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The California Gold Dream
When as a family we returned from Britain to South Africa (about 1952, when I was about 11) and had settled in a rented house in Lawrence Street, in Grahamstown, my father received a handwritten letter from his uncle George Lloyd Thomas in in Amador County, California, USA, which he showed me quite excitedly. I still remember its beautiful cursive script.
My father was quite excited because it confirmed a dream that he had had while living with his uncle. He had dreamed that there was gold on a certain part of the farm so in the morning he had taken a pick and shovel with him on his horse to find it, but while digging a rider had come out from the main house to say that a telegram had arrived saying that he must come home to Wales immediately as his mother was ill.
The letter from his uncle stated that they had now found gold on that part of the farm and had also found my father's boots and a pick and shovel at the place where he had been digging which he had left in such a hurry when a rider had come out from the main house to call him. My father had lost his father when he was six and so was very close to his mother.
My Dad explained to me that when he had received the news that his mother was ill, he had just jumped on his horse leaving everything, took a train across America, and sailed back to Briton. He had never returned to California but the letter said that they had now sold that part of the farm where the gold was discovered.
My father's joy was in the fulfilment of his dream.
Thank you, Oh merciful God!