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as at November 2017
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Principal author: Revd. Lloyd Emslie Thomas (Rtd.) ლოიდ თომასი – လွိုက်သောမတ်စ်  – Лойд Томас – لويد توماس – 勞埃德托馬斯 – 로이드토마스 – लॉयड थ – ॉमस – ሎይድ ቶማስ

Some recognitions received —
Diploma Divinitatis 1967;
Dynamics of Interpersonal
November 1976;
University of Cape Town
• Forensic Psychiatry
Diploma in Theology 1988;
Ministerial Recognition
October 1989
• Old Mutual's Compulsory
Training for Representatives

December 1993;
Microsoft Certified Professional
March 2000, ID:1836731;
Infosek Information Security
7 December 2001.
Earliest traced family coat of arms: argent, a lion rampant.
The earliest Thomas Family Motto: I Dduw Bo'r Diolch (Welsh) (meaning 'To God be Thanks').
 Lloyd has been expelled from three churches* in South Africa whose leaders felt him a threat to their own leadership: in
January 2001 he is also described by the U.S. Chicago Tribune as a "social activist" (as every Christian is in principle); in
2014, by a security official at South African Revenue Service, Cape Town, as a "white Malema" (trouble-maker); and in
2015, by a High Court Advocate and Associate Professor of Law at the University of Cape Town as "that radical
priest"; and, although now retired, he is still on the ministerial list of the North American Baptist Association.
 'Thomas' –  Family Arms: Or, a buck trippant proper;  Crest: A buck as in arms;  Motto: Virtus Invicta Gloriosa

    *1. Living Hope Baptist, Rondebosch (end 1991);     *2. Salem Full Gospel, Bothasig (November 2010);     *3. Linkway Baptist, Edgemead (August 2013).    
Sadly, these three events identify the spiritual character of their leadership, as no church-executive ever has this authority, for the Bible clearly says that authority-to-disassociate
resides only with the Christian ἐκκλησία (the congregation itself), and that even then this is only after the congregation has heard both sides of an apparent problem (Matthew 18:17)
Sadly, the inability to implement this principle then indicates serious spiritual immaturity, for many churches today operate on this world's business model.
So please note that whoever demolishes a Christian church fellowship (the congregation) radically shortens his own lifespan!
"If anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy him. For God's temple is holy, and you[plural] are that temple." (1 Corinthians 3:17)
And for Lloyd personally: the bottom line in any relationship is — "If you don't respect me, I cannot acknowledge your existence".
Citizen of the United Kingdom Passport
5 3 1 1 8 5 3 0 0
   click   the   line   above   for   his   personal   email   address
His  Whatsapp  phone  number is  +31 6 38715159 
Citizen of South Africa Passport
4 7 5 9 5 8 3 7 2
Lloyd was so named in honour of Squire Thomas Lloyd of Wales, to keep a promise made in 1823 at the marriage of his daughter,
Ann Lloyd to John Thomas, of Wales, after they had eloped to Gretna Green, Scotland, to marry, that in each generation
one of their male descendants would be so named, accordingly Lloyd's son is named David Lloyd Thomas.
Their first encounter was when Anne's high-spirited horse had bolted down the main street of Llangollen in Wales because of its Saturday
morning noise and, although everyone was running away screaming, John Thomas ran straight at her horse, grabbed its bridle and calmed it.
After that he became invited to their family fox-hunting events and eventually, after falling in love, they eloped from one of them
because she believed her father would not have approved of marriage as John was apparently seen as not aristocratic enough.
But, according to Ancestry.com, Lloyd's Thomas family tree includes 61 British monarchs.
from Queen Elizabeth II back to King Egbert 770-839, Scottish monarchs from James IV 1473-1513 to James VI 1566-1625,
and William the Conqueror and his predecessors the Dukes of Normandy, back to Rollo 846-931AD their first Duke.
Please note: we do not choose our ancestors, so no credit can be taken,
but we do inherit much more than appearance in our ancestral DNA, namely: temperament and aptitude.
(genealogical data supplied, from 5000 hours of research, by John Lloyd Thomas of Muswell Hill, London, UK)
Lloyd is also a direct descendant of Oliver Cromwell who created its first national army in British history
and also brought its aristocracy into submission to the parliament of its people.

Apart   from   holidays:   some   of  Lloyd's   international   residential   movements:
1950   To the UK, to live in North Wales and attend school in Marchwiel.
1952   To South Africa, to attend school in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape.
2001   To London in the UK.
2005   To Cape Town, South Africa
2007   To Prince Rupert, northern British Columbia, Canada.
... Currently ... Undisclosed ...
"Gras   yr   Arglwydd   Iesu   fyddo   gyda   phawb!"   (Datguddiad 22:21)
*as per
Macaulay Mann heraldry

('Always Alert')

Emslie Arms
To Lloyd, the term 'Baptist' is not a denominational association but a set of Biblical principles concerning the
inherent nature of the Christian Church worldwide as represented in every local congregation of God's people.
Descendant of
Prince Bleddyn

Lloyd is a descendant of
King Cynfyn of Powys via

Prince Bleddyn ap Cynfyn,
(coat of arms above)
murdered at Welshpool 1073
after he had ruled Powys
worthily for 13-years.
• After completing a Diploma in Divinity at Berea Theological College, Irene, in 1967, Lloyd pastors Full Gospel and Baptist churches in South Africa (Elim Full Gospel, Hatfield, Pretoria, and Living Hope Baptist, Rondebosch, Cape Town), while continuing further studies, until 1991.
Citizen of South Africa
• From 1992 onward he voluntarily assists (unpaid) the ministry of the Bothasig Full Gospel church pastor (Rev. Hensie Vroom), on request, who is suffering from advanced Parkinsons disease, by providing Sunday evening sermons, weddings, funerals and crisis counselling, as needed,
until Pastor Vroom's retirement from ill health, when the church then calls a full-time younger pastor.
Citizen of South Africa
• Lloyd then moves to London, UK, in May 2001 while researching Bible backgrounds for this website, to Chester city, and then, after a research visit to Egypt and to Rome, he returns to South Africa in August 2005.
Citizen of the United Kingdom
• In 2006 Lloyd is persuaded to do a non-denominational preaching tour in the strategic port city of Prince Rupert, northern British Columbia (BC), Canada (just south of the Alaska border, on the Canadian Pacific coast), and while there he accepts the pastoral call to a Baptist church (Bethel First Baptist, considering closing down), and then, later there, facilitates the creation of non-denominational Christian outreach Lighthouse Harbour Ministries in its port to minister to the crews of visiting ships
some from countries, such as Iran, where the Christian gospel is banned.
  His move to Prince Rupert, BC, in early 2007, is greatly facilitated by a young medical doctor (Dr. Paul Etheridge) who also prearranges his transport and accommodation.  
Two international organisations which Lloyd admires, from his personal experience in suffering communities, are — (1) Gift of the Givers; and (2) Doctors without Borders.
Lloyd's special episodes of gratitude:     1. Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales     2. Buffelsbaai, Cape Town     3. Pretoria, SA     4. Zambezi River     5. Moçambique     6. Bollo Lane, London     7. Ridley Island, Canada
Summary background-history, of personal experience and motivation of Lloyd (for those who may perhaps wish to know)
His last pastorate:
Bethel First Baptist Church,
February 2007 to March 2009
Prince Rupert, BC,
Click for the
circumstance of
Lloyd's own call to
the preaching ministry.
See also: his BC
Crime Reference

Citizen of the United Kingdom
The following enables
Lloyd to shift blame for
his genetic tendencies
to his familial links with –
1. King Richard I
2. King Richard II
3. King William (1)
the Conqueror
4 Gwynnog ap Llys
5. Sir Oliver Cromwell
6. Sir Winston Churchill

