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Perspective Language Structure
  These three aspects are vital to a true understanding of Bible prophecy as follows.
the prophecies of Holy Scripture have been some of its most abused and misrepresented parts. But the Bible was not written for an elite of experts. It was given to all those open to the presence of the Holy Spirit by whom these prophecies were given to us.
The Perspective
ultimate purpose of our Creator in the creation of humanity –
  To represent God according to His nature in His rule over all creation  
first chapter of the first book in our Bible teaches that humanity was designed to appropriately represent God in the management of all biological life on this planet. Yet, although human distrust resulted in the fall of humanity and creation, God has not changed His original intention. The failure of humanity was judicially atoned for before God by the Lord Jesus Christ, and the consequent gift of Holy Spirit to His people makes us part of His restored humanity in Jesus Christ, which continues today to completes Christ's Gospel mission, described in holy Scripture as “The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil.” (1 Jn.3:8).
Authority Restored
is not a religious perspective. It is a total all-encompassing perspective on human life given by the Creator of all.
The Language
language of prophecy is no different than the language of Holy Scripture in general. For instance, the idea that terms change their meaning in prophecy, such as a 'day' means a 'year' is simply not true.
Common 'Christian' Fallacies
  Language is to be understood within the literary and historical context of when it was written. i.e. Within its own context!
However, the special depth of significance in prophecy will sometimes require a larger degree of metaphor than in common speech.
instance, Isaiah's 'virgin' prophecy is a prophecy within a prophecy, or perhaps more accurately a dual-significance prophecy. The term translated as 'virgin' in all English translations (other than the Jewish Publication Society version, Bible in Basic English, and Good News Bible) translates its term "‛almâh" (which literally means 'young woman') as 'virgin' primarily because the pre-Christian Jewish Septuagint version did so. As far as we know, the Septuagint was produced by the top Jewish scribes of the time sent by the Jewish High Priest at the request of the Egyptian king to translate the sacred Scripture into the international language of that time.
Isaiah's Virgin
This word "‛almâh" was so translated because the Jewish scribes knew that those without the idiom of their cultural background (assumed in the prophecy) would not pick up its dual significance concerning Isaiah's coming own child and the coming messianic birth. Although this explanation is not supported by Judaism today for obvious reasons, there is no logically consistent alternative explanation to this truth.
similar error has occurred in Christian thinking concerning the translation of the term גָּבַר (gâbar) in Daniel 9:27, which is crucial to understanding this end-time prophecy. It does not mean to 'make' or 'institute' a covenant! It means to strengthen/confirm an existing covenant, that is God's Covenant with Israel. This error of interpretation has produced some ludicrous stories about the future Antichrist, and sadly blurred a beautiful dual-significance prophecy deliberately hidden from pre-Christian generations concerning the Atonement of the Messiah ending-forever the blood sacrifices of Israel's temple!

Please Note!
common error is this regard is properly understanding the use of the Bible term "generation" (genea). Although its literal meaning is simply a generation of people (usually about 30 to 33 years) it's meaning in the context as used by Christ prophetically about "if those days had not been cut short, no human being would be saved" (Matt.24:22) to reassure the continued survival of Israel as a people throughout this unique future time shows its idiomatic meaning –
"this generation [Israel] will not pass away until all these things take place." (Matt.24:34).
has no reference to any fixed time-period (as has been frequently alleged by so-called prophecy teachers) used in attempts to calculate the time of the End. Not only have these 'experts' been subsequently shown to be wrong when the declared period (40-years after 1948) ends without significance, but more importantly, it has led to a discrediting of Holy Scripture in some circles. Context must always determine meaning!
For this reason, prophecy requires a vital sensitivity to the full context of the statement.
The Structure
special Hidden Time, its place within the sequencing of human history, and its purpose
Hiding the Hidden Time
  The revelation of the presence of God in human flesh in this present world
coming of Israel's messiah was correctly understood by Israel in terms of Daniel's prophecies (chapters 2, 7, and 9) to necessarily result in the destruction of the fourth [Roman] empire's dominance over Israel and consequent physical inauguration of God's kingdom on earth in resurrection. For this reason, the prophet John the Baptist became confused when Jesus did not do as legitimately expected (Matt.11:3).
is not to be blamed! Nor should the disciples of Jesus be blamed who queried the timing of the kingdom just before His ascension. The gap between the coming of the Messiah as the 'Sower' and His action as 'Reaper' (of which John himself had prophesied, Matt.3:12), was deliberately hidden by God from all the prophets (including John) for the awesome historical purpose of God. For this reason, Satan himself was caught completely 'off-sides' by God's justification/atonement of His redeemed within the horrific Crucifixion of Jesus which Satan had helped to orchestrate in the betrayal of Judas (John 13:27).
Hidden Gap
between the Sower
and His Harvest
A lack
of this understanding has bedevilled many in Christian history, resulting in foolish expectations and frequent misleading of God's people by biblically incompetent leaders. For, far greater than the end time close of this age was the humility of God in the humanity of the Christ in which resides the "mystery of the kingdom", the direct invisible presence of the absolute authority of God, which in principle continues in His Church today (as it was in Jesus, through the special relationship of the Spirit of God to His humanity) until it is completed in the Church's completed mandate (Matt.24:14). Hallelujah!
Chronology of Confusion

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