is informed by Mrs Walsh, the mother of Andre Pienaar's wife, Jo-Anne Pienaar (Steve Walsh's sister),
that Jo-Anne's husband Andre is maintaining two girlfriends
one in Stellenbosch, and another in Sea Point, Cape Town,
and that her daughter knows about it.
Lloyd writes a letter to Jo-Anne Pienaar concerning the exclusivity of a marriage relationship, and gets the church secretary (Storeen Lanz) to screen it due to its sensitive nature.
Consequently, Jo-Anne institutes divorces proceedings, and they physically separate (her husband moves out).
First Letter
to Jo-Anne
some time later, Lloyd receives a heartbroken tearful phone-call from Andre's girlfriend in Sea Point to inform him that Jo-Anne is in the Kruger National Park with Andre, even though she (the girlfriend) and Andre were due to get married.
So, Lloyd then writes a letter to Jo-Anne informing her of the phone-call and cautioning her that her apparent reconciliation attempt has serious implications for her children in its spiritual effect of Andre's fathering of them.
Second Letter
to Jo-Anne
Andre Pienaar arrives, with Steve Walsh (Jo-Anne's brother and church elder), at Lloyd's home and tries to force entry in order to denounce Lloyd in front of his children for writing the warning letter to Jo-Anne.
Lloyd manages to prevent their forced entry, but Jo-Anne becomes a contrived witness against Lloyd, in order to recover her financial security with Andre, which results in the termination of Lloyd's pastorate in Living Hope Baptist Church, Rondebosch, Cape Town, in August 1991.
Elder Steve Walsh then has the church office send a circular letter of accusation to all on the church mailing list
proclaiming an immoral relationship of Lloyd to Jo-Anne and that Jo-Anne had repented but that Lloyd had not
causing much shock and hurt to many.
Dr. Steve Walsh self-righteously justifies his action on the basis of his personal sincerity.
begins attending Pinelands Baptist Church with his children, but his son complains that he prefers the worship at Living Hope, so, concerned that they should continue their church attendance with him, he begins taking them to Living Hope services (arriving at start time and leaving immediately after the service to alleviate any stress to those distressed by the termination of his pastorate), but Steve Walsh together with the new church pastor then confront Lloyd
at his home in Pinelands and forbid him to attend any meetings of Living Hope Baptist church.
moves home to Summer Greens, Milnerton, with his children, and supports himself as a financial consultant.

Pastor Vroom's
letter regarding Lloyd
Pastor Vroom of the Salem Full Gospel Church in Bothasig (who had known Lloyd at College in Irene and ealier as a school-boy in Grahamstown) then contacts him to ask him to advise a congregant with financial problems, who in turn invites Lloyd to Salem. Some time later, the Lord reminds Lloyd that he had said 'yes' to that invite and not fulfilled it, so he attends the Salem church in Bothasig, and is then approached to assist in its teaching and preaching ministry.
He is then appointed as an elder in the Salem Full Gospel church in Bothasig, Milnerton, Cape Town,
after its pastor had contacted Living Hope Baptist to ascertain its reasons for their treatment of him,
and while there serves them as an unpaid assistant to its pastor, the Reverend Hensie Vroom,
for Pastor Vroom is suffering from a seriously advanced form of Parkinsons disease,
and the church could not afford to pay two ministers.
by providing
Sunday night sermons,
weddings services, funerals,
and crisis counselling.
*Jo-Anne remarries Andre Pienaar, in the Pinelands Anglican church, so
he is able to avoid a forced sale of his West Coast investment properties in their divorce settlement,
as their first marriage had been in community of property.
*Jo-Anne (suicide: probably because her conscience
caught up with her, after she assisted her ex-husband to 'destroy' Lloyd for recommending their divorce over his continuing immorality, and whom she then later remarries for financial reasons)
Pastor Vroom resigns due to his ill health, Salem Church explores the possibility of calling Lloyd to fill their vacancy, but the Full Gospel Church denominational Executive, after interviewing Lloyd at their head-office (Irene, Verwoerdburg/Centurion), block the pastoral call to him on the basis of his divorce, even though his ex-wife, who had left their marriage in June 1990, is living with her boyfriend at this time.
In mid 1997,
concerned about stories that the Lord Jesus was to return in the year 2000, Lloyd drafts a pamphlet to rebut the false expectations, forwards a draft copy to a researcher in California's Stanford Institute with whom he had corresponded, who then encourages him to put it on the internet, which leads to his beginning of this website: The Thomas Pages.
A Chronology
of Confusion

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