*For Christians, God chooses
our ancestry (Ephesians 1:4)
according to His knowledge
of what we will face in this life.
  Lloyd Emslie Thomas
born blond
with a Nordic skull and
Lloyd age two  
  an analytical attitude
at 2am Wednesday,
21 May 1941
• Thomas Family Tree  
• Emslie Family Tree
Of the island of Britain/Albion it was written:
Brutus! there lies beyond the Gallic bounds
An island which the western sea surrounds,
By giants once possessed, now few remain
To bar thy entrance, or obstruct thy reign.
To reach that happy shore thy sails employ
There fate decrees to raise a second Troy
And found an empire in thy royal line,
Which time shall ne'er destroy, nor bounds confine.
Quoted from: Geoffrey of Monmouth,
History of the Kings of Britain/Books 1, 11
Emslie Thomas, is descended*
through his British father Joseph Reginald Thomas, whose own father had started the first English language Baptist church in North Wales: Mount Pleasant Baptist Chapel (Ponciau), Johnstown (for his wife did not speak 'Welsh'/Cymric/Cymraeg and there were others in the town who had the same problem), from his first-nation lineage of Cunedda of post-Roman Britain (Albion) via Cynfyn ap Gwerystan (king of Powys in north Wales), whose earliest ancestor recorded is given as Paternus of the Red Robe (a Roman military officer stationed in Britain/Albion, before the Roman empire withdrew);
and through his South African mother Olive Gertrude Emslie, daughter of Henry Norman Emslie, with her family crest motto Prenez Garde, 'always alert') from the Scottish Gordon clan's intermarriage with the Viking/Norse settlement on the coast of Scotland, north of Aberdeen, and so consequently his (God-chosen) ancestral DNA seems to disallow him from ever being intimidated.
Lloyd's mother also appears to have been an accomplished dancer, for, when the 1923 Charleston dance came to South Africa, she was asked to demonstrate it on a stage in Durban.
Lloyd is named as such by his father in fulfilment of an ancestral promise made in 1823 in the marriage, at Gretna Green, Scotland, UK, of John Thomas to Anne Lloyd (daughter of Squire Thomas Lloyd), both of Wales,
that in each generation one of their male descendants would be named Lloyd.
He is raised in an evangelical Christian family of Baptist tradition and begins studying Hebrew at age 15.
Earlier at about age seven, while playing with two neighbourhood friends in an abandoned dairy, Lloyd falls from the first floor onto his head on a nail protruding from a concrete block. His two friends, fearing repercussions, run away and tell no one, but a man out walking his dog down the street is summoned by his dog, and he then carries the unconscious Lloyd to his parents' home.
The local hospital treats the wound, binding his whole head in bandages, for the nail impact had penetrated his skull.
School photo
Kingswood College
March 1954
age 12.
At age nine in Durban, South Africa, suffering with intense pains in his legs (described by local doctors simply as 'growing-pains') Lloyd is diagnosed by a Dr Korsten as having seriously advanced Bilharzia parasitic infection (Schistosomiasis) which therefore requires a 21-day course of adult-dose injections because the parasitic worms are eating his liver and their microscopic eggs appear in his urine. After termination of the Bilharzia parasitic infection, the side effect of the strong adult-dose medication causes him to break out in continuing boils all over his torso (32 at one time), which nothing seems able to stop, and so he arrives with his family in North Wales to meet his father’s family in that condition. Soon thereafter, one morning at breakfast, his father announces a repeated dream during the night of the name Blaenau Ffestiniog, identifies it as a small village, high in the mountains of North Wales, and so takes the family there for a weekend, believing it to be God's guidance concerning Lloyd's condition. All Lloyd's boils immediately dry up, so —
Lloyd suspects that his metabolism needed some mineral in their water, for the town's water supply ran through slate quarries,
(of which only God knew at that stage in medical history).
During this time in Britain, Lloyd's family are subject to strict food rationing as the island nation tries to recover from the economic devastation of the Second World War, but compassionate neighbours hand over to them their own food ration meat coupons because they had come from Africa. Two years later, Lloyd's family returns to South Africa, when he is age 11,
and settle in Grahamstown, as it then had the best educational reputation in that country.
Emslie Lane, in the Eastern Cape between Grahamstown
and Port Alfred:
At age 17, after a dream of a half-completed tower at a bend in the road, Lloyd migrates to a congregation of pentecostal/charismatic experience (Grahamstown, Full Gospel Church), and later, after completing his secondary schooling, he moves to Cape Town with Pastor EJ Thompson, takes clerical employment, begins teaching Sunday School in a local slum suburb (District Six Coloured suburb) and, on-request, a Bible study on the life of Jesus exclusively for Muslims, advertised in the local mosques, and becomes increasingly involved as a lay-preacher (in Observatory, etc...). But, Pastor EJ Thompson, who had started the Full Gospel Church in Cape Town city, is instructed by the Full Gospel District Superintendent (Jenkins) that the church congregation must be racially divided in terms of denominational policy according to South African Government Apartheid practice.
He refuses to conform to the imposition of racial segregation on Christ's Church, and
so pastor Thompson's ministry then continues as an independent non-racial outreach,

 First City Regiment
 s e r v e d –
1 January 1960 to
31 December 1964.
Placed on reserve
1 January 1965.
the Cold War era (impending aggression between the West and the Soviet Union), in his compulsory military service in South Africa, Lloyd on two occasions suffers unjustified punitive abuse from a military officer —
1. 1960, verbal abuse: from a permanent force military officer (instructor), in the Oudtshoorn Infantry Training School;
2. 1964, physical assault: from a regimental officer (sergeant-major), in his last military call-up (to Queenstown, to assist a police operation as a Russian submarine had reportedly landed a hit-squad on the Transkei coast to assassinate the Kaiser Mathanzima family, Paramount Chief of the Transkei Xhosa, for cooperation with South Africa's Afrikaner Nationalist government).
On both of these occasions, the military officer concerned is subsequently suddenly demoted within a few days for a completely unrelated reason, which thus strengthens Lloyd's conviction that if he 'walks with the Lord' he does not need to 'watch his back'.
After Lloyd completes his compulsory military training and regimental service (Anti-Tank Gunner N5883, First City regiment), he moves on to theological college (Berea Theological College of the Full Gospel Church, Irene, Pretoria), and later while pastoring Elim congregation, in Hatfield, Pretoria, to extra-mural studies (University of South Africa; and then later, while pastoring a church in Cape Town subsequently as an honours student, which studies end unexpectedly when he becomes a single-parent on the sudden departure of his wife on Saturday morning June 2, 1990),
and he remains essentially true to his non-conformist Baptist background.
In his first 

Carel Cronje and
Hensie Vroom
were close friends and
fellow students in
the same year at
theological College.
year at theological college, one Sunday night, as the student body are on their way back to the College in its bus from conducting a church service at the Germiston Full Gospel Church, the students begin singing and worshipping God, After the bus parks in the College grounds, most of the students disembark, but Lloyd and some others remains worshipping as there is such a significant presence of God. in the dark of the back of the bus as they worship. In this time Lloyd is used in the Gifts of the Spirit. When the anointing of the Spirit lifts Lloyd alights and a student Carel Cronje excitedly approaches Lloyd, as they walk toward their sleeping quarters, to say that he had asked God three things because he was in his final College year and that each of his three questions had been quoted and then answered in the ministry of the Spirit through Lloyd. The following day, Carel's father, who was a local pastor, travels through to the College to see Lloyd and ascertain the integrity of the experience. As a result Carel travels to the United States and works there in Teen Challenge for a year under Dave Wilkerson, and then returns to Johannesburg where he begins a similar outreach in Hillbrow.
The establishment of Carel Cronje's Teen Challenge outreach in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, South Africa.
David Wilkerson's experience
in founding Teen Challenge
is described in his book The Cross and the Switchblade.
the end of Lloyd's first year at Berea Theological College, the second year students had arranged to take the final year students out for a farewell supper, but secretly ask the first-year-students to apply itching and sneezing powder to the final year students clothes and accessories as a prank, while they are out for the evening. Lloyd thinks this is very unfair during a farewell supper and that it should be more justly applied to those who planned such a 'prank'. Others follow his lead which leads to a late night clash when the second-year students return to their sleeping quarters and find them sabotaged with the same materials they themselves had supplied.

In his College years
1965 to 1967
While nearing 

the end of his second year at Berea Theological College, Lloyd notices a very depressed state among first year students preparing to write an exam the following day, over the meaning of their study notes. He borrows the subject textbook from the lecturer concerned (Vermeulen) and discovers that the lecturer had misunderstood the textbook in the notes he had given. Lloyd then suggests that the students ask the lecturer to meet with them to sort the misunderstanding, which they do, but he adamantly refuses. The students then decline to write his exam because he refused to meet with them. Lloyd appeals to the Principal (Dr. Swanepoel) to intervene but he refuses, and subsequently the students then decide not to attend the lectures of that lecturer and ask Lloyd to represent them.
Unfortunately, Lloyd's attempt at facilitating a resolution to their problem, results in him being seen as the 'instigator'.

Lloyd tends not to be
a passive observer
The College 

Conflict in his
college years
Board interviews both the student body president (non-resident Eddie Kruger, appointed by the faculty) and Lloyd on the crisis, then calls together a meeting of all the students in the College chapel, reads to the student body a letter of rebuke addressed personally to Lloyd, and then convenes an election of a new student body president. Lloyd is elected as such, initiates periods of chain-prayer in the College chapel, and is then accused by the College Principal of bringing a 'blourokkie-gees' (extreme Pentecostalism) into the College, but the same Principal (Dr. Swanepoel) later personally pays for Lloyd's first year of Hellenistic (koine) Greek studies at the University of South Africa.
College Magazine
this time at Berea Theological College (1967), Lloyd assists Ken Wooldridge to begin a College magazine and chooses its name Dunamis, being the New Testament Greek word for the effect in the believer of the Holy Spirit given to all believers on the Day of Pentecost. (The following year he is asked by the new editor Gert Horak to assist with putting together its second edition.)
The Full Gospel Church of God District Superintendent at the time (de Bruin) believed there was no future for an English language church in Pretoria, so, after Pastor van Heerden leaves, the District Council also ends their subsidy of its hall rental, without even informing Lloyd who was now conducting all its services there.
Toward the end 

"Diploma Divinitatis" 1967
(Berea Theological College)
"Diploma in Theology"
(Baptist Theological College)
of his final year at Berea Theological College, it is announced to the students that the meetings of a newly formed congregation (Elim) in Hatfield, Pretoria (started by Pastor van Heerden, who had now accepted appointment as lecturer in the Chaldo Bible College in Cape Town) would be used for College students to practice their preaching until it dies, as no other pastor was apparently interested in filling its vacancy. Lloyd complains among the students that this is not the way to treat the Lord's people (Elim congregation). Lloyd is therefore summoned to the College office to explain his dissent, and then appointed by the dean of men (Pastor Alec Thompson, brother of EJ Thompson) to be solely responsible for all services of Elim church. This is difficult as Lloyd has no transport at the time, so has to beg lifts to the services, the congregation has no pianist/musician or amplification system so Lloyd sings extra loud to lead their singing, and at one stage in these early years, his month's salary is R40 (ZAR), but he persists –
and so the newly formed church does not die, as had been expected by the District Superintendent.
On his engagement to marry in early 1968, they decide that their first girl child would be named Mìchèle Anne and their first boy would be named David Lloyd.
While then 
pastoring this Elim congregation in Hatfield, Pretoria, he also develops a close friendship with the Quality Control technician ('S') of South Africa's nuclear weapons uranium enrichment program (developed by Dr Grant) at South Africa's secret underground Valindaba facility, and also with an officer of South Africa's intelligence service, then known as Bureau for State Security (later as National Intelligence Service, and now as State Security Agency) both of whom become valued deacons in his congregation and personal friends, and in these trusted relationships he becomes aware of national issues of which some government ministers are unaware, at a time in which South Africa is facing the real possibility —
of Soviet expansion in Southern Africa during the Cold War as the Russian navy cruises its coast
and the Russian military have set up a number of military training bases within its flanking countries — Angola and Moçambique.

