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The Bible is written in all its detail to tell us about God so as to make it easier for us to trust Him
beyond our understanding
understanding of the great mercy of God, by which we are forgiven and so treated by Him as righteous, is generally that God's forgiveness 'turns the clock back' on our sins of the past as if they had never happened.
Isaiah 43:25
This may seem so biblically true and logical, but it is a serious underestimate of the grace of God which God's justice purchased through the unique atoning death of the Lord Jesus Christ!
our shame is fully surrendered to God in repentance toward Him, He makes this shame to be the 'raw material' for a greater work of grace than if we had not sinned.
This is the greatness of the Holy One!
Example One: The shame of Judah.
In the
genealogy of Israel's Messiah, the favoured line runs through Perez the shame of Judah, being ancestral via David to both Joseph (legal father of Jesus) and to Mary (biological mother of Jesus).
Judah had three sons before Perez. Two died under God's rebuke through their sexual abuse of Tamar the Canaanite girl, and the third son was withheld from her by Judah for fear that she was the problem, yet it is specifically this baby Perez of Tamar (the son of Judah's public shame), born through Tamar's pretended cult prostitution,
which God then chooses to become the progenitor of Israel's messianic line from Abraham to David. ...Why?
Genesis 38
Matthew 1:3.
Example Two: The shame of David
wife of Uriah was the shame of David. Not only did David commit adultery with her, but in her pregnancy by him, he arranged for her kind and loyal husband to be killed in battle to cover his shame (2Sam.11) thus also completely violating his responsibility as Israel's king.
2 Samuel 12
This is
David king of Israel, to whom God promised that his royal dynasty would rule over Israel forever (2Sam.7:12-16).
David had many sons among whom Solomon, son of Bathsheba, was the last. Yet it is this same Solomon of Bathsheba who becomes the sole heir to David's throne and who then lifts it to a glory unprecedented before or since in all the history of his nation. Why?
Matthew 1:6.
  To tell us what God is like!
Yes, God
is holy, righteous and just! He is the ultimate judge of all moral behaviour, and the enemies of God know this.
But what is not understood is the extent and nature of God's love for all, which awaits those who turn to Him with their whole heart!
Ultimate Example:
This awesome dimension of God's grace is ultimately exemplified for us in the human body.
Although aging and death has always been a natural part of all biological life, the human body was originally exempted from this in the beginning by its access to the "tree of life" because humanity was designed to represented the Creator to His creation as His "image" and therefore given "dominion". But this death-neutralising access, which was so completely lost by human disobedience, is not simply restored in the restoration of our relationship to God.
of 'turning the clock back' on humanity's failure, to those who turn to Him, God gives a body beyond biological and angelic limits as the appointed destiny of all His Redeemed: a 'resurrection' body of intergalactic capacity through which the eternal universal rule of God is to be directly expressed yet which still retains its direct empathy with a restored human race, as was demonstrated in the resurrected humanity of Jesus and is to be brought to us by His return. This is God!
Hear Him..!

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