To The Thomas Pages homepage Episode of Gratitude - 7
Ridley Island, Prince Rupert, BC, Canada
We had visited a freighter at the Grain Terminal, met with its captain, and left some Christian literature for its crew. It was the beginning of Lighthouse Harbour Ministries with Neil Friesen in 2008, and as we left that ship a remarkable incident happened that could have been fatal.
Far above its concrete wharf, against which the freighter was moored, towered the tall grain silo from which a metal walkway stretched out toward a ladder which then led down onto the ship's deck. It was the only walking access to board the ship. Later, as we left the ship, Neil was ahead of me as I carried our literature case and, on his reaching the grain silo end of the gangway, he held open its little gate for me to step off the gangway onto the high platform of the tower before descending its stairway to the wharf far below.
I stepped toward Neil and, as my back foot began to lift off the gangway, there was a sudden loud bang above our heads and the gangway under me ripped away, flipping upwards and tearing its attached ladder off the deck of the ship on its other end.
On the wharf far below us a group of concerned engineers were staring up at us in consternation and shock!
Accidents happen, but the split-second timing of this one had saved my life from being smashed down onto the wharf or into the sea, where the ladder appeared to have ended up, with the same fatal effect.
Less than a second earlier and that 'accident' would have taken my life.
Today, the Lighthouse Harbour Ministry of Prince Rupert has grown to a remarkable degree, providing support and Christian ministry to ships' crews, many of whom are from countries where the Christian gospel is forbidden.
Thank you, Oh merciful God!