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Friday 11: In Area E1, West Bank, Palestine (between East Jerusalem and the Jewish settlement of Maale Adumim) – A protest tent encampment is erected by Palestinian protestors against Israel's plans to build a large Jewish settlement on the site because it would divide the West Bank and so make any future Palestinian state impossible.
"We have set up 20 tents, and have enough equipment to stay here for a long time",
(states Abir Kopty, spokeswoman for the 'Popular Struggle Co-ordination Committee').
Israeli authorities issue an eviction order, but Ms Kopty responds that the protestors had this day obtained a Supreme Court order suspending the eviction notice for six days.
Sunday 13: In Area E1, West Bank, Palestine (between East Jerusalem and the Jewish settlement of Maale Adumim) – In spite of an Israeli Supreme Court ruling that the protest encampment could remain for six days the Israeli police evict the approximately 200 protestors. Abir Kopty, spokesperson for the Popular Struggle Co-ordination Committee, claims that six people had been injured during the Israeli police eviction and had been taken to hospital; whereas Israeli police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld claims that there had been no injuries.
The action of the Palestinian protestors mirror those of Israeli Jewish settlers who stake their claim to parts of the Palestinian West Bank by pitching mobile homes on hilltops, known as 'outposts'.
Thursday 17: In Israel – Prime Minister NETANJAHU promises his electorate that, if he is re-elected, no [illegal] Jewish settlements [on Palestinian land] will be removed during his term in office.
500,000 Jews live in more than 100 settlements built in the Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem since the Israeli military occupied the area in 1967. It is these Jewish settlements that continue to make a 'two state solution' to the Israel-Palestine conflict impossible – as apparently no Jewish settlers would be willing to ever accept Palestinian citizenship.
Naftali Bennet
Naftali Bennet
In addition,
candidate for Israel's right-wing Jewish Home party (3% of the vote in 2009), NAFTALI BENNET in his election campaign, openly opposes the formation or recognition of any Palestinian state and supports the annexation of all Palestinian territory to the State of Israel.
22: In Israel – The 2013 Parliamentary/Knesset election is held. Only those parties which won a seat are listed below, and only the names of known non-zionist political parties are shown on a white background:
Israeli Knesset Israel's 2013 Election Result
1.  Likud Yisrael Beiteinu 31 seats 23.32%  right-wing zionist
2.  Yesh Atid (יש עתיד‎, 'There is a Future' Party) 19 seats 14.32%  centrist zionist
3.  Labor Party 15 seats 11,39%  left-wing zionist religious
4.  The Jewish Home 12 seats 9.12%  right-wing zionist religious
5.  Shas 11 seats 8.75%  centrist zionist religious
6.  United Torah Judaism 7 seats 5.17%  
7.  Hatnuah 6 seats 4.99%  
8.  Meretz 6 seats 4.54%  left-wing zionist green
9.  United Arab List (Ta'al) 4 seats 3.65%  
10.  Democratic Front for Peace and Equality (Hadash) 4 seats 3.00%  
11.  National Democratic Assembly (Balad) 3 seats 2.56%  
12.  Kadima 2 seats 2.09%  centrist zionist
cost of the election is estimated to be more than 1.5 billion NIS, with around 180 million NIS spent on campaigning, of which 59.4 million was spent by the Likud Yisrael Beiteinu alliance.
by Israeli soldiers
See: May 5, 2013
Wednesday 30: In Jamraya, Damascus, Syria – Israel's warplanes, flying in from Mount Hermon under Syrian radar, carry out a dawn attack on a Syrian military research centre on the outskirts of the capital killing two persons and wounding five others.
The United States describes the attack as being on a convoy of vehicles transporting weapons to Hezbolla in Lebanon, but video images of the bombing show buildings destroyed.
Israeli air attack is condemned by the Arab League and Russia; and Syria and Iran promise punitive retaliation.

Sunday 10: In East Jerusalem – A group of Jewish settlers trespass into Al-Aqsa Mosque, flanked by Israeli soldiers. The extremist settlers storm the Islamic sacred area in small groups, some provocatively practicing Jewish Talmudic rituals in the courtyard of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. (This sacrilegious behaviour is repeated again on Wednesday 4 August).
United Nations UNICEF publishes a damning report on Israel's treatment of Palestinian children in military custody, which reads in its opening sentence of its conclusion –
"Ill-treatment of Palestinian children in the Israeli military detention system appears to be
widespread, systematic and institutionalized. ..."

