interview, US Congressman for the Washington's 3rd District BRIAN BAIRD describes the humanitarian situation in Gaza and the West Bank as deplorable and that it demands immediate attention. He states further –
“There has been this attitude that if anyone 'sides with' any issue on the Palestinian side, or criticizes any conduct of Israel, that you are somehow anti-Israel or even worse, anti-Semitic, or somehow disloyal to your own country. Nothing could be further from the truth. ...In the case of Gaza we [USA] could bring immediate relief to citizens without asking Israeli permission, ...We just roll the ships up, take the aid to the people who most need it and show them that we care about them and get real tangible quality of life improvements in the process without empowering extremists on either side.”
See: United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Occupied Palestinian Territory.
Israel is the largest recipient of US foreign aid – $2.4bn annually, which will increase to $3bn in 2011 – much of it for the military.
Friday 5: In Jerusalem – Clashes break out with Israeli police and Muslim worshipers, resulting in 17 civilians requiring medical attention from tear-gas and rubber-bullet injuries, after armed Israeli police enter the al Aqsa mosque in reaction to Palestinian youths stoning Jewish worshippers at the 'Wailing Wall' aggravated by the Israeli government's decision to list two religious site in Palestinian territory as Jewish heritage sites.
Israeli Prime Minister NETANYAHU states that –
the Jewish settlement 'Ariel' in the northern part of the occupied Palestinian West Bank is the “capital of the Nablus area” and that “where our fathers and forefathers lived, will forever remain ours, and will remain an important part of the land of Israel” (source: Israeli newspaper Yedioth Aharonoth).
Saturday 6: In Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem – Approximately 3,000 Jews and Palestinians protest together against evacuation of Palestinian families from their homes. (See Wednesday 24).
Monday 8: West Bank, Palestine – The Secretary of the PLO Executive Committee, YASSER ABED-RABBO, announces that the Committee has accepted the American proposal for indirect talks with the State of Israel. The Arab League has expressed support for indirect talks with Israel, mediated by the United States, and has decided to give the talks a four-month term to show progress.
In West Jerusalem – Israel's Interior Ministry announces that it is to build 112 new Jewish homes (in Beitar Illit settlement) in the Palestinian West Bank despite a pledge to halt all new settlement building, and 1,600 more Jewish housing units at Ramat Shlomo in Arab east Jerusalem.
Israel's Prime Minister NETANYAHU states that negotiations with the Palestinians will only succeed if the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state and that Israel's security be guaranteed.
Tuesday 9: In West Jerusalem – The United States Vice President, BIDEN, meets with Israel's Prime Minister for 'security talks' (according to Israel), as it pushes for 'crippling sanctions' on Iran for its presumed nuclear weapons programme, thereby diverting attention from its own continuing subversion of any Palestinian independence except at municipal level and then subject to Israel as second-class citizens/residents.
In Paris – Israeli Infrastructure Minister UZI LANDAU announces a plan to build a nuclear power plant near Dimona in northern Negev in energy cooperation with its Arab neighbours. Israel already has two nuclear power plants and a nuclear enrichment site at Dimona, where its nuclear weapons are manufactured. Israel is not party to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and has said it will also not sign up for a Middle East nuclear-free zone being promoted by the United States.
Wednesday 10: In Ramallah – US Vice President BIDEN condemns the Israeli government's decision to advance plans for 1,600 new Jewish housing units in annexed Arab east Jerusalem, without any reference to progress on Israeli-Palestinian talks, but states to Palestinian leaders "Our administration is fully committed to the Palestinian people and to achieving a Palestinian state which is viable and contiguous".
Thursday 11: In West Jerusalem – Israel's Agriculture Minister SHALOM SIMHON warns, in an interview on army radio, that Israel's Labour Party may withdraw from the coalition government in consequence of the settlements announcement by its Infrastructure Ministry.
In Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine – Palestinian Authority president MAHMUD ABBAS will not relaunch negotiations with Israel unless it cancels plans for new illegal settler homes in Palestinian East Jerusalem.
Friday 12: In West Bank, Palestine – The deadlock in US sponsored Palestine-Israel peace talks and Israel's inclusion of two West Bank shrines on a list of national heritage sites has sparked feared of Palestinian Muslim protests after Friday prayers, and so Israel's forces have completely sealed off the West bank of Palestine for 48 hours, preventing many from reaching their places of employment and mosques for Friday prayers. In Arab east Jerusalem, only men over the age of fifty are being allowed to attend the mosque.
See: שלום עכשיו
'Peace Now'
On Jewish settlements re. Palestinian self-determination.
In Haifa Distric Court, Israel – The State of Israel (sued by the parents of peace-activist RACHEL CORRIE for crushing their daughter to death with a bulldozer in 2003, as she sought to prevent the home demolition of a Palestinian pharmacist in Rafah, Dr. Samir Nasrallah) declares in its defence that she died as a result of "a military action in the course of war". (See also – Jonathan Cook's report). Dr. Nasrallah's home was nevertheless demolished later that year by Israel's military. Four eyewitnesses to Corrie’s death were granted entry visas only following external diplomatic pressure. However, Zionist sources continue to provide misinformation on Rachel's killing.
Rachel Corrie Trial
Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem – Dozens of ultra-Orthodox Jews protest in support of Palestinians' right to return to their homes. (See Wednesday 24).
Saturday 13: In a conference call to Israel's consuls general – Israeli ambassador to the United States, MICHAEL OREN, tells Israel's diplomats there that US-Israeli relations face their worst crisis in 35 years [since the confrontation between Henry Kissinger and Yitzhak Rabin in 1975 over an American demand for a partial withdrawal from the Sinai Peninsula], despite attempts by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office to project a sense of 'business as usual.' Ambassador OREN (who had been summoned on Friday to a meeting with US Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg for a reprimand) tells the consuls to lobby congressmen, Jewish community leaders and the media to convey Israel's position.
After midnight in Gaza – The Israeli Air Force bombs a blockade-breaking smuggling tunnel hidden in a home in Gaza.
Sunday 14: In the USA – News is broken by a blogger of the secret arrest months before by Shin Bet (Israel's domestic secret service) of 23-year-old Israeli journalist ANAT KAMM for exposing extra-judicial killings by Israel's military in the Palestinian West bank, by copying internal military documents and supplying them to investigative journalist URI BLAU. (See: December 2009). (See also Tikun Olam).
KAMM is due to go on trial in Israel for espionage in April. KAMM's state prosecutor is Hadas Forrer-Gafni.
Later in this week:
   In Tel Aviv, Israel – Concerning the above information and the attempt to arrest journalist URI BLAU of Ha'artez, the Hebrew language newspaper Ma'ariv issues a satirical 'correction' (translation) –
“Due to a gag order we cannot tell you what we know.
 Due to laziness, apathy and blind faith in the defense establishment we know nothing at all.”
Monday 15: In West Jerusalem – Israel's Foreign Minister AVIGDOR LIEBERMAN boycotts Brazilian President LUIZ INACIO LULA DA SILV's speech to Israel's Knesset (parliament) to protest the Brazilian leader's refusal to lay a wreath at Mount Herzl in honour of the founder of political zionism. LULA in his speech calls on Israel's Knesset for a Middle East free of nuclear weapons, and says
"In Brazil, 10 million Arabs live in harmony with thousands of Jews. We hope for this to be used as a metaphor for seeking deep understanding in the Middle East."
Thursday 18: In Gaza, Palestine – al-Qa'eda linked Ansar al-Suna fires two Qassam rockets into an Israeli agricultural settlement Netiv Ha’asara, across the border in response to the perceived 'Judaization' of Islamic holy places in Jerusalem and elsewhere in the West Bank, killing a Thai worker, while European Union Foreign Affairs policy head CATHERINE ASHTON is making a brief visit to Gaza. The attack occurred despite a Hamas ban on rocket attacks.
234 rockets and mortars
have been fired into Israel
since end of Israel's Gaza War
in January 2009,
waged to end rocket attacks.
Friday 19: In Gaza, Palestine – The Israeli Air force carries out a six strikes on Gaza, three along the Gaza-Egypt border, wounding at least two civilians.
In Moscow – The international quartet of Middle East mediators call on Israel and the Palestinians to avoid "provocative actions and inflammatory rhetoric" and tells Israel to
   • freeze all settlement building,
   • dismantle 'outposts' erected since March 2001 and
   • halt demolitions in East Jerusalem.
They also call for direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians with the aim of producing an agreement within 24 months to end Israeli occupation and establish an independent Palestinian state.
Saturday 20: In Gaza, Palestine – The Israeli Air force carries out five more missile strikes, on its airport and on blockade-breaking smuggling tunnels.
In Jerusalem – UN Secretary-General BAN KI-MOON, with UN Middle East special coordinator ROBERT SERRY, UNRWA Commissioner-General FILIPPO GRANDI, and BARBARA SHENSTONE (the director of UNRWA's operations in the West Bank), meet with two Palestinian families at at the Notre Dame Hotel who were forcibly expelled from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of occupied East Jerusalem. The evicted residents stated ""We briefed the UN delegation on the Sheikh Jarrah troubles and demanded that the UN make serious efforts to stop home evacuations and demolition by Israeli settlers in Jerusalem. We also asked the UN support to help evicted families regain their homes, and to protect other residents from eviction." (See Wednesday 24).
Tuesday 23: In London – The British Foreign Secretary announces the expulsion of an Israeli diplomat (senior Mossad representative at its embassy) over the abuse of British passports in the murder of a Palestinian Hamas official in Dubai in January, saying –
"the passports used were copied from genuine British passports when handed over for inspection to individuals linked to Israel, either in Israel or in other countries."
Israel condemned!
Wednesday 24: In Palestine – Israel confirms construction of 20 units (a total of 100 Jewish homes), a three-story parking lot and access road, in the 1967-occupied Palestinian neighbourhood of Sheik Jarrah in northern East Jerusalem on land from which Palestinian residents were evicted after a prolonged legal battle.
'Christianity' Perverted
Florida, USA – 'Christian' radio host, president of Faith2action, and virulent anti-OBAMA campaigner, JANET PORTER, calls on Christians to send yellow roses to Israel's Prime Minister NETANYAHU, each bouquet costing a symbolic price of $19.48*, in unconditional support of the State of Israel in its conflict with the Palestinian people. To date the Prime Minister’s Office has not accepted the flowers, being careful to avoid anything that implies disrespect for President Obama at such a sensitive time, and showing more insight than PORTER.
*Based on the myth that the political declaration of independence in 1948 fulfilled the prophecy of 'a nation born in a day' in Isa.66:8 – which really refers to Israel's repentance when Christ returns (Zech.12-14), after the precondition of Rom.11:25.
Israeli controlled Jerusalem Municipality continues its subtle program of ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem, serving eviction and demolition notices on Palestinians whose homes have no permits because they were built before the Jerusalem municipality existed.
Friday 26: Southern Gaza Strip, Palestine – Major ELIRAZ PERETZ, 31, from Eli, deputy commander of Israel Defense Force's (IDF) Golani Brigade's Battalion 12, and Staff Sergeant ILAN SVIATKOVSKY from Rishon Lezion, as well as two armed Palestinians, and one Palestinian civilian are killed in a clash near the town of Khan Yunis. Israel's military is uncertain whether the incident was a prepared ambush or if the shootout began because its soldiers crossed the border fence into Gaza. The IDF used helicopters and mortar fire against the Gaza Palestinians.
the USA – British-based weapons manufacturer, and international sponsor of bribes, BAE Systems plc is convicted of felony conspiracy to defraud the United States government and sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge John D. Bates to pay a $400 million fine, one of the largest fines in the history of the US Department of Justice. Judge John Bates states that the company's conduct involved –
"deception, duplicity and knowing violations of law, I think it's fair to say, on an enormous scale"
BAE corruption
fined in US
See: September 2003

