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SSA South Africa'sIntelligence Agency  SSA
Known as –   Bureau for State Security (BOSS)     1969 - 1978            
  Department of National Security (DONS)   1978 - 1994  
  National Intelligence Agency (NIA)   1994 - 2009  
  State Security Agency (SSA)   2009 – ...  
(who November 1, 2017, sent the SSA threatening letter to the publishers of Jacques Pauw's book "The President's Keepers")
The Russian KGB (now FSB) taught the SA intelligence service NIA (now SSA) to use Dezinformatsiya,
disinformation (from 'principles of Lenin'), to 'protect' government agencies and officials.
January: In New York City, U.S. – South African naval officer, Commodore Dieter Felix Gerhardt (Дитер Герхардт), head of their Simonstown Naval base, is arrested for spying on behalf of the Soviet Union.
His cover is blown by Soviet double agent Vladimir Vetrov (given the codename "Farewell" by France's DST intelligence service).
His wife Ruth
held a rank in
the Russian KGB.
March 3: The South African Police assassinate a group of seven anti-apartheid activists, in the black suburb Guguletu.

South Africa
assassinates the
president of Moçambique.
October 19: Having been informed by DONS, the South African military place a false navigation radio beacon in the Lebombo mountains on the Moçambique border to mislead the Russian pilot of the President of Moçambique and cause it to crash into the mountain, killing all on board including President Samora Moises Machel, leaving his children and wife Graça.
(During my relief mission work in Moçambique in 1984, Samora's brother (provincial head of their Frelimo party), had helped facilitate the release of the food and medical aid supplies, which I had railed into Maputo, from their Customs who had demanded a bribe before releasing it which I was unwilling to pay.)
Because Moçambique
sided with the Soviet
Union in the Cold War
he is regarded as
a legitimate target.
May 7: In Johannesburg, South Africa – Cosatu House is bombed by the South African police to mislead journalists and cover up the theft of a 25-metre printing press, which was reassembled at police headquarters and used to print counterfeit money.
Around this time, some counterfeit R200 notes are thus issued by police for the 1995 Rugby World Cup.
Simon Nothnagel, attached to the police commercial crime unit is involved in printing counterfeit US dollars at police headquarters in Pretoria (operation Donna), together with matric certificates, university degrees and drivers licenses for various police generals.
SAPS printing
of counterfeit
money and
South African President Nelson Mandela appoints Andre Lincoln to head Presidential Investigative unit, run separately from the South African police. It at this stage is focussed on probing Cape Town based mafioso Vito Palazzolo.
1996–1999 Billy Lesedi Masetlha is Agency Director General.  
Hilton Anthony Dennis is Agency Director General.
The Intelligence Academy under the SSA, is established in terms of the Intelligence Services Act 65 of 2002, with a mandate to provide quality intelligence training to the members of the Intelligence Community.
South African Social Security Agency accounts are now held at Grindrod Bank.
Wednesday, 3 December: Agent 'Okhela' informs on the corrupt political games being played behind the scenes by South Africa's official state intelligence agency, in its collaboration with the Vula organisation of senior ANC officials, namely –
Mac Maharaj,  Jacob Zuma,  and  Mo Shaik.
Abuse of Authority
in South Africa
Mo Shaik is Agency Director General.
Israel’s intelligence agency, Mossad, threatens to commit a cyber attack against South Africa’s banking and financial institutions unless the campaign to boycott Israel for its occupation of Palestine is stopped. Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan is made aware of the threat in a note from anonymous sources. The letter gives the SA government 30 days to stop the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel
See: Mossad
Batandwa Siswana becomes the Agency Director General.
October: Dezinformatsiya/disinformation is deliberately 'leaked' to the media that "taxman’s rogue unit ran brothel", in order to discredit the South African Revenue Service's investigation of senior ANC officials, for In March the Democratic Alliance had alleged that ANC President Zuma could owe the taxman as much as R16-million in fringe benefits
after the public protector found Zuma and his family had "benefited unduly’" from the domestic Nkandla "security upgrade".
December 27: In Pretoria – Three persons (staff members: William Mmotong; Albert Ramabele; and Khayalethu Mgatyelwa) steal R17 million cash in foreign currency from a safe at SSA headquarters using a staff access card.
Ten staff members are suspended and their security clearances withdrawn.
Money kept in cash
probably to be used
as bribes.
New Head
September 26: Arthur Fraser (previously deputy director general of operations in the former National Intelligence Agency) becomes the new director general and accounting officer of the SSA, replacing Ambassador Sonto Kudjoe, who has left the agency after three years at the helm.
Fraser joined the NIA
in 1995 and also worked
as an investigator at
the Truth Commission
Investigative Journalist Jacques Pauw exposes the plunder of state funds by Arthur Fraser (bald-headed, second in command at the SSA) squandering "hundreds of millions of rand of taxpayers' money" in a plan to expand South Africa's intelligence capabilities known as Principal Agent Network (PAN). Millions of rands in cash are transported in suitcases from a state money depot in Pretoria central to "the Farm" (the nickname for the agency's headquarters), otherwise known as Musanda (on the shores of the Rietvlei Dam, south of Pretoria).
January: It is reported that the State Security Agency has been involved in the management activities of the goverment owned South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC),
March 18:
