The known relationship between
Sir Oliver Cromwell 1st Lord Protector of England and Lloyd Emslie Thomas
In appreciation, for we do not choose our ancestry, as God has made that choice for us, as part of His physical and psychological equipping for us
to complete our special responsibility on this planet which our earthy existence lays upon us (of those whom He foreknows will be His in Christ).
Sir Oliver Cromwell 1st Lord Protector of England (1599-1658)
2nd cousin 3x removed of wife of 2nd great grandfather of husband of 1st cousin 7x removed.
(Shared ancestry via Jasper Tudor: meaning lineage relationship goes back — before moving foward to today)
Robert Cromwell (1560-1617)
father of Sir Oliver Cromwell 1st Lord Protector of England
Sir Henry Cromwell (1520-1603)
father of Robert Cromwell
  Sir Richard Cromwell (1495-1556)
father of Sir Henry Cromwell
  Morgan Williams (1465-)
father of Sir Richard Cromwell
  Joan Tudor (1453-1469)
mother of Morgan Williams
1. Jasper Tudor 1st Duke of Bedford, 1st Earl of Pembroke, KG (1431-1495)
father of Joan Tudor
2. Robert Tudor (1486-1525)
son of Jasper Tudor 1st Duke of Bedford. 1st Eartl of Pembroke. KG.
3. Tudor ap Robert Fychan (1519-1545)
son of Robert Tudor
4. Katheryn Berain (1540-1591)
daughter of Tudor ap Robert Fychan
5. Maurice Wynn (1529-1580)
husband of Katheryn Berain
6. Sir John Wynn (1553-1626)
son of Maurice Wynn
7. William Wynn (1600-1654)
son of Sir John Wynn
8. Sydney Wynn (1626-1683)
daughter of William Wynn
9. Jane Thelwall (1665-)
daughter of Sydney Wynn
10. Sir William Williams (1665-1740)
husband of Jane Thelwall
11. Margaret Kyffin (1645-1706)
mother of Sir William Williams
12. Watkin Kyffin (-1670)
father of Margaret Kyffin
13. Catherine Kyffin (-1712)
daughter of Watkin Kyffin
14. Robert Lloyd
son of Catherine Kyffin
15. Robert Lloyd (1721-1799)
son of Robert Lloyd
16. Thomas Lloyd (1767-)
son of Robert Lloyd
17. Anne Lloyd (1803-1892)
daughter of Thomas Lloyd
18. Joseph Thomas (1836-1920)
son of Anne Lloyd
19. John Thomas (1865-1909)
son of Joseph Thomas
20. Joseph Reginald Thomas (1902-1991)
son of John Thomas
21. Lloyd Emslie Thomas (1941-)
son of Joseph Reginald Thomas
22. Michelle Anne, David Lloyd, Melanie Hellen
children of Lloyd Emslie Thomas

Some Interesting Early Events
c.AD 400
An aristocratic group led by Cunedda (my paternal ancestor), drawn from an area of strong Romano-British traditions migrates to northwest Wales from Manaw,
(a small province round the head of the Firth of Forth in the land of Gododdin, one of the Brythonic kingdoms of north Britain),
by invitation, in order to expel the Irish who had occupied the area.
Birth of 'king' Arthur (Artorius) Cornish Duke in c.475 AD; he leads a British army against the Saxons as far as along the Loire in Gaul.
Victory over the Saxons at Mount Badon, near Wansdyke, in 516 brought peace for a generation; Arthur dies from wounds after the battle of Camlann, near Camelford in Cornwall c.537.
St. Columba records first sighting of the Loch Ness 'monster' - 11 October 565 AD in the river Ness.
From the eye-witness description it was probably a plesiosaur chasing spawning salmon up the river Ness in from the North Sea, swimming in a penguin-like motion.

(This fossilized plesiosaur skeleton, left above, was discovered in a Dorset cliff by Mary Anning in 1821).

In 2015 the National Geographic magazine publishes the ridiculous assertion (ISSN 2160-7141) that it was an Indian circus elephant swimming.
An "Indian elephant" from a "circus" in Scotland in the 6th century. How ridiculous can you get!
St. David (Dewi, born c.520) son of Sandde, son of Cedig, son of Ceredig, son of Cunedda, (whose mother was Non)
preaches the gospel and starts many churches in southern Cambria (Wales). Died c.600 AD.

The above data is subject to refinement as further information becomes available