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Some Jewish False Messiahs
The Lord Jesus said: "For many will come in My name, saying, 'I am the Christ,' and they will lead many astray".

Matthew 24:5
AD/CE 114 Lukuas-Andreas in Cyrene, north Africa.  
  115 In Egypt – False Jewish messiah Lukuas-Andreas burns the city of Alexandria.  
  130 Simeon Bar-Koseba in Judaea. He sees a 'new' star, changes his name to Bar-Kokhba ('son of a star'), and claims Messiahship.  
  131 Chief Rabbi Akiba Ben Yosef (c.50c.135 AD/CE, and described later in the Jewish Talmud as "Rosh la-Chachamim"/Head of all the Sages) now declaresSimeon Bar-Koseba to be the promised Messiah of Israel (Yer. Ta'anit, iv.68d) and calls him Bar-Cochba ("Son of a Star" from Numbers 24:17), thus inciting popular support and so helping to lead the Jewish people to their destruction. See also:
Jerusalem Talmud, Ta'anit 4:8.
  c.450 In Crete – False Messiah Moses (Fiskis) of Crete persuades the Jewish community on the island to leave their possessions and follow him into the sea in a march toward Palestine for it would open as the Red Sea had done. Many drown.  
  1523 David Reuveni (Reubeni) arrives in Jerusalem as Israel's end-time Messiah, after its surrender to the Ottoman empire (known for its friendliness to Jews), precipitating a change in the special Jewish prayer place from the Mount of Olives and Gates of Temple Mount to the Western (Wailing) Wall (Hebrew Kotel, Arabic Buraq).  
  1529 Solomon Molkho, prophesies that Israel's messianic kingdom will come in 1540.  
Hayyim (Chaim) Vital
"...for the destruction of our Holy Temple – which lay in ruins these one thousand five hundred and four years! Woe unto us for the day has already turned - the Day of God being one thousand years. And so the evening shadows were already spread, i.e. we are already five hundred and four years into the second Day. All the expected dates of the eschaton have passed and the son of David has not yet arrived. ... People of heart, listen to me. Do not [Exod. 19:21] 'break-through to God' by looking at the latter-day books, which are derived from the human intellect. ... One who listens to me will rest assured, secure from evil fear. Therefore I, the young Hayim Vital am writing this. For I desire to bring the multitude to a meritorious state, by means utmost concealed; and the intelligent will understand. I provided this work with a title containing a reference to my name, calling it Etz Hayim the Tree of Life - and also with reference to the appellation appropriate for this powerful Wisdom, the wisdom of the Zohar, which is called the 'Tree of Life', and not the 'Tree of Knowledge'. And with regard to this, those who taste it merit the true life and will become deserving [so as to arrive at] the lands of life-everlasting. Eat from this Tree of Life and live forever! 'I will instruct you and illuminate this path, which you should follow' [per Psalm 32:8]. "
'The Tree of Life [and to] the Sha'ar haHaqdamot - Gate of Principles' Translated and annotated by: Menahem Kallus
  1648 Rabbi Shabbetai Zevi of Smyrna declares this year as Israel's Redemption.  
  1665 Shabbetai Zevi is proclaimed as messiah by Nathan Ashkenazi.  
  1666 Shabbetai Zevi converts to Islam with many of his Jewish followers.  
  1759 Jacob Frank, former disciple of Shabbetaism, declares himself the incarnation of divinity, successor of Shabbetai Zevi, and advocates outward adherence to Catholicism while secretly believing in a nihilistic version of Judaism.  
  to be continued . . .  

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