Israel's Ethnic Cleansing Continues
In Wadi Al Maleh (Salt Valley), Palestine – Known for its warm climate and natural water resources in addition to its rural richness that serves Palestinian farmers and shepherds in the areas of Tubas and Tammoun, the Israeli occupation army declares the area a closed military zone, handing the local Palestinian residents notices to evacuate, and preventing them from using their land in any way.
Friday 2: In Israel – The Israeli deputy prime minister SILVAN SHALOM warns that Israel may soon launch another large-scale military operation in the Gaza Strip. His comments come after Israel carried out a series of air strikes on the Gaza Strip Thursday, injuring three Palestinian children (aged two, four and 11), after a rocket was fired from Gaza injuring no one.
Saturday 3: In Istanbul, Turkey – A coalition of several organisations agree to create a flotilla of ships to break Israel's economic blockade of Gaza. These include the Insani Yardim Vakfi (international Turkish humanitarian NGO), the European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza, the Greek Ship to Gaza campaign, the Swedish Ship to Gaza campaign and the Free Gaza Movement, which will launch a flotilla of ships laden with cargo, media, parliamentarians, celebrities and activists to Gaza in May.
Extra-Judicial Killing Exposé
Consequence Continues

Tuesday 6: In Israel – Retired Israeli Supreme Court Judge DALIA DORNER (currently president of the Israeli Press Council) tells Israel's Army Radio that the gag order by an Israeli magistrate’s court on the KAMM and BLAU investigation should be fought all the way up to the Supreme Court. (See: Friday 9).
Wednesday 7: In Haifa, Israel – District Court Judge AMIR TOUBI rules that Israel's El Al airlines must compensate two Arab Israelis some NIS 30,000, for humiliating them during security checks in a New York airport simply because they were Arab. El Al states that it has no interest in running such checks for itself or other companies, and had asked the state to relieve it of this duty.
Friday 9: In Israel – The head of Israel's internal secret service agency Shin Bet announces a partial lifting of the gag order of the KAMM-BLAU investigation in a media briefing for senior editors and defence correspondents, and alleges that 2,000 classified documents are involved.
(URI BLAU is reported to be hiding in London while hunted by Mossad.
KAMM, charged with espionage, now faces up to 25 years in jail if convicted). (See: April 20, 22).
See: September 15, 2009 Agreement of Shin Bet with Uri Blau – dishonoured.
Sunday 11: In Israel – nrg-Ma'ariv (online edition of this Hebrew language newspaper) reports that an arrest warrent has been issued for URI BLAU, signed by Chief Superintendent AMIR MOSHE, the head of the police investigative team at Israel's National International Crimes Investigation Unit.
Monday 12 at night: Near Mihmas, Palestine – 300 olive trees of Palestinian farmers are uprooted, probably by Jewish settlers of the nearby illegal Zionist outpost of Migron. Similar attacks occured twice in the past (May 2008, October 2009), but the Yesh Din human rights organization informs that very few investigations of the uprooting of Palestinian trees have ever resulted in indictments.
Olive Groves attacked for
third year in succession.
Wednesday 14: In New York – At the international Nuclear Security Summit, Israel resists calls to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel currently has an estimated nuclear arsenal of atomic bombs in excess of 400 (according to retired US Army Colonel Warner D. Farr, M.D) or 200 (according to Modechai Vanunu) as well as more powerful hydrogen bombs, with deliver ability by intercontinental ballistic missile, aircraft, and submarine. More than enough to obliterate the Middle East.
Thursday 15: In South Africa – The South African Zionist Federation (SAZF under AVROM KRENGE) and the Beth Hamedrash Hagadol in Sandton, Johannesburg, are reported to have reached an agreement with Judge Goldstone's family under which the eminent judge who chaired the United Nations' Goldstone Comission will not be permitted to attend his grandson's bar mitzvah synagogue service next month. An agreement with the family, that Goldstone would not be in attendance at the synagogue service, was reached after negotiations between the SAZF and the Sandton Shul, where the event is due to take place.
Judge Goldstone has graciously agreed "in the interests of my grandson, I've decided not to attend the ceremony at the synagogue." (See: Friday 23).

Zionist Fascists punish
Judge Goldstone.
In Israel – The Rishon Letzion Magistrate's Court lifts its gag order on the identity of the 'senior official' suspected of taking bribes in the Jerusalem Holyland corruption case, revealing the suspect to be former Israel prime minister EHUD OLMERT (who served as mayor of Jerusalem from 1993-2003) is already standing trial in three unrelated corruption cases. In this new case, Olmert is suspected of taking at least NIS 3.5 million in bribes in exchange for furthering development of the Holyland luxury housing project in Jerusalem. (See Friday 16 in Israel).
Attorney URI MESSER, a close friend of Olmert's, allegedly served as the main conduit for the bribes, with Olmert's former bureau chief, SHULA ZAKEN, serving as a secondary conduit.
In Jordan – King ABDULLAH says that Israel and the Arab world can not rely on the United States to create the momentum for a return to Israel-Palestine peace talks:
"We managed to get an extension of the Arab peace proposal, which terminates in July," he said. "There will be a committee meeting of Arab countries in July, and for us as moderate countries, we're going to be challenged by everybody else. ...Nothing has happened; Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not interested in peace, so why keep the Arab peace proposal on the table? ...If we hit the summer and there's no active [peace] process, there's a very good chance for conflict [war], and nobody wins when it comes to that."
Friday 16: In Regensburg, Germany – Ultraconservative British Roman Catholic Bishop RICHARD WILLIAMSON is found guilty of denying the Jewish Holocaust and of incitement for saying in a 2008 interview with Swedish television that the Nazi gas chambers had never existed and that "only 200,000 to 300,000 Jews" had been killed by the Nazis. The court orders the 70-year-old Bishop to pay a fine of 10,000 euros ($13,544). The Roman Catholic bishop was barred by his order, the Society of St. Pius X, from attending court proceedings or making statements to the media. Denying the Holocaust is a criminal offense in Germany.
In Israel – The Petah Tikva District Court rejects an appeal by former Jerusalem mayor URI LUPOLIANSKI, requesting to abort his five-day remand for involvement in the Holyland corruption case. The court upholds LUPOLIANSKI's detention on the grounds that Jerusalem's former mayor could try to disrupt the police investigation once out of custody.
Sunday 18: In Israel – Israel's extra-parliamentary Im Tirtzu fascist political organisation (which is supported by Christian Zionists such as John Hagee) distributes 15,000 pamphlets to synagogues in which the memorial prayer (Yizkor) for fallen soldiers on Memorial Day is altered to attack Israeli liberals and conscientious objectors.
Elie Wiesel with John Hagee
Elie Wiesel & John Hagee
In USA – A full-page advertisment by ELIE WIESEL in The International Herald Tribune, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal on Friday, and in The New York Times today, promotes Israel's political claim to East Jerusalem, which says that for him as a Jew,
"Jerusalem is above politics," and that "it is mentioned more than 600 times in Scripture – and not a single time in the Koran"
to assert an unconditional divine-right of the Jewish State of Israel.
Like JOHN HAGEE, his twisted use of Holy Scripture is
in total disregard of its conditional context and is also a perversion of the history of Israel. This is the wisdom of the same ELIE WIESEL who said of Jewish American fraudster Bernie Madoff in February 2009: "We thought he was God, we trusted everything in his hands."
The Fascist Land Claim


'Israel's Right'
'For Melchisedek's Sake'
Tuesday 20: In Israel – Newspaper Ha'aretz publishes an article by Shin-Bet-wanted investigative journalist URI BLAU from London explaining his position, which, among other, states –
"All the exposes in military or defense matters were vetted by military censors before publication, whether regarding the time Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi was a civilian and businessman or about the IDF's priorities in tracing Gilad Shalit. Or the story about how the IDF apparently violates the High Court of Justice's instructions regarding targeted assassinations. This story showed the readers authentic documents exposing the banality of executions with no trial.
"It is clear to me that these reports were not always pleasant to read – neither to their subjects nor to the reader. But it doesn't matter, because the journalist's job is not to please his reader, employer or leaders. It is to provide people with the best tools to judge and understand the goings-on around them. Every journalist knows that exposes cannot be released without evidence – but no Israeli journalist has known until now that such exposes could have him declared an enemy of the state and find himself in jail."
(See: May 24 – in Netanya).
From London,
Journalist Uri Blau
responds to Shin Bet's accusations, a month after they burglarise his home in Tel Aviv.