Fifteen computers containing confidential information of all South African judges, judiciary staff and all courts are stolen from the office of the chief justice. The Democratic Alliance chief whip in parliament John Steenhuizen states that Security Minister David Mahlobo and the State Security Agency could have had a hand in the burglary because of the lack of adequate security at the office of the chief justice which allowed for the break-in to occur, in response to the decision by the Constitutional Court (Friday 17 March) condemning the Minister of Social Development, Bathabile Dlamini, for the social grants crisis she has caused.
Dlamini has until March 31 to show why she should not be joined to the court proceedings in her personal capacity,
and why she should not then pay the costs of the court application from her own pocket.
The burglars appeared to know exactly which computers needed to be taken – they took 15 computers from the human resource department that contain private and personal information of 250 judges and many hundreds of court officials, but ignored many other computers. The fruits of the heist lie in the information contained in those computers, rather than in the hardware.
Dlamini fails to
meet the deadline.
The home of the former director-general of the Social Development Department, Zane Dangor is burgled, terrifying his children who were present, but nothing is stolen, in an attempted intimidation.
Dangor had resigned after a "breakdown" in his relationship to minister Bathabile Dlamini.
President Zuma refers the integrity of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan to the SSA, because the Gupta faction have been unable to corrupt him, in order to a have 'legitimate' basis for replacing him. The SSA "check-mate" report is then used to justify his recall from an investor conference and his replacement.
Jacob Zuma's lawyers then ask the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) to produce the very intelligence report that the DA wants Zuma to supply, in a bizarre twist to the sacking of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan. As far as the DA is concerned, this is reminiscent of when the president ''pulled every trick in the book'' to delay the DA's eventually successful application to get the ''spy tapes'' that got Zuma's corruption charges withdrawn. Shortly after the Cabinet reshuffle, State Security Minister David Mahlobo told media he had heard of the report being circulated within the ANC, but had not had his hands on a copy.
by Zehir Omar, lawyer for the Society for the Protection of the Constitution (SPOC), "Indian. Iranian, and Russian intelligence agencies" supplied information that international financial institutions (banks, etc) were planning to undermine President Jacob Zuma's government while Gordhan and his deputy Jonas were on an international investor road-show, and this provided the basis for the SSA report..
April 3:
• The United Democratic Movement (UDM) parliamentary party challenges the legitimacy of SSA's Check-Mate report, and
• the South African Communist Party (SACP) asks the inspector general of intelligence to investigate the report.
SSA Minister David Mahlobo states that he has not seen the intelligence document containing claims that
former finance minister Pravin Gordhan was plotting with international banks.
20: A security company partly owned by State Security Agency Director-general Arthur Fraser is accused of flouting tender processes and submitting a false tax certificate in order to score a R90-million contract from Prasa, the embattled state rail agency, a National Treasury investigation has found. Resurgent Risk Managers, co-founded by Fraser and former national intelligence agency boss Manala Manzini, may also have bribed their way into the contract, investigators concluded. Nexus Forensic Services conducted the investigation into Resurgent on behalf of National Treasury.
The State Security Agency (SSA) refuses to account for its irregular expenditure of R1 billion. The abuse of funds includes the suspicious use of the SSA's covert fund, as well as breaches of prescribed procurement procedures.
The personal records of at least 60 million people have been leaked onto the Internet in an enormous data breach that is being touted as the biggest ever leak of private information in South Africa’s history.
A spokesperson for South Africa’s State Security Agency (SSA) told the BBC: "We are looking in to the matter. There is an investigation. We are obviously very concerned. It’s important to us to get to the bottom of this, see how it came about and do whatever we have to do, to deal with it."
The source of the breach has been traced to a web server registered to a property company called Jigsaw Holdings
The country’s
Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI), introduced in 2013, aims to act as a punitive measure to protect personal data,
but has reportedly still not been fully implemented.
November 1:

The SSA annouces that it wil institute legal action to prevent the distribution of Jacques Pauw's 2017 book
The President's Keepers, published by Tafelberg, and demands compliance within 5 days from this date.
It issues a cease and desist letter to NB Publishers, demanding the withdrawal of the explosive new political book The President’s Keepers from stores and ordering the publisher to retract parts of the book. This follows the overwhelming positive reception
of journalist and author Jacques Pauw’s book, which investigates South Africa’s “gangster state”
and is published by Tafelberg, an imprint of NB Publishers.
The book exposes how millions of rands of tax payers’ money flowed into the bank accounts of bogus spies, etc., and
about President Jacob Zuma’s “compromised government and dirty tricks” in South Africa’s law-enforcement agencies.
The book exposes South African Government corruption!
At the Lyttleton police station in Pretoria, the State Security Agency lays charges against Jacques Pauw for his book The President's Keepers.

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