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Chapter 10 AND NOW? Chapter 10
What Must We Then Do?  
The obedience of the Church, upon which the age turns, presupposes the will to obey . This is not the natural inclination of the human will or we would not all be sinners. It requires a spiritual renewal, or revival. Yet, it is not necessary to look for assurances in prophecies of the future that there will be a spiritual revival of the Church at the end time. 
What we call renewal or revival is nothing more than the right and proper state of the Church, according to its giftedness by the Spirit, in the grace of God, through Jesus Christ.
The heart of the Church's life is
its direct, intimate, communion with the Lord.
The outward expression of this is prayer, prayer of all kinds. In prayer there is a path to enter the intimacy of God's heart, a path that is simple but profound.
This path begins with praise. The grateful acknowledgement to God of what is true about Him. Praise merges into worship – the adoration of His person. This process sets the scene for the next step, for intimacy with God means sharing His concerns.
Intercession is simply praying for others. This is more than mentioning names to God or begging for his help on someone's behalf. It means an empathy with God's purpose in that person's life. It means caring for that person with God's love, as God loves. It means being part of God's compassion toward that person. But, there's more ... . 
A sense of shared responsibility toward God for the condition and conduct of others is part of intercession (see Daniel's identification with Israel's guilt in Ch.9). The offence of an unworthy behaviour or condition requires representative contrition by the intercessor. This sense of spiritual responsibility toward God is almost as a parent who apologizes to the neighbour for a child who broke the neighbour's window. If the person is or was part of our Church, family, or friendship circle, it is something that was or is part of us that has caused offence to God. We share the guilt, and therefore the contrition.
Often the conviction of the Holy Spirit, to bring the individual to repentance, is hindered – until the supervising agency of pastor-elders or Christian parents has accepted representative-responsibility for the offence as being against God. To repeat – this truth is as simple as the understanding that if your child knocks a cricket ball through your neighbour's window you apologize to the neighbour for the child's behaviour, whether or not the child is sorry for the action.
The focus on this process of prayer, accompanied by a continuing conscious adoration of His person that allows emotional space for His affections to fill us, is the pathway to an obedient Church.
It has been rightly said that God will share the practical wisdom of His mind with us when we share in the affections of His heart for others!  
Don't let the world around you squeeze you into its own mold,
but let God remold your minds from within.
(Romans 12:2 Phillips translation).
  "Even so, Come, Lord Jesus" Revelation 22:20
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