See: Shin Bet Ruse 2009.
See: July 26 In
Yitzar, West Bank, Palestine – Jewish seminary (yeshiva) students and residents stone Israeli soldiers, injuring three, for trying to to prevent them entering a military restricted area. Yitzhar has been at the forefront of the Jewish settler movement's 'price tag' policy, which calls for violent retaliation for Israeli government restrictions on settler building in the West Bank. Residents have launched numerous attacks on Palestinians, including an arson attack on a mosque in December 2009.

See Zapiro cartoon below
In South Africa – Judge ARTHUR CHASKALSON, retired president of South Africa's constitutional court, says concerning Judge Goldstone that it is "disgraceful" to put pressure on a grandfather not to attend his grandson’s bar mitzvah. DAVID SAKS, associate director of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies said that this was a SA Zionist Federation issue and they were not prepared to make any statement. (See – Friday 23: In South Africa).
Wednesday 21: In Israel – Israeli financial and business publication TheMarker announces its list of the world's most wealthy Jews, which would also include –
1.  Lawrence Ellison Oracle founder $28   billion
2.  Michael Bloomberg Bloomberg News $18   billion
3. George Soros Currency speculator and stock investor $13   billion
4. Roman Abramovich Energy companies and Chelsea football club owner   $11.2 billion
5. Viktor Vekelsberg Renova Group owner $6.4 billion
6. Mark Zuckerberg Facebook founder $4   billion
7. Isaac Perlmutter Marvel Comics CEO $1.6 billion
At a Jewish forum in New York City (November 5, 2003) GEORGE SOROS partially attributed the resurgence of anti-Semitism to the policies of Israel and the United States, and to [jealousy of] successful Jews such as himself.
Thursday 22: In Jerusalem – The home of the parents of 23-year-old ANAT KAMM, facing espionage allegations by Shin Bet, is defaced by Jewish fascists.
Barred Mitzvah
In South Africa, Zapiro put it so aptly!
Friday 23: In the USA – Jewish progressive magazine Tikkun (editor: Rabbi MICHAEL LERNER) awards Judge RICHARD J GOLDSTONE (severely condemned by Israel and its zionist supporters) its annual Tikkun Award to be presented at the celebration of their 25th Anniversary in the Spring of 2011. Tikkun's editor states that for the Jewish community those who recognize that –
"Israel's treatment of Palestinians and its overt violations of human rights are not only a rejection of traditional Jewish values, but are also dangerous both to the survival of the State of Israel and to the future safety of the Jewish people living all around the world"
and that concerning Israel's lack of cooperation with Goldstone's fact-finding mission, the South African former jurist had –
"made clear that his charges were not substantiated, that had Israel been willing to cooperate with his UN sponsored investigation they might well have helped him eliminate elements of the report that were not true according to Israeli information."
Tikkun's Editor states: "the peace community both in Israel and around the world see Justice Goldstone as upholding the best ethical values of the Jewish community".

Judge Goldstone Honoured
In South Africa – The Jewish Board of Deputies' spokesperson WENDY KAHN now announces, concerning Judge Goldstone being prevented from attending his grandson's bar mitzvah:
“Judge Goldstone will be attending the bar mitzvah. There will be no protest and everybody wants to ensure that the child has a respectful bar mitzvah. That’s why all efforts have been made today to find some settlement and some way that the community can engage with the judge.”
The South African Jewish Board of Deputies has blamed the media for the impression that there had been any pressure whatsoever to prevent or discourage Judge Richard Goldstone from attending his grandson's bar mitzvah. (See: Thursday April 15, and June 10).
Saturday 24: In Amman, Jordan – Israel's Knesset member MOHAMMAD BARAKEH (محمد بركة‎; מוחמד ברכה), leader of Israel's Hadash Party (חד"ש), together with other Israeli-Arab leaders, depart for Libya to meet with its president Moammar Gadhafi at his invitation, using special entry permits issued by the Libyan authorities.
Sunday 25: In Malta – The government of Malta files an official complaint with the government of Israel over the unprovoked shooting of their 28-year-old national BIANCA ZAMMIT at a peaceful protest near the Al-Maghazi refugee camp in Deir Al-Balah, central Gaza, as she held a Palestinian flag on Saturday. ZAMMIT tells The Sunday Times of Malta:
"We were not doing anything illegal. I don't expect to be shot for holding a Palestinian flag or holding a camera, especially since we were chanting peaceful songs."
She is being treated at the Al-Aqsa hospital after having been shot in the leg.
Conflict in Israel's Parliament
Wednesday 28: In Israel – Israel's National Union fascist party Knesset Member MICHAEL BEN-ARI proposes that the six members of Israel's Knesset (parliament) described by him as traitors, who recently met with the president of Libya, should have their parliamentary immunity withdrawn as a consequence. The motion is supported by House Committee member YARIV LEVIN.
Knesset Member Dr. AHMED TIBI (Ra'am-Ta'al Party), one of the six, is forcibly removed from the Knesset speaker's podium by ushers as he is giving a speech about their Libya trip, after session chair CARMEL SHAMA informed him that his allotted speaking time is over.
In Gaza – Palestinian MO'AWEYA HASSANEIN is shot dead by Israel's security forces during a protest against Israel's confiscation of Palestinian farm land to create a border buffer zone.
Jordan Valley Jewish settlements, in the Palestinian West Bank, have usually been set up by government ministers, high-ranking state officials and the World Zionist Organization’s settlement department.
The Kibbutz Movement is now encouraging demobilized soldiers to join settlements in the Jordan Valley in a document entitled “Settlement in the Jordan Valley in areas under Israeli control”, stating that the initiative is aimed at supporting residents encouraged by the Israeli government to move to the settlements, and to shore up the Kibbutz Movement as a major player in future political decisions over the status of Palestine's Jordan Valley.
Early Thursday 29: Yitzhar, West Bank, Palestine – Thursday, Israeli Police raid Yitzhar, arresting seven residents suspected of involvement in attacks on Palestinians in implementation of the settlers' 'price-tag' policy. Four more residents are arrested soon after.
Later Thursday 29: In Hawara, West Bank, Palestine – Fascist Jews from their Yizthar settlement march through this neighbouring Palestinian village attacking homes to avenge a series of arrests by Israel Police earlier today. The group storms through to show their anger at the "police crusade against the settlers" after 11 residents of their settlement were detained according to settler spokesman AVRAHAM BINYAMIN. They surround a Palestinian home in and hurled rocks through windows. People inside the home called for help through a loudspeaker, and the settlers flee as Palestinians converged on the area.
In North Jordan Valley, West Bank – Jewish settlers from Maskiot begin harassment of local Bedouin herdsmen near Wad el Maleh, on private Palestinian land by setting up tent next to theirs.
When the Bedouin complain to the civil administration, the Jewish settlers in the tent and Palestinians on whose land it was pitched (who had lived on the site for over
40 years) are both handed decrees declaring the area a closed military zone, signed by brigade commander YOCHAI BEN-YISHAI. The IDF Spokesman's Office issued the following inaccurate response:
"The two tent encampments under discussion were erected last week. None of the parties involved had well-founded claims to the land. In order to separate the parties and out of concern that lives were in danger, the brigade commander issued a closed military area order – but only for a 50-meter radius surrounding the site and for a few hours. After the order was issued, they left the tents on their own, without the use of force."
The Palestinians have not returned to their land out of fear of the Jewish settlers.
Friday 30: West Bank, Palestine – It is reported that settlers of the same Jewish settlement of Yizthar have sent a letter to other Jewish settlements in the West Bank at Har Bracha, Itamar and Elon Moreh, calling on them to become active in fighting any freeze on Jewish settlement construction and that "on such days, in which the restrictions on the settlements are multiplying, the battle against them is of great importance." The letter to other Jewish settlements added "The recent clashes unfortunately escalated too far, and we are now conducting an internal investigation, so that if we have to deal with such events in the future, we will be able to do so in a more correct manner".
Settler 'Price-tag' Violence