Saturday 16: In Israel – The Israeli military arrest Palestinian journalist/cartoonist MOHAMMAD SABA'ANEH (of the daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, and head of public relations at the Arab American University in Jenin) at the Allenby Bridge checkpoint as he returns from a four-day visit to Jordan, but they refuse to lay a charge or to make an accusation against him.
He is later transferred to the Kishon prison, north of Tel Aviv but is denied access to a lawyer.
(Eventually, on April 4th, after intermittent contact with a lawyer, he is sentenced by the Israeli Salem Military Court to 5 months in an Israeli prison for “contact with a hostile organization” and is fined “10,000 shekels”.
His brother Adel Saba'aneh tells –
"The only thing Mohammad did was contact a publisher in Amman who publishes a book about Palestinian prisoners",
which book was compiled by their other brother, Thamer Saba'aneh, who is arrested weeks after Mohammad for being a 'member' of Hamas.)
18: In New York – The United States vetoes a motion in the UN Security Council, supported by all other members, condemning all illegal Jewish settlements.
Palestinians respond with anger and call for a ‘Day of Rage’ against US complicity in the Israeli occupation of their land.
The US justifies its decision by claiming that, although the settlements are illegal, the Resolution would harm 'chances of peace talks'[?] between Israel and Palestine (but the rest of the world of course is not as naïve).
US Security Council Veto.
Why? Because Israel
might disapprove!
Such impartiality!
Friday 22: In Palestine – Armed Jewish settlers establish a new illegal settlement on the land of Salem Palestinian Village near Nablus with the help of Israel's military who use bulldozers to uproot orchards of Palestinian olive trees.
Anger & Retaliation
Tit-for-tat rockets and bombings
simply add to the social tragedy!
Saturday 23: In Israel – Palestinian ARAFAT SHAHIN JARADAT (33, married, father of two children), from Sa’ir, near Hebron in the southern part of the occupied Palestinian West Bank, dies under torture in Majiddo Israeli prison.
Attorney Kamil Sabbagh, who represented detainee Arafat Jaradat, states that Jaradat had complained to him of sharp pain due to ongoing and extensive Israeli interrogation, saying that he was interrogated for several hours, every day, and repeatedly complained of intense pain arising from it but was never seen by a physician.
At least 79 Palestinians have died in Israeli prisons since late September 2000 due to torture, medical neglect, excessive use of force by soldiers and interrogators, in addition to several who were executed by the arresting officers.

Monday 4: In Israel – From today Palestinian labourers are not be permitted to share buses with Jews. Israel's Transportation Ministry states that this race-based move is intended to ease the congestion felt on bus lines used by Jews in the same areas.
Israel's Apartheid deepens
UK Parliamentary Motion
Tuesday 19: In the UK Parliament – A motion is tabled which reads –
"That this House notes with alarm Israel's ongoing practice of 'administrative detention' wherein many Palestinians are held indefinitely without being charged or being permitted to stand trial; further notes that this practice is in breach of a number of relevant international agreements and conventions including the 4th Geneva Convention and the European law for the prevention of torture or punishment of prisoners; further notes that the policy includes the deporting of Palestinian prisoners from the Occupied Palestinian Territories to Israel and the denial of regular family visits as well as the neglecting of the needs of child detainees; further notes the international community's lack of substantive action against administrative detention which has led to hunger strikes; and calls on the Government to make renewed and increased representations to insist the Israeli government cancel this policy immediately and restore rights to all Palestinian prisoners."
Motion is supported by members of the British Parliament representing 52 constituencies.
See detail of
early day motion 1222

Monday 8, c.5:30pm: In Aida refugee camp, 2km north of Bethlehem in Palestine West Bank – Mohamed Al-Azza, a photographer for Palestine News Network (PNN) taking photos from the second-floor balcony of the Lajee Centre (children’s educational centre inside the camp) of a raid by Israeli soldiers, is deliberately shot in the face with a rubber-coated steel bullet by an Israeli soldier. Azza is hospitalised at Beit Jala hospital, undergoes an operation, and is expected to remain in the hospital for about 10 days. The Israeli military do not take responsibility. (See: Reporters Without Borders).
See Also:
Hunger Strike Anim. video
America's Guantánamo Bay
23 April Video
Tuesday 30: In Gaza – Israel carries out an air attack, killing a motorcyclist and wounding two others, claiming that the deceased was a suspected "top militant inspired by al Qa'eda".
Government Vigilantism
Israel – Officials at Ofer Prison inform journalists that, of the 23,300 prisoners held in Israel, 33% (7,689) are on trial or are awaiting trial, and 3% (699) are "administrative detainees" (imprisoned indefinitely without trial).
Quoted by B. Pogrund, Jerusalem-based director of the Yakar Center for Social Concern.

