Sunday Morning 17 October 2010
at Salem Full Gospel Church, Bothasig, Cape Town, South Africa.
After the Sunday morning church service, Lloyd is asked by the pastor to come to his office,
where the members of the church council then begin verbally insulting Lloyd
in an effort to drive him from the church. Lloyd does not respond,
so one of their number, a deacon Arjen De Bruin, begins assaulting Lloyd
by slapping him with both hands while demanding that he leave the church,
as the other leaders watch complicitly without objection.
When Lloyd then attempts to leave the pastor's office during the assault, the pastor,
Paul van der Merwe, throws himself sideways back against the door as Lloyd opens it,
ramming the door against Lloyd's arm and so inflicting the resultant bruise below.
Subsequently, when the issue of the bruise to Lloyd's arm is raised in the congregation,
Paul's wife lies (probably unknowingly, after a less than honest report by her husband)
accusing Lloyd of opening the door violently against the pastor and bruising his leg,
although both the angle of the doorway and position of the persons concerned
made such an explanation physically impossible.

Lloyd nevertheless still attends the public church service the following Sunday morning,
with his younger daughter and his granddaughter,
but at the close of the service a letter addressed to Lloyd is read aloud to the congregation
ordering that he stop attending meetings of the church, with the church leaders standing
together on the platform in full agreement with it as it is publicly read to the people.
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