And military Complicity

Sunday 2: In Israel – Member of Knesset DANNY DANON (Likud) has announced the intention to propose a bill that all Palestinian prisoners arrested by Israel should be treated the same as the Israeli soldier abducted by Hamas.
Physicians for Human Rights-Israel
re prisoners in August 2004
Friday 7: In Nevada, USA – Israeli pharmaceutical company TEVA (traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange; among the most widely held Israeli shares on NASDAQ; traded on Seaq International in London, and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange) is ordered to pay compensation of $356 million for causing Hepatitis C damage to a patient, concerning which more than forty similar claims against TEVA are still to be heard.
America's Federal Drug Administration agency (FDA) had tested and found contamination at the company's plant in July 2009 and informed TEVA. An official warning letter from the FDA to Teva Parenterals Medicines, Inc. in December 2009, contained such phrases as –
Responses lack sufficient corrective actions...
Failure to subject each lot of a component with potential for microbiological contamination... to microbiological tests before use...
Failure to thoroughly investigate any unexplained discrepancy or the failure of a batch or any of its components to meet any of its specifications... Your firm was unable to determine the cause of an out-of-trend level of bacterial endotoxin contamination found in three vials of finished product (Lot #(b)(4)) of Propofol Injectable Emulsion. No corrective action was taken in response to this finding at the time of manufacture, and your firm released the lot.
Your response, dated August 10, 2009, is inadequate because the corrective actions are not systemic.
Failure to test in-process materials for quality and purity as appropriate, at the commencement or completion of significant phases of the production process...
Failure to test, through appropriate laboratory testing, each batch of drug product required to be free of objectionable microorganisms...
TEVA's response is that it had changed the date of its 'yearly plant shutdown' from December to April, and that it intends to appeal against the court decision.
Teva Jerusalem
Teva Jerusalem
Monday 10: In Washington, USA – Conservative Jew ELENA KAGAN is nominated by President OBAMA as Supreme Court Judge. Some conservative Christians criticise the large number of Jewish judges on their Supreme Court bench.
See: Monday 26 July
Tuesday 11: In Israel – The Jewish Sanhedrin writes to the author of this website in defence of the book Torat haMelech that the Commandments of Holy Scripture, such as 'Thou shalt not kill', are Jewish national laws and therefore apply only within a Jewish jurisdiction –
"Jewish law is the law meant to govern the Jewish people.  It applies to its citizens. If a Frenchman kills another Frenchman in France, this is not a crime by English law.  This does not mean that it is not a crime, or that it is condoned or permitted by English law.  It simply means that English law does not have jurisdiction over individuals who are not citizens.
This is true with Jewish law – as with any national law – crimes between citizens and non-citizens are handled by international treaties, extradition agreements, and sometimes by the other nations legal system.  These does not mean that any of these things are permitted, moral or condoned by one nation or another."
Quoted from a Re-established Sanhedrin's email to the author of this website, received May 11, 2010 8:50:58 AM.
Note the nationalist perspective that the Ten Commandments only apply to Jewish people.
Sunday 16: In West Bank, Palestine – American citizen, 81-year-old Jewish professor of Linguistics and Philosophy at the US Massachusetts Institute of Technology NOAM CHOMSKY (among the foremost academics in the world) is denied entry by Israel's military at the Allenby Bridge crossing from Jordan for having previously expressed criticism of Israel's policies (as reported by Chomsky to Channel 10 by telephone).
CHOMSKY was due to speak on Monday at Bir Zeit University in the Palestinian West Bank on American foreign policy.
(Chomsky last visited Israel and the West Bank in 1997 when he lectured at Ben-Gurion University and also at Birzeit University.)
(An Israeli Interior Ministry spokeswoman Sabine Haddad said officials were trying to get clearance from the Israel Defense Forces, but later admitted that it was their own officials who had denied him entry).
Tuesday 18: In spite of Israeli media reports that the Professor would now be allowed access, Professor CHOMSKY was unable to obtain an official guarantee of this and so will now hold his scheduled lecture at Birzeit University in West Bank by video conference from Amman. The lecture will also be broadcast live on Al Jazeera television. Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad says he –
"strongly condemns the decision of the occupation forces to prevent Chomsky from entering Palestinian land."
Prof. Noam Chomsky
Professor Chomsky
In West Jerusalem – Israel rejects Qatar's offer to restore diplomatic relations on the condition it allow Qatar to carry out a series of reconstruction projects in the blockaded Palestinian Gaza Strip and to import the necessary construction materials, alleging that the materials may by used by the elected Hamas goverment of Gaza for military purposes against Israel.
Friday 21: In Geneva, Switzerland – A group of 27 theologians, tourism activists and advocacy organizations, and Palestinian Christian activists and tour organizers, from 14 countries, call on Christian pilgrims to live their faith as they visit the Holy Land, going beyond homage of ancient sites to show concern for the Palestinian people living there whose lives are severely constricted by the Israeli occupation of their lands. The meeting further asked pilgrims to demonstrate solidarity with Palestinian Christians whose 2,000 year continuous presence in the land has been steadily diminishing as the hardships they face due to Israeli occupation lead them to emigrate.
Monday 24: In Canberra, Australia – The Australian government expells an official of the Israeli embassy for identity theft and passport falsification connected to the Dubai Mossad-murder in January this year. The previous such action by Australia regarding an Israeli official was in 2003. Israel is informed that there will be a cooling of ties between the two countries' intelligence services, which may affect intelligence cooperation on Iran's nuclear program.
In Netanya, Israel – Ha'aretz newspaper publisher AMOS SHOCKEN says at a gathering on media-legal relations at the Netanya Academic College:
"The Haaretz newspaper demands now too that the Shabak [Israel Security Agency] fulfil its original agreement with the newspaper's reporter URI BLAU and promise not to prosecute him." (See: September 2009 agreement).
Israel's Mossad is led by
Meir Dagan
Wednesday 26: In West Jerusalem – Israel's Supreme Court president condemns the failure of the Israeli government to enforce a court order to stop building a West Bank road on private Palestinian land between the Jewish settlements of Givat Hayovel and Eli, which prevents access by Palestinian residents in the village Krayot to 1,500 dunam (370 acres) of their agricultural land.
In talks with state lawyers, Supreme Court President DORIT BEINISCH gives the government 45 days to explain why illegal construction is continuing and justify damage to private property, and orders the state to back up its explanation with aerial photographs. The ruling comes in response to a petition by the human rights organization Yesh Din.
Mavi Maramara charity ship
Mavi Maramara before she was attacked by Israel's navy.

Israel's irresponsible self-righteous provocations against human rights again inspire hatred towards it and feed terrorism against Israel and its Western supporters around the world. 
Monday 31, 4.20 AM: International Waters, East Mediterranean – Israeli paratroopers from military helicopters hijack a ship of the charity convoy of international volunteers bringing medical and food aid to blockaded Gaza's 1.5 million inhabitants, after jamming all satellite-phone communication from the ship, killing nine (eight Turks and one American of Turkish nationality) and wounding forty-six others, nine seriously. It is reported that the dead Turkish American citizen FURKAN DOGAN, 19 years old, had one bullet in the chest and four bullets fired into his head from close range. Altogether, the flotilla had about 700 passengers from more than 40 countries, including 60 journalists.
The Israeli initial assault on the main passenger ship, the Mavi Marmara, was from 15 military boats using stun grenades, paintballs and rubber-cased steel bullets, which was repelled by the passengers with water hoses as they tried to form a defensive cordon to prevent Israel's soldiers from reaching the ship's wheelhouse. Next, military helicopters approached, hovering overhead to drop masked commandos onto the ship.
The Israel Defence Force later alleges that its heavily-armed commandos were attacked by the aid-volunteers (re-labeling them 'activists'), and were in a life-threatening situation wounding two seriously which required their deadly shooting of the aid-volunteers. Two members of the German parliament also traveled in the charity flotilla as aid volunteers as well as an Auschwitz survivor. Israel's government blames the organisers of the aid flotilla for the deaths of the charity volunteers. (See: Navy reserves officers' protest letter below)
Israel Navy attack charity flotilla
Israel's military attack one of the six charity ships in the Gaza flotilla.

Read Jamal Elshayya's eyewitness report

The 60 or so foreign journalists aboard the humanitarian flotilla heading for the Gaza Strip told how IDF soldiers, who arrested, detained and expelled them, seized all their equipment, documents and personal belongings. None of it has been returned so the soldiers can be considered guilty of theft, and many journalists have filed complaints. Israeli soldiers are rarely punished for their abuses.

Freedom Flotilla Route
JAMAL ELSHAYYA, an al-Jazeera reporter on the Marmara with a clear view of the Israeli attack, reports that Israel's soldiers fired down on the protesters from the helicopters before an Israeli soldier had even set foot on the ship. A man next to him was shot through the top of his head, dying instantly. At least two other eyewitnesses confirm this account of the soldiers firing from above the ship before they landed on the Marmara's deck.
This report is confirmed by the ship's captain who adds that Israel's soldiers also fired gas-bombs from the helicopters (as well as their assault rifles) into the passengers on his ship before their soldiers dropped down onto the deck. This provoked retaliation against the soldiers.
Freedom Flotilla One Route
Note concerning international waters attack:
The principle of freedom of navigation is enshrined in international law, including in the Convention on the High Seas, the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, and has attained the status of customary international law by which all states are bound. Under this principle, all states have the freedom to sail ships flying their flags on the high seas.
Israel's 'Apology'
In March 2013 (after departure from government after being indicted for fraud in December 2012 of Israel's foreign affairs/deputy prime minister Lieberman, and a visit of US President Obama), Israel's Prime Minister NETANYAHU visits Turkey and formally apologises for the killing of these Turkish human rights activists.
over a ship is exclusive to the state whose flag the ship is flying. Any attempt to board the ship of another flag-state is therefore considered a breach of that state’s sovereignty.
Maritime blockades can not be imposed in international waters.
to Israel’s assertions, maritime blockades must be restricted to ports or coastal areas under the enemy’s control, and may not be imposed in international waters. Israel’s attempt to impose and enforce its blockade in international waters is therefore illegal. Israel’s claim that it has a right to pursue a ship intending to breach its blockade from the time it begins its voyage, based on the so-called doctrine of 'continuous' voyage, is a minority position in international law. Israel’s reliance on this questionable doctrine does not justify its attack on a humanitarian flotilla and its infliction of so many casualties.
May 26, 2014: A Turkish court orders the arrest
of four Israeli officials in relation to the 2010 raid
on the Mavi Marmara aid flotilla:
Gabi Ashkenazi, Amos Yadlin, Yavishai Levi, Eliezer Alfred Maron.
GARDELL, a Swedish aid-volunteer, later tells the TT news bureau:
"The Israelis committed premeditated murder ...Two people were killed by shots in the forehead, one was shot in the back of the head and one in the chest."
The video footage filmed by the volunteers was confiscated by Israel and the reports of eyewitnesses discredited as the lies of 'terrorists'.
(Later, Israel deports the charity aid volunteers but confiscates their passports and their personal luggage).
Emily Henochowicz shot whit tear-gas canester by Israeli Border Police
Eye-destroyed, face-fractured,
Emily tended by woman in grief.
(See December 2010)

December, Wednesday 8.
Jerusalem – Israeli Border Policemen fire extended-range tear gas grenades into the faces of protestors, protesting the Israeli attack on the Marmara aid-ship, one of which strikes 21-year-old EMILY HENOCHOWICZ in the face, an art exchange student from New York, destroying her left eye and fracturing her face bones. The Border Police deny firing directly at the protestors, in spite of eyewitness testimony to the contrary.
(Attorney for the Henochowicz family, Michael Sfard states:
"According to testimony I have begun to receive, the firing was at close range and was directly aimed, and if this is correct, it is clearly a criminal act for which those involved must answer. My client and her family have authorized me to say that they demand that her unnecessary injury be fully investigated, and that we spare no effort to ensure that law enforcement authorities carry out their duty in this matter").

June In Norway
Two Norwegian labour unions enforce a two-week blockade banning Israeli ships and goods from entering Norwegian sea ports. This embargo is in protest to Israel’s blockade of Gaza, which prevented assistance and goods from reaching the Palestinians living there. The Norwegian government does not veto the unions’ action. (See: July 22, 2011).
Wednesday 2: In the US – Jewish American RICHARD FALK (Professor Emeritus of International Law and Practice at Princeton University and Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of California at Santa Barbara) writes his article "Crimes, lies, and blunders: Attacking the Freedom flotilla". (Click to read).

