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—  Known  today  as  selfishness  —
It is an instinct that was built into all life forms in the beginning.
how can it be wrong?
In nature it is a survival instinct. It is the reason why a tree, that has sunlight blocked by another, will lean, as it grows, toward where it gets more sunlight.
in humanity, it has become as source of serious corruption. Why?
The prime distinction between all other life forms and humanity is that human beings have the special capacity to contradict their own instincts.
In the
beginning, in humanity's prepared garden in Eden, the first man and woman had a choice to trust God more than their own understanding, in spite of the contradiction of the Deceiver to create suspicion over God's motive –
but unfortunately they sided with their feelings rather than trust God beyond understanding.
Our faith in God
is not religiosity!
It is only acceptable to Him
if it is trust beyond our understanding, as of a little child toward its parent.
catalytic failure, was directly reversed in Abraham in his obedient migrating to Canaan after the death of his father, and so therefore God entrusted his descendants with the written revelation of God (Holy Scripture) for the benefit of all humanity.
Unfortunately, that entrustment failed with them – for the same reason it had in Adam.
This is the reason why the practice of fasting is mentioned in the Bible,
and the reason why Jesus the Christ of God, as our example
in His preparation for public ministry after He was anointed by God's Spirit,
withdrew from society to focus on God and fasted for forty days.
It was the exercise of His human choice – in choosing to defy one's own natural feelings!
when the next step arrives in God's plan for the life of a believer, there is a crisis of choice...
It is not a test of worthiness, for nothing earns God's favour. It is an opportunity to trust God more than our understanding in contradicting the raging feelings inside us, so as to make us ready for what He alone knows is ahead of us!
God's character is unconditional love! – He does not need our worship. He needs nothing!
Our worship is an exercise in choosing to positively respond to His revealed character – so as to tune us in to recognise His voice when He speaks to us
to guide us toward the purpose for our existence!
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