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The Gospel Is NOT About Jesus
Nor  was  Christ's  gospel  a  story  about  an  event!
 It  was  and  is  the  true  unadulterated  revelation  of  God's  own  nature 
which  He  demonstrated  for  us  in  Jesus'  life  and  death!
This sincere
Another Satanic Deception
error is one of the most widespread in all Christianity. Although Jesus is the KEY to the Christian gospel, to think that He, or His historical crucifixion, is the actual gospel itself that the New Testament refers to as 'gospel', is a subtle misdirection that has significantly damaged Christianity. The Bible teaches us very differently, if we allow it to speak its own mind!
There is a significant
difference between a 'key' and
the 'house' it gives access to.
When the Lord Jesus

As in Christ's own time,
much correction is
needed among us today.
Christ said (in answer to His disciples' question as to when the End would come and God's kingdom be fulfilled) that –
"...this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed [by His church]
throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations,
and then the End will come
Jesus was referring directly to what they had personally heard Him preaching every day of His ministry on earth
and His public preaching was not about Himself or a future event!
Matthew 24:14.
preachers have tried to avoid the serious implications in Jesus' words by the teaching that there is a "gospel of the kingdom" which is 'different' to the Christian gospel. That is total fiction, and an invention of dishonest minds!
unlike human rulers,
God's authority is not
derived from His power
(His ability to 'bully').
It is a direct product of
His moral character!
"gospel of the kingdom" was never simply a message about a future millennial rule of the Messiah as deceivers teach.
It was always and only about the true nature of God's direct personal authority or rule (His kingdom/βασιλεία),
which had become so misrepresented by the Jewish teachers of that time.
The "gospel" is
the good news of
the nature of God
These words of Jesus deserve respect as they were given. The "this gospel..." was the gospel which they had heard Him preach and of which they were therefore to now continue the same proclamation the whole world.
This was the revelation of God's authority that is personally true to His character and not any set of religious rules.
John 3:8.
portraying the gospel simply as a method to escape Hell is a perverse application of the gospel of Christ.
God did not only 'begin' forgiving sins after the crucifixion of Jesus.
Yes! Christ's sacrifice (when on the Cross He was made "to be sin" before God, and so cut off in our place) was the fulfilment of God's promise of grace from the beginning (2 Corinthians 5:21). Therefore He is described in the Revelation as the Lamb (sacrifice) of God, in accordance with which His believers' individual names were inscribed in God's Book of Life from before the foundation (creation) of the world (Revelation 13:8).
Primary Tactic
Deception is strongest when it contains the most truth and this is what has been rampant in Christian history.
Individual salvation and forgiveness of sins is the personal side-effect of encountering God in terms of His true character.
It is the side-effect and not the focus!
Satan is so subtle
in shifting focus, from
the person of God Himself
(in our affections), to what
we get out of it instead,
so that he can accuse us
as he accused Job
before God.
If this were
more widely understood, Christian church services would focus more on direct congregational encounter with God Himself, in terms of His character, as it was both taught and demonstrated in the personal conduct of Jesus, than as now commonly done in teaching various 'success-formulas' for life, and downgrading congregational worship to a sermon-'wrapper' rather than a direct corporate encounter of His people with their Lord.
And, if corrected – this would then allow the full ministry of Jesus in the Holy Spirit to continue today –
to complete what He began.

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