Note: Norway Friday 22, 2011.
Jewishnessas racial
Thursday 3: In the USA – Geneticist Harry Ostrer and ten others publish their research findings in The American Journal of Human Genetics – that European/Syrian and Middle Eastern Jews represent a series of geographical isolates or clusters woven together by shared IBD genetic threads. In other words, that Jews are a distinct race.
See PDF Report on
Jewishness as racial.
4: Warsaw airport, Poland – Polish authorities arrest a man named "Uri Brodsky" in his passport who is believed to be a high-level and experienced "facilitator" for the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad in Europe. A European warrant of arrest had been issued by Germany for the individual known as 'Brodsky' who had used fraudulent documents to obtain a German passport in the name of "Michael Bodenheimer", one of those apparently involved in the Dubai assassination in January. Evidence indicates that 'Brodsky' was involved in the logistics, providing paperwork, safe houses and other backup, for the Mossad execution squad.
5, PM: East Mediterranean, off the Gaza coast – Israeli naval forces seize the Irish-owned Gaza-bound aid vessel 'Rachel Corrie' at sea, which carries humanitarian aid and 19 Irish and Malaysian activists and was due to dock at Gaza City's fishermen marina. Instead, the Rachel Corrie is emptied at Ashdod's port under Israeli military supervision, no weapons are found, but it carries 500 tons of cement for rebuilding bombed-out buildings and homes which Israel does not allow into Gaza.
GAZA reports:

Economic sabotage of Gaza
"Israel permits Gaza residents to receive small packets of margarine, considered a consumption item. Israel bans, however, the transfer of large buckets of margarine, because the buckets are designed for industrial use, rather than home consumption, meaning that they could be used to allow a local factory to produce biscuits – and thus engage in economic activity. Similarly, requests to permit empty cans into Gaza – intended for the preservation and marketing of Gaza-produced tomato paste – have been refused, but requests to transfer Israeli-made tomato paste are permitted."
Click for Partial List of Items Prohibited/Permitted into Gaza: as at May 2010.
journalist MANOLO LUPPICHINI (who was working for Italy's RAI-3 television and an Italian-Swiss television channel when he was detained by Israel), who was aboard the Sfintoni-8000 of the Gaza-aid flotilla when it was attacked, reports that his credit card, confiscated with all his personal effects and his camera equipment by the Israeli authorities, was illegally used for purchases in Israel after he was deported to Italy.
response, the IDF spokesman states that the flotilla passengers' personal belongings had been loaded onto the Turkish planes on which they were flown out of the country, all magnetic media (of journalists) was confiscated for security reasons, the IDF is considering whether these items will be returned, and that if an Israeli Foreign Ministry and police inquiry leads to the suspicion that anyone has stolen Luppichini's credit card, the matter will be dealt with severely.
6: In Israel – In a letter from Israeli Navy Reserves officers to Jewish Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and to Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi, Israel's top Navy reserves officers denounce its commando raid on the Gaza-aid flotilla –
"First and foremost, we protest the fact that responsibility for the tragic results was immediately thrust onto the organizers of the flotilla. ...This demonstrates contempt for the responsibility that belongs principally to the hierarchy of commanders and those who approved the mission. This shows contempt for the values of professionalism, the purity of weapons and for human lives."
The Israeli Navy Reserves officers call on their government to allow an external probe of the Gaza flotilla tragedy.
9, 18.35: In New York, USA – Religious Orthodox (Bobover Hasidic) Jewish Millionaire businesman SHLOMO (Solomon) OBSTFELD (55) falls to his death from the 19th floor of his Essex House Manhattan apartment. The medical examiner calls it a suicide, but he leaves no note or will, and his family and close friends suspect it was murder of this warmhearted family-man, after a Jewish Rabbi who owed him money put a "pulsa dinura" death-curse on him before moving to Israel, and have accordingly hired a private investigator from the CMP Protective and Investigative Group.
OBSTFELD (of Central Park South investment firm LH Financial) was involved with billionaire MARTIN SCHLAFF whom Israeli police this week recommended be indicted for bribing Israel's then prime minister Ariel Sharon with $3million in 2002.
(In February 2000, Donna Lee H. Williams, Insurance Commissioner of the State of Delaware, as Receiver of National Heritage Life Insurance Company in liquidation had filed a civil action against SHLOMO OBSTFELD among others for insurance insolvency fraud.
Orthodox Jewish Rabbi SHOLAM WEISS who fled the US to Austria was convicted of 78 criminal charges in absentia).
Thursday 10: The Commonwealth Lawyers Association (CLA), a pan-Commonwealth professional association of lawyers that exists to maintain and promote an independent legal profession and the rule of law throughout the Commonwealth, issues a statement expressing its concern about the ongoing attacks against the professional and personal integrity of Richard Goldstone, an eminent Jewish South African jurist, who was appointed as Head of an independent United Nations Fact-Finding Mission to investigate violations of human rights and humanitarian law committed in the course of Israel's Gaza War between 27th December 2008 and 18th January 2009. The CLA calls for these attacks to cease and echoes the sentiments expressed by the International Bar Association in their statement of 25th May 2010.
Continuing criticism
of Judge Goldstone
raises concern in CLA.
Friday 11: In Jerusalem – Massage-chair importer ZIAD JILANI (41), on his way home from noon prayers, swerves his vehicle apparently to avoid stones being thrown at Israel border police, striking four officers. The Israeli officers fire in all directions wounding a young girl sitting in a parked car. JILANI tries to flee the scene but is wounded, falls, and is executed by border police officer MAXIM VINOGRADOV on suspicion that he could be a terrorist.
14: In West Jerusalem – Israel now announces the names of its own commission to investigate the Israeli attack on the aid flotilla in international waters. Their names are –
1.  Chairman  Jacob Turkel  75  Retired jurist and a member of a military appeals court.
2.  Member  Shabtai Rosen  93  Bar Ilan University law professor.
3.  Member  Amos Horev  86  Retired Major-General of Israel Defense Force.
4.  Observer  David Trimble  65  First minister of Northern Ireland; leader of the Israel lobby in Britain's House of Lords.
5.  Observer  Ken Watkin  Former head of the Canadian military's judiciary.
Turkey rejects the credibility of the commission due to its lack of a Turkish observer as all the dead were Turkish, but America supports its credibility even though the clear purpose of the Israeli government's appointment is to seek justification for the Marmara attack and killings.
Tuesday 15: In Dublin, Ireland – Irish Foreign Minister MICHEAL MARTIN announces the expulsion of a member of the Israeli Embassy diplomatic staff over the forging of Irish passports used in the Dubai assassination in January.
Tel Aviv, Israel – Israeli cabinet minister ISAAC HERZOG (welfare and social services portfolio) states that the previous Israeli government had started the policy of banning economic resources as well as dangerous materials from Gaza as an all-encompassing embargo with the aim of the "economic collapse" of Gaza in a bid to bring Hamas to its knees and pressurize it to free the Israeli soldier held captive for the past four years. He states that, "to my regret" that had not happened even though the blockade has been in place for three years. Israel is therefore currently weighing a new formula of coercion.
Although Israel reduced its import blockade to weapons and 'dual use' materials such as cement, it continues to maintain it's export bloackade, unhindered by the rest of the world, thus continuing its ecomonic terrorism against the people of Gaza.
Monday 21: In Cedar Rapids, USA – The CEO and co-vice president of Agriprocessors, Ultra-Orthodox Jew SHOLOM RUBASHKIN (having turned down a plea deal of 12 years) is sentenced on 86 fraud-related charges to 324 months (27 years) in prison, to be followed by five years of supervised release, and to pay $18.5 million in restitution to one bank, $8.3 million to another bank, and $3.8 million to Waverly Sales Inc. (There is no parole in the US federal prison system for offences committed after 01 November 1987).
Tuesday 22: In Lebanon – The Hezbollah, in response to suspicions that Israel's Mossad is tracking their leader Shiekh Hassan Nasrallah to assassinated him, warns Israel that this will violate the United Nations Security Council resolution 1701 which effectively ended the 2006 Second Lebanon War between Israel and Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, and that if he is harmed it will be a declaration of war by Israel and that no stone in Israel will be safe.
Friday 25: In Ramallah, Occupied Palestine – The Palestinian Ministry of Health appeals to the Norwegian Development Agency, which had donated the seven hospital oxygen machines confiscated by Israel (because they may be used for non-medical purposes), to intervene with Israel on behalf of Palestine's hospitals and patients.
Israeli gun-running and
related crimes internationally:

These Israelis currently in foreign prisons
had all served in the Israel Defense Forces
and reached mid-level ranks
(captain to lieutenant colonel)
Brittain Gidon Sarig 58
Selling arms and other combat gear to parties in Venezuela, Peru, Senegal, Nigeria, Gabon, and Sri Lanka
USA Ofer Pazaf 50 Attempting to smuggle weapons to Africa
USA Yohanan Cohen 47 Attempting to smuggle weapons to Africa
USA Haim Gary 50 Attempting to smuggle weapons to Africa
USA Hanoch Miller 53
Thousands of AK-47 (Kalashnikov) rifles to the "government" of Somaliland, a separatist region of northern Somalia.
Russia Yair Klein 69
Training drug barons' bodyguards in Columbia, after having done time in a Sierra Leone prison for his mercenary activity.
France Shimon Naor-Hershkowitz
Pending extradition to Romania, where he will serve an 11-year jail sentence for forging documents (end-user certificates) to purchase Romanian arms destined for rebels in Angola, such as ambushed and shot the Togo soccer players on their way to play in the Africa Cup of Nations tournament.