Sunday 5: In Jamraya, Damascus, Syria – Israel's airforce again violates Syrian airspace twice to attack a military research and storage facility. Casualties are reported. The story put about, as on January 30, is that it was an attack on a convoy of weapons being moved to Hezbollah in Lebanon; whereas the Syrian regime accuses Israel of siding with the rebels in Syria's civil-war.
It is more likely to have been an Israeli attempt to destroy weapons before they fall into rebel hands among whom al Qa'eda may be represented.
The Arab League calls
for UN intervention
World Jewish Congress in Hungary
5-7: In Budapest, Hungary – The Plenary Asembly of the World Jewish Congress (WJC), after an opening address by the Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the WJC releases a statement that, while thanking Orbán for making clear "that anti-Semitism is unacceptable and intolerable," chides him for his failure to –
"confront the true nature of the problem: the threat posed by the anti-Semites in general and by the extreme-right Jobbik party in particular. We regret that Mr. Orbán did not address any recent anti-Semitic or racist incidents in the country, nor did he provide sufficient reassurance that a clear line has been drawn between his government and the far-right fringe."
Wednesday 8, 08:00: In Jerusalem, Israel – The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem is arrested by Israeli police for interrogation concerning clashes between Jewish and Muslim youths at the Muslim al-Aqsa Mosque after about 40 Jewish settlers storm al-Aqsa through the Moroccan Gate. (Israeli forces continue to disallow any Palestinian under 50 from entering al-Aqsa). The Grand Mufti is responsible for the supervision of Muslim holy places in Jerusalem.
day is regarded by Zionists as 'Jerusalem Day' in celebration of the reunification of Jordanian and Israeli Jerusalem on this day in 1967.
Jewish zionist T-shirt calling for demolition of Muslim holy site.

David Rotem of
Yisrael Beitenu
Israel – The Knesset/Parliament ratifies an amendment to Israel's Basic Law (proposed by Knesset Member David Rotem of Yisrael Beiteinu, reportedly at the request of the Prime Minister) limiting the number of cabinet ministers to 19 and doubling the electoral threshold to 4% of the general vote to the disadvantage of the, principally Israeli-Arab, smaller parties –
United Arab List (Ta'al)   3.65%;
Democratic Front for Peace and Equality (Hadash)    3%;
National Democratic Assembly (Balad)    2.56%;
and Kadima    2.09%.
and thereby also disallowing their funding. The parties affected regard it as intended to muzzle democratic opposition in Israel.
14: In Belgium – The ICC Prosecutor receives referral by the authorities of the Union of the Comoros in relation to the events of May 2010 on the vessel ‘MAVI MARMARA’ and announces –
"Today my Office met with a delegation from the Istanbul-based Elmadag Law Firm, acting on behalf of the Government of the Union of the Comoros, a State Party to the International Criminal Court since 18 August 2006.
The delegation transmitted a referral "of the Union of the Comoros with respect to the 31 May 2010 Israeli raid on the Humanitarian Aid Flotilla bound for Gaza Strip, requesting the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court pursuant to Articles 12, 13 and 14 of the Rome Statute to initiate an investigation into the crimes committed within the Court’s jurisdiction, arising from this raid".
In accordance with the requirements of the Rome Statute my office will be conducting a preliminary examination in order to establish whether the criteria for opening an investigation are met. After careful analysis of all available information, I shall make a determination that will be made public in due course." (emphasis mine)
Office of the Prosecutor

ICC Referral

Palestine Chronicle
Monday 27: In Israel – Member of Knesset (parliament) YARIV LEVIN submits a Bill to change Israel's Basic Law making Judaism superior to democracy in the State of Israel (amending a previous bill that was rejected by the Knesset before the last general election) thus ending forever any separation of state and religion.
In the
Palestinian Areas
Settler attacks (unprovoked) on Palestinians and their property recorded from November 2012 to end May 2013 –
Assaults on people   121
Attacks on land and trees   105
Attacks on cars and houses   121
Attacks on religious and historic sites   61
Road closures   18
Jewish Settlement expansion   15


