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The Strange Circle
—  the   misleading   mindset!  —
There is a way of thinking, or mind-set, that became seductively common among Christians during the 20th century and still continues to grow.
It is seductive because its very commonness allows the unthinking believer to accept it as the norm on the subject of the End Time.
For instance:    
1.   On the one hand  – 
the Bible's valuable teachings concerning Antichrist and associated issues are studied with great interest; but,
   2.    on the other hand   – 
anything that seems to herald the actual fulfilment or coming of any of these issues is vigorously, almost angrily, opposed by all possible means.
This in turn leads to
  further preoccupation with End Time studies;
which then produces 
even further heightened opposition to anything that may be associated with the fulfilment of these very things.
And so on, in its self-reinforcing cycle of alarmism!

Recent examples of this are – the resistance across Russia to the introduction of bar-code labels on merchandise; and – in the United Kingdom the hostility generated against increased unity with Europe.
See: Nov.7, 2007
The chuches
which have organised this resistance have been irresponsible, misleading, and spread grossly misrepresentative propaganda, which has exploited the trust of sincere believers and twisted the holy Word of God!
European Union
Errors will
always occur in our thinking as long as we are in the flesh. However, when an error feeds on half-truths it inflates itself, and, if this process continually repeats, it can produce some very damaging misconceptions. Unfortunately,
this is what has happened in much Christian thinking on end-times, or apocalyptic events. 
Study, interest, research on the subject itself, is not the problem here. The circular process of this mindset is the problem.
Monitoring the world for signs of Antichrist's approach is NOT a Christian practice! But it has become very profitable financially to many 'Christian' writers, speakers, and publishers, particularly in the United States of America. 
In total contrast
to these banally strange attitudes, Jesus Himself INSTRUCTED us concerning signs of the times that –
“when these things begin to take place,
 straighten up and lift up your heads
because your redemption is drawing near!”
Luke 21:28.
This 'straightening up' and 'lifting of heads' is the very OPPOSITE effect to that which the alarmist cycle of error produces.
So, for real
believers, the signs of the end are a reason for increased joy and heightened expectation of our Lord's glorious return; when the corruptible will put on the incorruptible in resurrection glory.
But, for the disciples of this alarmism, anything associated in their minds with the coming and rule of Antichrist is a threat, a danger, something to be angry against, causing anxiety and a hopelessness concerning what is coming upon the world.
This is NOT Christ's way!
But of course, it does help them in recruiting the gullible to join their movement or church.
Again – this is NOT Christ's way!
false-thinkers, especially when they include church leaders, must take responsibility (or be held responsible) for the instability and alarmist sensationalism that they provoke in response. 
fact, apocalyptic guesswork with its convoluted calculations and misleading assumptions is a seriously damaging distraction to the very issue upon which God Himself has fixed all End Time events; that is – our Gospel Task!
If anyone needs any evidence of this, history is full of it. See – 'A Chronology of Confusion' below.
Let's have
Habakkuk's heart, who, in the face of utter devastation coming upon his generation, cried out defiantly,
on behalf of all believers everywhere –
Yet I will EXULT in the Lord, I will REJOICE in the God of my salvation.
The Lord God is my strength, and He has made my feet like hinds' feet [that do not slip], and makes me walk on my high places.”
Habakkuk 3:18-19.
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