July Monday
5: In Turkey – The Turkish foreign minister AHMET DAVUTOGLU announces, concerning Israel's 'freedom flotilla' raid in international waters in which nine Turks were shot dead, that the "Israelis have three options.
1. They will either apologise, or
2. acknowledge an international, impartial inquiry and its conclusion.
3. Otherwise, our diplomatic ties will be cut off."
The statement is reported by the Hurriyet newspaper and picked up in Israel and across the Arab world.
In Israel – Israel is still refusing to release three Turkish ships captured in the May 31 raid on the Gaza-bound flotilla, saying it will not do so without a written pledge from the Turkish government that the ships will not be used for such activities again.
See Video:
Israeli soldiers on patrol in Hebron
dance the Macarena during the
Muslim call to prayer.
See: US terrorism in Iraq
Tuesday 6: In Bethlehem – Palestinian Administration Minister of Prisoners Affairs ISSA QARAQE is denied entry into Israel, in violation of the 1993 Oslo Accords, and is stripped of his VIP card (permitting him to cross Israeli military checkpoints without harassment) by an Israeli soldier at the Beit Jala Tunnels checkpoint because he refused to get out of his vehicle. QARAQE was on his way to a meeting in Nazareth with a follow-up committee on the cases of Palestinian prisoners in Israel who hold Israeli ID cards. (The VIP cards, part of the Oslo Accords signed in 1993, guaranteed freedom of movement and access for elected Palestinian Authority officials).
Another Oslo Accord violation
Thursday 8: In Israel and West Bank – Jewish Zionist Rabbi HAIM DRUCKMAN issues a letter calling for a mass protest this coming Monday night at the Golden Gate ('Bab al-Zahabi'/'Sha'ar Harachamim') on the eastern flank of 'Temple Mount' ('Al-Haram''/Mount Moriah) against Israeli police controls (which are aimed at preventing Zionist provocative behaviour at Islamic sites) on entry to Temple Mount. Other Jewish religious leaders supporting the protest include Kiryat Arba's chief rabbi, DOV LIOR, and leading rabbis at several yeshivas in the West Bank: RE'EM HACOHEN of Yeshivat Otniel, YA'ACOV MEDAN of Yeshivat Har Etzion, and Rabbi NACHUM RABINOVITCH of Yeshivat Birkat Moshe.
(On May 16, 2007, Haredi Jewish rabbis declared that any Jews entering Temple Mount violate a divine decree punishable by death). This area is regarded in Islam as a mosque known as the Noble Sanctuary (الحرم القدسي الشريف‎).
In Atlanta, United States – America's CNN news agency is reported by New York Times to have fired their 20-year-veteran Middle East editor OCTAVIA NASR for posting a message (on Twitter) expressing respect for a Shi'ite Muslim Cleric who died on Sunday, saying: "Sad to hear of the passing of Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah... One of Hezbollah's giants I respect a lot". Immediate complaints from supporters of the State of Israel resulted in her firing.
Fadlallah helped form Hezbollah after Israel's invasion of southern Lebanon, but disapproved of its links with Iran.
Tuesday 13: In East Jerusalem – Israel demolishes the family home of LINDA AL-RAJABI as it had no permit (Israel does not generally issue building permits to Palestinians). Earlier today it demolished two Palestinian homes and a Palestinian factory under construction for the same reason.
Woman arrested by Israeli police
for praying at the Western Wall
with a Torah scroll.
See: June 21, 2012.
police wrest a Torah scroll from a Jewish woman, ANAT HOFFMAN, and arrest her as she prays at the Western ('Wailing') Wall (Kotel) in Jerusalem. She explains –
"We did nothing wrong. We were fully within the guidelines of the Supreme Court ruling which allows us to hold the Torah. We were not reading from the Torah. We were just singing and praying, and on our way to Robinson’s Arch to complete the service, as per the terms of the Supreme Court. There was absolutely no reason for me to be arrested."
ANAT HOFFMAN is chairwoman of the Women of the Wall movement for equal treatment.
Anshel Pfeffer
Anshel Pfeffer
Tisha B'Av is on Tuesday
20 July this year.
Friday 16: In Tel Aviv, Israel – Ha'aretz Journalist, ANSHEL PFEFFER, challenges the international Jewish hypocrisy of their traditional annual mourning on the Ninth of Av for their exile and loss of temple
"in this day and age [it] flies in the face of both secular Zionism and religious Zionism. It contradicts the right of Jews around the world to decide where they prefer to live. The exile is over, and the temple has not been rebuilt because we don't want to do it."
Monday 19: In West Jerusalem – An Israeli Court Judge ZVI SEGAL reinforces growing Jewish fascist attitudes by sentencing an Arab, SABBAR KASHUR (known as Dudu), to 18 months in prison for pretending to be a Jew in a consenting sexual relationship with a Jewish woman MAYA. It is understood that the court response would have been different if the complainant were an Arab. (Source: Gideon Levy, Ha'aretz, and Guardian, UK).
Thursday 22: In Jerusalem – Israel decides to lease the seven Freedom-flotilla ships to Turkey which it had captured in its deadly raid to maintain the illegal Gaza blockade.
In Britain – Justice Secretary, KEN CLARKE, announces that their coalition government will act “at the first opportunity” to change the law on universal jurisdiction for war crimes. This is to protect Israeli's liable to charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity from arrest and prosecution in the UK.
Monday 26: In West Bank, Palestine – Seminary Dean Rabbi YITZHAK SHAPIRA head rabbi of a prominent yeshiva in the West Bank Jewish settlement of Yitzhar is at last arrested for incitement to kill non-Jews in his book Torat Ha-Melech. (Rabbi Shapira was arrested this past January for his alleged involvement in the torching of a Palestinian mosque in the village of Yasuf in December 2009, but was later released.) Note the Sanhedrin's defence of this book. However, he is released several hours later with no indication of the process of any investigation.
Israeli Oppression
Tuesday 27, 4.30 AM: In the Negev – About 1500 police officers carrying firearms and stun grenades, followed by a special patrol unit, helicopter, mounted horsemen and bulldozers, enter the El Araqib Bedouin village and begin demolishing everything in the village. The village has existed longer than the state of Israel. Its more than 300 Bedouin residents, mainly children, are forcefully removed from their village as they watch the Israeli police destroy their homes and property. This aggressive attempt to clear the village is part of an effort of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) and Israel Land Authority (ILA) to claim historic Bedouin land to use it for forestation and future Jewish settlement.
See: Thursday, March 10, 2011.
Saturday 31: In New York, USA – The Wall Street Journal reports that investigation into the January assassination in Dubai of a HAMAS official by suspected Israeli Mossad agents has found a financial link between web-based US companies that connect job-seekers with employers and transfer payments between them into cash-card accounts of suspected Israel's Mossad agents.
The named companies are Elance Inc. and Rent a Coder (now called, which brings investigators closer to tracking down the assassins.

August In South Africa –
After authority's discovery of the theft of blue-prints of Denel's long-range precision-guided 178mm missile (10,000 metre range) by Israel, Israel's espionage agency Mossad writes to South Africa's National Intelligence Agency (NIA) –
"Further to your request regarding the Macopa Missile Affair [sic. Mokopa, meaning Black Mamba in the Setswana language], please note that our service has no authority to carry out investigations on Israeli territory. ... However, In light of the strong cooperation between our services, and our sincere desire to assist you, we have examined ways in which we can, at least, return the missile plans to you [after copying, of course]. ... Since, according to the information you relayed to us, an Israeli citizen, Mr Yitzhak Talia [sic], is involved in this affair, we would appreciate receiving confirmation from the competent authority that the Israeli citizen will not be prosecuted or involved in legal issues in South Africa concerning this affair, before we relay the plans to you. ... The information we will relay to you about this matter is classified intelligence and therefore should not be used in legal proceedings."
Danie Steenkamp (Senior Technician at Denel) is later sentenced to five years in prison, and Anthony Viljoen (managing director of a company that worked with Denel), five-year suspended sentence and a fine of 500,000 Rand ($45,000) for turning states-evidence. Johan Grundling (who had travelled to Israel in the early stages of Steenkamp and Viljoen's attempts to sell the missile plans) had committed suicide in March 2010 when police searched his home.

Design stolen by
Israeli agent
Yitzhak Talia/Talyah aka
Edward Henry Taljaard

Mokopa missile:
Air to surface
Tandem High Explosive
Anti-Tank (HEAT)
Capable of penetrating
1350 mm RHA;
Blast Fragmentation.
10: In Hebron – Israeli soldiers seal three Palestinian-owned shops in the center of Hebron as part of the Israeli authorities' separation policy to protect Jewish settlements erected there. This entails physical and legal segregation between the Jewish settlers and the Palestinian majority, as well as extensive and harsh restrictions on movement of Palestinians and systematic refusal to enforce law and order on Jewish settlers who attack Palestinians. This policy has devastated the economy of the city center and causes many Palestinians to consequently vacate their homes in the area.
15: In Israel – Israel's Defence Minister EHUD BARAK announces an agreement with the United States and Lockheed Martin by Israel's Air force for the delivery of 20 F-35 fighters to Israel between 2015 and 2017. The Lockheed Martin F-35 is a fifth-generation, single-seat, single-engine, stealth-capable military strike fighter, which can evade radar and anti-aircraft missile systems. "The F-35 is the fighter plane of the future that will allow Israel to maintain its aerial superiority and its technological advantage in the region," Barak said.
16: In Pimlico. London, UK – British GCHQ Codebreaker GARETH WILLIAMS is assassinated by Russia's foreign intelligence service (SVR) Слу́жба вне́шней разве́дки.
Israel develops the criminal Stuxnet computer worm to attack Iran's nuclear enrichment program at Natanz and propagates it world-wide to cover all eventualities. The virus jumps from infected system to another until it eventually finds the Siemens Step7 software which drives the centrifuges used in Iran's nuclear program. In the Seimens centrifuges, it accelerates them until they burn out and destroy their systems, while still sending signals to the control panel hat the systems are functioning properly, so, while their systems are burning out, no one knows they are under attack.
Sunday 29: In Israel – Leading Sephardic Jewish ultra-Orthodox party rabbi, OVADIA YOSEF (a founder of Israel's Shas party), in his weekly Shabbat sermon describes Palestinians as evil, bitter enemies of Israel which should perish.
"All these evil people should perish from this world
...God should strike them with a plague, them
[their leaders] and these Palestinians".
Rabbi Ovadia YosefRabbi Ovadia Yosef
(dies 13/10/2013 age 93,
succeeded by
Rabbi Shalom Cohen)
Tuesday 31: Westbank, Palestine – HAMAS agents assassinate four Israeli civilians in a car near the Jewish settlement of Kiryat Arba in provocation against the peace talks beginning in Washington between Israel and the Palestinian Administration.