British Shalom-Salaam Trust (BSST)
A Jewish grant-giving initiative in response to the humanitarian crisis and supporting projects both within Israel’s 1967 borders (‘Green Line’) and the Occupied Territories and working closely with Palestinians and Israeli Jews committed to a just resolution of the conflict in Israel/Palestine based on equality and mutual respect.
Thursday 6: In Israel – The Israel Defense Forces apologizes for publishing a book of religious regulations that states non-Jews do not have equal rights in Israel.
The IDF rabbinate book deals with questions of keeping Jewish law in the army, discusses regulations for affixing Jewish mezuzahs on IDF bases, and says the concept of equal rights 'goes against the opinion of the Torah.'
Bad Publicity
Friday 7: In East Jerusalem – Jewish settlers burn a Palestinian car in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood.
Wednesday 12: Israeli Police publish a report that Israeli [Jewish] settlers have carried out 165 'Price Tag' attacks against the Palestinians and their property since the beginning of this year.
Thursday 13: In Jaffa, Israel – Jewish settlers deface a Christian Cemetery and spray-paint "Price Tag" and "Revenge" on its tombstones.
• Arab Member of Israel's Knesset (parliament) JAMAL ZAHALKA of the National Democratic Assembly (Balad) sends an urgent letter to Israel’s Minister of Internal Security, YITZHAK AHARONOVICH, pleading that he act urgently to stop the escalating "Price Tag" attacks by [Jewish] Israeli youths on Arab Israelis, Palestinians and their property.
Friday 14: In East Jerusalem – Jewish settlers set ablaze two Palestinian cars in Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood and write "Price Tag" graffiti on a number of walls in the area.
An Israeli Judge slams Israeli West Bank police for "hitches" in bringing Jewish suspects to court (for torching Palestinian property).
In the USA – The U.S. House of Representatives passes a defence authorization bill that makes it U.S. policy to take “all necessary steps” to ensure Israel is able to "remove existential threats," among them nuclear facilities in Iran.
"It is the policy of the United States to take all necessary steps to ensure that Israel possesses and maintains an independent capability to remove existential threats to its security and defend its vital national interests"
The amendment was initiated by Republic Representative PETER ROSKAM (Illinois), co-chair of the Republican Israel caucus, and would require the US president to report every 90 days on how the policy is being implemented.
The foolishness
of 'brinkmanship'
South African ambassador to Israel, ISMAIL COOVADIA, declines a personal gift from the Israeli government on the grounds that Israel's current policies toward the Palestinians are a "replication of apartheid".
The United
Nations Commision on Rights of Children reports that Israel has been guilty of the systematic violation of children's rights by degrading treatement, and often of acts of torture, of Palestinian children between the ages of 9 and 17 years estimated at about 7,000 children since its last report in 2002. It reports that since March 2013 its has recorded 14 cases of the use of Palestinian children as human shields by Israel's military.
18: In Israel – Tax Authority head MOSHE ASHER tells the annual conference of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners that –
"despite the tax authority's voluntary reporting campaign uncovering NIS 12 billion in capital held abroad by Israelis, this is only the tip of the iceberg. We are in constant contact with various bodies to receive further lists of Israeli activities overseas"
This is in reponse to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) earlier this week disclosing the large number of Israelis exploiting tax havens.
20: In the USA – Analysts for the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) issue a highly classified five-page ‘talking points’ briefing for the DIA’s deputy director, David Shedd, which states that al-Nusra (ANF) rebels in Syria maintain a sarin production cell: its programme, the paper says, is "the most advanced sarin plot since al-Qaida’s pre-9/11 effort". (According to a Defense Department consultant, US intelligence has long known that al-Qaida experimented with chemical weapons [CW], and has a video of one of its gas experiments with dogs.) The DIA paper continues: "Previous IC [intelligence community] focus had been almost entirely on Syrian CW [chemical weapons] stockpiles; now we see ANF attempting to make its own CW … Al-Nusrah Front’s relative freedom of operation within Syria leads us to assess the group’s CW aspirations will be difficult to disrupt in the future." The paper draws on classified intelligence from numerous agencies: "Turkey and Saudi-based chemical facilitators," it says, "were attempting to obtain sarin precursors in bulk, tens of kilograms, likely for the anticipated large scale production effort in Syria."
in Syria
23: In Jerusalem, Israel – Israel Knesset (parliament) approves the discriminatory Prawer-Begin Bill (by 43 votes for and 40 votes against) for the mass expulsion of the Arab Bedouin communities of the Naqab (Negev) desert in the south of Israel. The Prawer-Begin Plan will result in the destruction of 35 "unrecognized"Arab Bedouin villages, the forced displacement of up to 70,000 Arab Bedouin citizens of Israel, and the dispossession of their historical lands in the Naqab. Despite the Arab Bedouin community's complete rejection of the plan and strong disapproval from the international community the Israeli government intends to take over their lands declaring them military areas in preparation for the development of new Jewish settlements.
Fascist Israel's
racial discrimination
(see November 30 below)

12-year-old died
in a state of terror.
26: In Paris, France – The French Court of Appeals rules that Jewish media analyst PHILIPPE KARSENTY is convicted of defamation and fined €7,000 (about $9,000) for his accusation against France-2 of staging a hoax in the filming of Israel's military deliberately shooting dead the cowering twelve-year-old Muhammad al-Durrah. Israeli foreign ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor responds that Israel's position remained unchanged.
Last month the Israeli government had issued a new report on the incident which said the France-2 report was misleading, provided no evidence and was simply part of a smear campaign against the Jewish state.
In Abu Ghosh village, near Jerusalem – ARYE PEARL and an 18-year-old, both from the Yitzhar Jewish settlement, puncture the tires of 34 cars in the village and spray-paint racist epithets such as "Arabs get out" on the walls of its houses. Abu Ghosh is a Palestinian-majority village which tends to attracts hordes of Israelis to its restaurants famed for their hummus and grilled meats.
During June the Israeli army has abducted 340 Palestinians (including 45 children, the youngest 10-years-old, and one woman), most in the southern West Bank city of Hebron (95 Palestinians), some of the kidnapped residents were released after being interrogated for several days, or hours, but the majority remain imprisoned. One child, Husam Omar Khalifa (12) from Bethlehem, was kidnapped at a roadblock and so violently beaten by Israeli soldiers that he was transferred to the Hadassah Israeli medical centre in Jerusalem. (Source: IMEMC). IMEMC=International
Middle East Media Center