He becomes
aware of the
nuclear weapons
program details,
secret under-ground weapons-grade uranium enrichment plant at Valindaba (following Dr Grant's centrifugal methodology) was located between Pretoria and the Hartebeespoort Dam, underground, next to the Pelindaba nuclear power station, for the production of nuclear power rods (the energy source in a nuclear power station) and for military nuclear warheads.
At Valindaba 
all buildings were named alphabetically, and the process started from C ending at E, with E being the discharge point where the weapons-grade enriched uranium was secretly loaded at night and usually sent to America and to France.
             South Africa later conducts its own two nuclear test explosions:
1. an underground detonation in the Kalahari desert; and    2. a stratospheric detonation over the Antarctic ocean (September 23, 1979).
South Africa
atomic bombs
to face–off the
Russian navy.
See: Necessary
Nuclear Attack
The characteristic double-flash of both nuclear explosions is detected by American satellites (Vela high altitude), but South Africa denies both, blaming the first flash on lightening. The second nuclear explosion detection is contradicted by America's own CIA (working secretly with South Africa) as being a US 'satellite fault'.
Israel provides South Africa with the rocket for the Antarctic ocean stratospheric test explosion, which is launched from the southern Cape, as South Africa is manufacturing weapons for Israel and supplying uranium for their own nuclear weapons development (see: Dimona).
The radiation from this second explosion is picked up in the adrenal glands of sheep in western Australia,
for the prevailing wind over the Antarctic Ocean is in that direction.
The United Nations 
subsequently claims to have supervised the shutting down of South Africa's nuclear weapons programme but this is not true for 'S' himself supervised this and personally informed Lloyd that
Dr. Grant's uranium enrichment processing equipment "was shredded and buried under concrete before the first UN official landed in South Africa. They never saw it".         
In his capacity 
The Filioque clause is the reason for Christendom's split between West (Roman Catholic, from which the Protestant churches derive) and East (Greek, Russian and Eastern Orthodox).
as pastor of the Full Gospel Elim church in Hatfield, Pretoria, Lloyd also writes to the Executive Council of the Full Gospel Church of God denomination, to point out to them a significant error in their Constitution's doctrinal definition regarding the Trinity of God, which describes the Holy Spirit as "proceeding" from the Father "and the Son" (which in Christian Church history is known as the Filioque clause). For the term "proceeds" as Jesus had used it (John 15:26) had been historically misinterpreted as in a Greek philosophical context as meaning 'to exude' (as if referring to the source of existence), and so both sides of the argument (whether of single or double 'procession'), which divided Eastern Orthodoxy from Catholic/Papal Christianity, were wrong on the same issue,
for it was simply Christ's reference to the coming change in the spiritual leadership authority
over the believers after His Ascension, from Christ Jesus to the Spirit of God who had led Christ,
who would then come to them in this new leadership relationship to all believers on the day of Pentecost.
Lloyd's Filioque Clause
heresy paper on the error

in the Full Gospel Church's
Doctrinal Definition
in its Constitution!
Christ's words in John 15:26 about the Holy Spirit (which is the basis of the concept) that He "proceeds", refers to the representative authority of the Spirit from the Father and NOT to His origin or to His personal relationship to God the Father, as has been commonly misread.
The concept of an hierarchical Trinity is a corruption by the perspective of pagan thought!
Lloyd is 

Full Gospel Church of God
Executive Council
subsequently interviewed on this filioque doctrinal definition by the full Denominational Executive Council in their Irene head-office boardroom, where he presents a paper to them on the issue (available via link in left margin above) and, because he does not push them for a doctrinal correction to the published Church Constitution (on the ground of its unnecessary expense, for generally most in the pastoral ministry are not aware of this error or even of its significance), they thank him for his "maturity' (by moderator/chairman Dr Swanepoel). Lloyd explains that he had raised the doctrinal issue as a matter of conscience for at his ministerial ordination he had agreed to the doctrinal statement of the Constitution before discovering its error. The Secretary General (Alex Thompson) subsequently writes to him (February 4, 1972) thanking him for his "maturity" —
really, because he did not press them to do anything about it.
God's faithful 
protection of those who trust Him goes far beyond understanding, for Lloyd now takes a week's leave from his pastorate in Pretoria to visit a Christian family (for their encouragement) in Katima Mulilo, Caprivi Strip (Caprivizipfel), on the Zambezi River between Botswana and Zambia, during South Africa's Border War (1966-1989). He drives up to the Caprivi Strip, via Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), and overnights in a hotel at the Victoria Falls, and out of curiosity walks across the top of the Falls to it border point with Zambia.
in Caprivi, in the Christian family's home on the bank of that river, because of the intense heat, Lloyd decides to try and cool off by swimming in the Zambezi river, not knowing of its dangerous crocodiles in that region. He repeatedly swims upstream along the bank of the river (where the stream flow is slower) and then floats downstream in the centre, which is also the border with Zambia (opposite where a Russian insurgent-training base is located), and at one stage, rests, chest deep in the water, in a bank of reeds, not knowing that it is the known lair of an eight foot long African crocodile, but in his complete ignorance nothing touches him.
He later hears that even runners along the bank of the river had sometimes been snatched by its crocodiles.
God's protection
given beyond any
During this 
time, while holidaying with his family over Christmas in Cape Town (where his parents lived), Lloyd reads an article in the Full Gospel Church denominational magazine publicly attacking fellow Full Gospel pastors who believe in the perseverance of the believer as a fruit of spiritual rebirth (some were also Calvinistic in their outlook) rather than as a 'pre-condition' (qualification) for eternal salvation, and having previously heard from his mother-in-law (working as book-keeper in the denominational head-office, Irene) that the Executive of the denomination is planning to change the denomination's doctrinal definition/creed in that regard to ensure continued financial support from its affiliated American 'Church of God', he then decides to write a rebuttal of this public attack and spends some time with his brother-in-law Ellis Andre developing a draft publication entitled "A Certain Security". It is printed in time for the denomination's Easter Convention in Irene at which, to cover its costs, he sells quite a number to interested pastors. He is however therefore labelled as a dissident by a number of influential pastors, which probably affects his subsequent treatment by that denomination.
Lloyd is not a
Calvinist (believing
in Limited Atonement)
but believes in the
of the saints'

as the FRUIT of
spiritual rebirth
and not in any sense
as a qualification to
merit salvation.
Lloyd is 
later accused of contentiously handing out copies of the Certain Security booklet to dispute the Executive's proposed doctrinal definition-change to the Full Gospel Church of God statement of faith, but this was not true, for Lloyd had avoided being provocative, but some who purchased copies may have done so in all sincerity for open discussion.
(For instance, Pastor Gert Horak of the Bloemfontein church purchased 50-copies at the time).
Also, on a 
trip to visit a missionary friend serving in Lesotho, Lloyd receives an offer from Radio Lesotho for the free use of their back-up transmitter for missionary purposes. He brings the proposal to the Full Gospel Missions Board, for the gospel transmission from Lesotho would reach the whole of the Eastern Cape,
but the Mission Board shows no interest, probably because the proposal had come from Lloyd.
In this time 
in Pretoria, Lloyd is asked to invigilate the exams of seriously disabled students (including quadriplegics) at the University of South Africa's (Unisa) department of theology. Probably because of his continued enrolment at Unisa as a stimulant to further study and to enable his attendance at their vacation school lectures, where he could discuss issues with their teaching staff.
Invigilates Unisa's
disabled students
In 1975 he 

