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The Serpent's Subtlety
Satan's Prime Tactic
No created being understands human psychology better than Satan, hence the existence of magic in both cultural and religious superstition world wide.
Unfortunately, it is easier for us to think simply in terms of right and wrong, than it is to comprehend the deceptions of this "Father of Lies" as Jesus called him.
as God's Word says, we do not need to be experts in the analysis of satanic methodology and its propaganda in order to be strong and effective in dealing with his activity and its damaging effects –
"...for your obedience did reach to all; I rejoice, therefore, as regards you, 
and I wish you to be wise, indeed, as to the good,
and harmless
[free from guile] as to the evil; 
 and the God of the peace shall bruise the Adversary
[Satan] under your feet quickly; 
the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen!"
Romans 16:19-20
Young's Literal Translation.
Christian ministry to others, and particularly leadership of God's precious people, deserves a fuller understanding of the intellectual games that Satan plays with human beings in terms of their natural psychological vulnerability and responses.
The Truth
God is consistent, and therefore
because He created humanity in His own 'image' to represent His rule, He therefore does not intervene in our world without a request [prayer] from a human being, except in judgment to alter the parameters of our responsibility,
but our responsibility nevertheless remains.
Thus for
God to intervene on request requires of us a deliberate faith/trust toward Him sufficient to move ourselves to action.
This is the basis of Christ's command to the paralyzed man – "Rise, pick up your bed and go home."
Matthew 9:6.
This personal action of the paralyzed man in his particular circumstance had no basis in logic – other than faith beyond himself, faith in God beyond his own understanding.
God have healed the man without requiring him to do anything? Yes, of course. God has infinite ability.
It is not the ability, or the willingness of God that is the issue. Our faith simply functions as a conduit, a channel, in our relationship to God – for to not trust the Creator of all things more than we trust ourselves is really to insult Him.
Faith in Him, more than in our understanding, is the minimum that we owe to Him.
Faith that acts as a conduit requires faith that reaches outside of oneself.
It is the receptivity of the recipient of God's mercy that is the central issue. So, this requires a faith which is more than simply a trustful feeling.
By receptivity, I do not mean 'openness' or 'willingness to cooperate' with the Healer, such as Jesus on that occasion, as the minister of that grace of God. This receptivity means making space within oneself for God to be God in His relationship to us.
receptivity is that of a little child who is free to simply acts in terms of trust without first understanding; the trust of a child who crosses a busy highway holding Dad's hand even though it sees traffic streaming past, simply because Dad said, 'right, let's go'.
This is not trust in an expected 'result'. This is trust toward Him in His character, in His relationship to us.
It was this
trust in Mary toward Jesus which allowed the first miracle of His ministry to demonstrate God's power to His first disciples at the wedding feast in Cana. The trigger which Jesus used was water.
John 2:2-11.
The lack was wine, and to pour water into the wine cups of the guests would have been an insult to them and a huge embarrassment to the families concerned. But Mary had primed the servants to act with unconditional faith in whatever Jesus said. The act of serving water opened the door, was the receptivity, for the impossible to happen.
throughout the descriptions of Holy Scripture, both before the coming of Jesus, in His ministry to others, and after His exaltation to the Father, there has been a triggering factor for the receptivity of the recipients to release their faith toward God. This is not because God needs the action, but because the structure of the human psyche requires this responsiveness in order to receive.
See: examples of
this triggering of faith
The Deception
Satan, knowing this therefore, employs this methodology of human faith in his own deceptions.
has found it easy to infiltrate his influence through superstitious practices within the traditions of Christian churches; such as 'holy water', the sprinkling of salt, the sign of the cross, etc, and various animist perspectives in reaction to the demonic encounter.
in Christ's Church.
methodology is replete with actions designed to associate with the problem by analogy, or with the particular purpose to be achieved.
This magical thinking generally uses association in a deceptive/apparent attempt to manipulated the supernatural, and it has thoroughly infiltrated Christianity.
instance, the practice of 'laying-on-of-hands' in religion lay originally in the idea of substitution by association, in which the hand of the worshipper was laid upon the head of a sacrifice victim (lamb/goat/bull) at the moment of its throat being cut in sacrifice by the officiating Levite (Leviticus 1:4; 3:2, 8, 13; 4:4, 24, 29, 33, etc.). But, through the centuries of Christian practice this became seen, not simply as representative association, but as 'transmission'. So church ordination to a ministry became thereby transferred to the recipient through the laying-on-of-hands, which is not true and is a deception.
Unfortunately then, some, including academics, have concluded that the true works of God and the fraudulent are both false or both psychosomatic effects because of their underlying 'common' methodology.
To have understanding of the ways of God with humanity requires spiritual illumination
which only comes from a direct personal relationship to the Most High in terms of His worthiness to be trusted beyond our understanding.
So, as sad as this may be, confusion on these issues is simply part of the fruit of an underlying distrust toward God and will lead unavoidably into deeper darkness...

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