Prior to the 
calling of their current pastor to the Salem church in Bothasig, Cape Town, the Full Gospel Church of God in South Africa as a denomination had interviewed Lloyd (Anton van Deventer, Gert Horak, and co.) with a view to recognising him as an ordained minister on the recommendation of Pastor Hensie Vroom because of Lloyd's voluntary pastoral work in Salem and his qualifications, but had decided against it on the grounds of Lloyd's divorce, without considering the merit that the divorce had awarded him custody of the children, and also being willingly ignorant that God had metaphorically divorced His own wife (Israel) for unfaithfulness (Jeremiah 3:8; Isaiah 50:1) which, if such was itself wrong behaviour, it would not have been used by God metaphorically to described His own behaviour.
Pastor Paul van der Merwe
had phoned Lloyd at 10 AM on the Friday before the wedding, set for Sunday 3 PM (as the daughter of the bride from her previous marriage was already in flight from Germany to attend the wedding) to forbid him to go ahead with the wedding service. So Lloyd refuses to withdraw and embarass her family.
Under the influence of Pastor Paul van der Merwe, the leadership/Board of Salem Full Gospel Church in Bothasig chooses –
in spite of his significant history of ministry in their congregation,
to now completely disregard the ministry of Lloyd Thomas
(because he had not obeyed their pastor's instruction to withdraw at short notice from the 2006 Pirnie wedding),
yet they nevertheless still expected him to continue to respect their own leadership ministry within the church.
The Real Issue
After the Pirnie wedding-service, as things did not improve, Lloyd eventually, in early 2007, attempts to have arbitration facilitated between himself and Paul van der Merwe by Pastor Pedro Erasmus of the local Assemblies of God (AOG. Edge church), but still to no avail. Lloyd is then called to pastor a church in Prince Rupert, northern British Columbia, Canada, which would otherwise have closed down, and two years later he returns to his family in South Africa in 2009, but Pastor van der Merwe's resentment toward his presence then still continues.
in private devotion (Saturday evening 16/10/2010), Lloyd believes that God asked him whether he would be willing to be
"a sign which shall be spoken against; ...that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed".
He expresses his willingness to the Lord, not knowing the lengths that it would go to, but is assured that the Lord would help him through, and since has no regrets at the decision.
Luke 2:34-35.

  The following 
Office door
slammed on arm
as he tries to leave
morning, Lloyd accepts a request by the pastor at the end of the Sunday morning service (17/10/2010) to attend a meeting with a majority of the church Council/Board in the pastor's office, thinking that it may thereby lead to a better mutual understanding, but instead he is there subjected to a grossly dishonouring verbal attack, even being repeatedly slapped by one member (Arjen De Bruin), without any objection from the others present, and when Lloyd accordingly attempted to leave the office its door was rammed hard closed against his right arm by their Pastor, forcing him to remain until all who wished had finished insulting and deriding him. (An early photo of the resultant bruise on his arm is in the left margin here, or a larger one is available for viewing by clicking on the name 'Paul van der Merwe' below 'The Salem Full Gospel Church Leadership' heading in their letter below; but Council/Board members Stephen Jooste and Kgele Mathiba were not present at that abusive meeting and so not complicit in any way in its ungodly behaviour, but sadly they were openly complicit in the public dishonouring of Lloyd Thomas on Sunday morning 21 November 2010 when the letter below was read to the congregation).
Arjen De Bruin
  Sadly, in addition 
to the wedding-service disagreement, as is so common to the inherent self-interest of human nature in general (John 2:24-25), when a conflict arises in which one party feels that their interest is threatened, that party then often tries to discredit the integrity of the other – rather than actually deal with the real issue involved.
  Unfortunately this 
was also the leadership-response of the Salem Full Gospel Church, in Bothasig, Cape Town, South Africa, in the public dishonouring of Lloyd Thomas because for ethical reasons he would not withdraw at short notice from the arranged garden wedding-service two-days before its due date (some family members had already flown out from Germany to attend), although at each stage of his counselling of the couple, prior to their wedding-service being arranged, Lloyd had given written feedback to Pastor van der Merwe without receiving any objection from him on any issue at that time.
  Sadly their 
subsequent public cutting off of Lloyd Thomas with threat of further action if he did not comply, as expressed in their letter below, was also associated with a serious personal vendetta by their pastor, Paul van der Merwe, at both a national and international level (phoning Canada) for any evidence of any kind from any source that could be used in any way to personally discredit Lloyd Thomas himself.
  A small example 
of this dishonest ad hominem behaviour by Paul van der Merwe is contained in the email (which includes misrepresentation) which he sent to the ex-wife of Lloyd Thomas in the United States (now Mrs Boris), a copy of which was kindly supplied by her, which is also available for viewing by clicking the link to the right :
'Pastor' van der Merwe's
email to the USA
As to the morality 
of this, perhaps a previous South African State President's comment to his critics while in office using a sporting analogy (FW de Klerk; who helped dismantle the South African Apartheid system), is appropriate here –
to 'play the ball and not the man', or, as he said to me today (25/9/2013), the "principle not people" (see: Ad Hominem).
Ex-President De Klerk
is now retired.
  The letter below was read to the assembled congregation with the church leaders standing together in agreement
at the end of a public Sunday morning service, in the presence of Lloyd, his daughter and granddaughter.