Ditched by the
Full Gospel Church
Ditched again by the
Full Gospel Church
probably from the hostility of
its Mission Board chairman
Henry Nel
of Bellville
believes he is instructed by God to leave the Elim congregation as an act of faith, initially not knowing where to go, and he then moves to Pietersburg (now called Polokwane), Limpopo Province, to assist the Bapedi pastors of the Lebowa homeland (and so is necessarily transferred by the Full Gospel Church of God executive council to their Missions Department, in terms of the church's Apartheid racial structure at the time). But disappointingly, during his resignation notice period from the Elim Church in Hatfield, Pretoria, the Full Gospel District Superintendent personally meets with its Church Council to directly verify all names on the membership register as being authentic and personally known to them, and then also that the financial records of the church are accurate, as if looking for something negative to explain Lloyd's unexpected resignation from the pastorate of a growing congregation.
• Its Mission Board however also declines to recognise him/his ministry (although being initially over-joyed that someone was willing to fill the gap among the black churches in Lebowa, according to General Secretary Alex Thompson) because they had not 'budgeted' for him. Lloyd therefore financially supports himself during this time, but they still decline to recognise him, in case he should ever get into financial difficulties and they should then be obligated (according to the Mission Board's representative Pastor Jenkins).
• He therefore takes employment with a major soft-drink bottler, holding most Coca-Cola, Fanta, and Appletiser franchises in the territory from Pretoria to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), and from Botswana to the Moçambique border, as their warehouse Administration Manager, and then is promoted to General Sales Manager –
which frees him from being necessarily in-office and gives him a company car with a unrestricted fuel allowance
enabling him to do what he believes the Lord wants him to do in the Black homeland of Lebowa, etc.
• So Lloyd continues his support for the Bapedi pastors in the Lebowa area, sometimes preaching in Mahwelereng (near Potgietersrus) over his weekends, and providing a special Bible study for their church leaders,
Black tribes
in South Africa fall
into two main groups,
as far as migration route
and language
is concerned,
namely Sotho
(which includes the Tswana,
Venda, Bapedi, etc.),
and Nguni
(which includes the
Xhosa, Zulu, Pondo, etc.)
In this capacity 
in Pietersburg (as General Sales Manager), he employs a Portuguese Moçambican as a statistics clerk and then discovers that the said clerk is the secret liaison between information sources within Moçambique and the Rhodesian military during their bush-war along its Moçambique border, and so becomes necessarily privy to unwritten aspects of that conflict and its Russian involvement, as the liaison also needed special time-off at times, during his involvement in Rhodesian military operations regarding Russian weapons supply (including surface-to-air missiles) imported to Robert Mugabe's insurgent forces attacking Rhodesia from their northern Moçambique base.
conversant with
secret Rhodesian
military operations
In this 

By God's grace
Lloyd has survived
a number of problems,
in chronological order:
1. Born 3-days late, not expected to survive;
2.  Tonsillitis;
3.  Bilharzia
4.  Appendicitis;
5.  Tick bite fever
6. Malaria from Moçambique;
7.  and he continues to dispute
the claims of aging.
time, the Managing Director (van Wyk) of his company (Pietersburg Bottling Co.) invites the company's department heads to view a property he had purchased on a hill beside the N1 highway, and one of them cuts a branch from a tree, walks around with it, and then declares a lack of any significant underground water on the property. Lloyd thinks it is a hoax, says so, and is challenged to try it. He feels something, recounts it that weekend to his father-in-law on his farm on the escarpment and is invited to try and find the same place on his farm where a well would have been dug, because the water-dowser had found the strongest stream there, but that it was not done as there was too much rock. He tries and finds the correct place, and then remembers that his mother had mentioned that an uncle of hers had earned his living telling farmers where to dig wells, so concludes it is probably simply a family sensitivity to a magnetic current naturally generated by the underground flow of water and nothing magical.
Discovers a
One Saturday morning in the Pietersburg town-centre, he notices a young black man running unusually fast up the sidewalk, turns to watch from where he had run, and sees a group of black people looking up from the bottom of the street. So he turns his car and drives down to them. They explain that they were waiting for a bus when a young man grabbed an elderly man's bag containing his month's salary and ran off with it. So Lloyd drives in the direction of the thief, who seeing him following, dives into a local black restaurant. So Lloyd swings his car onto the sidewalk to block entrance to the restaurant, but as he opens the door the thief jumps over the car, runs across the street and up an alley. Lloyd chases and catches up with him, and then sees he has no bag, so turns and retraces his run and finds the bag thrown over a wall under a bush, retrieves it and returns it to its owner to the joyful hand-clapping of the black bus queue.
Becoming involved in
other people's problems
is simply loving
your neighbour
as yourself
, as
Jesus summarised
social responsibility
(Mark 12:33).
In this time, Lloyd is persuaded to attended a gymnastics judging course by the gymnastics tutor of his niece (Mariaan Sadler. now Hoolsema) who is living with them at the time before being placed in a boarding-school, as her family had moved out of town, and so for purely educational reasons he qualifies as a provincial gymnastics judge.
Qualifies as Provincial
Gymnastics Judge
Also in 
Pietersburg, one Thursday night in 1977, while speaking (in the kitchen) to the Greek owner of a drive-in restaurant, he hears terrible screaming coming from a nearby Black bus-stop, leaps through the serving hatch, runs to it, and finds a woman with multiple stab-wounds lying in a spreading pool of blood. Her assailant had already fled, but Lloyd then seeks him in the dark and finds him near the railway station, chases him up an alley and is then himself attacked in attempting to arrest him. So as the assailant stabs at Lloyd, he fires at the assailant's thigh at very close-range (less than 4-inches according to the police) hoping to subdue him, arrests him, and (thinking that he had missed him for there was no external bleeding) he marches him back to the scene of his crime to await the police, and, after having to protect him from a very angry mob for the victim was then still lying in her pool of blood awaiting an ambulance, he hands him to the local police when they eventually arrive. The following morning the police inform Lloyd that, although there was no external bleeding the bullet had actually penetrated his assailant's bladder and ricocheted up off the back of his pelvis through his intestines. The woman's assailant (who was only out of prison ten days) dies in hospital, but she recovers from the multiple stab wounds which he had inflicted on her.

fatal shooting

in Pietersburg/
Northern South Africa
In this 
Ditched again by the
Full Gospel Church
probably from the
hostility of its area superintendent
Henry Nel of Bellville
time in Pietersburg, he receives a pastoral call to the Mountainside Chapel congregation* in central Cape Town of the Full Gospel denomination. The Full Gospel Church District Council however blocks his call on the grounds that he is not part of the white department of the church because he was transferred to the jurisdiction of the Mission Board by the denomination's Executive Council (according to General Secretary Van Kerken at the time), even though the Mission Board (of the Black churches in terms of its Apartheid structure at the time), had refused to recognise him in that capacity as under its jurisdiction.

*Its previous pastor was his brother-in-law the Rev. Ellis Andre and so the congregation knew him as he often preached there when on holiday to visit his parents in Cape Town.
The following year (May 1978) Lloyd is nevertheless called to Cape Town to pastor a newly forming church. When his resignation becomes known to his staff at Pietersburg Bottling Co., his black area manager, Chaplain Pasha (a local Bapedi lay preacher), expresses his profound disappointment, so Lloyd prays with him in the company office and Pasha is filled with the Holy Spirit and begins speaking in 'tongues'.
This gives Lloyd some reassurance that the effect of his ministry to the Bapedi people would continue in some way.
Lloyd moves
to Cape Town
See Also:
Early Cape
In the early 1980

(while pastoring the Living Hope Baptist Church in Rondebosch, Cape Town) Lloyd is approached by a University of Cape Town faculty member to assist her doctoral study on the application of the spiritual principles (which he was preaching) to her field of occupational therapy. He agrees and begins leading group-therapy in the maximum security forensic ward of a large psychiatric hospital (as it had the most controlled environment for the doctoral study). But, soon after it starts, the initiator is herself offered a more senior position at another university which she accepts. However, the chief psychiatrist (Dr Tuvia Zabow) then asks Lloyd to continue his Nouthetic Counselling group (confronting with responsibility) as his forensic medical team believed that positive results were being obtained, so Lloyd continues and it is then expanded to another secure forensic ward. This involvement with Valkenburg Psychiatric Hospital continues until Lloyd believes he is instructed by God to go to Moçambique in a relief outreach to the people of that country during its violently–cruel* civil war and with famine in central Moçambique,
whereupon he tries unsuccessfully to find a replacement among the local pastors for his forensic group-therapy leading.
Nouthetic Counselling at
Valkenburg Psychiatric Hospital
Maximum Security
Forensic Ward

'Marijuana Made Me'

with its note on
So in 1984

See: Some samples of
Lloyd's experience of
the Spirit of God speaking
directly to God's people,
Lloyd becomes involved in a Moçambique relief mission (food and medicine), initiated by a deacon (Pete Norval) and his wife, after South Africa (allied with the West) had earlier that year signed its Nkomati Accord with Moçambique (allied with the Soviet Union). While there, hearing that its central Tete and Gaza provinces were suffering severe drought and famine, and that no other relief agency would risk its personnel in the area because it was in the heart of the violent civil war conflict (between the Soviet supported Frelimo ruling party and Renamo rebels (supplied with weapons by America's CIA from Saudi Arabia via the Comoros / Udzima wa Komori),
Lloyd then moves the relief mission to the Changanini refugee camp in that high-conflict civil-war area.
*In the capital, Maputo, he counsels a mother (from an outlying village) weeping uncontrollably in the back of a local church, whose newborn baby had been mashed to pulp in front of her by Renamo in an attempt to force her to give the location of her husband's military unit, which she did not know.
During this 
time, although taking all necessary precautions, Lloyd contracts malaria from sleeping in the bush in the Changanini refugee camp, and later when returning to South Africa from the Moçambique's capital Maputo, narrowly misses being the target of a Renamo ambush by an RPG7 rocket attack, which kills the two occupants of the vehicle rocketed ahead of him, which had only just passed him, between Maputo and the South African border.
In about 1987
while resident with his family above the church office in Milner Road, Rondebosch, at about 2:00am in the morning, Lloyd sees two men with balaclavas over their heads spray-painting slogans on a private wall in Park Road facing into its intersection with Milner Road, what pretends to be a political slogan that was turned into a racist joke, mocking ANC leader Mandela.
He gives chase, but they, seeing him coming, jump into their white unmarked car (but with SA police force number plates: beginning and ending with B) and speed off. Lloyd runs to his car and drives after them, but they escape.
This underhand political act begins his growing disenchantment with the South African Police Service, which continues today...
SA Police racial mockery,
before Nelson Mandela's
release from prison painted
on the wall, which Lloyd witnessed.
Because South 
In 1986, the South African government assassinates Moçambique President Samora Machel by setting up a false navigation radio beacon in the Lebombo mountains on its border as he is flying back to Maputo, killing all on board.
Africa is secretly colluding with Moçambique's (American) CIA-supported Renamo rebels at this time during the Cold War, Lloyd also becomes seen by its Soviet-supported Frelimo government's secret-service agency (run by East Germany) as a South African agent, so his gracious Maputo host, Albano de Castro, is arrested and placed in solitary confinement, and a government official, who had kindly facilitated Lloyd's trips in Russian military transport into Gaza province in Moçambique, is fired from his government position and so forced to leave Maputo where his son was at university.
However, Moçambique President Samora Machel's gracious wife Garça then facilitates the release of Albano. Later, after her own husband's murder (by South African agents with a false navigation beacon in the Lebombo mountains when he was flying back to Maputo), she marries Nelson Mandela of post-Apartheid South Africa. God then, in His awesome mercy, arranges that Albano should be appointed as Moçambique's representative of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International and he is flown to the USA to speak at their meetings. On his return from California, he stops in Cape Town to give testimony to Lloyd's congregation at that time (Living Hope Baptist Church, Rondebosch), without a glimmer of any resentment that it was his association with Lloyd which had directly triggered his own arrest and imprisonment by Moçambique's East-German run security service.