See: US Foreign Aid to Israel
(Congressional Research Service)
report to Congress on all forms of aid,
including figures from 1949 to present.
Wednesday 22: The United Nations Human Rights Council describes the Israeli attack on the Gaza flotilla as "disproportionate" and condemns its "unacceptable level of brutality".
Later: Another round of direct negotiations begins between Israel and the Palestinian leadership begins, but the talks collapse after Israel refuses to extend the freeze on Jewish settlement construction in the Palestinian West Bank.
In New York – The international Middle East Quartet (the United States, Russia, United Nations and European Union) calls on Israel to renew its freeze of Jewish settlement-building so as to facilitate negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, but this is declined.
Saturday 25: In London. UK – Jewish atheist ED MILIBAND becomes leader of the Labour Party in the UK and thus leader of the Opposition in parliament.
Tuesday 28: In South Africa – An Israeli Mossad document sent to South African intelligence, deals with a possible shipment to Iran of yellowcake, necessary for uranium refinement, by an Armenian broker. “We would like to inform you that we recently received information that [name redacted] informed his intermediary in Iran that on 19 September he was departing for Turkey where he would be preparing ‘the yellow goods’ – we assess this to be yellowcake – from the same country where Iran previously obtained 500 tons, which we assess is South Africa.”
South Africa
has supplied Israel
in the past.


Oil fields
Maritime oil fields claimed by Israel
'Leviathan' requires agreement with Cyprus
Tuesday 5: Israel – A report by the Tzomet Institute in a study "Illicit sex for the sake of national security" gives a ruling by Jewish Rabbi ARIEL SHVAT justifying it morally on the grounds that Queen Esther slept with persian king Xerxes [ignoring the fact that he was her husband] and that Yael slept with Sisera [which has no source but a Jewish tradition, and she was not even Jewish].
The issue has arisen in connection with female Israeli Mossad agents being used for that purpose. Schvat's ruling was praised by Tzomet's director, Rabbi Yisrael Rosen, who added that "women employees of the Mossad are probably not going to come consult with a rabbi" before their missions.
Wednesday 6: In Beit Fajjar, West Bank (near Bethlehem) – Six Jewish rabbis express solidarity with local Muslims in their visit to the local mosque burnt apparently by extremist Jewish settlers. The rabbis arrive at the village in bullet-proof cars accompanied by Israeli soldiers. (Vandals spray-painted and torched a mosque in the southern West Bank early Monday 4th in an attack, Palestinian witnesses and officials, blamed Israeli settlers).
Sunday 10: In West Jerusalem – Israel's Social Affairs Minister ISAAC HERZOG tells Army Radio "There is a whiff of fascism on the margins of Israeli society ...The overall picture is very disturbing and threatens the democratic character of the state of Israel. ...There have been a tsunami of measures that limit rights... I see it in the halls of the Knesset (parliament), in the commissions and departments responsible for legislation. We will pay a heavy price for this."
Friday 15: In Brussels – Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul GHEIT says that the Arab League may submit a request for a UN resolution supporting a Palestinian state within the 1967 border as early as November, in the light of Israel ending its Jewish settlement freeze in the occupied West Bank and its announcement of building tenders for 238 new Jewish residences in East Jerusalem.
Saturday 17: In Israel – Shas Party spiritual leader, Jewish Rabbi OVADIA YOSEF (see photo above right) states in his Sabbath sermon that –
"Goyim [non-Jews] were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel."
Tuesday 19: In West Jerusalem – Israeli parliament (knesset) members, GIDEON EZRA (Kadima ) and seven other, propose a bill to ban residents of East Jerusalem from working as tour guides (potentially putting hundreds out of work) because they do not represent Israel's [Jewish] national [fascist] interest well enough "and in an appropriate manner."
Thursday 21: In the USA – Associated Press reports that since Israel's government ended the Jewish settlement building freeze in the Palestinian Westbank, Jewish settlers have begun building 550 new residences (in three weeks), which is four times the rate of building than in the last two years.
Rabbi YITZHAK SHAPIRA (author of Torat Hamelech), head of the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva of the Jewish settlement of Yitzhar in the Westbank of Palestine, distributes fliers to his students in which he writes –
"According to true Jewish values, your lives come before those of the enemy, whether he is a soldier or a civilian under protection. Therefore, you are forbidden from endangering your own life for the sake of the enemy, not even for a civilian"
  thereby justifying the use of civilians (Palestinians) as human shields.
Saturday 30: In Gaza – Senior Hamas official MAHMOUD ZAHAR says in an interview with the Arabic language daily Al Hayat that anyone who fires rockets from Gaza into Israel is a "rebel" against the policy of Hamas. On Thursday ZAHAR had said that Hamas had seriously considered "Israel's threats to launch another war on Gaza, but we frankly say if Israel tries to enter Gaza, it will cost it a lot and it won't be able to achieve its goals."

Prostituting sex for politics.
Friday 29: In Jerusalem – Jewish Settlers burn the Christian church on Prophet's Street (built in 1897).
Church officials reported that molotov cocktails had been thrown through first floor windows. However, the Israeli police say that while their investigation is ongoing, initial findings are that the fire started 'organically' and was not set by arsonists.
Sunday 31: In Be'er Sheva, Israel – Judge SARA HAVIV rules that the Israeli police must pay compensation to student RAN TZOREF for violating his right to demonstrate against Israel's Gaza War and his arrest, after the prosecution service could not prove its case against him. Israel's police must pay him NIS 10,000 for violating his legal right to demonstrate, and another NIS 2,838 for arresting him and dragging him into a criminal process from which he was exonerated.

Monday 1: In New York, USA – Jewish ultra-Orthodox rabbi MILTON BALKANY goes on trial accused of extortion, blackmail, fraud, and making false statements to a government agent, in an effort to obtain $2m from Jewish founder of investment firm SAC Capital Advisors – Stephen Cohen.
In 2013
Stephen Cohen's company is fined $1.8 billion for insider trading
6: In Israel – Investigative reporters uncover report that Israel is paying and training internet bloggers to delete, rewrite, and revise internet content to shape public opinion to Israel's political benefit.
They report that Israelis are being trained to spread disinformation and to try to create conflicts among different religious, racial, and ethnic groups if it would benefit Israel. Some of the seminars encouraged the workers to spread disinformation on the internet and to attempt to recruit free (unpaid) labor. For example, many of these bloggers have been trained to attempt to make friends on the internet by pretending that they share an interest in a favorite sports team or movie, or that they went to the same school, but will ultimately try to recruit persons to attack other groups or individuals that Israel thinks is against its national interests (e.g., 'Muslims,' 'Russians,' 'Germans,' 'Latinos,' 'United Nations representatives' and 'human rights groups'). Others have been trained to personally attack, stalk, and harass anyone personally that does not agree with Israel's policies. (See YouTube video of seminar)
8: In Israel – Interior Ministry spokesperson EFRAT ORBACH says plans for some 1,300 Jewish housing units in two neighbourhoods in East Jerusalem on land Israel seized in a 1967 war has been made public, passing another procedural stage toward eventual construction.
Israel – BOB LANG (previously adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) of the Erfat Religious Council in a meeting with TERRY CRAWFORD-BROWNE (South African human rights activist) insists that Jews have a "biblical right" to occupy Palestine, apparently completely unaware that God's covenant of the Land with Abraham and his descendants had absolute conditions attached.
New Orleans, USA – Organizer of the protest during the speech of Prime Minister NETANYAHU at the Jewish Federations General Assembly, HANNAH KING explains
“We believe that the actions that Israel is taking, like settlements, like the occupation, like the loyalty oath, are contrary to the Jewish values that we learnt in Jewish day school,” she said. “This is not Tikkun Olam. Oppressing people in refugee camps is not Tikkun Olam. And it is a hypocrisy that I cannot abide. We must be tough on all countries that abuse human rights but I care about Israel because for me it's personal," King explained. "I don’t believe that Netanyahu heard our message but our message was aimed at the other young Jews at the convention.”
17: In Palestine – Israel pardons 75 members of the Al-Aqsa Brigades (the military wing of Fatah), seven confined to house arrest and the rest freed, as an act of goodwill for the Muslim feast of Al Adha.
Berlin, Germany – Nobel laureates petition Israel's government to allow atomic whistleblower MORDECHAI VANUNU to leave Israel so that he may receive an award (the Carl von Ossietzky Medal, named after the renowned German pacifist, who had opposed the Nazi regime, and who was later held in a concentration camp and murdered) issued by the International League of Human Rights in Berlin: among others, by Nobel laureates, such as –
    Mairead Corrigan-Maguire,
German writer   Günter Grass,
chemist   Harold W. Kroto,
physician   Jack Steinberger, as well as
singer   Nina Hagen,
author   Felicia Langer, and
former Vice President of the European Union   Luisa Morgantini.
(Ossietzky is also famous for having been denied the Nobel Peace Prize laureate as a result of Nazi Germany's unwillingness to allow the peace activist to leave its border when he was named laureate in 1936).
Petition Denied

Israel's Mossad in Iran
Monday 29: In Iran – Assailants on motorcycles attach bombs to the cars of two nuclear scientists as they drive in Tehran, killing one (Majid Shahriari, and wounding his wife) and seriously injuring the other (Fereidoun Abbasi, and wounding his wife also).
Iran's president blames Israel's Mossad and the United States CIA for the attacks.
president confirms that a computer worm (Stuxnet) has affected centrifuges in their uranium enrichment program. He said it "managed to create problems for a limited number of our centrifuges" but the problems were resolved. (See: Saturday 15 January 2011).
US-Israel cyber-warfare
(See: May 2012 'Flame' virus)

