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The Death List
"Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed,
for God made man in His own image."

Genesis 9:6 ESV

Remember – God instituted the death penalty, and humanity cannot undo that and be unaffected!
is sometimes a well-meaning but false perception that vigilance in the execution of justice in this world is not an absolute for eventually everyone will stand before God and get their deserts. This half-truth seriously misleads!
the Flood of Noah, God changed full responsibility for the administration of justice to humanity, and whether one wants to know it or not God continues to hold humanity responsible for the full administration of justice, and it is in this sense that the most serious crime (murder) is used here as the navigation point is the passage quoted above.
The fall
of humanity in Adam, and its subsequent further corruption in following generations, until it began to result in human mutation ("nephilim") which required the annihilation of that generation, did not annul the essence of the absolutely unique value of a human being, in contrast to any other life form in the universe.
Humanity was designed to represent God toward creation and for this reason was given "dominion" over all, so therefore an attack on a human being is regarded by God as an attack on His ambassador (and therefore Himself) even if that 'ambassador' had completely failed in his or her responsibility to reveal the attitude of God toward all that is and to act accordingly.
This principle underlies God's perspective on justice as laid out in Holy Scripture.
administration of justice in practice is often hindered by inadequacies in law-enforcement and judicial practice,
but this does not in any way lessen human responsibility.
Accordingly, inasmuch as those accepted before God as being "in Christ" (the restored human being), of the true Son of Man who gave Himself to take the blame of all so that all may have no excuse for not walking in God's way as originally purposed, are to reflect this reality to the world around them.
So justice is as much a Christian responsibility to promote as any other aspect of godly behaviour in Christian conduct in this world.
this website calls for the execution of the killer of the 298 Malaysian airline passengers (Igor Vsevolodovich Girkin) who thought it was a Ukrainian military bomber, and was boasting on Twitter of shooting it down with his buk missile before it hit the ground and he discovered his error.
The choice of Mugabe to be
chair of the African Union
reflects their utter disregard
for morality and justice,
and therefore their right
to be leaders in Africa.
The confusion on this issue produced by competing political interests in no way lessens human responsibility for the execution of Russia's Girkin, and likewise then ...
the president of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir for the horrific slaughter in Dafur; and
the president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe for the cruel gukurahundi massacre;
and so on..!
deflection strategy
of bringing Bush and
Blair into the issue
for killings in Iraq, etc,
does not lessen
the action required.
Humanity as a whole, and every individual to the extent of their opportunity, remain responsible to the Creator of all for the full execution of justice in this regard...!

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