Lloyd's marriage ends.
Lloyd also experiences a number of awesome 'coincidences' of God's provision and protection from ambush in the Moçambique civil war, even though it puts great strain upon his marriage, which ends unexpectedly on Saturday morning 2nd June, 1990, when his wife announces her departure as –
"my home is like a railway station... I need a new start in life ...", but — she grants him sole custody of their three children.
however still hopes that his wife will return after the weekend, until the Church Elder, Dr. Steve Walsh, informs him on Monday evening 4th June 1990, that his wife had phoned to inform that she had permanently ended their marriage relationship.
prophetic dream.
following year, on the death of Lloyd's father in January 1991, Lloyd discovers an envelope in the drawer next to his father's bed entitled 'Lloyd's Dream', of which he remembered nothing. It was his father's record of Lloyd's dream at age 8-years which metaphorically describes Lloyd's future call to the Christian ministry and its side-effect on his sister Ruth (today she is married to a Baptist minister Rev. Ellis Andre, who had shared a room with Lloyd at Berea Theological College). That his father had kept this note so carefully beside his bed indicates the seriousness reassurance which he attached to it, and this was probably its encouraging purpose to him,
but –
(It is important to remember in this action taken against Lloyd that sincerity [Steve Walsh's self-justification] does not make any action 'right'. It is the long-term consequence of an action that determines its 'right'
or 'wrong'-ness.
Proverbs 14:12).
*According to
Jo-Anne's mother
 in August 1991 the Living Hope Baptist church completely abandons Lloyd —
on the basis of a contrived accusation of immorality by Jo-Anne and Andre Pienaar,
rather than follow the Christian path of seeking 'restoration'.
(Lloyd had earlier recommended their divorce to Jo-Anne on the basis of Andre's
continuing immorality with his Sea Point and Stellenbosch mistresses
whom he is also financially supporting*, but
Jo-Anne then later decides that she will be financially better off living with Andre, so
she therefore complies with Andre's demand to testify against Lloyd to destroy his ministry.
But by then it was too late for Jo-Anne and Andre to stop their divorce case,
so they re-marry in Pinelands Anglican church, which thus allows Andre to
avoid selling his West Coast investment properties for their divorce settlement.
Sadly this situation is exacerbated further by Steve Walsh (Jo-Anne's brother) sending out a circular letter, to all
on the church mailing list, accusing Lloyd and stating that Jo-Anne had repented but that Lloyd had not.

So sadly, if the action of its Church Council, in summarily expelling Lloyd, had borne the blessing of God

it would not have then led to the closing down of Living Hope Baptist church (Rondebosch, Cape Town).
Sadly, one of the more distressing aspects of this situation is that many of those who were hurt by the situation, and associated stories,
continue to think they know what transpired, without contact with Lloyd, making it near impossible to restore any Christian relationship.

Click for his quoted
detractors below.
An apology is owed to Lloyd by those who believed the negative stories about him
without ever speaking
to him.


See the Teaching:
'When Shame
Becomes glory'
as is characteristic of God toward those who trust Him, God turns this tragedy to triumph, and so Lloyd is asked to assist the Rev. Paul Hartwig in developing his doctorate in theology (University of South Africa) on key end-time issues (Dr Hartwig is now senior lecturer at the Cape Town Baptist Seminary), and later, as from 1997 (in the necessary rebuttal of the teaching that the Lord Jesus was returning in the year 2000), Lloyd's Bible teaching audience expands exponentially through this website to an average of well over a million hits annually.
 "The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want...
You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies"
 (Psalm 23:1,5)
But Lloyd still continues his preaching and teaching.
Lloyd supports himself and his three children during this time, working on commission as a financial consultant for the Old Mutual
from January 1992, after his expulsion from Living Hope Baptist church, Lloyd, on request from Pastor Vroom, had begun teaching adult extra-mural Bible classes at Salem College (of the Salem Full Gospel Church, in Bothasig, Cape Town) while voluntarily (unpaid/at his own cost for the church could not afford to support two pastors) also supporting the ministry of its local Full Gospel church pastor, and founder of Salem, Hensie Vroom (by providing preaching, crisis-counselling, and conducting his funerals and weddings) for Pastor Vroom is suffering from increasingly debilitating Parkinson's disease, and Lloyd is then also requested to —
provide weekly Bible studies during this time in a Baptist church in Grabouw, and in the home of an Old Mutual colleague
in Brackenfell for he is now supporting his children as an Old Mutual financial consultant on commission only.
Pastor Vroom, 
after contacting the current leadership of Living Hope Baptist church, to ascertain the background to their termination of Lloyd's pastorate there, then appoints Lloyd as an elder of Salem Full Gospel Church in Bothasig. According to Pastor Vroom, the Living Hope Leadership acknowledged privately to him that they had not acted in a Biblically valid manner in their dealing with Lloyd.
It seems uncertain whether Pastor Vroom fully informed
his own church council, for subsequently one member, Eugene Hope, in supporting Pastor Van der Merwe's expulsion of Lloyd from Salem church, claimed to have no knowledge of this.
subsequent church attendance is not to be seen as support for, or agreement with, the doctrinal or theological perspective propagated in a particular church he attends, for to him his church attendance is purely an act of faithful obedience to spiritual identification with fellow believers in their worship as a Christian congregation (Hebrews 10:25). To him this distinction is specially significant because of –
the general lack of understanding among church leaders of the Lordship of the Holy Spirit within Christ's own Church.
On July 

of PAC offices
in Woodstock
planned and
25, 1993: On hearing of the vicious Sunday-night massacre at St James' church in Kenilworth, Cape Town (South Africa), with assault rifles and M26 hand-grenades from the platform onto the congregation during their evening service (11 dead and 58 wounded), assessing the terrorists to be from the Pan African Congress (PAC), and knowing that the current South African political negotiations meant that law enforcement would probably not follow up on the attack, Lloyd then identifies the headquarters building of the PAC in Woodstock and prepares to petrol-bomb their building to the ground, at 3am, when unoccupied (to prevent any human casualties), in order to publicly demonstrate the cruel error of their ways.
• But, on reading Ecclesiastes 5:8 in a Bible, lying randomly opened upon his table —
"If you see in a province the oppression of the poor and the violation of justice and righteousness,
do not be amazed at the matter, for the high official is watched by a higher, and there are yet higher ones over them
— he believes that God is reassuring him, and so he therefore cancels his attack plan and disposes of the incendiary materials which he had prepared to completely destroy their head-quarter building in Woodstock as a public statement of judgement for their vicious crime against the worshippers in the St James church.
Church massacre by
Pan African Congress
Makoma, Nonxuba,
Mlambisa & Mkhumbuzi.
<Makoma, Mlambisa
& Mkhumbuzi are given
, and Nonxuba
dies in a car accident
while out on bail.
Church Attack ordered
by Letlapa Mphahlele
victims on the night of the massacre experienced miraculous escapes, and some were sacrificially heroic in their protection of others. One man threw himself onto a hand grenade to protect others around him and lost both his legs. One victim later describes to Lloyd how the doctor explained that a bullet fired at him had followed the contour of his bone, passed safely between two major arteries and stopped with its point resting on a major nerve yet without damaging it.
But in 1998 

Lloyd publicly assaulted
by a group of SA
police officers.

in Cape Town, Lloyd is physically assaulted by a group of uniformed South African police officers (SAPS) in Plein street outside parliament because he lays a complaint against them with a traffic officer, after their police union (SAPU) had illegally closed down public streets (Plein and Roeland streets) in the city centre, seriously disrupting public traffic on a late Friday afternoon, as part of an illegal protest by their police union. They (uniformed police) surround him, chanting loudly in his face "We've got your name Thomas", which they had read over his shoulder as he entered his complaint on the clipboard of the traffic officer concerned, and as a group they then crowd around him and begin violently assaulting him with their elbows and knees, pushing him back against the bonnet of a police vehicle.
He is rescued by a VIP protection officer attached to Parliament who warns him that his assailants are carrying guns and a shot could go off and no one would admit responsibility,
but he refuses to leave the area on the basis that his assailants are being paid to protect him.

