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No one is more misunderstood than God.  
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Humans find it easier to think in categories, so things associated with God are most often group as being 'religious'. This seriously misrepresents the facts. God is the Creator of everything. Nothing exists but that which He brought into existence, and He therefore cares about the welfare and purpose of EVERYTHING! There is nothing too small or too unusual for Him not to have an interest in it!
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God's relationship to everything is in essence His commitment to the purpose of its existence. Therefore when God indicates that something is wrong, it is not because it does not suit Him. It is because it violates or contradicts the purpose for which it exists.
two points are vital to a true understanding and an appropriate perspective on the person of God and of His behaviour in the history of humanity.
Today our world is awash with misrepresentations of God's person, attitude, and conduct. Even those who expound the Bible have very often allowed their own cultural context to colour their interpretations and have become complicit in misrepresenting Him.
cares like no one else that anyone has ever known. The sacrifice of Christ, while He was on the cross before His body died, was the judicial absorption into Himself of everything out-of-gear with God's holy presence into Himself, and then His absolute exclusion from all relationship to the rest of God's person – when He cried out, because even the knowledge of 'why'
had been taken away from Him –
 "My God!  My God!  Why have You forsaken Me?" 
The selfless One, in whom Eternal Infinity had become f-i-n-i-t-e, was condemned – for all that we call sin, and more,
and so therefore His atonement is instrinsically beyond measure – for all who turn themselves over to God!
Matthew 27:46;
Mark 15:34.
So there is no compromise of any kind in God's forgiveness!
His love is set free, through Christ's atonement for you – to pursue your blessing – to the utmost of the purpose for your existence
no matter what your circumstance may be!
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