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Remnant Mentality
– a defensive denial of spiritual liberty –
Christian Baptism Her Heart's Unknowing Most Sacred Celebration
The teaching
that the Christian Church – the true Church – is a faithful remnant, has often appeared in the history of Christianity, and has seriously hindered the Church's understanding of itself.
'The Remnant Church?
Really? Who said so?'
The way in which this concept of 'remnant' is used in God's Word is of a representative minority (Rom.9:7); such as of survivors after a calamity. This is never God's view of the Christian Church! Christ's Church is never the left-over of something from the past. The Christian Church is the actual presence of the spiritual Body of Christ in this present world, and will continue to be 'till the Lord Christ comes again.
Blessed be His Name!
Christian Church is, in God's sight, not only the Light of the world but also the Salt of the earth. In other words, its social effect counteracts corruption, in contrast to the remnant-mentality which effectively calls for a form of social withdrawal.
Together with this defensive remnant-mentality there is often a very sincere call and longing to recover lost 'glory', exemplified in great spiritual revivals of the past. But the past, even the best of it, is not good enough for God today!
Scripture portions which are used to support the idea of a Remnant Church often confuse the Church with Israel and violate the quote's Biblical literary and historical context. That perverts the intention of Holy Scripture!
But then, did Satan not also quote Scripture out of context and so use the Bible to lie? (Matt.4:6).
The Bible teaches that, as Christ's Body, the Christian Church is the fullness of Him who fills all in all (Eph.1:23). It goes further than expressing this identity in principle.
The Word of God says that the gifts of the Spirit given at Pentecost continue until all God's people grow into the unity of the Faith, to the full measure of the stature of Christ Himself (Eph.4:11-13). That does not sound like a surviving remnant of the original!
Remnant-mentality is also often linked to an escapist, or rescue-interpretation, of Christ's coming for His Church at the Rapture in the Resurrection. The Bible paints a very different picture. It says that Christ's Bride will have by then "made Herself ready" (Rev.19:7); and God's Word is true.
the Word of God teaches us that the Ascended Christ will remain at the right hand of the Father until His enemies are made a footstool for His feet: that is, until Christ's people have conquered, as Christ Himself overcame this world (Ps.110). This description is very different to an escapist or waiting-for-the-end mentality; a 'remnant' waiting for a rescue Rapture.
This is written as an appeal to restore our understanding of Christ's Church to its original Biblical perspective.
opposite error of Church identity to this remnant mentality is one which seduces Christ's Bride into political actions under the guise of moral protest/lobbying. This is most apparent among preachers using their position and church influence to rally support among voters and/or lobby political influence on issues such as stopping tax dollars being used to subsidize abortion activities (Planned Parenthood, etc.). That which seems so right is so wrong, for it demonstrates a corrupted understanding of the nature of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ in this present world.
These opposite forms of deviant spiritual conduct both arise from a lack of understanding the essential nature of the Christian Church.

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