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The personal act of the INFINITE ONE for ALL (κόσμος/cosmos) which therefore has NO LIMIT!
In all sincerity, in the words of worship-songs and in sermons preached, the Atonement of Jesus is frequently referred to in misleading statements of half-truths:
as though Jesus was somehow conquering 'death', or 'darkness', or 'Satan' in His suffering on the Cross.
Why this is serious is that even half-truths detract from the unappreciated full reality of what God actually did in the Atonement of Jesus the Christ – and understanding this is of great value to the boldness of the Christian faith
as it moves forward to complete that which the preaching ministry of Jesus began.
The Apostle Paul wrote –
"We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.
For our sake
He made Him
to be sin
who knew no sin,
so that in Him
we might become the
righteousness of God.
2 Corinthians 5:20-21.
In about 30AD,
in Jerusalem, a horrible event occurred that was the ultimate injustice
but which opened the door for the absolutely impossible:
the most holy human being who had ever lived – was personally treated by the highest judge, the Almighty Himself
as the personification of all sin and crime!
The scream

"My God, My God..."
because the
Father-Son relationship
was completely gone!
Jesus was disowned!
of Jesus at that moment, in the Aramaic, best expresses the horror –
"Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?"
This is variously translated in English as –
"My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" (ASV)
"My God, my God, why did you abandon me?" (GNB)
"My God, My God, why did You forsake Me?" (LITV)
"My God, My God, why have You abandoned Me?" (TLV)
Mark 15:34 gives
the Aramaic original.
Aramaic was the home language of Jesus, as of all Palestinian Jews at this time.
Matthew 27:45 gives it in Hebrew to show its fulfilment
of the prophecy of
Psalm 22:1.
In Jesus,
God was not pretending to
be a man. He had humbled Himself in self-limitation to
be fully human, with all the
frailty and selfish instincts
from Mary to overcome, the
source of His genuine
humanity, as our
righteous substitute!
Matthew 26:39;
Luke 22:42.
horror of God's injustice to Jesus – His own commissioned Christ – had been symbolically portrayed for centuries beforehand by God's instruction in Israel's killings of innocent lambs as a sacrifice to God in their temple as an appeal for His forgiveness,
even though it was not understood at that time.
Christ's cross-event is portrayed in Christian circles today as a victory over Satan or as a conquering of death, etc.., but, although related to it, as a side-effect, this lack of accurate focus as being an inexplicable act of God's personal love directly detracts from a fuller appreciation of its irrefutable injustice to fully justify the unworthy and lifted them thereby into the company of the Most Holy of All!
No less

Jesus was more
than willing to be
a martyr for God
but this was
totally different!
than Abraham, Jesus trusted God beyond His own human understanding. Thus, when confronted in Gethsemane during His passover prayer vigil, as God had commanded for all Israel after their Exodus (Exodus 12:42 but they still neglect to keep), the Lord Jesus is taken aback by the inexplicable and, in a state which He Himself describes as 'so depressed He could die', for He knew He was being betrayed by His own, even though He would be killed and then rise again, He cries out to God in prayer –
"My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from Me; nevertheless, not as I will [desire], but as You will [desire]."
This was not His unwillingness. This was the fact that it did not make any logical sense to drink the cup of death as a criminal. It was such a violation of justice, that He should be executed as a criminal and that then, even God would personally desert Him.
Dying as a martyr for the truth was a completely different issue, and for this the Lord Jesus was more than willing. But now it did not make sense and so in Jesus' limitation to human capacity, this precious Christ of God trusted God beyond all understanding and so He therefore prayed "not as I will, but as You will".
References to Christ’s "blood" in songs and worship is not literal. It symbolically refers to His substitutionary suffering.
Atonement did not begin when Jesus began to bleed, as they lashed Him in Pilate's fortress, nor as He carried His cross through the streets of the city toward Calvary. The blood from the nails driven through the base of His palms by the crucifixion squad before hoisting Him, with the cross-beam, onto the upright, or when they drove the spike through His feet, did not atone for one sin!
hung there as a public spectacle from 9am in the morning, flanked by two criminals in a similar situation, as His mother and Mary Magdalene wept broken-heartedly below Him, and His beloved disciple John, the only one who had not run away, stood watching in total shock.
The Atonement is ONLY
what God did to Jesus which
justice was fully paid
before the Throne
to obtain mercy for all!
Quite understandably
Islam does not believe
that God would be
unfaithful to His prophet
but this leaves out
His unique atonement
— once for all! —
three hours of this situation, at 12 noon, the inexplicable happened!
Jesus became aware that God was turning His back on Him! Deserting Him!
In Gethsemane it was hard to understand. Now it was impossible, and He screams aloud in total shock –
"Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?"
This was no recitation of a Scripture prophecy. This was anguish beyond all description, for it was true!
God, in Whom He had put all His trust as a human being, had now deserted Him.
It is customary to portray crucifixion scenes as wearing a loincloth but in reality they were always nailed naked and this was true of Jesus, and it was beside the highway for its deterrent effect on the public passing.
In that
moment nothing made sense! Even the Creation darkened over Him! Any understanding of a godly-love-purpose was torn from His mind. Nothing was left to, in any way, make it all worthwhile.
There was no comfort or encouragement of any kind!
He was completely deserted by the Most Trusted! –
for He was a substitute for all sin, but even that understanding was now taken from Him!
theologians have argued over the centuries concerning the applied 'value' of His atonement and found it logical to describe it as limited to all those and only those whom God alone knows will be redeemed in human history by this act of mercy: the Elect, or otherwise so much would be wasted!
The infinite value of Christ's atonement does not lie in how long He was on that Cross or in the degree of suffering His body endured. It lies in His eternal identity!
In the
physical conception of the man Jesus, the eternal Infinite God humbled Himself, placing Himself within a supernaturally fertilized ovum within the womb of Mary as the Holy Spirit anointed her and her cousin Elizabeth as she knocked on the door of John the Baptist's future parents in the hill country of Judah, after she had been told by God's angel that Elizabeth was now six months pregnant.
Luke 1:43-44.
(Although completely a side-issue, but because we know the approximate time of John the Baptist's father receiving the revelation about his wife becoming pregnant while he was on duty as priest in Jerusalem, from his being of the priestly division of Abijah (eighth of 24, of which each division served two weeks per year), and that child was six-months older than Jesus, we can then work out the approximate date of the birth of the Lord Jesus as being around the 24 September, which fits with shepherds sleeping out with their sheep in the Bethlehem area at that time of year).
Luke 1:5.
Therefore the capacity of Christ's atonement
in nothing less than the intrinsic infinity of this Lamb of God, from the self-limiting humility of the Infinite God!
Christian liberty begins before God in the name of the One in Whose worthiness, and only in Whose worthiness, anyone can be heard by God, and so they are –
...anointed by His Spirit – to work the works of Jesus!
Remember that Justice and Mercy naturally contradict each other. In Justice you get what you deserve. In Mercy you get what you do not deserve.
In Christ this intrinsic contradiction has been fully reconciled before God forever — making the impossible possible — turning sinners into saints!

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