 The Salem Full Gospel Church Leadership:

Pastor Paul van der Merwe (+27215581208)

with Elders: Bob De Bruin (+27836582373);
Eugene Hope; Stephen Jooste;
Deacons: Arjen De Bruin;  Kgele Mathiba;
Chris Odendaal in compliance .

"your dissentious behaviour" refers in essence to Lloyd's belief that a marriage did not need to be registered with a political authority to be moral, for government registration as such had only began in
the 17th century AD.

Lloyd's behaviour was not disruptive in any way to the public services of the Salem church in Bothasig.

See: letter
from the previous pastor of Salem,
who was also its founding pastor,
this same
Lloyd Thomas

  Sadly, even 
though the above letter was publicly read to the congregation,
with the above listed Salem leaders standing together in agreement before the congregation,
and then publicly handed to Lloyd Thomas (in the presence of his daughter and granddaughter),
most of the congregation chose to simply regard this as nothing more than a personal disagreement
   between him and their Pastor and so –
completely ignored its serious spiritual implications.

Full Gospel Church
Bothasig, Cape Town,
sign initially placed
to keep Lloyd out.
Admission Reserved
(as at December 2010)
Sad After-Effects:
a few days after the public presentation of the above letter to the Salem congregation, its leadership had a public sign
"Right of Admission Reserved"
placed over the church entrance to facilitate their legal position in prohibiting the presence of Lloyd Thomas in any of their church meetings.
the church's office secretary (Nadine De Bruin) was also suspended from her position, pending the outcome of an external disciplinary enquiry for alleged 'Breach of duty to act in good faith', because she had --
(1)   informed Lloyd Thomas of the said public sign* over the church entrance regarding himself; and,
(2)   replied in the affirmative to a personal email sent to her by the Rev Dr Paul Hartwig, the pastor of the Strand Baptist church, asking her if it were true that Lloyd had been excommunicated,
even though Paul van der Merwe had earlier agreed that any enquiry directed to her personally may be answered by her.
  Yet it was 
nevertheless alleged by the church leadership 'Board' under his guidance that she should have ignored Rev. Hartwig's personal enquiry and was therefore guilty of 'Breach of Faith'.
  And this action was
taken by the church leadership in spite of it being in direct contradiction of the clear statement in Holy Scripture –
"When one of you has a grievance against another, does he dare go to law before the unrighteous instead of the saints?
... So if you have such cases, why do you lay them before those who have no standing in the church?
I say this to your shame. ..."
(1 Corinthians 6:1-5)
chairman Michael Swanepoel, of the external Disciplinary Inquiry instituted against her by the church leadership, after hearing their 'evidences' presented (15 January 2011), alleging 'Breach of Faith' in her church employment relationship, then resolved that – disciplinary proceedings be "halted and a joint-consensus seeking process" be "facilitated".
consequently, Nadine is then informed by Pastor Paul van der Merwe as her employer (20 February 2011) that this "process" could not begin unless she admitted 'guilt', which she still believed was not true.
  That is, even if
the church Board fired her
she would not be allowed
to leave the church
(this in complete violation
of the essential nature of
the Christian Church).
Pastor Paul van der Merwe then insisted that she must now also sign an "amended contract"
of "Service Confidentiality and Employment Agreement"
before resuming her church employment, which, among other, now also required of her to agree that –
she "will not, while employed by the church and for a period of 12-months after any termination date
( attend another church, or association of persons; or
( terminate her membership of the church".
*Nadine had wished to know
how the sign affected
the spiritual validity
of Holy Communion

(a legitimate concern
for it invalidated it).
Lloyd had conducted Nadine's wedding service at Salem, and had taught on the issue "wait for one another" in Communion, so she thought it legitimate to ask his opinion concerning the sign's effect on Holy Communion.
  In addition 
to the above disciplinary proceedings against her, she had also been summarily –
removed from the church's worship music/song-group ministry.
  So her 
caring husband, as a church worship-leader, queried his wife's unexplained removal from their church song-group, and was therefore then himself also removed from church worship-leading, without any explanation, on 'recommendation' of the Church Board which included both his brother (Arjen) and his father (Bob De Bruin).
Such was the sad 'fruit' of the leadership's ungodly response to these issues.
So, as the Lord Jesus had Himself said for our understanding –
 "A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit. 
...Thus you will recognize them
[religious leaders] by their fruits." 
Matthew 7:18-20.
Nadine became employed as secretary to two pre-primary schools, and her husband as part of the worship-leading team at the local AOG church. In 2015 they emigrated to the Netherlands.  
May  the  grace  of  God  therefore  end  this  shamefully  ungodly  hypocrisy!
The Bible instructs us by example – "I do not sit with men of falsehood, nor do I consort with hypocrites."  (Psalm 26:4) 
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