Friday: In Latakia, Syria – Israeli warplanes strike a warehouse allegedly containing Russian-made Yakhont missiles destined for Hezebollah, but the Israeli attack on Syrian territory fails to destroy all of the missiles.
Tuesday 9: In the UK – An inquest jury (in a nine-to-one decision) finds that the death of 46-year old Angolan deportee Jimmy Mubenga on British Airways was caused by the G4S guards –
"using unreasonable force and acting in an unlawful manner."
Britain's Crown Prosecution Service then announces that it is reconsidering its decision not to bring criminal charges.
G4S is also used by the
kingdom of Saudi Arabia to
manage its annual Hajj crowds
G4S also
provides a number of services to Israel, including managing military checkpoints and the detention and imprisonment of Palestinians. These checkpoints are a daily misery to Palestinians, denying them free movement including access to schools, hospitals and places of worship. It also helps provide Israel with greater control over the Palestinian population in general. Unfortunately, G4S is therefore directly complicit in the oppression and subjugation of the Palestinian people and it has often been the target of global boycott campaigns as a consequence.
Saturday 13 – About 25 activists of the "Jaffa Group for One Democratic State" meet in Ramallah, Palestine, with members of the constituent body of "the popular movement" which hosted the meeting, including political and social activists, veterans and youth, artists, academics, Arab and Jewish opponents of Zionism. The participants stressed that One Democratic State (ODS) is a strategic solution, providing for the needs of the masses and the aspirations of the progressive and democratic forces in Palestine and around the world and that promoting ODS is not a tactic to pressure Israel to comply with the 'two-state solution'.

B’Tselem Report
on torture of children
under interrogation at

Etzion police station
November 2009, human rights charity B’Tselem has received 64 reports of violence against Palestinian children during interrogation at a single police station at Gush Etzion Jewish settlement,Palestinian children arrested by Israel from the residents of eight local Palestinian communities in the southern West Bank. The violence has included slaps, punches and kicks to all parts of the body, severe blows with objects, such as a gun or a stick, and in twelve cases claims that the Israeli police interrogator threatened them or female relatives with sexual assault, such as rape and genital injury. B’Tselem sent 31 complaints to the Department for Investigation of Police (DIP) on behalf of Palestinians who reported they had been subjected to violence and threats by interrogators at the Etzion station. In the rest of the cases that B’Tselem documented, the interrogatees or their families chose not to file a complaint with the DIP, for fear that this would result in harm to members of the family who had already been interrogated or to other relatives, or because of a general lack of trust in the Israeli justice system.
Gaza, Palestine – Since Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi is ousted in a coup, tunnels running under Gaza's border with Egypt, which previously helped supply the territory's economy, have now been blocked by Egypts new military rulers in collusion with Israel. A serious fuel shortage has resulted, with donkey transport taking over garbage collection, while hospitals are forced to slash services, unable to service their diesel generators.
Economic Intimidation
of the Gaza Strip

Thursday 1: In Palestine – FADEL JABER is arrested by Israel's military for collecting water for his family after the local water supply had been redirected to fill the Jewish settlements' swimpool. His five-year-old son Khaled is shown crying in the photo of his father's arrest in the right margin. (Source: Alice Jay who interviewed the victims)

Father arrested by Israel's military
for taking water for his family

Tuesday 6, AM: In Madaba, Jordan – Five Syrian weapons smugglers (carrying Jordanian identity cards) are caught with anti-tank missiles, surface-to-air missiles and assault rifles in their possession (from Syrian army warehouses in Sweida in southwest Syria) in two pickup trucks loaded with watermelons enroute to Al Karak, to circumvent the large security presence around the Jordan River Valley by crossing into Israel-Palestine south of the Dead Sea – with Hebron as their ultimate destination.
God's does not reward
10: In the UK – British Foreign Office Minister, Alastair BURT, denounces in a press release the Israeli government decision to construct 1096 new residential units for Jewish settlers in the occupied Palestinian West Bank, and in its occupied East Jerusalem, adding that settlements are illegal under International Law, jeopardize the efforts meant to build trust, and undermine the viability of any two-state solution.
Israel continues to expand on
Palestinian land in contradiction
of God's messianic promise

Syria is said
to have one of the
largest stockpiles of
Chemical Weapons
in the world,
including VX, Sarin
and Mustard gas,
assisted mainly by
German companies
providing equipment
(for the manufacture of methylphosphonyl difluoride,
which can be combined
with isopropanol for
the production of Sarin),
including Schott,
which produces
laboratory equipment,
Kolb, a
technology supplier,
and Riedel-de Haen,
a pharmaceutical firm.
15: In Japan – The Japanese Foreign Ministry issues a statement strongly denouncing the latest Israeli decision to build new residential units for Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem.
19: In East Jerusalem – Israeli forces demolish every structure in the Bedouin community of Tal `Adasa. Building permits are only issued for Jewish structures.

