Mark Woodman
Seventh-day  Adventist  Preacher
(Deceased: cancer, 23rd June 2010)
1.  "Raising your hands in church worship
is the sign of Baal Hadad the sun god." 
  Whereas the Bible says –
"in Your name I will lift up my hands"
(Psalm 63:4);
and it so instructs us
"Lift up your hands to the holy place and bless the LORD!" (Psalm 134:2); etc..
2. "The charismatic and pentecostal movements
are a deception of the Jesuits
to bring Protestantism back to the pope
[the Antichrist]."
3. "[Evangelist] Billy Graham, Pope John Paul,
... are 33rd degree Masons
who all worship the One who is Lucifer
4. "The Antichrist [the pope] already controls Christianity, and
he is lining up God's people to accept his authority
[using] the ecumenical movement to accomplish his agenda."
  Such lying trash ...!
  Walter Julius Veith
in the same perverse category of rank public deception
and therefore also heading for the same damnation