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The Evil
'Lord's Resistance Army'

  Its senior officers were reportedly been trained by Sudan, Iran and Iraq
  Joseph Kony
Joseph Kony
array of weaponry was supplied by the Sudanese Government in Khartoum, which once used the LRA as a proxy army in an attempt to put down southern Sudanese rebels. The LRA had been given crates of AK47s, mines, heavy machine guns and even surface-to-air missiles. The LRA spent eight months burying the booty in caches dotted across southern Sudan.
They have now being excavated as General Kony returns to war. Senior officers used to visit Khartoum for instruction, and some were flown on to Iran and Iraq to learn leadership skills, tactics and training for new weapons.
December 2009, the LRA forced elderly people in rural villages in northern Uganda to sing Christmas carols to attract other villagers, then shot all except the youngest whom they forced into servitude as child-soldiers after clubbing to death those under nine-years.
The LRA slaughtered 96 civilians and abducted dozens more between January and early April 2010 in a brutal killing campaign in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo. "The LRA is killing civilians and abducting children at an alarming rate," says Anneke Van Woudenberg, senior Africa researcher at Human Rights Watch.
foolish charities have supplied the LRA with food, thinking that thereby they will not prey on villages for resources, but this has simply helped to strengthen the LRA in the pursuance of its vicious atrocities. Africa's most bizarre and brutal war is no closer to a conclusion.

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