Assaulted by the
SA Police Service
in Plein Street
Cape Town
outside parliament.
Hitman Botya's Paymasters
3.   PK RAQA
4.   David SPEELMAN
10.   KOTI
12.   CAPUKO
15.   MEMUKE
A Joint committee of the CODETA and CATA taxi associations seeking
a monopoly for
their taxi routes.
Not prosecuted, according to Botya's sentencing magistrate, because their charge sheets were not completed
by the police.
In May 

Lloyd's further
conflict with the
South African Police
2000, deeply disturbed by the ongoing lethal ambushes of Golden Arrow public buses in which a number of drivers are shot dead and passengers wounded, Lloyd obtains the names and personal details of the 15 leaders of the taxi-mafia (joint committee of the Codeta and Cata taxi associations) paying their hit-man (Bandile Botya), and, after personally supplying their full details (including their cell-phone numbers) to the head of police Provincial Crime Intelligence (officer Maree) on Wednesday July 12, and being promised by him a result within two weeks, after no results are obtained and the killing continues, 16-days later Lloyd goes public in calling for his immediate resignation and also that of the Provincial Police Commissioner (Lenit Max), which then leads to the arrest of the hit-man and of his 15-paymasters a day later. However, the hit-man Bandile Botya's 15-paymasters are never prosecuted because "their charge sheets were not completed" (stated directly to Lloyd by the hit-man's sentencing magistrate), which implies police corruption.

 See: Lloyd on Face-book   
In January 2001 Lloyd considers it necessary to personally reprimand the head of the Milnerton police station/precinct for their failure to prevent an expected violent xenophobic attack in their Dunoon suburb, on which occasion he meets Paul Salopek of the Chicago Tribune (see above) and brings him an eyewitness of the violent attempted mob-murder and the victim's personal details (which police had claimed not to have in response to his query).

A sample
helicopter flying
lesson after a
lecture on the
principles of
helicopter flying.
  Lloyd posing between... at Madame Tussauds, London
Later, in preparing to move to the UK, Lloyd sells both his firearms: his 9mm-pistol (Browning 646628) to a friend (Henry Truter) in the Bothasig church who later hands it in to the police for destruction, and his .357-magnum revolver (Llama 729064) to a uniformed police officer in the Milnerton Police station/precinct firearm section, who assures him that they will sort its license transfer. At this stage he still has some trust toward the South African Police Service, but in 2012, after a false accusation of 'pointing a firearm' is laid against him by Czarek Rybak (case 419/11/2012, Parow) in attempted intimidation because he was assisting a young Bulgarian couple whom Rybak was attempting to intimidate (of whom, Rybak had assaulted the wife Virgina, knocking her to the ground in front of her child), Lloyd discovers that the revolver is still registered in his own name, which painfully confirms — the practical wisdom of distrusting those bearing public authority . . . until trust has been earned.
Lloyd moves 

Giza, Egypt, July 2005
to the UK in May 2001 (London, and four-years later to Chester) while continuing his Bible background historical research for the Israel TimeLine in the development of this website, and receives direct eye-witness testimony from an Auschwitz survivor he befriends (Zofia, 37543 inscribed on her arm with a sharp nail and soot rubbed into it on admission), as well as extensive historical resources at London's British museum, at the Louvre in Paris, and in Egypt (July 2005), among other.

In 2002 in Paris
The city of Paris, named by the ancient Romans after the Parisi Celts of ancient Gaul who lived near this island crossing of the Seine river, was very beautiful in both its layout and in its history.
'I took this photo from the roof of the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, for at the time repairs were being done and they had left the scaffolding up over the weekend,
so I used the opportunity to climb onto the roof of the cathedral to take this picture along the river.'
Click the pic to the left for a 360° view through a camera at the top of the Eiffel Tower (it sometimes takes time to load).
while living in South Acton, London, UK , and concerned about the level of crack-cocaine dealing in his immediate neighbourhood (the dealers give samples to teenagers to get them hooked), he begins keeping a detailed record (date, time, place, description) which he then begins supplying to the Metropolitan police. Fourteen months later, with an escalation of three-times more drug dealers in his area, he then confronts the Metropolitan police at their office with the following interaction —
Lloyd Three London Metropolitan Police Officers
• If you don't get rid of the drug dealers in my neighbourhood, I will.
  Sir, you will get yourself killed, sir.
• I'm a South African. I know how to watch my back!
Sir, you have no right to take the law into your own hands, sir!
• I'm also a UK citizen, and we elect governments to appoint agencies, such as yourselves, to do a job.
If you drop the ball it rolls back to the electorate. It is my responsibility to take action.
After this, one of the officers present (DS) phones Lloyd every Friday afternoon for an update, and within six weeks all drug dealing in his neighbourhood is gone. He asks how, and is told: "one is in prison, another in a youth offenders institute, and the others have run for cover".
Several weeks later, late one Friday afternoon, between Chiswick and South Acton suburbs,
Lloyd is targeted in Bollo Lane by a hit-man but his attempt is frustrated.
As Lloyd 
experiences it, the level of courtesy in London is unparalleled, for during this time, while awaiting a tube train on an underground station, he notices in the crowd of passengers disembarking from the train he had been waiting for, a man is assaulting a uniformed underground rail staff member. He therefore arrests the assailant, and holds him until two officers come from above ground to take him away, and during this whole time . . .
the tube train waits for him, and its doors only close after he steps on board.
Lloyd then 
moves to Chester to visit his sister and works as the concierge of its five-star Grosvenor hotel in the city centre.
• On Monday 

London's 7/7
suicide bombings
on public transport
morning, July 4, 2005, while in Chester, UK , Lloyd is in prayer when he hears God say to him, concerning his son in London: "Your son is in danger".
It has such an effect that he can do nothing other than intercede in 'tongues'–prayer for his son the whole of the rest of the day and into that night. The following morning, as he still continues in intercessory prayer, he hears God say to him "Your son is safe".
• Two days later, on Thursday morning July 7 (at 08h49), three suicide bombers cruelly explode their bombs in rapid succession on London underground trains, and later a fourth on a London public bus, killing 52 people and wounding more than 700.
Lloyd believes that God caused the plans of the suicide bombers to change on that Tuesday morning July 5, 2005, which among other prevented the death of his only son.
In September 

"I took this wild stag photo one morning outside my front door. He looked at me as though he had been waiting for me."
While in Prince Rupert,
Lloyd is approached by two leaders of the First Nations (Indigenous/Native American) community to create a subsection of his website to list unresolved crimes, because
they believe it reflected a
subtle racial discrimination.
He agrees on condition they form a committee with him for that purpose, but later after receiving an emailed threat on behalf of Akuna Tri Nguyen, whose name among other he had listed, he removes their names for their own safety.
2005 he returns to Cape Town, South Africa , but in October 2006, on a preaching tour in northern British Columbia, Canada , he is persuaded to accept the pastorate of a local Baptist church (Bethel First Baptist) in the strategic port of Prince Rupert, in northern British Columbia (just south of Alaska), to which he then moves in January 2007 and serves there until February 2009. Within 6-weeks of his arrival he interrogates a long-term drug-addict and discovers that a missing woman (Tamara Chipman) had been murdered and all relevant details. So, in defiance of the chief investigating officer (Kelly Grant), he traces her father to inform him regarding his missing daughter, but when approached telephonically by a journalist from Prince George, October 17, 2007, he holds back details feeling that he should not divulge them as it is a police matter and not directly part of his pastoral responsibility.
However, later that same night, he is then addressed by a voice in his bedroom,
which awakens him three times with the same emphatic statement:
"There were unclean animals in the Ark as well as clean" concerning the extent of Noah's responsibility.
 In the morning therefore, he concludes from this that God wishes him to treat those in the town outside (the "unclean") of his personal pastoral fold/responsibility (the "clean"), with equal concern for their welfare (so he emails the Prince George journalist with further details), which then leads him, among other, to involvement with the victims of crime in the wider community and related justice issues, including his exposure of on-going drug-related criminal activities (particularly international heroine-smuggling into Canada).
The long-term consequence of this is reflected in the two subsections of this website: regarding —
British Columbia (Canada ), top-left of homepage; and the Western Cape (South Africa Citizen of South Africa), top-right of homepage.
The local Roman Catholic priest, concerned at what he was hearing about Lloyd in the town, kindly makes a coffee-date with Lloyd to encourage him to restrict himself to his "religious calling". Lloyd however tries to explain that this is not what the Lord wants of him. Lloyd nevertheless continues to enjoy full ongoing support from that priest in his activities in the town.

