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The Great Satanic Deception
— The  Great  Satanic  Deception —
There is nothing in the history of Christianity that matches the level of deception of the international lie that the Zionist state of 'Israel' today has some continuity with the Israel
of the Sinai Covenant of the Old Testament and of God's promise of the Land to Abraham upon which that nation's national identity was originally founded.
is good reason why Orthodox Jews, as they understand the Bible, publicly burn the Israeli flag each year in London and New York at Purim (the feast celebrating the deliverance reported in the Bible book of Esther),
for they know that this Zionist state is a fake 'Israel'
Orthodox Jews burn
the Israeli flag in
protest at its existence
Satanic deception began with the choice of the name 'Israel' for the settlement of Jewish immigrants in Palestine when in May 1948 through Ben Gurion they declared themselves to be an independent political state.

The discrediting
of Christianity!
Christian vulnerability to this deception was caused by the very misleading teaching (principally in the U.S) that the political reconstituting of Israel was somehow an end-time sign concerning the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Accordingly, some ignorantly interpreted Christ's words "this generation" in Matthew 24:34 as meaning a 'time period' rather than as "this people", (initially speculated as 40-years) and so added that to the date of Ben Gurion's declaration to so calculate a supposed date for the return of Jesus (1948+40=1988; then without repentance later modified to 1948+50=191998), both proving them to be fools in twisting Holy Scripture to fit their view, for the Bible term "this generation" in its own context (Matthew 24:34) simply meant this people and not any time period of any kind.
A Chronology
of Confusion
So then
Ben Gurion was also
not God's Messiah
as he himself knew!
the Scripture's prophetic statement of "a nation born in a day" (in Isaiah 66:8) was also used in violation of its context, for its verse 15 makes it plain that this refers to instituting the rule of God's Messiah (which did not begin in 1948!), and twisted it to apply to Ben Gurion's 1948 political statement declaring the settlements of Jewish immigrants (on stolen land) in Palestine to be an independent political nation called 'Israel'.
Twisting the Bible is
blasphemous sacrilege
of which many Christians
have still not repented!
primary method to hinder God's purposes in this world is not discouragement or depression, but —
Apart from Zionist Jews, the misled Christian community in the United States has been one of the greatest supporters of the building of this fake state of 'Israel', as a sadly sincere consequence of this Satanic deception, to the extent that events in the Middle East are still commonly interpreted in their relation to the Zionist state of Israel as though it is somehow God's historical measuring-stick.
to the highly respected Jewish professor of history Ilan Pappé, who was raised in Zionist Israel,
this modern 'State of Israel' was –
"founded on gross injustice and built by deception"
As stated publicly by him on
his international lecture tour!
crop-spraying aircraft over Palestinian farms to spray herbicides on their crops before their harvest, in order to drive Palestinian farmers off their ancestral land, and other even worse maliciously evil techniques, are known to have been used in the construction of this fake 'Israel'.
The  evils  have  no  limit!
The son of one Palestinian farmer who produced commercial olive oil from his olive orchards, and who, with many other Palestinian families, is now living in a refugee camp, described in an interview how the Israeli army arrived on their farm with bulldozers and simply flattened all their commercial orchards because their olive trees were supposedly "blocking the view" from an Israeli military watch tower, thus —
totally destroying their family income and property,
and plunging them into desperate poverty.

Orhodox Jews burning the Israeli flag
abounds internationally when it comes to interpreting God's conditional Abrahamic covenant of the land as the basis of Zionist claims (Genesis 15:18; Exodus 23:31), for the Bible gives the boundaries as —
• southern boundary of the Promised Land as the "river of Egypt" which (at that time) was the term for Wadi El Arish in mid Sinai peninsula ("wilderness"); and
• northern boundary as the headwaters of the Euphrates river in today's northern Syria,
   so if Zionism (Jewish or Christian) has any Biblical claim whatsoever to confiscate Palestinian land to give to Jewish settlers —
 it has no less claim to do so with the whole of Lebanon and a substantial part of Syria 
for even the East-West dimensions of the Land were set by God as —
from the Jordan river / Red Sea line ... to the "Sea of the Philistines" (the Mediterranean).

what Netanyahu presents
to the world.
But God's revelation in Holy Scripture does not leave it here – in this corrupted identity – which has been used to deceive the nations.
It informs us, so as to affect our present personal attitude and behaviour, that God's direct judgement on the nations (in Christ's return) will also result in –
the full return of the legitimate heirs of the Abrahamic covenant from all nations –
via what it calls "the Way of Holiness" (Isaiah 35:8) and
a fully restored authentic Israel, renewed both spiritually and nationally...
intelligent response!
—   This   Page   Is   Still   Under   Construction   As   The   Evils   Continue   —   Until   This   'Israel'   Becomes   A   Platform   For   The   Antichrist   —

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