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Christian thinking is commonly formed from trusted sources rather than directly
from the perspectives of Holy Scripture. Consequently much needs to change!
Three questions are therefore presented for thinking Christians toward that end!
Question One:    
 • Why did God rest on the seventh day of creation? ?
Answer One:    God was tired. wrong!
Answer Two:    He wanted the seventh day to be a holy day. wrong!
• Answer Three: He set Himself as our role-model example to fully rest one-day-in-seven. right!
Because made "in His image" (Genesis 1:28) means to represent–Him: therefore humanity was given dominion/authority over all life forms!
Question Two:    
 • Could there be any grammatical errors in the original text of Holy Scripture? ?
Answer One:    No. There could never be, because it is fully inspired by God. wrong!
Answer Two:    Yes. God uses ordinary people so errors do occur. wrong!
• Answer Three: Yes, because the truth is sometimes bigger than the rules of human language. right!
  Two examples illustrate this fact: one from the Gospel of John and one from the book of Revelation.  
1. In the original language record (Hellenistic Greek), a pronoun must be the same gender as the noun it represents. Therefore when Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit (Spirit being a neuter term) its pronoun must be neuter. Therefore technically the words of Jesus recorded for us (in John 14:26 and 15:26) should have been "the Holy Spirit/Spirit of Truth, it" and not "He". But instead, this grammatical rule is deliberately broken by using the masculine pronoun "He" in the place of 'it'. Why? Because the Spirit of God is a person, in a direct personal relationship to every believer. Important
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2. In the original language record, the phrase about God – "Who is, was, and is to come" (in Revelation 1: 8) should have been "Who is, was, and will be", but that could have implied a change in God the absolute Unchangeable!
So, the grammatical rule is therefore deliberately violated in order to be true to the truth.
Question Three:    
 • Could Jesus come back at any time? ?
Answer One:    Yes. That's why we must be ready at all times. wrong!
Answer Two:    No. There are signs that must occur first. wrong!
• Answer Three: No. God gave two primary preconditions (not signs) which must first be completed in Spirit-filled obedience. right!
The first precondition concerns completing internationally what Jesus began in His public ministry in Palestine, according to Matthew 24:14.
The second is related and is consequent to it, as stated in Psalm 110 verses 1 and 3, in which Christ's people will then become God's prosecution witness.

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