against its
own people

See Also:
Human Rights Watch Report on punitive demolitions of entire civilian neighbourhoods by the Syrian military
See also: June 20, 2013.
on rebel production of Sarin.
21: In Syria – Its government launches rocket attacks between 2 and 5AM into a rebel-held area of Damascus with chemical weapons (apparently poison gas Sarin) killing 1429 of which 426 are children. Because the poison gas is heavier than air those civilians taking refuge in their basements from the rockets mostly died.
See disturbing video of this girl-child survivor, Younma (about 10/11-years-old), rescued from among the dead children crying out 'I am alive!' while being treated by a volunteer doctor –

Ethiopian Black Jews
Mass Migration
28: In Israel – The last Falasha Jews from Ethiopia arrive in Israel on two flights. Over the last three decades, about 100,000 Jews have been repatriated from the East African country to Israel. The program had began with three operations dubbed "Moses" (1984), "Joshua" (1985) and "Solomon" (1991-1992).
After these were completed, the operation came to a prolonged standstill due to a political altercation about whether the Falash Mura – who were forced to convert to Christianity in the 18th and 19th century, but maintained their Jewish rituals – should be entitled to Israeli citizenship as Jews. Although some ultra-Orthodox Jewish Rabbis still refuse to recognize the group's status as Jews, the Israeli government organized a further repatriation effort -- dubbed "Operation Dove Wing" -- in November 2010. In October 2012, the first of a total of 93 chartered flights arrived in Israel. Before leaving Ethiopia, these Falah Mura Jews had spent several years in transit camps in the northern city of Gondar being prepared for Israeli Jewish life.
This black minority Jewish group often faces racial discrimination in Israel. In 1996, the country's daily Maariv newspaper exposed that Magen David Adom (Israel's blood bank service) had been destroying all blood samples provided by black Ethiopian Jews. Last year, the Israeli broadcaster Channel 2 also revealed that 120 landlords in the southern town of Kiryat Malakhi had agreed not to rent out or sell their houses and apartments to members of this black African Jewish minority.
Sweden – Perspektiv på Israel (PPI) is founded with the aim of counteracting the anti-Israel message, in the Swedish media. political parties and state church, regarding the treatment of the Palestinians.

September 1, Sunday:
Article 19 of the Israel Land Administration’s land lease contract, which comes into force this day, states that a 'foreign national' cannot lease (not to mention gain title) to national lands unless he obtains permission by virtue of his entitlement to immigrate to Israel under the Law of Return (of Jews). So the 280,000 Palestinians living in East Jerusalem have no access to “national lands”, even in areas that were under Jordanian control until 1967 and expropriated to build Jewish neighborhoods on some 35% of the area of East Jerusalem. The State of Israel sells real estate solely to Jews (93% of the land in Israel is designated as “national land”).
So a Jew
living in the United States or in Mexico, who has never visited Israel, is entitled to buy a house in the Old City of Jerusalem or in the Jewish Quarter in Hebron. On the other hand, a Palestinian native of Jerusalem is not entitled to buy an apartment in the Har Homah neighborhood and cannot get a title deed to an apartment in Givat Hamatos in Jerusalem.
3, 9.15AM: The United States military cooperates with Israel in a US funded unannounced Arrow ballistic missile interception test, firing two rockets in the Eastern Mediterranean, which is first detected and reported by Russia's radar, which had reinforced it's naval surveillance in view of it's maintenance facility in Syria and the possibility of conflict in the area.
Israel is currently building a third phase of the Arrow ballistic missile with U.S. help, which is meant to be a high-altitude ballistic missile defence system capable of defending Israel from any long-range Iranian or Syrian missile attack. The main contractor of the Arrow missile weapon system is MLM (70350 Be'er Yaakov, Israel) of the Israeli Aerospace Industries, in conjunction with America's Boeing, at 31°56'N 34°39'E.
13: In Peshawar, Pakistan – More than 78 Christians are killed in suicide bombings at All Saints Church. (America's Christian Identity Myth)
In the UK: The
Guardian newspaper reveals the top secret five-page document signed by the United States and Israel in March 2009.   See Full Copy.
19: In Jerusalem – Israel's High Court orders the demolition of the 50-year-old Bedouin village of Khirbet al-Makhul in the Jordan valley. (The following day Israel's military begins the demolition in spite of it housing many women, children and elderly persons).
20: In the Jordan valley – Israeli soldiers manhandle European diplomats and seize tents and emergency aid which they had been trying to deliver to Palestinians whose homes were demolished.
(Israel's Foreign Ministry Deputy Director-General for Europe Rafi Shutz states that Israel is considering taking legal steps against the diplomats involved in the incident, while an IDF representative says that they are looking into allegations that foreign diplomats had "abused their diplomatic privileges").
26: In UN General Assembly, New York – Palestinian President MAHMOUD ABBAS states that "time is running out" for Middle East peace efforts and therefore urges world powers to rein in Israeli settlement construction in Palestine that could undermine US-sponsored negotiations between Israel and Palestine. He says:
"The current round of negotiations appears to be a last chance to realise a just peace."
30: In Palestine – Israel currently holds 135 Palestinian 'administrative' detainees in prison without charge or trial, based on secret evidence. Israeli prison authorities shackled hospitalized Palestinians to their hospital beds after they went on long-term hunger strikes to protest their 'administrative' detention.

