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The Ester of Shûshan

And he (Mordecai) was rearing Hadassah/הֲדַסָּה (she is Esther/אֶסְתֵּר) his uncle's daughter,
for she had no father nor mother.

Esther 2:7.
The Girl  
He held
the girl’s head against him as she sobbed; her body shaking with grief. What could he say? Words would not heal.
With both her parents gone and now alone, Myrtle had no one to turn to – but him. He decided.
He would raise her as his own, as if she was his daughter. As the only child of Abihail, his father’s brother, it was his responsibility to see her cared for, and he would do it.  
He looked down at her tear swollen face and stroked her head thoughtfully.
She closed her eyes and rested against him. His little Myrtle was safe and he would see to it that she was cared for.
  Mordecai had no children of his own so this was a very new experience. But his service in the employ of the palace gave him opportunity and that would help to give her the best.  
As time passed, she grew like a tree, so he thought, with long-legged elegance. He was proud of her.  
  She had a warmth in her that lit up her face whenever she saw him. It made him feel wanted as no success in the king’s employ had ever done for him.  
Then the crisis came.
 The Crisis  
The entire city was shaken with rumours.
Her majesty the queen had humiliated the mighty king Xerxes before the leaders of his empire. It was beyond forgiveness.
It had taken months to bring together the leaders of the 127 provinces from the Indus to Ethiopia in preparation for the king’s plans for Javan* to the West whose traders and settlers did not respect his sovereignty.
The unity of purpose that was to be built for this in their common celebration was now in jeopardy.
*Ionian Greeks.
 The Remedy  

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