Lloyd's choice of the eagle icon for this website arose from his time in northern British Columbia, Canada, home of their largest number, and his persuasion that it is only the Biblical perspective that alone gives the 'big picture' — as an eagle sees over a landscape,
and also because an eagle appears on his mother's family coat of arms (Emslie, above).
Please note also: the Seven Principles of Leadership which the eagle illustrates to us
1. Eagles fly Alone and at High Altitudes.
They don't fly with sparrows, ravens, and other small birds
Stay away from narrow-minded people, those that bring you down. Eagles fly with eagles. Keep good company.
2. Eagles have an Accurate Vision.
They have the ability to focus on something as far as 5km away. No matter the obstacles, the eagle will not move his focus from the prey until he grabs it.
Have a vision and remain focussed no matter what the obstacles and you will succeed.
3. Eagles do not Eat Dead things.
They feed only on fresh prey.
Do not rely on your past success, keep looking for new frontiers to conquer. Leave your past where it belongs, in the past.
4. Eagles Love the Storm.
When clouds gather, the eagle gets excited, the eagle uses the storms wind to lift itself higher. Once it finds the wind of the storm, the eagle uses the raging storm to lift itself above the clouds. This gives the eagle an opportunity to glide and rest its wings. In the meantime, all other birds hide in the branches and leaves of the trees.
Face your challenges head on knowing that these will make you emerge stronger and better than you were. We can use the storms of life to rise to greater heights. Achievers are not afraid to rise to greater heights. Achievers are not afraid of challengers, rather they relish them and use them profitably.
5. When a Female Eagle Meets a Male Eagle and they want to mate
She flies down to earth, picks a twig and flies back into the air with the male eagle in hot pursuit. Once she has reached a height high enough for her, she drops the twig and lets it fall to the ground while she watches. The male eagle chases after the twig and catches it before it reaches the ground, then brings it back to the female eagle. The female eagle grabs the twig and flies to a much higher altitude and drops the twig again for the male eagle to chase. This goes on for hours with the height increasing each time until the female eagle is assured that the male eagle has mastered the art of picking the twig which shows commitment. Then and only then will she allow him to mate with her.
Whether in private life or business, one should test the commitment of the people intended for partnership.
6. Eagles Prepare for Training.
They remove the feathers and soft grass in the nest so that the young ones get uncomfortable in preparation for flying and eventually fly when it becomes unbearable to stay in the nest.
Leave your Comfort Zone, there is No Growth There.
7. When the Eagle Grows Old
His feathers become weak and cannot take him as fast and as high as it should. This makes him weak and could make him die. So he retires to a place far away in the mountains. While there, he plucks out the weak feathers on his body and breaks its beak and claws against the rocks until he is completely bare; a very bloody and painful process. Then he stays in this hiding place until he has grown new feathers, new beak and claws and then he comes out flying higher than before.
We occasionally need to shed off old habit no matter how difficult, things that burden us or add no value to our lives, should be let go of.

Bald Eagle Distribution

 his time in Prince Rupert, northern BC, in view of the rapid development of the port and its strategic location, Lloyd facilitates the development of a non-denominational Christian ministry to the crews of visiting ships (Lighthouse Harbour Ministries), some from countries where the Christian gospel is banned, and so receives encouraging support from the local Port Authority
and some dedicated individuals from various churches in this strategic port city.
Harbour Ministries

Prince Rupert, BC, Canada

Wild bear snapped sitting beside the river on the highway between the northern BC towns of Prince Rupert and Terrace.
But in November 
Church Leadership
2008, while deep in prayer he is addressed by God that the local church leaders are not hearing him –
and that no matter how long he stays that problem will not change.
So accordingly, in November he issues them with a two-month notice of resignation to leave beginning February 2009
(but asks that it be kept confidential until after the Christmas period so as not to cause any discouragement).
Unfortunately the 
leaders on the church diaconate (deacons) had apparently seen themselves as a 'board of directors' who employ a 'pastor', rather than as in a (Biblical) supportive-role to the congregational-direction set by his pastoral oversight, and thus he is not regarded by them a shepherd-leader in any Biblical sense.
Sadly, Lloyd 
discovers during his notice-period that the Church Council/Diaconate had begun holding their meetings without even notifying him so as to exclude him, thereby verifying that he had been regarded by them as nothing more than an 'employee', a hired chaplain to provide counselling and teaching, under the chairmanship of the son of a German post-war immigrant who celebrated Hitler's birthday every year. An elderly deacon he encounters at the church then tearfully informs Lloyd that the principal complaint against him by the church Diaconate is that the significant increase in Christian conversions, baptisms, and church membership from his ministry had not been matched by an equal increase in the church's financial income.
Lloyd moves
to Cape Town
South Africa
in April 2009
Very sadly, the Lord's warning to him proves true, and so, some time after his departure, the church closes down.
Over time, on three particular occasions, Lloyd has been warned by authorities and others that his personal safety is at risk:
Previously, in London, UK, the Metropolitan police had warned Lloyd, concerning his supplying details to the police of crack-cocaine dealing in his immediate neighbourhood, that if the information with which he was supplying them becomes known he will be "taken out" [see Bollo Lane],
In Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada, he is warned by an ex-drug-smuggler, who had requested a meeting with him:
"Are you packing? I can get you one. You need one [a gun]. HA [Hells Angels] are talking about you...".
He declines his offer, but the ex-drug-smuggler (who had previously smuggled cocaine into Canada from Ecuador) then becomes his friend, and continues to feed him information from the underworld.
Later in Cape Town, South Africa, a reserve officer in military intelligence warns him –
"You need to watch your back. One of them [corrupt police officers he had informed on] might try to get even".
Accordingly, he is careful, but believes that he can trust the Lord to do what he cannot do.
In May 2010 
Lloyd's further
conflict with the
South African police
In November 2012 Lloyd's home is raided by the police and searched without a search warrant, who also attempt to arrest him in a local shopping centre on a false charge. He lays a complaint against these Parow police officers, which contributes to their arrest for corruption, but none are prosecuted. They are simply re-deployed to other areas.
in Cape Town, South Africa, Lloyd is approached for help by the owners of a second-hand store in the N1 City shopping mall, as their store had been hijacked and the locks changed while they were away over a weekend. So he obtains all details of the criminal syndicate involved (see their leaders) and consults the police Provincial Organised Crime unit, but the police refuse to become involved on the grounds that the police Provincial Crime Intelligence is monitoring the store high-jacking as they believe it is planned to be used as a "front" for an al-Qa'eda terror attack during the coming World Cup in Cape Town.
• However, Lloyd's analysis of the syndicate–personnel (the Subhanni criminal syndicate’s Pakistan-connected money-laundering for al-Qa'eda) does not agree, and so he personally takes the legitimate store owners to Shopright-Checkers Property Division (in Brackenfell), who own the shopping mall, and persuades them to fax written authorization to change the store door-locks after hours
for otherwise the shopping mall security would regard the lock-picking and changing as a criminal break-in.
Store Hijacking
N1 City Shopping-mall
Goodwood, Cape Town
to which Provincial Police Organised Crime Unit
refuses to intervene.

That evening then, a hired locksmith picks and changes the store locks, after Lloyd confirms departure of the criminal syndicate, and the following morning Lloyd informs the head of the Goodwood police (as it was within their district). However, the Subhanni criminal syndicate produce a falsified deed of sale (created with help of SA Police Commercial Crime unit officer, Captain Erasmus), they call the Goodwood police to lay a theft complaint against the legitimate owners, and then two groups of police officers face-off each other at the store and attempt to seal it as a crime scene.
The criminal syndicate eventually then decides to withdraw, but as nothing is ever done by the SA police concerning them,
Lloyd therefore later publishes their personal names and the addresses of their leaders in the subsection on this website.
Later, Lloyd 
approaches the U.S. consulate in Tokai, Cape Town, with all of the above Pakistani-based criminal syndicate's personal details, and its al-Qa'eda related information and gives the information to a very unappreciative American CIA officer Thomas Murray
(including cell-phone numbers, vehicle registration numbers, and their personal home addresses).
America's CIA
Citizen of South AfricaThursday afternoon, 

Lloyd is subsequently warned, by a friend in military intelligence (Gen. PT), to "watch your back" for one of those police officers may decide to "get even".
Utrecht's historic location
November 1, 2012, two South African police officers attempt to arrest Lloyd in a coffee shop in a shopping centre (summons A5042217 Parow, case number 08/11/2012) on a false charge of 'pointing a firearm'. He refuses to be arrested, so the two then attempt to handcuff him, but because of his quick physical reaction the officers concerned retreat to the shopping centre entrance and call for back-up. Lloyd then lays a complaint against the police with the Independent Police Investigative Directorate, which contributes to the arrest for corruption of more than eight Parow police officers (click for a photo of their arrest), but he then later discovers that none of them are prosecuted –
They are all simply "redeployed" to other police stations/precincts.
When Lloyd subsequently enters that same coffee-shop, where his attempted arrest had taken place, its owner, who had watched the whole incident, says earnestly to him –
"Lloyd... you must be more gentle with the Police",
so he is not sure how his response appears to others – but blames his ancestry for his instinctively quick reactions.

SA Police Cover-up.
In early 2016, when laying a criminal charge at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague (Den Haag), The Netherlands, against President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation for his international assassinations (ICC reference OTP-CR-50/16/001), Lloyd also visits the underground archaeological excavations of the Roman Empire's border-fort, in Utrecht, for a better understanding of that particular time period . . .
See PDF of Lloyd's reply
to the International
Criminal Court on the
prosecution of
Vladimir V Putin.
In July 2016
in lower Wales Street, central Cape Town, South Africa Citizen of South Africa, as police are firing stun grenades into the street in response to an Uber taxi protest, Lloyd confronts an SA police officer in the street who is attempting to chase away a news media photographer. The officer repeatedly shouts at Lloyd "who are you?...What's your name?", and then "this is a 'crime scene', to which Lloyd repeatedly responds equally loud "A Concerned Citizen", for the media photographer was there simply to do his job, the area was not cordoned off as a 'crime scene', and in particular —
Lloyd regards real respect for human rights as an absolute essential for — any pubic servant — anywhere.
Confrontation with
abusive police
behaviour in
central Cape Town!
Late in 2016, 
Lloyd is approached by a person with a Russian connection (codenetwork@yandex.com) wanting his cell-phone number — to discuss 'world-affairs'. He refuses as a precaution, for it would enable his location to be tracked, and later as the person also refuses to give his surname, residential location, or to explain his Russian connection, Lloyd continues to refuse information. Although uncertain —
it is possible that he was a Putin stooge sent to locate Lloyd, for a 'hit' on him, as a consequence of Lloyd's ICC action against Putin.