Saturday 5: In Barawe, Somalia – The United States marines (SEAL Team Six) carry out a vigilante attack, killing seven but still failing to get their al-Shabaab target – Abdulkadir Mohamed Abdulkadir. (The US regards itself as not contradicting international law or violating national sovereignty in these vigilante killings in the name of 'self-defence' arising from revenge for 9/11/2001). As a consequence, al-Shabaab has reinforced its control in Barawe.
See: Vigilantism
See: al-Qa'eda
Wednesday 9: In House Homeland Security Committee, Washington, USA – Professor MICHAEL SCHEUER, former CIA officer and analyst for 20-years before 2004 says that –
Wednesday 30: In Israel – Israeli army radio announces its government's decision to build 1,500 new settler homes in the East Jerusalem Jewish settlement of Ramat Shlomo. (Settlement building in the territories occupied by Israel during its 1967 Six Day War is considered illegal under international law, and the issue remains one of the most divisive in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by making a so-called Two State Solution impossible.)

Sunday 3: In response to a comment by South Africa's International Relations minister that South African government ministers do not visit Israel and would not until the situation in Israel improved (re. the treatment of Palestinians), Israel's former Foreign Minister, AVIGDOR LIEBERMAN calls on all Jews in South Africa to leave the country and flee to Israel
"I call on all Jews who still live there [South Africa] to come to Israel as soon as possible and without delay, before it is too late"
stating that an anti-Jewish progrom in South Africa is "only a matter of time". (Liberman stepped down as foreign minister earlier this year, due to his ongoing trial for fraud and breach of public trust. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu assumed his duties on a temporary basis, on the understanding that Liberman will resume the role should he be 'acquitted' in his trial.)
In their reaction, the South African Jewish Board of Deputies and the South African Zionist Federation describe Lieberman's comments as "alarmist and inflammatory".
Holocaust Ideology?
(emphasis mine)

(see Tuesday 12 below)
Monday 4: Israel's Deputy Minister of Religious Services, BEN DAHAN, requests a ruling from Israel's rabbinate that would allow Jews to pray inside the Muslim al Aqsa mosque compound. (While Jewish orthodoxy, including Israel's chief rabbinate, has historically prohibited Jewish prayer on what was thought to be the site of the biblical Temples, an increasing number of national-orthodox rabbis and believers are now entering the al Aqsa Muslim mosque to pray, regardless!)

Further Provocation
  The peace treaty signed twenty years ago between Jordan and Israel acknowledges Jordan's "special role" in the custodianship of the holy sites in Jerusalem.
Jordan has denied an Israeli request to allow for the regular prayer of Jews in Jerusalem's al Aqsa Muslim mosque compound. Abd al Nasser Nasser, Jordan's top adviser for Islamic and Christian property in Jerusalem, says that Jordan will not permit Israeli "extremists" (right-wing Jewish settlers) into the al Aqsa compound, Islam's third most holiest site.
In Switzerland – Read the independent forensic report into PLO President YASSER ARAFAT's death which affirms his murder.
Sunday 10: In Netivot, southern Israel – Jewish Rabbi YORAM ABERGEL is arrested, together with underworld crime boss Shalom Domrani, for intimidation and extortion (of Rabbi Ya’akov Yisrael Ifergan) regarding manipulation of municipal politics.
Rabbis in the underworld
Tuesday 12: After being cleared of all charges the previous week, AVIGDOR LIEBERMAN (leader of radical right-wing Yisrael Beytenu party) is now voted in as Israel's Foreign Minister again by Israel's Knesset (by 62 to 17), and takes his oath of office.
Wednesday 20: In southern Israel – A successful test of the Israel-US David's Sling Test – 2 (DST-2), ballistic missile Stunner interception system, is completed.
target missile was launched and tracked by the system's multi-mission radar. The radar transferred flight information to the battle management control system. The Stunner interceptor successfully performed its planned trajectory and destroyed the target. The DST-2 Weapon System is designed as an additional layer of defense against ballistic missiles, to add further interception capacity to the joint U.S.-Israel Arrow Weapon System and 'to improve the active defense architecture of the State of Israel against missile threats'. (Israel Ministry of Defense: Asaf Zohar, 972-3-6975546, dover@mod.gov.il)
Military Preparedness
Sunday 24: In the light of the signing of a nuclear accord between Iran and the so-called P5+1 Group (the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany) in Geneva, Israel's Mossad intelligence agency begins negotiating secretly with Saudi Arabian officials to let Israel use its air space, and assist in a possible Israeli attack on Iran by cooperating in the use of military drones, rescue helicopters and refuelling tanker planes.
Planning for possible
military attack on Iran
Tuesday 26: In New York – The General Assembly of the United Nations passes Resolution 68/12 concerning the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People.
Saturday 30: In Israel – Before bulldozers move out to demolish 'unrecognized' Bedouin localities, and Israel's border and municipal police are called in to forcibly remove tens of thousands of Bedouin residents from their homes, their anger and fury erupts in protest at Israel's forced-relocation plan, and, in a series of demonstrations in various locations throughout Israel, dozens of police officers are injured in arresting scores of Bedouin protesters, who view Israel as having set itself a goal of forcibly robbing them of their land in the interest of Jewish settlements.
(Read more).

