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Elim, Full

Gospel Church
Hatfield Pretoria
Toward the
end of his final year at Berea Theological College (1967), Lloyd hears that the Elim church congregation founded by Pastor Van Heerden in 1965 is now to be used for students to "practice their preaching on until it closes down", as Pastor Van Heerden has now accepted the call to teach at the Chaldo Bible Institute in Cape Town, and the Full Gospel District Superintendent, Pastor De Bruyn, has stated that there is no future for an English language Full Gospel church in that city.
Lloyd voices his disapproval among the students as being inappropriate to use the Lord's people to 'practice preaching' on.
is accordingly summoned to the College office by Alec Thompson concerning his voiced disapproval and informed that he is now therefore solely responsible for the continuation of the Elim congregation's services in the Sons of England Hall in Hatfield.
three months however, because the church had not closed down, the pastoral vacancy is now advertised within the denomination and Lloyd is called by the congregation to fill their vacancy. During this time with the Elim church in Pretoria, Lloyd is informed by the resident caretaker of the hired hall, where the congregation meets on Sundays, that the Full Gospel District Council (which had been paying the Sunday rental during Pastor Van Heerden's tenure) had now stopped their rental subsidy and electricity payments (without any notice being given to Lloyd).
Lloyd therefore writes to them to note their lack of notice to himself as being inappropriate, but he is ignored.
Elim congregation however continues to grow and it purchases a pastoral manse in Waterkloof, Pretoria.
After Elim's eight years under his pastoral oversight, Lloyd believes that the Lord wants him to move North to Pietersburg (now called Polokwane) to minister in the Bapedi homeland of Lebowa.
He therefore gives appropriate notice, and is replaced by Pastor Barrett.