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The American Evangelical Lie
The State of Israel and its security, its safety and destiny, is a significant issue in the belief system of many Evangelicals today, particularly in the United States of America.
A lie is bad, but when it is presented to the world in the name of God it is blasphemy,
and nothing less than repentance at the same level as the deception is required!
This is true
to the extent that, apart from the American Jewish lobby in the US, Evangelical views on Israel have had an affect on the actions of the US government in Middle East affairs.
a consequence, the State of Israel's behaviour toward competitive Palestinian claims has enjoyed an almost unconditional support from the US, in addition to security issues, sometimes regardless of moral issues or political wisdom in the circumstance.
This Zionist
Evangelical view of the State of Israel is based on a complete fallacy which, apart from its unbiblical character in misrepresenting Holy Scripture, also feeds an obstruction of God's purposes in the Middle East in regard to the mission of Christ to the Muslim world,
with profound satanic effects.
1988–1948 = 40-years (a so-called 'generation') from the so-called 'budding-of-the-fig-tree'-quote (speculated to be the modern State of Israel) in direct violation of its own context, where 'the budding' refers only to 'all these things' and 'generation' refers to the Jewish race.
Jesus used the term 'this generation' to mean that the Jewish race would not pass away until the prophecy is fulfilled and has nothing at all to do with any time period!
The Hidden Time
In September
1988 the Trinity Broadcasting Network in the USA cancelled its regular programs and stupidly ran videotapes instructing non-Christians what to do if their Christian family members suddenly disappear (shoot up into the sky) in the 'Rapture', expected 40-years (supposedly a 'generation') after the political declaration of Israel as an independent state. (As if Ben Gurion's words/declaration set the time of the end!).
All across
The '1948' Fallacy
America sincere Christians had been misled by Christian Zionists to believe that the founding/declaring of the political State of Israel at 4 PM on Friday May 14, 1948, was somehow a fulfilment of biblical prophecy. This belief in the spiritual significance of the political founding of the State of Israel is still so entrenched that, regardless of the public foolishness demonstrated at that time, nothing has dented the general Evangelical persuasion that the political existence of the State of 'Israel' is somehow important to the future of God's plan for humanity.
Even the
precious prophecy of Isaiah (66:8) concerning Israel's spiritual restoration to the Lord –
"Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things? Shall a land be born in one day?
Shall a nation be brought forth in one moment? For as soon as Zion was in labor she brought forth her children."
has been stupidly used (abused), as having been fulfilled in '1948' with Ben Gurion's declaration of the political independence of Palestine's Jewish community — in contradiction of Zechariah the prophet who plainly tells us that this only occurs in a national repentance when the nation looks "on Him who they have pierced" (Zech.12:10-14) as the climax of Armageddon at Christ's return (when the remaining 3½-years of God's "decreed" 490-year-delay in Israel's restoration is completed, ignoring the Hidden Time, as Daniel Nine tells us).
Yet, symptomatic
of a vast number of sincerely presumptuous and misguided evangelicals, evangelist David Wilkerson also foolishly wrote –
"In special fulfillment of Bible prophecy, the nation of Israel was born in May 1948, and began to 'bloom as a rose in the desert' — just as the Bible predicted. ... Israel is invincible because it is flowing in the tide of divine prophecy. There is no nation on earth powerful enough to destroy Israel, and only in God's appointed time will an enemy trample through the streets of Jerusalem."
('the VISION' 1974:98, emphasis mine)
...a culpable myth!
Remember: when
the Lord Jesus Christ came the first time to "His own, and His own received Him not" (i.e. Israel, John 1:11)
Israel was not then a single independent political state; and so equally so
when Christ returns in the future Israel will also not be a single independent political state,

for without Jesus Christ (the only Mediator between God and mankind) the State of Israel has no relationship to God whatsoever!
The political State of Israel
will come to an end
before Christ returns!
The inheritors of the promises given to Abraham are only those who are personally of the faith of Abraham. God is not racist, under any name ever!
Lord Jesus said to the Jews of Jerusalem, and it still applies today –
"If you were Abraham's children, you would be doing the works Abraham did ..."
John 8:39.
Roman Palestine
When the Lord came the first time, the Jewish people in their homeland lived in three different political entities under three completely different governments: Herod ruled over Galilee; a Roman Governor over Judea; and in Perea under another ruler of the Herodian dynasty.
There is absolutely no Biblical basis whatsoever for believing that Israel will even exist as a political nation-state when the Lord Jesus Christ returns in His glory.
Therefore, political/military/economic support for the continued independence of the political State of Israel is no part of any 'Christian' agenda if it is truly Christian.
This State defines itself as Jewish, and accordingly gives discriminatory preference to the same, in spite of more than 24.7% of its registered citizens being non-Jews (2011 census). Christ died for every Arab-Israeli, and every Palestinian, as much as for the racial descendants of those who rejected His first coming!
"For God so loved
John 3:16.

Evangelism of Jews is
a criminal offence in
Israel according to Israel's
December 1977 law
and liable to
5-years in prison, with
3-years prison
for any Jew
converted to Christ.
Christian teachers, preachers, authors, and script writers, who have misled the people of God in this regard, with the consequent misapplication of American influence in the Middle East, will pay a heavy price of accountability before God for their hindrance of His purposes in completing the mission of Christ among Muslims around the world.
The Victim Mentality Cycle
Although the State of Israel practices freedom of religion toward its Arab/Palestinian citizens, if a visiting Christian preacher begins to evangelise among its Jewish citizens, he is deported. As a nation-state, Israel is no less a hindrance to the completion of the mission of Christ than any other Middle Eastern state. To this, is to be added Israel's racial bias toward its own citizens, apart from its injustice toward its pre-1948 non-Jewish communities.
This is so serious an issue that the national future welfare of the United States as a nation is directly affected by it, if it continues its morally compromised unconditional support for a State which practices the injustice of collective punishment against defenceless people as a continuing policy, no matter what propaganda of words is used to cover it.
Christian churches need to become outspoken in their unbiased care for the welfare of those suffering from the results of this perversion of history and justice.
part of the pro-Israel propaganda, Islam has been demonised in many Christian communities as worshipping a foreign or pagan god. But the god of an Islamic mosque is no more foreign to Holy Scripture than the god of the Jewish synagogue. Both misrepresent the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!
Malicious propaganda that 'Allah' was a pagan moon god whom Muhammad promoted as supreme God is a complete fiction no matter who repeats the untruth. Arab Christians worship 'Allah' – blessed be His Name, forever!
Our Arabic Bible uses the term 'Allah' as a translation of the New Testament Greek 'Theos' and Old Testament Hebrew 'Eloihim'. There is no other appropriate word for God in the Arabic language than 'Allah' and never was – blessed be His Name!
Scripture guidance ⇒ 
Evangelicals do well then to read Holy Scripture recorded for us in Acts 17:28, where the Apostle Paul, in presenting his gospel to the leaders of ancient Athens, quotes from a well known pagan poem dedicated to the Greek supreme god Zeus as being a direct reference to the God of the Bible, without any qualm on his part as to the authentic identity of the One who is over all even under another name.
time of Christian confusion has run out, and those who continue it are to be judged!
It is time to repent of the lies and misrepresentation presented in God's name!
It is time – for the Christian Church to fulfil its destiny as the Light of the World – equally to and for ALL peoples!
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