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 The Powers of the Age to ComeNow!
"...  have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the powers of the age to come  ..."
Hebrews 6:5
(Hebrews 5:12)
It allows no replay of the past.

This quote is from a passage calling for spiritual growth to maturity ("by this time you ought to be teachers"), and it is
therefore making the point that a truly 'born-again believer cannot be 'born-again' again, but must simply go on to maturity.
What? –
Definition: It is easiest to define by using the example of Philip's personal experience of this.
was only a deacon who cared; no gifted apostle or prophet. The church in Jerusalem had chosen him to be part of the committee to supervise their fair distribution of food aid to widows, because he cared and they knew he could therefore be trusted.
But the natural prejudice of that same church had neglected their neighbours – the Samaritans.
Acts 6:5
So later,

The Philip Example
after being so wonderfully used to evangelise these Samaritans, God sends an angel to tell Philip to leave his success, head away from the cities and to go down south toward the desert.
So, here he ends up simply sitting next to a dusty road – for who knows what..!
this dusty road comes the cavalcade of the Treasurer of Ethiopia heading toward Egypt, and which does not stop,
but the Spirit of God says to Philip "...join this chariot".
Acts 8:29.
childlike trust Philip obeys; ends up being invited to explain the Bible to its occupant; and this top foreign official then turns in faith to Christ. So, as they pass water he asks for baptism and Philip does so. But of course, Philip is now a very long way from where his mobile Bible-study first began!
"...when they came up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord carried Philip away..."
And Philip finds himself instantly at Azotus, about 34 miles away.
Acts 8:38-40.

instant transfer is the same way that the resurrected Jesus arrived in the crowded upper room in Jerusalem, and why they (ten foundation apostles, Cleopas, and others) thought He was a ghost, for He was suddenly there among them without having come in through a door.
This is a natural power of the resurrection – a power of the Age to Come,
in which at Christ's Return all believers (from Adam to the End) will physically share with Him.
Luke 24:36.
example in the experience of faithful Philip is only what Scripture calls "tasted". It is a sampling of the future in the present because the Holy Spirit, who at Pentecost was given in personal relationship to every believer, is the Power of the Age to Come.
For this reason the prophet John the Baptist described to Israel the characteristic of the coming rule of the Messiah as a βαπτίζω / overwhelming / baptism with the Holy Spirit (for believers) and of fire (for unbelievers).
Matthew 3:11-12.
The Holy Spirit's power (in whatever manner the Spirit Himself may choose) is the characteristic of the rule/reign of God's kingdom, as was manifest in the life of Jesus.
How? – Accessed?  
demonstrated in this divinely recorded experience of Philip – it is a child-like faith that trusts God more than oneself, by going ahead obediently in utter disregard of the rational logic which said 'stay with your proven ministry in Samaria...'.
is this childlikeness of faith that is the key.
For us to do
   In other words:
it is not God going with us  –  but us going with God!
So, when God gives the objective, we immediately go directly forward, without needing to know 'how..'!
Praying in 'Tongues'
This of course assumes an intimate devotional relationship with God in which we hear Him as much as He hears us. This example was given to us in Jesus, whose personal ministerial training is described by the Spirit through Isaiah the prophet as –
"The Lord GOD has given Me the tongue of those who are taught,
that I may know how to sustain with a word him who is weary.
Morning by morning He awakens; He awakens My ear to hear as those who are taught."
Isaiah 50:4.
Why? – Purpose / Meaning?  
Manifest – in moral character, personal attitude, and responsible authority – is why human beings were made "in His image".
It is this and this alone which gives a human life its unique value.
In other words, human value is not in its survival as biological life but in what it represents.
Genesis 9:6.
Therefore, as representing God there can be no limit concerning anything that fits this unique mission of human existence.
For God is Infinite!
So human imagination has no part to play in this.
The Jesus Example
instance, when Jesus walked on water it was not to impress His disciples, it was simply to get to them in their distress as they despairingly battled in their boat against the wind and waves in the 'fourth watch of the night' (between 3 and 6 in the early morning).
Matthew 14:25.
acted as God's heart required, often in disregard of rational logic, for in His devotional experience with God on the mountain in the dark of that particular night He "saw" them in their distress,
and God does not reveal something to those in fellowship with Him unless He expects a response (God does not gossip),
and that response is only appropriate if it is a response of childlike trust toward Him – in practical action.
So Jesus went to them. Swimming was too slow, so He walked on the water to them!
This is not the courage of faith. It is the childlikeness of faith!

... SO BELIEVE ...

Mark 6:48.
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