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That Night
She was
pregnant, heavily so. Even though it was dark, you could see it when they arrived from the way she walked away from their donkey.
They must have been exhausted.
so many people had come for the registration that there was just no room for them, so the animal stall was all that there was left.
All she could do was carry in a little fresh straw for them to lie on and the woman thanked her for her kindness.
Her work as waitress was sometimes exhausting but she met so many people from other places it was stimulating. It was quite late when she served the last food and drink, and she was relieved to get to her small room behind the inn.
sound of voices woke her.
  It seemed like the middle of the night. It was men talking excitedly.  
They seemed to be almost cheering with excitement as they came out of the animal stall below. The stall had been built into a cave hollowed out of the hillside behind the inn so it was not very big and she wondered about the woman and the excitement of the men.
They were common shepherds from the hills.
Some of their words seemed strange as if they had seen a vision together that had led them there. How would the woman feel with so many strange men intruding into her sleeping place? She decided to check.
was a light burning, so she decided to quietly peek inside.
He looked so gentle, her husband, as he stooped over the feeding trough. She had given birth in the night!
  He looked kind as he held the child and settled it down to sleep in the trough. She wondered how the woman felt without a midwife, but she seemed to be sleeping and soon the light went out.  
child; it was about the child that the men had been so excited. She decided to find out why, for the men had been too excited to keep anything secret:
"And when they saw it, they made known the saying that had been told them concerning this child."
Luke 2:17.
morning came she took the couple some food. It was her excuse to find out more. The shepherds had said the child was a 'saviour', the Jewish messiah, but to her he just looked like another baby.
This is why the Wise Men found the Christ child in a "house" in Bethlehem (Matthew 2:11).
There was such love between the couple with their child, that she knew they deserved more than an animal stall, and she would help them find a place for she knew many people in Bethlehem. . . .

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