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Don't Underestimate God
When God communicates He does so at the level of the recipient of His communication.
He is infinite and He is spirit, beyond any limits and so not subject to the limitations of matter,
or of any, other than that of His own nature!
Infinite: meaning beyond any form of measure.   Spirit: meaning not subject to the limitations of matter.
Bible is unparalleled in its degree of inspiration in its original languages. Translators do their best, but are not always able to convey in the modern language the significance of a statement within its original cultural and historical context of when it was made.
even God's own communication is necessarily dumbed-down to the level of human understanding. As a rough example, God is infinite Spirit. Therefore He has neither shape nor need, as humans experience it, so He does not need a throne to sit upon.
His throne referred to in Holy Scripture simply symbolizes His infinite authority over all. It does not mean He needs to sit down!
In like manner, when an angel of God appears to a human, its perceived image is part of its communication and is not the structure of its normal existence. So when the Bible says in Hebrews 1:7 –
"Of the angels He says, 'He makes His angels winds/spirits, and His ministers a flame of fire.'";
it is using human experience of the natural to explain the supernatural, for angels have no more a set shape than the wind does.
In Hebrew language wind
and spirit are synonymous.
does not need worship. It's purpose is to sensitize us to Him and His moral nature, to tune us to His attitude and values. Heaven is the centre of the universe, but that does not mean it is at the heart of a physical galaxy. It is the centre in that all that exists is accountable to its governance, hence it is presented in the Bible as a supreme court with 24 thrones of assessors as elders/seniors (Revelation 4:4) representing the full experience of human and angelic responsibility before God –
for all choices made or permitted.
The ancient Egyptians divided day and night into 12-parts each because the Most High had divided their agricultural year into 12-moons or months:
hence our 24-hour day.
So in the ancient world the number 12 represented God's governance.
is not confined to any method of communication. He is not subject to any methodology!
When He communicates it is at the level of the perceptive ability of the one addressed
hence it is dumbed-down to that level.
  As a simple example: the angels of God do not need speed to transverse distance.
They are spirit and therefore not subject to the limitations of matter. Their choice transfers their presence.
Likewise they do not need light to see as biological beings do, but have a consciousness that is directly aware...

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