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. . . words in the Spirit
"When you pray for your children, do not tell Me what to do! — Just ask for mercy."
"If you do not do what I have given you to do, I will use someone else. But it will never be done as it would have been done. – You are not replaceable!"
"Your words are the feet of your mind.
Come – walk in high places."
"Send your faith into the future – into tomorrow.
Let it lay hold of what you do not know, in praise of God!
Let it reach out with joy to touch what it cannot see –
according to everything that God has prepared for your day ahead.
Rejoice in it, though you do not know it, and you will have opened the way for your spirit to receive it."
"As God's people – you are a 'seamless wall'.
Your unity is not a joining together of individuals.
It is a common identity in Christ.
The Father has planted 'thorn trees' and 'thistles' beside the wall
so that the winds of circumstance might scratch them against you
and find no joints between you, so proving that you truly are one."
"Recognize the nature of the fruit in its seed.
Respect the seed according to its nature
and deal with it gently and expectantly."
"Ministry is of the Holy Spirit, who dwells in each believer at all times.
Meetings of the church are demonstrations
of a church's identity as the Body of Christ.
Meetings of the church are not an opportunity for ministry,
but rather the compounding of ministry,
which functions in God's people at all times."
"We are to lay hold of our circumstances
and lead them captive for His glory!
But first,
we must wrap our hands in prayer
and then lay hold of specific circumstances,
and make them serve Him."
"The Lord has appointed us as a sign to the people
to be set before the nation,
that He should be seen in us!
We are a people of sacrifice, appointed unto death,
that we should not live except in Him,
in Whom we are called to be seen."
"If you are not willing to be obedient to God
concerning His goals in your personal lives,
how can you receive an understanding
of His goals for the local church?"
"Jesus is the Way – not His words or deeds – but He Himself, He is the Way!" "His Name walks in your shoes..."
"There is no resignation from a local church, for each one represents the universal church of Christ which alone is the company of the redeemed.
There is only a transfer of service to another local church of the Lord's people."
And then concerning the future, the Lord Himself said –
"I will fully vindicate My name in My church,
and when I have fully vindicated My name in My church,
then I will baptize My church into a baptism of suffering that she might be conformed to her Lord."