To The Thomas Pages homepage Episode of Gratitude - 3
Serious injury or death was the natural outcome. My motorbike died under the wheels of the car, its metal crumpled into strange shapes, yet the soft flesh of my body had hardly a scratch.
Theological College was behind me, and I had just begun to pastor a small congregation in the East of the city. My home visitation transport was a small motorcycle that had stood me in good stead during my student days. I was on my way home at the end of the day. Traffic was heavy and I was being careful.
I stopped in the intersection and waited to turn right, waiting for the traffic to pass. The traffic light turned amber and then red. I began to turn and suddenly, from my left, saw a car racing the red traffic light. It came through too fast for me to accelerate out of its way.
I heard the smash of its headlight against my left leg, my body whipped up into the air right across the intersection, and I heard a clear voice instruct: 'Be like a rag doll!'. I obeyed.
Flipping through the air, I hit the sidewalk on the other side of the street head-first in a kneeling position, my head jerking forward and lightly grazing my forehead against the concrete paving (in the days before crash helmets were required). An ambulance passing at that moment picked me up and the hospital x-rays could find nothing broken. However, my suit was torn from ankle to waist, and my watch was completely crushed. The motorbike, of course, had rolled underneath the car and was totally destroyed.
I was still in shock, but the memory of the voice which had commanded me to relax, and so saved me from any serious injury, filled me with gratitude.
Thank you, Oh merciful God!