'Baptist' is more than a denominational 'tag'. It represents a particularly biblical view of the essential nature of the Christian Church, the rediscovery of which began with the 'anabaptists' of Zurich, Switzerland, from about 1525.
Sadly, Pastor

 The Real Issue 

Gavin van Heerden of Linkway Baptist Church, Edgemead, Cape Town, although serving a Baptist congregation in Edgemead, does not appear to hold a Baptist/Biblical view of the Christian Church's spiritual identity –
having reportedly recommended to Pastor Paul van der Merwe of Salem Full Gospel, Bothasig, Cape Town,
the public 'cutting off' of Lloyd Thomas as an 'acceptable Christian remedy'
following the van-der-Merwe-version of events – without ever having met Lloyd himself.
This cutting-off 'remedy' was then 'justified' by quoting the words of Holy Scripture –
in contradiction of their own context.
When the glorious
Lord Jesus Christ taught His embryo Church this disciplinary process (as reported to us in Matthew 18:15-22), this ultimate cutting-off act of excommunication, is described in these words of Jesus (not as in church history) as being then to –
"... let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector" (18:17)
which meant within their original Jewish cultural context,
the public denial of the spiritual/Christian identity (salvation) of that accused person who was continuing in that particularly offensive unrepented sin;
but even then this was only after that person had first heard and had rejected the united view of their local congregation on that specific issue:
"And IF he refuses to listen even to the church/congregation let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector" (18:17).
So nothing could be more serious than his recommended 'cutting-off' action!
the Scripture used perversely by Pastor Gavin to rebuke Lloyd after he brings a prophetic word of encouragement to Gavin's son, that every word must be "established by two or three witnesses", as though the revelation of the Holy Spirit needed human screening, was a serious twisting of Holy Scripture, for the Bible quote from the words of the Lord Jesus (Matthew 18:16) refers only to establishing evidence in a conflict situation.
*Called 'baptism' because it was an inaugural event (Acts 1:5).
The martyrdom of the earliest Baptists (Switzerland) was a consequence of their rediscovery of this biblical perspective on the Church, and it was worth dying for.
Note therefore: When
As the Bible says..!
the one Holy Spirit is described in Revelation One as the 'Seven Spirits before the Throne', this description projects God's own view of the Christian Church, for in its context seven LOCAL congregations are being directly addressed; for when the one Holy Spirit was given to the whole Christian Church (at that first Pentecost* after Christ's completed Atonement, Resurrection, and Ascension) each local congregation (such as John's seven churches in the first century Roman province of 'Asia') became thereby the local representative-expression of the whole Church, for the Christian Church worldwide derives it's authentic identity as the Body of Christ from the one and only Holy Spirit of God.
In other
words, it was as if the whole Holy Spirit had been given to each local congregation of God's people, and therefore the messages to the seven congregations to hear what the Spirit says to each ("He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches") is symbolically represented in the Holy Spirit's presence before the Throne of God as 'Seven Spirits' ("before the Throne were burning seven torches of fire, which are the Seven Spirits of God", Revelation 4:5).
So if it is correct in God's sight, the act of any local congregation toward an individual cannot differ from that of the whole Christian Church worldwide toward that same person.
This then disallows any picking and choosing of local church membership according to the personal taste of an individual church leader.
Such does not exist in God's sight,
except as the local church itself may, in its own spiritual disobedience, become a hindrance to the true identity of the one Christian Church worldwide.
Hence the cutting off of Lloyd Thomas, while apparently 'convenient' to local church leadership, can have no claim in any sense whatsoever to be a 'Christian' action.
Pastor Gavin
does have another problem which he also raised concerning Lloyd Thomas, in which his concern for the protection of the church has become slurred into a control-factor by believing that
the ministry of the Holy Spirit through the believers is 'subject to the prior approval of church elders'.
The Structure
of Church Ministry
elders as spiritual shepherds are responsible to 'feed and lead', keeping the flock of God on spiritual track (although at Pastor Gavin's Linkway Baptist they appeared to be His passive observers in tacit support of whatever he said).
But this does not in any way mean their prior vetting of any ministry of the Spirit among God's people.
If a
 Christian Church
misleading or erroneous influence in ministry occurs, it is simply to be corrected at the same level, but preventing that possibility from arising by a prior screening of the ministry of the Holy Spirit's gifts through God's people is itself a violation and also dangerous exaggeration of the 'shepherding' role, which led in the Christian Church's history to the long term scarring of Christianity through the rise of Vatican overlordship and this has no Biblical validity in any sense whatsoever.

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