December In the
USA – The Real News ( broadcasts an interview with retired CIA officer RAY McGOVERN (employed under seven US presidents for over 27 years, presenting the morning intelligence briefings at the White House under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush), in which he states that America's CIA had concluded in 2007 that Iran had stopped its nuclear weapons development in the fall of 2003.
The Iran-bogie often used to rally support for Israel's nuclear weapons programme.
1: In Tel Aviv, Israel – A May 15, 2009, US Embassy cable (09TELAVIV1098) to Washington is released on Israel's Organised Crime problem, under the title ISRAEL, A PROMISED LAND FOR ORGANISED CRIME? (source: Wikileaks).
See: January 12, 2011.
2: Near Isfiya on Mount Carmel, Israel – A fire spreads through the forest ultimately killing 44 persons. A bus carrying cadets and commanders of the prison service, on its way to evacuate prisoners from Damon Prison, is trapped by the flames. The driver and 37 passengers were killed. Three police officers and three firefighters are also killed, among them a teenage volunteer. The fire also destroys 81 homes, damaged 173 others, and burns some 32,000 dunams (8,000 acres ) of natural woodland, including about 4 million trees.
Carmel fire.
5: In Ankara, Turkey – Prime Minister ERDOGAN declares, after assisting Israel in fighting its Carmel fires (250 houses destroyed, damage estimated at NIS 270 million):
"Now some (i.e. Israel's prime minister) are coming out and saying, 'Let's begin a new phase' (in Turkey-Israel relations). Before that, our demands must be met ...Our nine brothers martyred on the Mavi Marmara (by Israeli commandos in the Gaza aid convoy) must be accounted for. First an apology must be made and compensation must be paid."
Israel subsidises over 100 Jewish settlements in the Palestinian West Bank in defiance of international law. Another 100+ are “illegal outposts” even under Israeli law. All benefit from extensive support from the United States, channeled through a range of Jewish and right-wing 'Christian' bodies, all of which have charitable status under US law.
Wednesday 8: In Palestine – The extended range tear gas grenades used by Israel's IDF, which are in effect 40 mm rounds with a range of 250 meters and which had been prohibited after the negative publicity cause by death and injuries caused by their military use against civilians (such as Emily Henochowicz in May, see photo above), have been reintroduced by Israel's IDF for use against protestors.
In the USA – Visa, Mastercard and PayPal continue to enable donations to be made to US-registered groups funding illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank in defiance of international law, yet these same companies withdrew their services from Wikileaks for publishing US diplomatic cables leaked by a US state department whistleblowing employee.
In Israel – Israel's Army radio announces that 50 Jewish rabbis have issued a religious ruling for Jews forbidding the renting out of accommodation to non-Jews. Neighbours and acquaintances of whoever sells or rents an apartment to non-Jews in areas where Jews live must warn him, keep their distance from him, and refrain from business with him, according to the rabbis. (18 rabbis from Safed in northern Israel issued a similar ruling in September).
Israel's President SHIMON PERES states in reaction –
"The rabbis' letter creates a fundamental moral crisis in Israel which affects the definition of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. ...Every person is created in God's image – that is one of the main tenets of Judaism, and it forms the basis for democracy. ...The state of Israel is composed of Jewish citizens and non-Jewish citizens, and we all have the same rights, which include the right to practice any religion".

Rabbinic Fascism
'Lehava' Neonazi Mentality
Sunday 12: In Israel – The right-wing Jewish-Israeli organization Lehava operates a voicemail, through which people are asked to report Jewish persons renting apartments to Arabs/Palestinians. According to the announcement of the organization, the information – which is to be provided anonymously – will be checked, and names of people who have indeed rented apartments to Arabs will be published as a mark of shame "so that the [Jewish] public may decide what to do with them".
Tuesday 14: In Israel – Israeli officials cancel a ceremony to honour the Palestinian firemen who assisted in battling the Carmel fire last week, after a number of crew members were refused permits to cross the border. Palestinian Fire Services Commander AHMED RIZIK says that he and his staff were surprised to learn when they arrived at the checkpoint that only seven out of the 10 firemen would be granted entry into Israel, although all of them had been allowed in at the time of Israel's disaster.
a Mossad agent
with a conscience!
15: In Ayalon High Security Prison (north of Tel Aviv) – Australian-born Mossad agent BEN ZYGIER (alias: Ben Alon; Benjamin Burrows, and Benjamin Allen), arrested in February, commits 'suicide' in an isolation cell by hanging (married to an Israeli wife Maya and father of Romi and new-born Yuli), several days after a meeting with lawyer Avigdor Feldman who later described him as expecting to "be cleared at his trial".
Israel 'repatriates' his corpse to Australia under the name 'Ben Allen'.
Benjamin Zygier (34): fake 'suicide' in prison
See: Der Spiegel version of background events and outcome
secret imprisonment on undisclosed charges (arrested February 2010) is eventually uncovered in 2013 by Australian media which prompts Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu to call a meeting of "top Israeli journalists" on Wednesday 13 February 2013 to prevent details of Zygier's case from being made public.
Recognition of Palestine
Brazil – Bolivia joins Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay by announcing it recognizes Palestine as a sovereign state within the 1967 borders.
Wednesday 15: In Washington – The US Senate calls on the Obama administration to launch a diplomatic campaign "to convince the world not to recognise a Palestinian state, in case the matter is presented to the UN Security Council." The Senate confirmed its opposition to any attempt by the Security Council to recognise a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders. It says that America should use its veto if the state was declared unilaterally, without Israel's consent. (See Friday 24).
The official bias
of a fake mediator.
Sunday 19: In New York – Human Rights Watch releases a 166-page report detailing "Israeli policies in the West Bank harshly discriminate against Palestinian residents, depriving them of basic necessities while providing lavish amenities for Jewish settlements". Carroll Bogert, spokeswoman for the group, says Israel is carrying out "systematic discrimination merely because of race, ethnicity and national origin, depriving them of electricity, water, schools and access to roads". About 2.4 million Palestinians live in the West Bank alongside more than 400,000 Jewish settlers.
In Europe – Israeli MOSHE HAREL is reported to be on the run from Interpol on charges of human-organ trafficking. This comes after the exposure in South Africa of illegal human-organ tafficking operations, for international purchasers, performed at a Kwazulu-Natal hospital, brokered through Israeli mafia.
Wednesday 22: In Vienna, Austria – ARIEL MUZICANT, President of Austria's Jewish community, writes to Prime Minister NETANYAHU of Israel, to complain of the actions of Likud MK [MP] Deputy Minister AYOB KARA in meeting with Heinz-Christian Strache, head of the Neo-Nazi FPO party, and heaping praise on him at a joint press conference.
"The FPO has "called for the abolishment of anti-Nazi legislation," and its representatives have "made anti-Semitic remarks and praised the Nazi regime, denied the Holocaust or invited and promoted notorious Holocaust deniers," he writes. As a result, the Jewish community has fought the party – "which was and is one of our worst adversaries" – for years. "...We feel betrayed and are outraged about this behavior of Deputy Minister Kara. I consider this a shame for the State of Israel and a betrayal of the murdered 65,000 Austrian Jews and the 6 million martyrs of the Shoa."
Fascist Fraternization
Friday 24: In Ecuador – Ecuador's President RAFAEL CORREA announces their recognition of Palestine as an independent state within its 1967 borders, thereby following the lead of Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.
Sunday 26: In Israel – Israel's Foreign Minister AVIGDOR LIEBERMAN tells a conference of Israel's ambassadors –
"Even if we offered the Palestinians Tel Aviv and a retreat to the 1947 borders, they would find a reason not to sign a peace agreement. ...The PA has an illegitimate government that isn't holding elections. We must not reach a [final-status] agreement with them," and that "In the existing political circumstances, it's not possible to present a diplomatic plan for a final-status agreement, because the coalition [Israel's government] will simply no longer exist."
Israeli Population Census
Wednesday 29: According to Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics the population of the State of Israel is now 7,695,000 of which –
Jewish 5,802,000   75.4%
Arab 1,573,000   20.4%
other ethnicity 320,000   4.2%
Thursday 30: In Tel Aviv – The District Court unanimously finds Israel's past state president MOSHE KATSAV (Israel's eighth head of state) guilty of rape (x2), sexual assault, and defeating the ends of justice. The judgment by three judges describes the former president's evidence as "riddled with lies".
In Johannesburg, South Africa – WENDY MACHANIK is brought to court by the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) after she allegedly "misappropriated" R25,209,000 over the period March 2007 to end February 2010, and possibly before that period, from her agency's trust account. ('Darryl Sklar & Associates' were auditors, and Bruce Bernstein the company's chief financial officer). A report by Pasco Risk Management, commissioned by the EAAB, points to her "alleged boyfriend", EYAL MARINBERG, and an accountant as conspirators. His profile listed him as the agent for several upmarket properties, including developments in Tel Aviv. The Pasco Risk Management report alleges that MACHANIK:
  • Falsified amounts in the company's trust account;
  • Insisted that clients deposit monies into this trust account, rather than the company's attorney's trust account;
  • Intended to replenish the company's trust account from a R20-million deal with construction giant Group 5, a deal that never happened; and
  • Owes South Africa's Revenue Service R7-million in unpaid taxes.
MARINBERG allegedly often travelled to Angola for their "money-laundering scheme".
In the UK
The Arab Organization for Human Rights issues a report on human rights violations in the territory of the Palestinian Authority highlighting the practice of torture in prisons.
It appears that the Palestinian security services have been using torture on a wide and systematic basis for several years using, inter-alia, the following techniques: shabh (hanging) of all kinds, beating with cables, pulling out nails, suspension from the ceiling, flogging, kicking, swearing and cursing, electric shocks, sexual harassment and the threat of rape.
At least six people have been killed while undergoing torture in Palestinian Authority centres:
1.  Shadi Shaheen Ramallah
2.  Majd Barghouti Ramallah
3.  Mohammed al-Haj    Jenin
4.  Kamal Abu Taima Hebron
5.  Haitham Amro Hebron
6.  Fadi Hamadna Nablus
Many ex-detainees have permanent disabilities. Mass arrests have taken place on political grounds. (Click to down download PDF copy of the report)
See: Middle East Monitor
Palestinian security services
regular use of torture
In Israel
– The Kibbutz Elifaz in Ngev, in southern Israel, is authorized to grow and export the drug cannabis/marijuana/ dagga for 'medical' purposes. It becomes a lucrative industry. Subsequently, dozens of the country’s kibbutzim apply for licenses to grow marijuana and revitalize their workforces and revenue streams.
See:Marijuana Made Me

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