Wednesday 4: In Israel – Reporters Without Borders expresses its extreme disappointment at the outcome of an Israeli High Court of Justice hearing not to rescind a military order under which transmission equipment was confiscated from Palestinian broadcaster Wattan TV during a military raid on its headquarters in Ramallah in February 2012:
"We are outraged by the degree to which security – now given as the reason for the confiscation after two other pretexts were discarded – is used to legitimize everything in Israeli, even the most arbitrary actions."
No Justice for Wattan TV
Thursday 5: In Romania – The Romanian government-owned 'rural-targeted' TV channel TVR3 broadcasts an anti-Semitic so-called 'Christmas carol' indirectly glorifying the Nazi Holocaust with the disgusting words –
 "...only in the chimney as smoke, this is what the 'jidov' [Jew] is good for..." 
In its defence, the TV channel states that it was not responsible for selecting the 'Christmas' songs, but was merely broadcasting carols selected by a cultural center 'dedicated to preserving the traditional culture of the northwestern Cluj region' of Romania.
'traditional culture'?
Monday 9: In Washington, USA – The Two Seas Project agreement is signed by Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority, whereby water from the Red Sea will be used to replenish the Dead Sea, and to desalinate sea water at Aqaba.
Also in
the USA – The American Federal Government's "no-fly" terrorist-watch-list now contains the names 47,000 people.
Tuesday 10: In Israel – Israel's parliament approves a law (30 votes in favor to 15 against during a late-night vote in the 120-member Knesset - passed by 25%) permitting authorities to detain migrants without valid visas indefinitely (after its previous law which had set a maximum detention period of three years was overturned by Israel's Supreme Court in September).
See: January 5, 2014
Thursday 12: Near Rad'a in central Yemen – A United States drones fire four hell-fire missiles into a wedding procession killing 12 and wounding at least 15, including the bride. US and Yemeni officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, say the target was on Yemen’s "most-wanted terrorist" list and was wounded but escaped.
(He was probably carrying his cell phone which America's CIA used as a GPS location in general disregard of the circumstance.)
on the number
of nuclear warheads
per country.

Having reached a peak
in the late 1980s, the
number of nuclear warheads
has dropped significantly.
But more countries
now possess them.
Christmas in Palestine PDF.
Heather Linebaugh
ACLU on Targeted Killings
Sunday 29: In the UK – HEATHER LINEBAUGH writes concerning the high human cost of the use of 'drones'
"The UAVs [drones] in the Middle East are used as a weapon, not as protection, and as long as our public remains ignorant to this, this serious threat to the sanctity of human life – at home and abroad – will continue..." (emphasis mine).
The Intercept’s released Drone Papers in 2015 show that 9 out of 10 people killed
by human-controlled drones during one five-month period in Afghanistan were not the intended targets.
Heather Linebaugh served in the US Air Force from 2009 to March 2012, and in intelligence as an imagery analyst and geo-spatial analyst for the drone program during the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.
Israel – Likud Knesset member MIRI REGEV introduces a Bill (initiated by Knesset member Moti Yogev, from HaBayit HaYehudi, which is a member of the coalition government) which is approved by the Ministerial Committee requiring Israel’s annexation of Jordan Valley lands conquered in the Six-Day War in 1967 so as to make it difficult for the government to offer any diplomatic concessions regarding these Palestinian territories.
According to
US Dept. of State's
'Country Reports
on Terrorism'

399 attacks
were carried out by
"extremist [Jewish] settlers"
on Palestinians in 2013.
  In Germany – Der Spiegel later reports that during 2013 –
"...approximately one thousand Palestinian children were arrested by Israeli forces, often for no reason.
Advocates point to systemic abuse, including beatings and forced confessions,
but the Israeli military remains steadfast."
According to a 2013 study by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights, 64% of German Jews avoid the public display of symbols that would identify them as Jewish. It also found that only 28 percent of them report antisemitic incidents.
    See: Weekly Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

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