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Although HIV/AIDS is primarily a sexually transmitted disease, it has countless innocent victims from babies born of contaminated mothers to haemophiliacs contaminated by blood-transfusions before hospitals/blood-clinics had effective screening methods implemented.
So, the
stigma generally associated with its diagnosis is often undeserved and very destructive. However, the spread of this disease is still frequently associated with a promiscuous lifestyle to which the Christian Church has itself unwittingly made a significant contribution.
Origin of HIV/AIDS
ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ to Israel in which He clarified the application of their moral code, the Ten Commandments, and demonstrated its essential character in His personal conduct, does not mean that good behaviour earns entrance to Heaven.
Yes, the moral code is the way of righteousness/justice, the standard given, but all of us have come short of this in some way or other, and thus it is not by the standard of righteous behaviour, but by mercy, alone and unmixed, that we have entrance to God's presence. This is made clear in Christ's direct statement on the cross to the thief dying beside Him.
the Christian Church, as the "light of the world" just as Christ was, means illumination of the same issues of life and human conduct in order to awaken conscience and so turn men and women toward God's mercy in Jesus Christ.
In this, no moral sphere of human life has produced greater damage than the abuse of sex, particularly in debasing it to the level of entertainment.

Sex is
holy simply because God designed it!
Its abuse is therefore a violation of its essence.
was designed as a bonding-act which the New Testament describes in 1 Corinthians 7:4 as being a transfer of ownership of the body. This marital-understanding of sex is confirmed in its ancient social context that the 'bed' symbolized marriage (as shown in the Homeric myth of Odysseus and Penelope on his return from Troy).
average Corinthian Christian in the first century to whom Paul wrote had no civil marriage registration. Cohabitation was marriage, and its ending was its ending.
It is in this context then that the Bible says –
"For the wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does.
 Likewise the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife does."
1 Corinthians 7:4
the Christian Church has been seriously complicit in the modern debasement of sex. It has collaborated for its own purposes in the making marriage a legal event, thereby reinforcing the myth that sex is non-binding; that it is not a life-commitment.
History of Legal Marriage
the Western World, Christian clergy have been happy to reinforce their social influence through their civil role of church marriage officer and so helped strengthen the idea that it is the religious-legal event which actually institutes marriage with its obligations, thereby helping to debase 'premarital sex' to simply fornication devoid of any life-long irreversible responsibility for that sexual partner.
The holiness of sex in itself, as a God-designed function, has largely become totally lost.
Author Kate Figes points out that before "the end of the 19th century many more people cohabited in common law unions than [legally] married, just as they are beginning to do today" (January 2010, Couples: The Truth emphasis mine).
is very understandable that human idealism should try to elevate/strengthen the social status of marriage using law and religion to try and make it last, but the side-effect of this, in allowing sexual union to be seen as non-binding, has led to a disastrous state in which free condoms will not stop the plague of HIV/AIDS.
The sanctification of sex to its original intent is the only route to success.
Lord Jesus Christ was very assertive in His teaching that the traditions of His time, the teaching of the elders, could not annul God's original intent, either concerning the Sabbath or concerning marriage.
Matthew 19:3-9.
Jesus only violation of the sexual bond could ever end a marriage, no matter how many bills/certificates of divorce were issued under the regulations of Moses.
The increasing tendency of Western governments to accord legal registration to same-sex relationships on a par with marriage illustrates the absolute imperative that Christianity identify itself only with the Biblical definition of marriage and does not conform to the norms of any society in any age in this respect in its teachings and practice.
We need to return to Christ's perspective if our witness, our 'light', is to be truly Christian!

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