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The Penn-Lewis Deception
While at High School (Secondary School), I began to experience a strange tingling in my hands whenever I knelt to pray before climbing into bed at night, as though my hands were somehow connected to an electric current. Puzzled, I approached my local church pastor about it. In a rather business-like manner he asked, 'Is it only when you pray?'. I answered 'yes' and he said, 'It's just the Lord encouraging you to pray'. So I accepted it and it became part of my normal devotional experience and a reassurance of His presence.
After completing schooling and moving to a larger city to find work, I bought a book in a Christian bookstore titled "War On The Saints" by a Mrs Jessie Penn-Lewis, distributed by Send The Light Trust, and began reading it. Immediately, the physical sense of the Lord's presence disappeared. Something was wrong, but I had no idea what it could be. I asked God's forgiveness for whatever I may have done to offend the Lord, but nothing helped. My devotional relationship to God was dead.
Thinking back to what had changed, I associated it, time-wise, with that book, and so stopped reading it. That made no difference, so I destroyed it, and immediately the experience of my devotional relationship to God was restored. I did not understand it, but knew that somehow it was connected to that book causing offence to the Lord.
Many years later I bought a book called "I Saw The Welsh Revival" and in that book discovered the answer. The initiator of the awesome Welsh Revival of 1904, Evan Roberts, which had changed a nation at that time, had been invited by Mrs Jessie Penn-Lewis to her estate to rest and recuperate from his exhaustive itinerary. His ministry ended and never fully recovered; apparently similarly to my devotional experience.
I now re-examined the teaching of Mrs Jessie Penn-Lewis more thoroughly, and came to understand the seemingly 'right' heresy which she so sincerely propagated – that spirit and matter don't mix (an old pre-Christian pagan-Greek teaching), therefore any apparent physical awareness of that which is spirit is a deception by a deceiving demon – and was so grateful to the Lord for not allowing that deceptive perspective to enter my thinking, for the Bible teaches (Genesis 1:2) that from the very beginning of the physical creation the Spirit of God was Himself directly present concerning the whole physical creation...

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