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1. A Father’s Son
Trusted (“son of his old age” idiom = ‘a wise son’)
2. Deserted
A captive for the slave market
3. Sacred
The pool of Aun/On and Potiphe-Ra, custodian of wisdom looks on his daughter.
 4. Under Ownership  
The mud was everywhere! It sucked at him as he trudged along the field’s edge. Around him a black blanket of the River’s beneficence lay thick across the Master’s lands. What a strange world – this land of Kemt! So different…  
  A bellowing shout of the chief steward shocked him back to reality as the next shift moved out to the fields behind him. Strogun was a natural bully with a mind that suspected all and trusted none. He had been imported with war prisoners from Lud and had won his rank by ruthless efficiency. He was feared in the slave quarters.  
  Strangely, Strogun’s spite had not fallen on him, as the others had to so often endure. Perhaps Father’s constant insistence that tasks begun, even from an early age, must be tasks completed, had left its mark on him. A spasm of nostalgic pain passed through him – like a deep cramp within, that called to another place.  
  He was washing when a wild-eyed new slave came running. “Strogun want to see you!” he shouted hurriedly.  
  Strogun looked up impatiently as he approached uncertainly. ‘Wash yourself. The Master’s wife has summoned you. Go!’  
 5. Wild Green  
The light skiff surged forward obediently to her pole thrust. She crouched low as it glided silently between the reed beds. Deeper in, among the arching branches of a clump of willow, wild fowl argued and chatted in the morning sun, oblivious to her approach. The flat curved throwing stick lay lightly in her hand. She steadied her bare feet as her arm swung back slowly. The spin of the stick sounded through the crisp air, too late, striking hard into the centre of the rising flurry of wings. Two splashed into the shallows ahead, one only lamed. With another pull on the pole she slid closer and grabbing its head snapped its neck with a quick jerk as her father had taught her. Two for breakfast was enough.  
  The household matrons were chattering like the flocks of birds behind her as she beached on the sand. One held her sandals ready to step into as another tried to dry her legs, tutting away in respectful disapproval of her boyish behaviour.  
  “I am named for Neith, the divine huntress!” she retorted to their disapproval.  
  “Yes, but the Lady of Understanding also has wisdom,” a quiet voice addressed her solitary escapade.  
  She smiled at their motherly concern for her. They understandably tried to help, but the loss of her mother had also brought her father so much closer to her. She was now more of a companion to him, and his fowl-hunting in the swamps had opened a new world for her. She loved the things they did together. Even his priestly duties had taken on more meaning for her.  
  The great temple of Ra towered above their spacious villa. Its high fluttering flags and massive gates were an awesome reminder of the importance of her father’s role. The nation looked up to him in his leadership of the sacred ritual, processions and analysis of the heavens, as well as the guilds of sacred professions.  
 6. Wife Fire
Potiphar’s wife
 7. Palace Perplexity
Dream confusions and counsellors
 8. In Memory
A steward remembers Joseph
 9. A New Lord
Vizier of Kemt
 10. A Personal Horror
Summonsed to hear that she has been given in marriage to a foreigner who had been imprisoned for attempted rape.
 11. Rule
Governance and authority structure
 12. Devastation
Total famine and refugees
 13. Disclosure
The Jacob family finds their future in their past.
 14. The Coming  
“I am God, the God of your father.
Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt, for there I will make you into a great nation.
I myself will go down with you to Egypt, and I will also bring you up again, and Joseph's hand shall close your eyes.”
The caravans of Jacob/Israel and his sons move into Goshen, Kemt/Egypt.

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