Russian Connection
So if a Russian or a related agency offers you a contract to track Lloyd, please do not accept it — unless you are ready to die, for
he has already killed one person who sought to harm him (to stab him to avoid arrest) — and he is fully prepared to do it again...
  77 Ллойд Томас Бульвар,   Кейптаун,   7001  Citizen of South Africa

Brugge, Belgium, 2017

See also:
The Russian
which also has
a relationship to
President Putin.
A suggestion: if you clash with Lloyd — it is probably wiser, for your own sake, to just back off,
for he tends to not be affected by any form of intimidation! 
To quote from Psalm 30 addressing God: "What profit is there in my death, if I go down to the pit? Will the dust praise You?
Will it tell of Your faithfulness? Hear, O LORD, and be merciful to me! O LORD, be my Helper!
You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; You have loosed my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness,
that my glory may sing Your praise and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give thanks to You forever!
— Therefore:  Lloyd's name   on any Hit-List   is hereby utterly disregarded.
Lloyd's continuing social principle has been to treat the community as his extended family, as being
simply the application of Christ's command to "love your neighbour as yourself" (Mark 12:31; Luke 10:27)
as a consequence of which, he therefore frequently becomes involved in other people's problems,
on one occasion even arresting a violent passenger on the London underground as everyone else was avoiding the situation.

2016 visit
to Utrecht
when he also laid
a charge against
President Putin
of Russia at the
Criminal Court

in Den Haag for
the assassination
of A. Litvinenko
in London, UK.
Lloyd's abiding passion has been to understand the Bible in its own context, as its first readers did, and so ancient history has been a continuing interest.
Accordingly, the only ultimate authority for him is the Holy Spirit whose basic directions are given in the Bible's words and perspectives,
against which every understanding of His directions today must be measured — for the Spirit of God is consistent.
In view of this,  his pivotal persuasion is — 
the unfading dynamic of God's infinite affection — and His awesome purpose for humanity!
In consequence, 
the effective identity of every authentic Christian, which was described metaphorically by the Lord Jesus as —
the  "light of the world"  and the 
"salt of the earth"
 (Matthew 5:13-14),
has become a profound conviction concerning Christian conduct on social and moral issues of human society in general, and of justice in particular.
On this therefore, 
he believes that Christ's salt and light comments about the influence of believers in this world —
do not mean adding 'flavour' to human society, or changing the 'hue' of this world, as some foolishly claim,
 but that, within their own context, Christ's words have specific reference to —
See: Common
 'Christian' Fallacies 
stopping corruption ("salt") and exposing evil ("light") in order to publicly show the way forward for all humanity,
regardless of creed or culture, in all places and at all times.
Hence, he believes 
that the New Testament's summary statement of Christ's coming is therefore also applicable today, namely that —
 “The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil” 
 1 John 3:8

Over the
Nelson Mandela
bridge and beyond
Anne Frank Square
into Utrecht 2017

Utrecht began
as a boundary fort
of the Roman Empire

Just round the corner
from the Netherlands
church of Father Christmas (St.
) in
  But Lloyd Thomas also has his detractors, concerning which the Lord Jesus stated two significant principles for our understanding today —
1. (as recorded in Matthew 13:57)
2. (as recorded in Luke 6:44)
"...they were offended in Him.
But Jesus said unto them, a prophet is not without honour,
except in his own country, and in his own house"

Among  those  that  think  they  know  him.
"...every tree is known by his own fruit.
For of thorns men do not gather figs,
 nor of a bramble bush gather they grapes.
Sadly, in our world familiarity does tend to breed contempt... Meaning: his direct influence/effect, and not the stories about him...
'Local Popes': a
of pastoral fiefdom
A Diotrephës-effect
is a symptom of
leader insecurity,
resulting in a
violation of the
very essence of
Christ's Church.
It would be good for
these persons to be
reminded that Christ
has only ONE church,
within which
spiritual divisions
are not permissible.
*ad hominem
H I S     Q U O T E D     D E T R A C T O R S
To their friends, note: Lloyd accommodates neither hypocrisy nor disrespect (Titus 2:15).
Some slanderers quoted against him in this regard, include Messrs —
   1. Dr. Steve Walsh; Click on each name for further details
   2. Andre Pienaar
3. *Pastor Paul van der Merwe;        
4. *Pastor Gavin van Heerden.
In 1 and 2 above, much hurt was caused to many by their spreading of a very one-sided, less than honest, story, which sadly resulted in the total termination of any relationship to Lloyd, even wiping clean all recordings of his church teaching and preaching. For those persons not knowing the context, such a reaction to their 'story' is very understandable.
BUT sadly, for their leaders in the circumstance to not do so, is certainly not, as the
congregational abandonment
of disabled quadriplegic Eloff Germishuys then showed!
Concerning misrepresentation, of which there has been considerable (by 3 & 4), the
Lord does not allow passivity, even if it is more convenient, for the Bible commands
"...do not let your good be spoken evil of." (Romans 14:16),
so in this regard then, the above listing of these four hostiles and the Bible's statement in 2 Timothy 4:14 is enough.
While Nelson Mandela was incarcerated in Robben Island prison for 17-years (set up by America's CIA),
he found inspiration in Table Mountain —"We often looked across Table Bay at the magnificent silhouette of Table Mountain... To us on Robben Island, Table Mountain was a beacon of hope. It represented the mainland to which we knew we would one day return" he said in a speech, ...and he did...

Israel in History     Joseph     Elijah     Esther     That Night 
conflict with the
South African
Police 'Service'
Website Statistics Analysis
see: Logical Fallacy
Used Against Him
Note: the 'adhominem argument'

Some Scenario Descriptions
Dr Werner Emslie is one of 77 people who have been brutally murdered on farms in South Africa since the start of 2017. There have already been about 360 attacks on farms in the country.
In only the first two weeks of February 2017, there were eleven farm murders, making it by far as one of the bloodiest months for South African farms.
Farm attacks, wherein no one died were also reported, but it now appears that they do not report all the attacks because farmers no longer have confidence in the justice system.
There is a political agenda encouraging farm murders: namely, confiscating white-owned farms, without compensation, to give to blacks.
In South Africa: Health Ombudsman Professor Makgoba reports (01/02/2017) that the DEATH TOLL from starvation and dehydration of mentally ill patients
who were transferred from 'Life Esidimeni' hospital (which was being shut down), in spite of opposition from the society of psychiatrists, to unlicensed NGOs
will continue to rise, and is now 144 (as at 31/01/2018) with a possible further 12.
Health Ombudsman Professor Makgoba also reports in this connection that —
"When the director and head of department found that the [NGOs] licenses were not correct, they went around and signed new licences.
...So some NGOs now have three licences, signed in the same year by the same two people."
Professor Makgoba states that the data he received from the Gauteng health department is "full of problems" and "never the same".
"In one instance, 22 patients were recorded as having two dates of death. ...Now, you can't die twice! And the data always came from the same department.
     In other words, in agencies paid to care for them — the specially vulnerable died from a lack of food and water!     
— Extreme Criminal Neglect! —
A newspaper headline in The New Age newspaper (28 July 2015) reads: "Woman dies after being awakened naked by laughing porters" in Mitchells Plain Hospital (1).
Addington Hospital (2) in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal,
admits a patient who has suffered a stroke and is
unable to walk, but because no lifts are working
through lack of maintenance he has to crawl
up the narrow stairs on his hands and
to get to a ward.

(Reported by a patient 22 June 2015)

Two patients die in intensive care
(Thursday 18 June 2015) in
Letaba Hospital (4) near Tzaneen
during Eskom's load-shedding
because the hospital's generator
had run out of diesel fuel
due to lack of maintenance.

Another symptom of the same problem
is the failure in 2016 of many municipalities
(although charging their residents for electricity)
that fail to pay their electricity supplier (Eskom).

Her ID book reads (in Afrikaans) after her first names: 'note the hyphen above'

Eskom's Load-shedding Games
often due to
For those with children
in South Africa who are
  concerned about their future:  
I estimate that, IF the
current rate of deterioration
in public administration
continues, you have
about eight years
(as at January 2015)
— to 2023
to save for an evacuation,
and if you can open an
off-shore account in the
meantime it is to your

—  In  its  effect,  incompetence  is  worse  than  corruption!  —
Hover your mouse-pointer over the left and right illustrations
for an explanatory note on each:


Sadly also, the government's proposal to confiscate white owned farms,
without compensation, for black ownership (like Zimbabwe), will also
mean less commercial farming in favour of subsistence farming so
food production will inevitably decline to the hurt of all.
A 19-year-old road-accident
victim, Reveshen Pandather, dies
(11 July 2015) in the waiting room at
Addington Hospital (3) during a staff
argument over his admission
because he was injured outside
of the Hospital's 'service area'
(The Times newspaper, July 13, 2015)
(July 15, 2015, the hospital, to save face,
announces suspension of two doctors
and a nurse whose bickering
cost the patient's life)

after having been rejected earlier
in Durban by both Osindisweni Hospital (5)
and Mahatma Gandi Memorial Hospital (6)
because they were
"not equipped"
to deal with his severe trauma.

Allegedly (as at February, 2013), since the ANC won the first non-racial election in 1994   "70,000 'Whites'" have been murdered in South Africa (click for list of 1,201 names, or for an MS Word copy).